Top 10 Best Cold Frame Greenhouses in 2024

Gardening isn’t about just planting some plants and watering them daily. In a real sense, you need to take care of those plants like a little kid. From time to time, you have to water them, trim them, provide them fertilizers, and above all, protect them from the harsh weather. For this particular purpose, tools like a cold frame greenhouse are extremely useful. With the help of this gardening house, you can protect your plants from adverse weather conditions while letting the requisite sunlight and ventilation pass in.

Owing to its mind-blowing functionality, today you’ll see this awesome plant-protecting appliance in almost every garden. If you’re also planning to get the one, take a peek around our tailor-made list of top 10 best cold frame greenhouses for your home gardening below and make your choice.


List of the Best Cold Frame Greenhouses in 2024

Product Reviews

Cold Frame Greenhouse Reviews

10- Gardman 7651 raised garden cold frame

FSC Certified Timber Frame Gardening House

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Robust, user-friendly, and easily accessible are the words that do justice with Gardman 7651 raised garden cold frame. Designed with wooden frame and polycarbonate double-layered walls, the greenhouse is super study and can withstand every weather condition efficiently. The transparent polycarbonate walls provide full ventilation and sunlight to the plants.

The size of the cold frame is 20×36×42 inches and it can accommodate a number of plants seamlessly. The great thing about this greenhouse is that it is inbuilt with a 42-inches high leg frame that lets you do your job without bending your body for a long time. Furthermore, its hinged door is designed with a locking mechanism system, which allows you the freedom to keep the door open for as long as you want.

Key features

  • Timber wood constructed frame
  • Size: 20×36×42 inches
  • Polycarbonate walls
  • Door with locking mechanism system
  • Raised design

9- Exaco trading company biostar with protective netting cold-frame

cold frame greenhouse kits

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If you’re looking for a small-sized cold frame greenhouse, have a look at Exaco Trading Company netting cold frame. The size of the greenhouse is 40×30×17.5 inches. Still, it offers enough space for your plants to grow and flourish. To provide them essential insulation and sunlight, the greenhouse is designed with 8mm double-layered polycarbonate walls. Given the thickness and double-layered design of walls, this greenhouse ensures more ventilation as compared to its competitors.

Being a ground-based cold frame greenhouse, it offers you the freedom to sit comfortably on the ground and indulge in planting with ease. Furthermore, it also features 4 corner stakes that keep the greenhouse stable in its place. On top of everything, it offers you a long warranty of 5 years.

Key features

  • Size: 40×30×17.5 inches
  • Double-layered polycarbonate walls
  • 8mm thickness of walls
  • Ground-based design
  • Equipped with corner stakes

8- Giantex wood cold frame garden greenhouse

greenhouse cold frame from Giantex

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Do you have different types of plants and you want to keep them in a categorized way in separate blocks? Well, then Giantex wood cold frame garden greenhouse might be the best fit for you. Designed with 3 blocks, the greenhouse lets you classify the plants and keep them separately in different blocks. Having a size of 30×22×43 inches, the cold frame offers your plants plenty of space.

To offer sun exposure and required ventilation, it is designed with polycarbonate meshed canopy. If these transparent walls don’t provide enough insulation, you can open the door and roof of the greenhouse for some time. Interestingly, the rooftop is designed with a locking mechanism, so it can remain open as long as you want. Featuring a fir wood frame, the greenhouse is also durable and waterproof.

Key features

  • 3-tier design
  • Polycarbonate net walls
  • Size: 30×22×43
  • Features 2 doors with latches
  • Foldable top with a sturdy hinge

7- Giantex garden portable wooden cold frame greenhouse

small cold frame greenhouse Raised Flower Planter Protection

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Giantex garden wooden cold frame greenhouse is made for the people who always look for a stylish design. Unlike others, this one has a home-like design that looks really pretty. Interestingly, the greenhouse is designed in such a way that it can hold plenty of plants even after being just 35.4×31.3×23 inches in size. Considering its small size, you can place the greenhouse anywhere in your house from terrace to balcony, patio to courtyard, and garden to the roof.

Speaking of the construction materials, the greenhouse features a wooden frame and the transparent net walls. Just put your plants inside the greenhouse and place it anywhere under the open sky so that the plants can get enough sunlight and ventilation. If you think your plants need direct sunlight, just open the top doors.

Key features

  • Size: 35.4×31.3×23 inches
  • Foldable top doors with hinge
  • Wooden frame
  • Stylish design
  • Net walls

6- Garden portable wooden greenhouse cold frame raised plants by Jshop2017

GreenHouse Cold Frame Raised Plants Shelves Protect

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Garden portable wooden greenhouse cold frame is a head-turner in the market because of its stylish design and remarkable user-friendly. Unlike many other cold frame greenhouses, it is a 2-tier greenhouse and designed with 2 slatted shelves that offer you the flexibility to keep the plants in a classified way.

The upper block is larger, so keep the big plants here. In the bottom shelf, you can keep the gardening tools, seed tray, or even little plants. To make it easy for you to take the plants in and out conveniently and provide them more sunlight, the greenhouse features 2 doors that can be opened anytime. Speaking of the construction materials, the frame is made of sturdy fir wood and the walls are made of transparent polycarbonate.

Key features

  • Rooftop lid with hinge
  • 2 doors with sturdy latches
  • 2-tier design
  • Features sturdy wooden frame
  • Polycarbonate transparent walls

5- Exaco trading juwel easy fix double cold frame

cold frame greenhouse plans

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Exaco trading juwel double cold frame would be the best fit for you if you’re looking for a large-sized greenhouse cold frame. This greenhouse is not much high, but it is really spacious. Given the fact, it can accommodate stacks of small plants. The actual size of the greenhouse is 48×40×16 inches.

Speaking of the design, the cold frame has a unique design and it features 2 top windows with the height adjustability feature. So, adjust the height of windows according to your needs and let your plants absorb the sunlight and air directly. The greenhouse features a sturdy aluminum frame and 4 mm double-layered polycarbonate walls. Furthermore, the cold frame is also designed with rounded edges that keep it stable in its place. Plus, it is also easy to assemble.

Key features

  • Features aluminum frame
  • Polycarbonate walls
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Size: 48×40×16 inches
  • Features 2 top windows

4- Zenport SH7005-2-ZD folding cold frame greenhouse

advantek cold frame greenhouse

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If you’re looking for a large-sized cold frame greenhouse, Zenport Sh7005-2-ZD might please you. It is 3.3×3.3×1.3ft large and can hold heaps of plants. Since the greenhouse is big in size, you need to be a bit careful with the assembly. Featuring an aluminum frame and polycarbonate walls, the greenhouse is sturdy enough to withstand all weather conditions efficiently. In fact, it is so sturdy that it can endure heavy wind and rain without any fail.

Furthermore, this awesome cold frame greenhouse is designed in such a way that the top windows are half-open. Thus, plants get required sunlight and ventilation easily. You don’t need to put any extra efforts for that. Overall, it is worth the money and will surely take your planting experience to the next level.

Key features

  • Large and spacious
  • 39.4×15.8×39.4 inches size
  • 2 top window design
  • Aluminum frame
  • Polycarbonate walls

3- Quictent Waterproof UV Protected Reinforced Mini Cloche Greenhouse |  Portable Green Hot House

cold frame greenhouse for sale

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The unique design of Quictent greenhouse puts it apart from the rest. Having a shelf-like design, the greenhouse features 4 tiers, where you can keep the plants separately in a classified way to make the planting easy for you. These tiers are spacious enough to hold average-sized plants. The total size of the greenhouse is 27×18×62 inches and it can withstand the weight up to 23.4lbs seamlessly.

Speaking of the construction materials, the shelves and the frame are made of sturdy steel while walls are constructed of the ventilated net. Thus, your plants keep getting fresh air and sunlight all day long. Furthermore, the greenhouse is designed with a zippered roll-up door that can be opened or closed anytime depending on your needs. Above all, the greenhouse is incredibly easy to put together.

Key features

  • Size 27×18×62
  • 4-tier design
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Durable PE canopy
  • Features zippered roll-up door

2- Light green greenhouse mini portable gardening flower plants yard

plastic cold frame greenhouse

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If simplicity attracts you, you definitely can’t resist this simple yet high-quality cold frame greenhouse. The greenhouse protects your tender plants from harsh weather and keeps them flourishing. To use this tunnel-style cold frame, all you need to do is to set it up on the ground and place the plants inside it. That’s it.

Having a size of 7×3×2 ft, it offers you enough space to keep the plants the way you want. To provide sunlight and optimal air circulation, it is designed with a meshed PVC cloth canopy. Furthermore, its door is secured with a zipper that doesn’t only allow you easy access but also offers you the freedom to provide extra ventilation to the plants. Made of sturdy steel, the frame of the greenhouse is durable, rust-resistant, and corrosion-free.

Key features

  • Steel frame
  • PVC cloth canopy
  • Size: 7×3×2ft
  • Tunnel-style design
  • Foldable zippered door

1- King Canopy GH1010 fully enclosed greenhouse

aluminium cold frame mini greenhouse

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King Canopy GH1010 greenhouse is truly a king-like greenhouse. No wonder how it topped the list. Having a size of 9.4×10.3×8 ft, it is a large-sized house for your plants. The greenhouse has an enclosed design, which fully protects the plants from harsh weather and provides them required ventilation and sunlight at the same time.

The awesome thing about this cold frame greenhouse is that its canopy is quite thick even after being completely transparent. Furthermore, the greenhouse features a robust steel frame that keeps it stable even in heavy wind. To provide you easy access, the greenhouse is designed with a large roll-up door. Just roll it up and secure with the Velcro. That’s it.

Key features

  • Size: 9.4×10.33×8ft
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Unique enclosed design
  • Thick yet transparent canopy
  • Waterproof and UV-resistant

Video: How to Build a Cold Frame Greenhouse

by MIgardener

Buying guide for buying a cold frame greenhouse

As a gardener, you must keep certain factors in mind before buying a cold frame greenhouse. Here are the factors that need your attention.

Size of the greenhouse

Start off with the size. You can get different sizes of greenhouses in the market. Actually, there isn’t any particular size that can be said the best size of greenhouses. What fits well in your needs is the best size for you. So, first, decide how large greenhouse you want and then look for that accordingly.

Design of the greenhouse

Once the size is determined, turn your glance to the design of the cold frame. Here, you don’t have to focus on its stylish or simple design. The thing you have to actually look into is the number of tiers it features and how spacious the tiers are. Also, check whether it has a ground-based design or it features legs. Ideally, the greenhouses with a ground-based design and 2-3 tiers are considered the best.

Construction materials

This is the key component of a cold frame greenhouse and you simply can’t afford ignoring it. Investigate the construction materials of the frame and the canopy. In general, top-quality greenhouses are designed with a sturdy steel frame and meshed polycarbonate canopy. In any case, the canopy should be ventilated and transparent.

Ease of using

You’ll be spending lots of time catering your plants inside the greenhouse. This is why it must be user-friendly and ensure easy access. Usually, good-quality greenhouses are designed with a roll-up door or foldable window so that you can easily access the plants whenever you need to. Plus, it has to be portable, lightweight, and easy to assemble too.


As a gardener, nothing can be more painful than seeing your plants getting damaged by cold, rain, and heat. No matter how hard you try, your tender plants can’t survive the harsh weather. This is why buy one of the cold frame greenhouses and keep your plants protected from everything while letting them absorb their essential natural nutrition.

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