18 Best Roll Over Bed Tables & Overbed Beside Tables in 2024

Are you looking for the best overbed table which is handy and flexible for you to work and do many other tasks just right from your comfortable bed? If so, let us introduce you to our list of the best roll over bed tables and overbed beside tables which will provide you ample workspace just above your bed as well as help you keep your essentials like drinks, meals, books, and gadgets within your reach. With their wheels, you roll in your table whenever you need it and roll it out when you are not in use. That will give you a very convenient working desk to relax while doing your work at the same time.

Before going for the purchase, make sure what kind of over bed table you really need; be a fully roll over bed table or an overbed beside table? That will be depending on your need and situation. However, we have you covered on both type of overbed tables here. Simply check out our handy and tailor-made list with the updates of the 18 best roll over bed tables and beside bed table as follows:


List of the Best Rolling Table Over Beds in 2024

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1- KOMOREBI Roll Over Bed Table | heavy duty roll over bed tables

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KOMEREBI rolling over bed table is a stylish, versatile, adjustable, and sturdy one. Having a robust steel frame and a large wooden top surface, this roll over bed table is sturdy and spacious enough to keep plenty of things together. With the fact that height and length are adjustable, you can adjust the height from 21.6-33.5 inches and length from 43.9 to 70.8 inches. To provide you the best working angle to your laptop, the tabletop is equipped with a tiltable board, which can be tilted from a flat position to an 80º angle depending on your needs. Furthermore, the roll over bed table features 4 roller casters that make the portability easy even after its big size. You may check the buying guide here if you need further advice.

2- Greensen Adjustable Overbed Rolling Tables | rolling over bed table with storage

Greensen Adjustable Overbed Table with Wheels, Rolling Mobile Computer Desk Standing Workstation Laptop

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If you need a rolling over bed table with storage and a really large top surface, hands down, Greensen overbed table is the best fit for you. The tabletop length range is 47.2 – 74.8 inches and the height range is 23.6 to 35.4 inches, which can be customized as required. To provide you maximum body comfort while working on the table, the roll over bed table features an adjustable lift board that can go from 0º-80º. Moving on the construction, the table has a heavy-duty steel frame and the top surface is made of sturdy oak wood. The interesting thing about this rolling over bed table is that its assembly is a breeze despite its large size.

3- Salaks Overbed Table Rolling Over Bed | overbed table with wheels

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Nothing can match the classiness of white-colored roll over bed table. Isn’t it? If you don’t believe us, just look at this super stylish white-colored over the bed desk that has carried elegance and sturdiness in perfect harmony. Furthermore, it is also well built and sturdy enough to accommodate a huge weight. All thanks to its robust steel frame and white-finished wooden top surface. To avoid the things falling off the table, it is inbuilt with little wall from three sides. Moreover, it is also completely adjustable with its height and length that can be customized between 21.7-33.5 inches and 57-94 inches respectively. To allow you easy mobility, it is designed with 4 carpet wheels too.

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4- Greensen Adjustable Overbed Table Rolling Size 47.2”

Greensen Adjustable Overbed Table with Wheels, Rolling Mobile Computer Desk Standing

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This Greensen rolling table is a versatile table that can be transformed from an over bed to a dining table or standing desk just in a second. What makes it so multi-functional is its adjustability with height and length that can be adjusted between 23.6 to 35.4 inches and 47.2 to 74.8 inches respectively. Not only this, the legs are adjustable in their width too. Furthermore, the tabletop is equipped with an adaptable lift board, which can be elevated up to 80º providing you the optimal angle for reading, writing, and working on a laptop. Unlike other over bed rolling tables, it is designed with a leg-side shelf, where you can keep the accessories together.

5- Overbed Rolling Table with Wheels by Tribesigns

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This has to be called elegance at its best. Seriously, Tribesigns over bed table is ultra-stylish and super elegant. Having a steel frame and wooden top surface, it is painted all black, which looks really ethereal. Owing to its sturdy construction, it is capable enough to hold the weight up to 350 pounds. This roll over bed table is impressive not only in its design and construction materials but also in features. Furthermore, it also has a relatively large surface, which is secured by a wall from three sides in order to prevent the things from falling off the table accidentally. Since it is not adjustable with its length and height, it fits usually in medium-sized beds.

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6- Joy Over bed Table Rolling by Stand Steady | computer bed tables & best over bed table

Joy Overbed Table with Wheels | Height Adjustable Rolling Bed Desk

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Stand Steady joy over bed table will double up your joy of working from your bed. With a large surface of nearly 69 inches, this best over bed table provides ample space to keep your laptop, notebook, phone, meals, and other things together efficiently. The reason for its such a remarkable sturdiness is its robust construction of a steel frame and wooden top surface. To keep the table at an optimal height according to your needs, you can adjust the height from 40-46 inches. Furthermore, it is designed with 4 lockable wheels, which don’t only make it reliably stable in its place but also make the mobility easy just in case you want to move it from one place to another.

If you have a prolonged pain in your back, you may consider one of these adjustable bed bases which allows you to adjust the bed level for your comfort. If you can get both roll over table and an adjustable bed base together, that’s gonna help you a lot with comfortability and release the pain in your body. However, it’s gonna be expensive to do so. Thus, it’s a better idea to choose either one which suits your condition the most.

7- Overbed Table Rollable with Wheels by TigerDad | rolling desk over bed

Overbed Table with Wheels | Overbed Desk | Over Bed Desk King Queen Bed

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TigerDad is a stylish and multi-functional bed tables with wheels rolling that can be used as a standing desk, writing desk, or a dining table. Made of sturdy steel frame and thick fiberboard top surface, it seamlessly holds the weight up to 350 lbs. To offer you full flexibility with the settings of the table, the roll over bed table is designed with adjustable height and length, which can be customized from 25.6-37.4 inches and 55.1-82.7 inches respectively. Given its huge height and length, it is compatible with almost all sizes of bed including the king size and queen size. Furthermore, it also features 4 roller casters.

8- UNICOO Height Adjustable Rolling Over bed Table | wood over bed table

UNICOO laptop rolling table over bed

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UNICOO laptop rolling table is a loved choice of users. No wonder why as it has a whole set of reasons to sweep the people off their feet. To start with, its adjustable length can be stretched up to 92 inches, unlike its competitors. The height is also adjustable that can go from 26 to 43 inches. Its cross-bed design and large size make it a multi-functional table to be used as a working table, dining table, or standing desk.  Speaking of construction, the frame is made of steel, while the tabletop is of wooden. In addition to that, it is also equipped with 4 sturdy metal wheels, which ensure easy mobility.

Best Overbed Beside Tables or Hospital Bed Tables in 2024

This kind of overbed beside table is generally seen used in hospitals. However, gradually, they are making their way to the household as well. These hospital tables are set just next to the bed in order to provide you a good workspace and easy accessibility to your belongings while you’re on the bed. They are the perfect fit for the people, who can’t skip working even after having some physical disabilities, certain health conditions, or they are just too lazy to get up and walk to their working room. If you’re also one of these people, invest in a good-quality overbed table. Our team has done the researched into the product and have picked up the best overbed beside tables or hospital tray table from the market for you as follows. We also have a separated buying guide for you as well.

List of the Best Overbed Beside Tables or Hospital Bed Tables in 2024

9- Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical is an adjustable hospital tray table with wheel to place beside your bed for working or eating.

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Vaunn medical adjustable overbed table is a combo of stylish design and sturdy construction. Made of robust steel with a glossy chrome finish, it can bear the weight up to 50lbs. The tabletop is made of walnut wood and has rounded corners that avoid the damage. Furthermore, it is designed with a spring-loaded locking handle, which allows you the flexibility to adjust the height of the table from 28 to 40 inches. To ensure you easy portability and mobility, it is designed with 2 roller casters.

10- Silver Spring SDL102 Adjustable Overbed Tables

This is a beside table overbed from Silver Spring for patient | hospital overbed table

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If you want your meals, drinks, laptop, mobile, documents, and other necessary belongings in your bed itself, Silver Spring SDL102 overbed table deserves your attention. Its sturdy steel frame with a laminated tabletop makes sure to accommodate everything flawlessly. You can adjust its height from 28- 43 inches and tilt it in any direction depending on your needs. The remarkable thing about this overbed table is that its ‘H’ shapes design allows you the freedom to slide it under the bed to save the space in your room.

11- Drive Medical Non-Tilt Top Table Overbed

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table, Silver Vein hospital bed tray table

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Drive Medical non-tilt overbed table is a stylish table with a large weight holding capacity of 40lbs. The table size is completely adjustable. It can be raised or lowered from 28-45 inches just by pushing the height adjustment handle slightly upward. Given the fact, it can meet the needs of people of all ages. After making height adjustment, lock the tabletop in its place and then you’re ready to go. Furthermore, this roll over bed table is designed with 2 swivel casters that make it easy for you to take the table from one place to another.

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Anyway, if you are planning to get this kind of table at home and think this one is too small for you, then you can consider the overbed rolling table instead. It is larger, more desktop, more flexibility and more convenient to use. The large overbed rolling table can even be used for two persons if you are a living couple.

12- Invacare Overbed Tables for Patients

Invacare Auto-Touch Height adjustable overbed table

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Invacare overbed table is here to take care of your health by providing you easy accessibility to your necessities from your bed itself. Having a robust steel frame and solid walnut tabletop, it can hold a good amount of weight efficiently. Owing to its construction, it is also super durable and sturdy. Furthermore, the height can be customized between 28-40 inches with the help of its spring-loaded locking handle. Just slightly push it upward or downward and the table will reach your desired height.

13- Vaunn Medical Deluxe Adjustable Table Overbed

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Vaunn medical deluxe overbed table is a versatile and robust table that keeps your almost all essentials within your bed reach. From your meals to drinks and books to gadgets, everything is handy when this Vaunn table is with you. Its sturdy steel construction covered with a protective layer of polypropylene ensures a huge weight holding capacity as well as long durability. Furthermore, its lever handle also allows you the freedom to adjust the table height from 28 to 42 inches as required.

14- Vaunn Medical Adjustable Tilt Overbed Bedside Table

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Tilt Overbed Bedside Table with Wheels for Hospital and Home Use

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If you want your overbed table to tilt in any direction, this Vaunn medical table is made for you. Unlike many other overbed tables, the top surface of this roll over bed table is divided into two parts, which allow you dual-tilt functionality. Given the fact, you can tilt the table in either direction, that too enjoying the utmost comfort. You can achieve this function simply with the help of its controlling handle. Adding more to that, the height can also be adjusted between 29- 41 inches. Speaking of weight holding capacity, it can hold up to 45 lbs.

15- Vive Overbed Table XL, Hospital Bed Table – Swivel Wheel Rolling Tray

Vive Overbed Table (XL) - Hospital Bed Table | Swivel Wheel Rolling Tray | hospital rolling table

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From construction materials to user-friendliness, Vive overbed table is one-of-a-kind. Unlike its competitors, it can efficiently be used with a sofa, recliner, or wheelchair other than just the bed. You just need to adjust the height from 28 to 39 inches according to your needs. Simply press the adjustment lever to upward or downward and the table will reach the optimal height and position. Speaking of construction, it is made of a sturdy steel frame and has a wooden top, which together make the table capable enough to hold the weight up to 50 pounds.

16- Carex Overbed Table | Flat Rolling Bed Table with Adjustable Height For Home Use

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Carex overbed table is a good fit for the people who are looking for a small-sized table. Despite its small size, it is capable enough to accommodate the weight up to 50 lbs and height adjustment range of 28 to 42 inches. With a sturdy and chic polypropylene top surface, the table allows you the freedom to use it for different purposes with ease. Furthermore, its ‘C’ shaped design ensures you closer and better access to the table. Moreover, the table is easy to move around as it features 4 swivel casters.

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17- Medical Deluxe Tiltable Overbed Bedside Table by Vaunn

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Another remarkable overbed table by Vaunn on this list that has a weight holding capacity of 50lbs. From dining to working, this overbed table can be used for a number of activities. The best thing about this table is that it is designed with a two-parted top surface, which allows you the freedom to use the table for two different purposes at the same time. In addition to that, it is also inbuilt with a dual-tilt function, which makes the table to tilt in any direction. The height can also be customized from 28-47 inches.

18- Invacare Overbed Table with Tilt Top and Adjustable Height

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This elegant, versatile, and feature-packed overbed table truly deserves to be on top. Having a sturdy steel frame and wooden top surface, it is capable enough to hold a good amount of weight. Furthermore, it is inbuilt with a flexible top surface that can be tilted in 3 different directions with the help of its tilt-release lever. Other than the tilting, you can also adjust the height of the top surface from 28-40 inches. Adding more to that, the tabletop has also molded rounded corners that prevent it from damage. Furthermore, it also features 4 wheels, which ensure smooth mobility and easy portability.

Buying Guide for Hospital Bed Table or Overbed Beside Table

If you think buying a hospital bed table or overbed beside table is just like buying any other table, let me tell you that you’re wrong. The reason being, this table is meant for a different purpose, so it is designed differently. Given that, it needs a deep consideration in certain factors, which are:

Tabletop dimensions

The first thing you should consider while buying your table is the size of the bed tray. For instance, if you’re buying it for a kid, you would need a small table. On the other hand, you would need a big table with a large top surface if you’re buying it for a person who has lots of work to do.  So, be clear with your needs and look for the one accordingly. Generally, the hospitable bed tables with a long surface of 24-30 inches are considered the best as they can accommodate several things together.


Next, pay attention to the construction material of the table. In general, hospital bed tray are meant to hold some heavy and sensitive stuff like laptops. Given that, they have to be solid enough to withstand any type of weight flawlessly. Though there are different types of hospital bed tray table available in the market, the tables with a steel frame and wooden top surface are the first choices of users. So, you too go for the combo of steel and wooden if you want your hospital overbed table to be efficient with its job.

Height adjustability

Another critical factor that needs your attention. All hospital overbed tables are adjustable with their height, as people need to change it regularly. Here, the thing that you should investigate is the height range of the table. Generally, the top-notch adjustable overbed table allows the height adjustability between 28-40 inches providing you the most suitable height depending on your needs. So, pay close attention to the height adjustability of your prospective overbed table.

Tilt function

A person, who is in the bed, can’t sit straightly for too long. Considering the fact, your overbed beside table must have the tilting ability so that it can be set in different angles allowing your body full comfort without disturbing your activity. Not all tables are equipped with this feature. Usually, you will get tilting feature only in top-quality rolling hospital table that can be tilted in 2-3 directions. An overbed table with only a flat surface is simply not worth buying.

Key factors to consider while buying a fully roll over bed table

A roll over bed table is an expensive product. This is why you need to keep certain factors in mind while making the purchase. Else, you’ll end up spending a big chunk of money in in a table that can’t fit in your needs. Those factors are:

  • Construction materials

No matter what types of a table is, it is meant to accommodate a huge weight and so is with rolling table over bed. They are meant to hold your laptops, meals, drinks, and gadgets. Sometimes, you might need to put all these things all together on the table. So, it should be capable enough to endure the weight efficiently. Generally, the over bed rolling tables with a steel frame and wooden top surface are considered the best as they can hold up to 300 pounds without any fail.

  • Adjustability with height and length

People get fed up in being the bed for too long. Sometimes, you may want to set your computer bed tables beside your sofa, outdoors, or in just any place other than the bed. To meet your need in such cases, your rolling table must be adjustable with height and length. Generally, top-quality rolling tables are adjustable with their length and height and the average range is 55-75 inches and 20-35 inches respectively. So, if your rolling desk is not customizable, just let it go and look for a better one.

  • Assembly

You may need to assemble and disassemble your overbed table with wheels many times in a day. Given that, if your rolling table requires too much time in assembly, it would really be irritating. Given the fact, its assembly has to be a breeze. Though overbed tables are bulgy in size, it doesn’t mean that they are hard to assemble. In fact, you can put together the rolling table within 10 minutes no matter how big it is. So, don’t miss to consider this factor.

  • Additional features

Yet another significant factor that must be considered before determining your over the bed desk. The top-quality ones are designed with some additional features, which enhance the overall experience. Given the fact, see carefully whether your rolling table is equipped with additional features such as adjustable lift board, leg-side shelves, and roller casters or not. If it is not, carry on your hunt, but don’t invest money in a low-quality one.


Whether you want to work on your laptop, read a book, write a note, or simply want to enjoy your meal without leaving the bed, these roll over bed tables are the best solutions for you. Buy the one that suits best to your needs and enjoy smooth working from your bed without compromising with your health and comfort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best overbed table?

An overbed table is furniture designed especially for serving patients in the hospital. The best overbed table is the one designed with the tilting top and the adjustable height in order to best serving meals and medicines for the patients. More than that, the table can also be use for placing the laptop for working as well. So, if you have issue with your back, you can also have one at home so that you can work more comfortably in your bed.

What can an overbed table be used for?

Actually, the overbed table can be used for various purposes. Normally, the doctors use the table for the medicine and meals placement for patients. On the other hand, the patients usually use the table to place book to read or place laptop to do their work as well. However, the overbed table is not limited to hospital use. It can also be used at home, in the dorm and in the hotel as well. So, it has many advantages depending on your needs.

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