Top 20 Best Snowfall LED Lights in 2024 – Update

With the heaps of bliss and joy, Christmas brings a bundle of work too, right? From shopping to decorating your home, you need to do a lot of things. Now, it’s already there, so you must be filling your shopping bags every day, aren’t you? To help you make sure you will not miss anything for your celebration, we have enlisted here for you the Products dedicated especially for Christmas time. Please check them out in the dedicated link. Yet, before jump into that list, make sure to check the best snowfall LED lights below first. Believe us they are as important as a Christmas tree itself.


List of the Best Snowfall LED Lights in 2024


20. Roytong Falling Rain Lights | LED Icicle Snow Falling String Light for Outdoor

  • Key specifications:
  • Designed with several lighting patterns
  • Energy-efficient and waterproof
  • Plastic construction
  • Has 8 tubes featuring 48 LEDs
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If you’re looking for super bright snowfall LED lights that consume relatively less power, Roytang falling rain light deserves your attention. Designed with a 360º light-emitting angle, the rain light emits glitzy brightness and fills the whole environment with its sparkle. Since the light is designed with an auto-on/off feature, it renders a meteor shower-like look.

The good thing about this rain light is that you can connect multiple strings without compromising on their brightness level. Coming to cord length and number of LEDs, the snowfall light is equipped with 8 tubes, each measuring 19.7 inches and featuring 48 LEDs. Thus, it altogether sums to 540 LEDs.

19- ForChic Christmas Waterproof Snowfall LED Lights | 12 inch 8 Tube 192 LED Meteor Shower Lights

12 inch 8 Tube 192 LED Waterproof Snowfall LED Lights for Wedding Party and Trees Decoration

  • Key specifications:
  • Can be installed easily
  • Features 192 blue-light LEDs
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Offer 360º lighting
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For people, who are looking for aesthetic snowfall LED lights particularly for Christmas decoration purposes, no other shower lights on this list can be a better choice for you. When these lights come into action, they look like cascading down to the earth creating a total festive environment with their sparkling light blue color. Having PC construction, the shower lights are transparent, weather-resistant, and incredibly durable.

What makes string light sparkle so dazzlingly is its huge number of bulbs. Unlike many others, this string light features as many as 192 LEDs in its 8 tubes of 12 inches. To make it completely flexible for you, the string offers you the freedom to connect all tubes together or use them individually.

18- Icicle Lights Snowfall Meteor Shower Rain Light | Christmas LED Decoration Falling Drop String Light

Christmas LED Decoration Falling Rain String Light: 8 Tube 288 LEDs

  • Key specifications:
  • Comes with a UL power plug
  • Completely waterproof
  • Equipped with a new type of chip
  • Power source: corded electric
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Icicle lights snowfall meteor shower rain light is popular among people who are looking for an impressively good rain light at an affordable rate. With the fact it is low in price, it doesn’t mean it compromises on the quality. The snowfall light features 8 tubes and 288 LEDs. The length of each tube is 30cm. If you want to brighten up a large area with these rain lights, you can put them all together in a series conveniently.

Since the lighting has a unique pattern, you can use these lights not just for Christmas decoration but also for weddings, parties, and various other types of indoor as well as outdoor decorations. Unlike others, the tubes of the lights have a full seal design that makes sure the lights don’t get affected during snow or rainy days at all.

17- Meteor Shower Lights Outdoor | ESSNAMS Waterproof Snowfall Led Lights

30cm 8 Tubes 144 LED Meteor Shower LED Raindrop Lights

  • Key specification:
  • Has an extendable design
  • Features 192 LEDs
  • Has 8 tubes of 30cm
  • Offers different lighting effects
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As the name suggests, ESSNAMS meteor shower snowfall LED lights are specifically made for outdoor purposes. Given the fact, they are made waterproof and can easily withstand all weather conditions. Plus, they are also corrosion-resistant and long-lasting, as they have PVC construction. Another unique thing about these lights is that they are multi-colored and fill the surroundings with a vibrant aura.

Moving on, the snowfall light string features 8 tubes and each tube is 30cm long featuring 24 LEDs. Thus, there are a total of 192 LEDs. To your surprise, the lights are designed with different light effects including the meteor shower effect and flashing effects, which take your outdoor decoration to a whole new level. If the length of the string is not enough for your outdoor decoration, you can further extend it by adding another string light.

16- GPODER Falling Rain Lights | LEDs Meteor Shower Lights for Christmas

30CM, 8 Waterproof Tubes Meteor Lights, 288 LEDs Meteor Shower Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Has 8 tubes made of PC materials
  • Total length: 19.35 ft
  • Features a total of 288 LEDs
  • Waterproof and long-lasting
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Another multi-color snowfall LED lights on this list. GPODER rain lights sparkle in green, red, & blue colors and fill the environment with soothing and warm colors. The great thing about these LEDs is that they are super energy-efficient despite being so colorful and bright. In addition, the lights are also waterproof and eco-friendly. You can use them for almost any type of indoor as well as outdoor decoration.

Besides all that, the string is also relatively long as compared to other string lights of this type. It measures 19.35ft having 8 tubes of 30 cm each. The total number of bulbs in the string is 288 LEDs that illuminate in meteor shower effects. Made of premium PC and having a transparent body, the tubes are super sturdy too and blend in seamlessly with the color of the bulbs.

15- Roytong LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights | Waterproof Cascading Outdoor String Light for Christmas Tree

50cm 10tubes 540LED Falling Rain Drop Light and Snowfall Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Features 540 LEDs
  • Comes with 8 tubes of 30cm
  • Waterproof and energy-efficient
  • Has an extendable design
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Roytang LED meteor shower rain lights string is a darling of masses of people. All thanks to its different lighting effects and aesthetic white-colored lights. Yes, the lights are designed with different light effects. To get them into action, all you need to do is to turn on the lights. That’s it. The pattern will automatically be changing at a certain frequency.

What puts these snowfall LED lights different from others is their SCT upgrade technology, which allows you the flexibility to connect any number of additional strings to make it longer and brighten up a larger area. Moving on, the lights come with 8 tubes, each one measuring 30cm and featuring 24 LEDs. Given the fact, there are a total of 540 LEDs. Like others, the bulbs are waterproof and heat-resistant too.

14- Minetom Store Christmas Meteor Shower Lights Outdoor | 11.8 Inches 8 Tubes 192 Led Dropping Snowfall Lights

11.8 Inches 8 Tubes 192 Led Dropping Snowfall Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Features 192 LEDs
  • Dustproof and waterproof
  • Has 8 tubes of 0.98ft
  • Emits white-colored illumination
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If you love the elegance of white color, hands down, this snowfall string shower light is the best fit for you. The string features a bunch of 192 LEDs sparkling in warm white color. The required power voltage for the lights is 120V. As for the size, the total length of the string is 13.1ft and has 8 tubes. Each tube is 0.98ft long and features 24 LEDs. If 13.1ft length seems small for your requirement, you can further connect up to 4 strings and make it longer.

If you wonder whether you can use the lights outdoors, let me tell you the answer is a big ‘yes’. The tubes are made of high-quality PVC materials, which don’t only make them durable, waterproof, aging-resistant, but also flexible. Given the fact, you can bend the string according to your needs and put it outdoors without any worries of getting the lights affected. To please you more, the string is also convenient to install.

13- Hitopin 30cm 8 Tubes 192 LED Snowfall Fairy Lights & Falling Rain Lights Outdoor

Christmas Meteor Shower Lights with a Transformer

  • Key specifications:
  • Equipped with 192 white-colored LEDs
  • Has 8 tubes measuring 30cm
  • Has PC construction
  • Total length: 4m
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If you want to create a cozy romantic atmosphere with ethereal string lights, leave all other lights and look at this one. Illuminating in warm white color, Hitopin snowfall LED lights fill the whole surroundings with their warmness and soul-stirring sparkle. To add further, the lights are designed with the meteor effect, which renders a waterfall-like look as if the snow is falling down on the earth. Just turn on the lights and see the sparkle.

Coming to the number of bulbs, the string light features 192 LEDs in its 8 tubes, each tube having a length of 30cm and featuring 24 LEDs. If you want to decorate a larger area with this string, you can further connect up to string lights to it and extend the length. Made of high-quality PC, the tubes are also weather-resistant, flexible, and anti-aging.

12. Anlising SnowFalling Rain Lights LED

Icicle Rain drop Lights and Christmas Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Use US plug type
  • Contain 17 LED light bulbs per tube and 8 tubes in a set
  • Tube's length is 30cm or 11.8inch or 324cm/127.6 inch in total length
  • Voltage requires: between 110v and 220v, 5w
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While buying snowfall LED lights, you should always first check out its power consumption. What made ‘Anlising falling rain lights’ top the list is its exceptionally designed LED bulbs. These energy-saving bulbs will fill your home with dazzling lights. If you want a medium-sized snowfall LED lights, no other set of snowfall lights on this list can be better than this. It features 8 tubes of 11.8 inches each. With the fact, it is equipped with less number of bulbs too. There are a total of 136 bulbs to create the LED snowflake lights that look real. Don’t worry about its durability. The reason being, it is made of PC materials.

11. Weepong Rain Drop Lights and Snow Cascading Christmas String Lights

UL Certified Meteor Shower Lights 12Inch 8Tubes 144LED

  • Key specifications:
  • Use UL listed plug type
  • The set contains 8 bulbs, 30-cm long and 18 LED bulbs per tube
  • Energy comsumption: 5W with 30,000 hour lifespan.
  • 30-day money back guarantee & 90-day warranty with 24/7 email response service.
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Raining drop and snow lights from Weepong are designed to fin in special occasions such as Christmas, wedding and other outdoor party. Made of LED, the falling rain drop lights consume only 5 voltage of energy but can light up beautifully during your Christmas time. Once they are setup and turn on in the night, the meteor shower effect in the lights will quickly turn the yard of your house or restaurant into a romantic mood. While you can also hang them on the trees and on the gate to create the most attractive atmosphere outside, you can also get alongside this fiber optic light to create best romantic moment in your house to live with as well.

10. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights With 8-Mode Solar String LED Lights

72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Solar-powered String Lights Waterproof

  • Key specifications:
  • Has 8 lighting different modes
  • Solar-powered
  • 72ft long
  • Waterproof and easy-to-install
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Joomer Solar Christmas LED lights are designed to utilise solar power with an auto on/off power. They will save your cost for energy, while at the same time provide you with a very beautiful fairy lights to celebrate your Christmas, decorate your garden or home yard, wedding party and more. They are also built as waterproof so that you don’t need to feel worried about raining or snowing. It is easy to install with two switches and 8 different modes to choose. Nothing much more to describe about this awesome simple LED lights. Just grab them if you see fit to your environment.

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9- Falling Rain Lights- Adecorty Meteor Shower Lights

Outdoor Tree Snowfall LED Dripping Icicle Shooting Star Lights 12 inch 8 Tubes

  • Key Specifications:
  • US plug type.
  • 18 LED bulbs per tube and 8 tubes per set or a total of 144 LED lights
  • 30cm or 11.8inch in tube length or 320 cm in total length.
  • Voltage working: between 110v and 220v, and 5w
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With the Falling Fain Lights Adecorty, you can rest assured that your night will be brightly beautiful on any special occasion either Christmas time or party time. The LED lights are highly energy-efficient and power saving. It is 30-cm long and features 144 LEDs in 8 tubes. Given the fact, it is an ideal snowfall LED lights for Christmas or any other special occasion. To add more, it is designed with a meteor shower which adds the snowfall effect in the lights.

8- LDUSA HOME LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Meteor Shower Rain Lights,Outdoor String Lights, Waterproof Garden Lights 30cm 8 Tubes 192leds Snow Falling

  • Key specifications:
  • Equipped with 192 LEDs
  • Corded electric types
  • Tube length: 11.8 inches
  • Can be used for various occasions
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‘LDUSA HOME LED meteor shower lights’ is no different than Adecorty falling rain lights. From the length of strings to the number of bulbs, it is the same. However, there is something that makes it a little pricey. And, that is its long durability. The bulbs of this snowfall LED lights are said to have a lifespan of more than 60000 hours. Needless to mention, the lights are waterproof and can withstand any weather condition. Hanging them on the tree provides you with a great sense of the snowflake falling beautifully. You can also use them to hang on your yard, restaurant and along the public street to attract attention. 

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7- BlueFire Upgraded LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights 50cm, 10 Tubes, 540

BlueFire Upgraded 50cm 10 Tubes 540 LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights and Snowfall Rain Drop Christmas Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Features 54 LEDs in 10 tubes
  • Length: 6.95m
  • IP65 waterproof
  • Has PVC wire
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This one is a high priced meteor shower rain lights with some advanced features. To start with, the cable is made of PVC materials and has a long length of 50 cm. The cascading lights have a total of 540 bulbs hanging down in 10 tubes. Unlike other snowfall LED lights, it emits the brightness in the 360-degree angle which makes it look brighter and shinier. The meteor shower makes the lights illuminate in a pattern that looks like snowfall from the sky. For indoor decoration, you may also consider one of these wine bottle lights for decorations.

6- LEDshope Snowfall Projector LED Lights Wireless Remote

IP65 Waterproof Rotatable White Snow For Valentines Day, Christmas, Halloween Holiday, Party, Wedding, New Year, House Landscape Decorations

  • Key specifications:
  • Dual control function
  • Waterproof and multi-purpose
  • Length: 32ft
  • Required temperature:10-40ºC
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The first snowfall LED lights on the list that is controlled by a remote. Given the fact, you can assume it’s easy accessibility and advanced functionality. Unlike other snowfall LED lights, it has no light cascades. Rather, there is a big snow lamp which is rotatable and easy to operate. It comes with an inbuilt button which helps you to operate it in case your remote is not there. From brightness to timings, you can control everything on your fingertip.

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5- Meteor Shower Rain Lights by Komake

Meteor Shower Lights Led Rain Lights

  • Key specifications:
  • Voltage: 220 volts
  • Can be put outdoors as well indoors
  • Equipped with 144 LEDs in 8 tubes
  • Consumes relatively less energy
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Almost every snowfall LED light is waterproof. But, have you found any of them dust-proof? Well, look at this one. Made of transparent PC materials, it is dust-proof, coat-resistant and highly energy efficient. To please you more, it consumes very little power. With the fact, it is a perfect snowfall LED lights for Christmas, birthday party, or any special celebration. The bulbs lit up in a sequence one by one rendering a fascinating scene. There are a total of 144 bulbs in 8 tubes.

4- Meteor Shower Rain Lights by Adecorty

Adecorty Christmas Lights Outdoor Tree Snowfall LED Lights 30cm 8 Tubes

  • Key specifications:
  • Power source: corded electric
  • Length between tubes: 15 inches
  • Features a total of 144 LEDs
  • Dustproof and waterproof
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If you’re looking for high-quality snowfall LED lights at an affordable rate, Adecorty snowfall LED lights are certainly the first choice. Speaking of this meteor shower rain lights by Adecorty, it is an energy-efficient snowfall light set with a number of amazing features. When all bulbs are lit up, it seems as if the water is dripping down from the sky. The twinkling lights create a romantic aura all around. There are 8 tubes of 30 cm each. You can use them individually or all together.

3- Rimila LED Falling Rain Lights 

Icicle String Lights 540 LEDs 10 Tube 50cm Warm White for Christmas, Holiday Party, Home Patio, Outdoor Decoration

  • Key specifications:
  • Features US plug type
  • Has 8 tubes measuring 11.88 inches each
  • Power voltage: 110V-220V
  • Can be used for different occasions
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‘Rimila LED falling rain lights’ is the most budget-friendly option to decorate your Christmas tree. Don’t worry. You can use this set of rain lights on wide decorative occasions from a small Valentine’s party to a grand wedding celebration. Like some of the other snowfall LED lights, it also features 8 tubes of 30 cm each. Since it is waterproof, it is an ideal fit for décor outdoors even when raining. No worries of electric shock at all. Just hang in there and you’re done.

2- OhCome Meteor Shower Rain Drop LED Lights

Shower Rain Drop Lights 50cm 10 Spiral Tubes 540 LEDs Waterproof Icicle Snowfall String Lights

  • Key specification:
  • Has DC power source
  • Has IP6 waterproof capabilities
  • Transparent PC construction
  • Equipped with 540 LEDs
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OhCome meteor shower raindrop will definitely leave you awe-inspiring at the first glance itself. If you’re looking for a large snowfall LED light with more number of bulbs, consider buying this one. With its huge number of 540 bulbs, it will brighten not only your home but also the all-around ambiance. These lights are designed in a way that they render a 360-shining angel. Since it is made of transparent PC materials, it is durable, stylish-looking, and corrosion-resistant.

1- Weepong Falling Rain LED Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights UL Certified Falling Rain Lights 12Inch 8Tubes Rain Drop Lights | Snowfall Icicle Cascading String Lights

  • Key specification:
  • Power source: corded electric
  • Waterproof and shatter-resistant
  • Polycarbonate construction
  • Features 144 LEDs
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Light up your home with this fancy set of Weepong falling rain lights. Due to its incredible features, it is a darling among the users. It is equipped with 144 LEDs in 8 tubes. The LED bulbs are a bit stylish in design. The best thing about this snowfall LED lights is that it features a groove in the cable connector. Given the fact, you don’t need to be careful about the positive and negatives poles. Given its overall features, it is surely worth the money.

What You Should Know about Snowfall Lights

What are snowfall LED lights?

Snowfall LED lights are general LED lights that are specifically made for decoration purposes. You can use them for any type of decoration including weddings, birthdays, and festivals among others. The thing that makes them different from other decorative lights is that they mimic snow falling. When these LED lights illuminate, it seems like the snow is cascading down to the earth from the sky in appealing meteor effects.

Benefits of snowfall LED lights

If you’re the person who has been doing lighting decoration regularly to make your special occasion more special, you must have some idea about the benefits of snowfall LED lights. Today, let’s get a bit deeper and shed more light on their benefits as follows:

  • Unlike traditional light bulbs, the LED lights with snowfall effects are more stylish in design and they act as an enhancer to your already appealing décor.
  • These types of lights are an eco-friendly option. Unlike conventional lights, LED lights are said to last 20 times longer. Thus, they are friendly to the environment.
  • Apart from being eco-friendly, they are also energy-efficient. If you compare them with traditional lights, they’ll save energy up to 80%. Maybe this is the reason for their huge demand for decoration purposes.
  • To your surprise, LED lights have a longer lifespan than their counterparts. In general, a snowfall LED light lasts up to 50,000 hours. Means, years, long years durability!
  • Another benefit of snowfall LED lights is that they can operate even in low-voltage flawlessly allowing you the flexibility to use the lights even in the areas where the power supply is not so good.
  • To add more to their benefits, the LED lights are usually designed with 360º light-emitting flexibility that makes sure the illumination is scattered seamlessly in all directions.
  • On top of all, the LED lights with snowfall effects are weather-resistant and heat-resistant. Given the fact, you can use them outdoors without any worries.

What are the best snowfall LED lights to choose?

There are various kids of snowfall LED lights in the current market. Yet, if you are looking for the recommendation, we have recorded that the following six LED lights are most bought from our list.

  1. Anlising SnowFalling Rain Lights LED
  2. Weepong Rain Drop Lights and Snow Cascading Christmas String Lights
  3. Joomer Solar Christmas Lights With 8-Mode Solar String LED Lights
  4. Falling Rain Lights- Adecorty Meteor Shower Lights
  5. LDUSA HOME LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights
  6. BlueFire Upgraded LED Meteor Shower Rain Lights 50cm, 10 Tubes, 540

Anyway, people have different needs and flavors. So, you don’t need to limit yourself with just these 6 types. Just go to the whole list and select the best one that fits your need. We can ensure that all the snowfall LED lights enlisted here are the best selection you can consider.

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Christmas has already ringed its bell. So, make sure to buy the best set of snowfall LED lights before Christmas if you want your home to sparkle at its full glory. The above list will help you to get the best one. For more options, please visit the more Christmas products reviews page to brighten your day and night 🙂

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