Top 8 Best U-shaped Automatic Toothbrushes for Kids in 2021

Keeping your kids to regularly clean and maintaining their teeth’s health might be a challenge to some parents. Some kids do it for a while and then get lazy, while some need to be forced to do it. However, we all know kids like something easy to use and also are attracted by newly creative tools. Therefore, we today want to introduce you to the newly invented U-shaped automatic toothbrush for your kids.

The U shaped kid automatic toothbrush is  a convenient tool to help your children clean their teeth with an ease. Running with battery, the toothbrush is automatic operated to encourage the kids to use it everyday as well. You can check out the best selling and our top picks for you below.

List of the Best U-shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrushes in 2021

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8. Itomoro U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush with Soft Bristles and 2 Different Sizes Brush Heads

Itomoro U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush with Soft Bristles and 2 Different Sizes Brush Heads

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By Itomoro

This Kid’s U-Shaped Automatic Toothbrush has a soft bristles and air dry system to keep the brush clean and hygiene for your kids. With its U shape, the brush can help your kid clean their teeth easily with just a click of the button and little moving. There are three speed brushing modes to choose: the standard one, the brushing and the sensitive gum care one. It is designed for simplicity, convenience and easy to use. For the power part, it is a wireless charging electronic toothbrush with a fast charging magnetic charging base. That’s the most easy charging method for kid.

More importantly, it also add fun to your kid while brushing their teeth every morning and evening. It is recognized by many users that it take their kids’ only half effort to clean their teeth comparing to a traditional one. The kids also love the cute piggie design, providing them with a lot of pleasant.

7. Toddler Sonic Automatic Toothbrush With Sensitive U-shape Brush Head | Suitable For Kids 2-6 Years Old

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Are you having an issue that your children don’t want to brush their teeth everyday? Then this Toddler Sonic Sensitive U-shape Toothbrush might be of your help. Designed with a cartoon U shape, the toothbrush is very appealing to every child. They can use their brush to clean their teeth with fund for its automatic functionality and technology. It is also made of food-grade silica gel materials which is gum friendly for young child. The brush also comes with 2 braces making it suitable for children at different ages. Show this to your kid if they like it or get it as a surprised gift for them.

6. Kid’s U-Shaped Automatic Toothbrush with 2 Brush Heads | 3-Speed Auto-brush Cleaning Mode

Kid's U-Shaped Automatic Toothbrush with 2 Brush Heads for Different Sizes and 3-Speed Auto-brush Cleaning Mode

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By Bopopo

The Bopopo Smart Electric Toothbrush for is another toothbrush in U shaped design for your children’s convenience. Talking about its functionality, it is battery operated with wireless charging and can be used up to 10 days in a full charge. That causes no worry to your children about charging it. The bristols are soft and its automatic cleaning ability is very efficient.

Most users claimed their children love it a lot and always feel eager to brush their teeth after meal. It is also best gift for your children as well. It’s a bit pricy anyway, but worth for a tooth care of your children in a long run. You can later consider a normal automatic toothbrush or manual toothbrush when your kids are growing up.

5. Dobee Hand Free Smart Sonic Toothbrushes | a Portable Light-Weight U Type for Children

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Do your kids love penguin? If they do, then get this Penguin handheld U Shaped toothbrush for your them. It is not only designed for penguin lover, but also your kids’ daily teeth health care. This kid’s automatic toothbrush is an upgraded version with AI technology to smartly brush the teeth of your children. It has three modes to adapt to the teeth’s strength and sensitivity, making the users feel comfortable with it.

It is recommended to use with foam toothpaste for silicon brush rather than a regular toothpaste. How to use? Just squeeze the toothpaste foam into the silicon brush and place it gently covering your teeth. Then click the button, the brush will do its work. It’s an ideal teeth care and gift for your children.

4. FEISIKE U-Shaped 360° Automatic Electric Toothbrush for Kids

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This is another two-brace U-shaped automatic toothbrush for kids who love penguin design. The brush is suitable for children from 2 to 12 years old for its edible safety grade silica gel brush. This automatic 360 degree toothbrush is designed for kid’s attraction and their teeth’s care. It is convenient to use and battery last for a week. The brush is also wireless charge and easy to bring along for the trip.

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3. Automatic 360° U Type Toothbrush for Kids | Hand Free Intelligent Electric Toothbrush

Automatic Electric Toothbrush for Kids with Hand Free Intelligent and 360° U Type

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By Ofanyia

The Ofanyia Hand free 360° is a U-shaped automatic toothbrush with fast wireless charging and automatic air dry bristles. The system keeps the brush clean and hygiene for your children. It comes with two different sizes and 3 modes of brushing, effective for cleaning your kids’ teeth with ease. If your kid love the kittie material, then this Ofanyia electric toothbrush is the best gift for them to enjoy brushing and maintaining their teeth’s health and growth. It is available for toddlers aged from 2 to 6 years old and also for 6 to 12 year old kids.

2. U-Shaped Kids Automatic Toothbrush | Taykoo Ultrasonic Kids Toothbrush with Soft Bristles

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By Taykoo

The Taykoo Ultrasonic Toothbrush is an ideal U Shaped brush designed for kids from 2 years old to 12 years old. It is an attractive brush for encouraging kids to clean their teeth daily. The brush has 3 speed modes which can clean your kids’ teeth more thoroughly while having fun at the same time. It is available in various kittie colors, allowing you to pick the one that is your kid’s favorite.

1. Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 2021 New model | Ultrasonic Kids Electric Toothbrush in U Type Whitening

Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush 2021 New model | Ultrasonic Kids Electric Toothbrush in U Type Whitening

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The last on in our list is the Ultrasonic Electric U Shaped Toothbrush 2021 model. It is a higher capacity brushing tool for kids from age 7 to 15 years old. It has a large capacity battery which can last for more than 15 hours of continuous use after fully charged. Your kids can brush their teeth in 360 degree with little effort as the brush’s automation function will do most of the job for your kid. Built with waterproof, you can clean the entire brush in water without worry. What’s more cool about it is that you can remove its head and replace with new one, allowing you to use it for long time.


The U-shaped Automatic Toothbrush is an ideal designed to encourage kids to clean their teeth. We hope this article is helpful for you to get the best one for your kids. If you also want check out these kinds of automatic toothbrush for yourself, we enlisted the selections of the best selling U Shaped Electric Toothbrush for your below:

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