Top 10 Best Terrarium Kits in 2024

Are you an enthusiast gardener but you have to suppress your desire for gardening just because your house doesn’t have a courtyard, terrace, or any other such spacious place where it can be done? Yes? Well, don’t hold back your love for your hobby. Just buy a terrarium kit, which will help you grow a miniature garden even on a tabletop. Let alone be the rooms or other such places.

This kit includes all essential materials that you would need for miniature gardening from soil to seeds. Once you have this kit, you won’t need anything else to create your own terrarium. And, once you have our customized list of top 10 terrarium kits, you won’t need to look anywhere else in order to find the best one. So, make your way to the list.


List of the 10 Best Terrarium Kits in 2024

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10- Bliss Gardens Air Plant Terrarium Kit with Amethyst / 6″ Oval Glass With Black Stand

6" Oval Glass With Black Stand terrarium kit

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The dome-shaped glass jar of this terrarium kit is truly irresistible. Its classical design puts it apart from others. Moving on to the specifications, the glass jar is 9 inches high and the diameter is 7 inches, which makes it spacious enough to grow small plants such as cacti, hens, and chicks. This kit includes a glass jar, soil mix, drainage stones, and moss. If these materials don’t seem you enough, you can buy the natural brush, rake, shovel, and bamboo tongs separately. To ensure you easy accessibility, the jar is designed with a little top handle. Just hold it and open the jar whenever you need. Owing to its alluring design and small size, this kit can be a wonderful gift for gardening enthusiast buddy.

Key features

  • Dome-style vintage design
  • 6 inches glass jar
  • 7 inches diameter of the jar
  • Features soil, moss, and drainage stone
  • Can be placed anywhere

9- Bliss Gardens terrarium DIY kit

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If you need a little bit larger terrarium planting kit than the average ones, Bliss gardens terrarium kit is designed for you. Unlike many other kits that come with a jar, this one doesn’t include any container. It is a DIY kit that lets you chose the container and plants of your choice. On the kit, you’ll get hand-mixed potting soil, reindeer moss, orchid bark, horticultural charcoal, and a manual that will guide you through the DIY planting. All these materials are completely organic and ensure incredible growth to your plants. The quantity of materials is also more than that of others. So, you can create your miniature garden not just in your living room but also in your kitchen, working room, or any other place.

Key features

  • DIY kit
  • Features completely organic materials
  • Comes with a manual guide
  • Materials: potting soil, reindeer moss, orchid bark, and river rocks
  • Offers activated charcoal

8- Terrarium garden kit by Hirt’s Gardens

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If you don’t have time to buy the plant separately or you just don’t want to bother yourself, hands down, this terrarium garden kit is the best fit for you. The reason being, it comes with 3 fresh miniature plants. You just need to put its natural potting soil on the container and plant these little plants. That’s it.

Other than soil, this kit also offers you sheet moss, carbonized charcoal, mulch, reindeer moss, and polished river rock. In addition to that, you will also get a manual book that will help you with terrarium gardening just in case you’re trying your hands first time on it. With this kit, you can get the container of your choice, as it doesn’t include any.

Key features

  • Offers 3 fresh little plants
  • Materials: soil, charcoal, river rock, and mulch
  • Includes a manual guide
  • Organic materials
  • Features colorful reindeer moss

7- NW Wholesaler DIY live air plant terrarium kit

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Don’t have time to go around the market and get the all required materials for gardening? Well, then leave all others and just look at this one. From moss to plants, this kit offers you everything that you would need to build your terrarium. To be more specific, the kit includes reindeer moss, driftwood, a wooden base stand, domed-style glass jar, starfish, craft sand, and even 2 living plants. Given the fact, you can make your miniature garden with this kit even if you have no experience in gardening. The size of the jar is 4.75×4.75×5.5 inches and it can accommodate a variety of plants. Since the kit comes with a flat wood base stand, you can keep the jar anywhere stably without any risk of falling it apart.

Key features

  • Elegant dome-shaped glass jar
  • Size: 4.75×4.75×5.5 inches
  • Easy to use
  • Features 2 live plants
  • Materials: starfish, craft sand, driftwood, reindeer moss

6- Bliss Garden air plant terrarium kit- 4inches round glass

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We have already talked about a Bliss Garden terrarium kit but that was a DIY kit without a container. So, if you don’t want the hassle of buying a container separately, this Bliss Garden terrarium gardening kit is made for you. The kit comes with a round-style pedestal glass jar, 1 live air plant, 1 white rock, reindeer moss, and a plant sheet.

The best thing about this kit is that it doesn’t need any soil, unlike other kits. Just water the plant once in a week and you’re done. Furthermore, it comes with ‘lonantha’ air plant, which is known for its mind-blowing air-purifying properties. Thus, this terrarium planting kit doesn’t only add an appealing charm to your room but also purifies the air and makes the place hygienic.

Key features

  • Features a round-style pedestal jar
  • Size of jar: 5×4 inches
  • Comes with a live air plant
  • Materials: moss, rock, jar, plant, and plant care sheet
  • Needs no soil

5- Bliss Gardens air plant terrarium kit with purple Agate

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Another elegant terrarium kit by Bliss Gardens that will make your room a blissful place enhancing its lure million times more. This kit is known for its uniquely designed teardrop-shaped glass jar that looks really ethereal when sparkles with purple-colored little flowers. Yes, the kit comes with purple dried flowers and purple agate. Moreover, the kit also features pink reindeer moss, turquoise sand, a plant care sheet, and 1 air plant.

Other than adding charm and freshness to your room, this awesome kit also imparts positive energy and a sense of calmness to you, as it includes purple agate stone, which is said to remove negativity and unhappiness. Above all, the glass jar is designed with a hanging holder on the top that enables you to hang it anywhere.

Key features

  • 7 inches teardrop-shaped glass jar
  • Glass jar features a hanging holder
  • Materials: jar, reindeer moss, purple flowers, and turquoise sand
  • Comes with a live plant
  • Features an agate

4- DIY terrarium and planter kit by Nautical Crush Trading

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Nautical Crush Trading terrarium kit is a DIY kit that requires you to buy a container on your own. The kit doesn’t feature any container. You can get the one of your choice and start making your terrarium anytime with the organic materials of the kit. On this kit, you’ll get 2.5oz organic cactus, 2.5oz soil mix, 4oz of river rock, 1oz of orchid bark, 1oz of horticultural charcoal, and 4×6 inches of sheet moss. This perfect ratio of materials promotes the growth of plants and keeps them lush for a long time. Since the quality of materials is of top-notch, they can be used to produce all types of plants, be it a big one or miniature ones.

Key features

  • DIY kit
  • Features 2.5oz of cactus and soil mix
  • Comes with 1 oz of orchid bark and charcoal
  • Also offers 4 oz of river rocks
  • Easy to use

3- Nautical Crush Trading air plant terrarium kit

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When you can get all that you need for building a terrarium at a single place, why to roam around the market and look for these hard-to-find materials at every possible shop? Wouldn’t it be a foolish idea? This is why buying this Nautical Crush Trading terrarium kit and start making a lovely miniature garden right away.

Unlike its competitors, this kit comes with every essential thing including one 2-inches air plant, natural rock, sand, colorful moss, pink flowers, barks, yellow feathers, and white flowers. That’s not all. Adding further, the kit also includes an 11 inches large teardrop-shaped container that is secured with a metal stand to ensure firm stability. Owing to its alluring design and assortment of materials, this kit is surely a mind-blowing choice for a gift.

Key features

  • 11 inches large teardrop-shaped glass jar
  • Easy assembly
  • Reliable stability
  • Features sand, moss, flowers, bunny and bark
  • Comes with natural rock

2- Hapinest Light-up terrarium kit

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Does your little baby find pleasure in planting, gardening, or just playing with the plants? Yes? Well, then this terrarium planting kit the best gift you can give to your little soul. Unlike others, this one is particularly designed for the kids. Given the fact, it is incredibly easy to use and features completely hygienic and organic materials.

The kit includes a terrarium jar, manual book, soil, charging cable, sand, rock, stick, watering spray, and an assortment of seeds as well as artificial animal figures. Not only this but the kit also comes with 13 stickers that can be used to make it look more beautiful. Above everything, the terrarium jar is designed with an on/off button and a light that renders it a starry look at the night.

Key features

  • Meant for kids
  • Features an assortment of materials
  • Light equipped jar lid
  • Features an on/off switch
  • Comes with a manual guide

1. Pixie Glare hanging glass terrarium garden kit

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From its unique design to mind-blowing user-friendly, Pixie Glare terrarium garden kit is truly one of a kind. Unlike its competitors, the glass jar of this kit has a hanging design and it features a sturdy black-colored hanger that actually holds the jar. Besides that, the kit also comes with an ‘S’ shaped hook that securely holds the jar in the hanging position. Thus, this kit helps you to create a hanging miniature garden.

The size of the jar is 4.75 inches and the diameter is 5.5 inches. Adding more to that, the jar is designed with a 2.5-inches opening hole, which allows you easy access. Other than a jar, the kit includes garden stones, moss, gnome figurine, moss sheet, rusted shovel, wood chunks, and a live air plant.

Key features

  • Hanging-style design
  • 4.75 inches large glass jar
  • Materials: moss, rusted shovel, wood chunks, and stone
  • Comes with a live air plant
  • Features 11 inches high stand

Video: How to create your own terrarium kit

by Rogers Gardens

Buying Guide

A terrarium kit is one such thing that you would need to buy only once in a while. Given the fact, you might not have proper knowledge about it. So, make sure to consider the below-mentioned factors before making the purchase if you want it to be worthwhile.


Usually, good-quality terrarium gardening kits feature almost everything that you would need for miniature gardening. Therefore, investigate your kit carefully and make sure it comes with soil, muss, stone, bark, charcoal, mulch, and sand. That’s not all. You can get these kits featuring many other materials too if you want.

Features a container or not

Some terrarium kits come with the glass container, while others allow you the freedom to buy the container of your choice. So, check whether it features a container or not and then go for the one that suits your need the best.

Offers live plant or not

Another significant factor that needs your attention. Some terrarium planting kits offer you live plants and some don’t. It’s completely up to you what type of kits you want. However, the ones with plants are considered better, as they save you from the hassle of buying plants separately.

Ease of using

At last, make sure your terrarium garden kit provides easy accessibility. If it comes with a container, the container must feature a front door so that you can access it conveniently. Moreover, the kit must ensure hassle-free portability too.


Making your own terrarium is not as difficult as it seems. You can set it up anywhere in just seconds with the help of these terrarium kits. So, get the one and add a touch of tropical charm to the elegant beauty of your room.

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