About SpaceMazing

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I’m Vannak, a founder of SpaceMazing. I formed a team with an aim to make SpaceMazing a place where you can find our views on variety of products in different categories such as Household Products, Office Products, Restaurant Products, Gardening & Farming, Babies & Kids, Health & Beauty, Automotive & Transportation, Christmas & Parties, Furnitures,  Outdoor Activities, Pets & Animals, Tech & Electronics, Tools & Improvements and more.


Our vision is to create a product review website in which thorough information about the product is available for buyers.


In order to provide a critical assessment and full information about the products for buying decision to the buyers, we have committed to the following missions:

  • List only the best products

From our experience, online shopping is not easy as we are always packed with so much information which is hard to digest. It is also time-consuming to look for the best product for ourselves. Therefore, we at SpaceMazing commit to bring only the best selected products for you and listed at the “Top x best” format. In each product we select, we make sure to look at all aspects including self-testing (for some products), user experiences & feedbacks, and sellers’ creditability. From that, we want SpaceMazing to be the final destination for you to make a wise decision for your purchase.

  • Keep updating about the products

We want to keep our readers informed and up-to-date at all time. Thus, we don’t stop from our first introduction of the products. Instead, we keep our eyes on the feedbacks from the users for the existing products and continuously update new digested info on our reviews for our audiences. At the same time, we also look for the new released products for our audiences as well.

  • Follow the trends

From our long experience and observation, we have learned that new emerging products are coming into the market from day to day. Therefore, we also commit to keep our readers informed about the new trending products, in order for them to get the products which can fulfill their needs.

How We Choose Products

We employ two methods for our product selections and reviews; testing and researching.

  • Testing method: we are going to be honest here, meaning we only test the products which we can afford. Therefore, any item we can afford, we do buy it and test it ourselves before doing the review. For this reason, we can recommend the products to you based on real experience.
  • Research recommendation: as you’re aware of, it’s too expensive for us to buy every product to test before our review. That’s why we employ this research method to help aid ourselves and you as a buyer. We make sure that our team have spent enough time and effort to research about the items, check customers’ feedback, do comparison, assess the manufacturer’s claims against the customers’ claims and more. Doing so allows us to provide more detailed and useful info about the item for your decision making.

In a nutshell, we search and list the products we think are best for you, and to help you decide which is suitable for you the most. We are trying to keep our product review clear and precise so that you will not waste too much time to make your decision. If you have any inquiry, concern, or feedback, hit us here.

We hope we will achieve our vision and missions, while serving you the best.

Thank you!