Get Any Language Translated Right in Your Ears with These Language Translation Earbuds in 2024

Language translator earbuds are the latest innovation among the translation devices that have been used to break through language barriers. The translation earbuds can be used very conveniently when you travel abroad or work in an international work environment. If you are a traveler or international employer/employee, you should have them in your ears. They will help you a lot in your daily communications. To help you with selecting the best ones, today we’re going to introduce you to the top 15 best language translator earbuds, which will help you to converse flawlessly in the language of your target person. Check out the list of the best earbuds for language translation below, and choose the right ones for yourself.


Key Factors to Consider before Buying the Translation Earbuds:

  • The number of languages

Make sure the earbuds can translate the languages of your target. The translation earbuds are still limited comparing the translation devices. However, earbuds such as WT2 has the capacity to translate up to 40 languages & 88 accents already. So, it’s already more than enough I would say.

  • Compatible OS

We are living in the world powering by two competitive operation systems for most devices; iOS and Android. So, make sure the earbuds work with both iOS and Android so you can use them with either iPhone or Android phones.

  • Battery life

Make sure the battery lasts at least 5 hours up. That’s long enough to serve you. Usually, the earbuds come with a charging box. So, they might not cause any worry to you if you have easy access to electricity or power bank.

List of the 15 Latest Language Translation Earbuds in 2024


15. WT2 Plus Language Translator EarBuds, Support 40 Languages & 88 Accents

Real Time Translation Earbuds

  • WT2 Brand
  • 40 Languages & 88 Accents
  • Weight: 10.6 Ounces
  • Battery life: 43800 Hours
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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WT2 Plus translating earbuds allow you to converse in 40 languages and 88 accents. They are among the best earbuds to provide you a simultaneous two-way translation in multiple languages. As they are designed as real-time translation earbuds, you’ll get the target language translated into your ears instantly. To operate these WT2 earbuds properly, you need to install its app on your smartphones – either iPhone or Android phone and then you’re all done. You can set this professional device in three different modes namely auto mode, touch mode, and speaker mode according to your needs. To ensure the best possible results, the producer equipped the device with dual noise reducers as well. They are the best language translation earbuds to have in your ears while traveling or working in a multi-national working setting.

Key Features
  • Translate 40 languages in 88 accents simultaneously
  • AI technology with 3 modes and an app
  • 95% in accuracy and timely manner when online
  • Works with both iOS and Android phones
  • 4 Lithium-ion batteries: last for 5-hour use
  • 24/7 customer support

Watch the video to see how easy the WT2 Real-time earphone translator works

14. WT2 Lite Language Translator 10 Languages and 59 Accents Earbuds

WT2 Lite Voice Translator Earbuds

  • WT2 (Lite) Brand
  • 10 Languages & 59 Accents
  • Accuracy: 95%
  • Weight: 12 Ounces
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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WT2 Lite is a budget friendly version of WT2 Plus. The earbuds can perform real-time and simultaneous two-way translation within world’s 10 most used languages such as English, Spanish, Russian, Portugueses, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Germany, French and Arabic. It also provides 59 accents of voice translating with 95% accuracy. The earbuds are made to provide high quality translation for users who do not need excessive access to many languages options. The device also comes with the App compatible with both iPhone and Android smartphones. For their functions and uses are just the same as the WT2 Plus above. In case you are annoying by the loud environment, don’t forget to check out Noice Cancelling Earbuds or Noise Cancelling Headphones for your peaceful life.

Key Features
  • Up to 10 languages in 54 accents.
  • Utilized AI technology, 2 modes and app.
  • 95% in accuracy and timely manner when online.
  • Works with both iOS and Android phones
  • 4 Lithium-ion batteries: last for 5-hour use.
  • 24/7 customer support.

Alongside the emergence of translation earbuds, you can also check out the best language translation devices if you would like the tool which is more handy and functional than the earbuds.

13. Supreme Tech Portable Language Translator Earbuds Device

Real Time Two-Way Translation Earpieces

  • Supreme Tech Brand
  • 32 Languages
  • Battery last up to 5h
  • Weight: 4.8 Ounces
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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As the name suggests, the Supreme tech language translator earbuds device is one among the supreme pack of technology. It offers a real-time translation in a wide range of up to 30 languages and 5 different modes which are: face-to-face translation, group translation, instant translation, broadcast translation, and language tutor. From instant translation to broadcast translation and from face-to-face translation to group translation, it provides you with a convenient way to make your conversation and communication go smoothly. In addition to that, it is designed with a high-quality battery, which ensures a long endurance and lasts up to 5 hours. 

Key Features
  • Can translate more than 30 languages
  • Real time and two way translation
  • Has 5 translation modes
  • Can use for phone call
  • 5-hour long battery

Do you know some emerging smartwatches can also translate languages as well? You can check those smartwatch translators here.

12. V BESTLIFE Wireless Bluetooth Translating Earbuds, Smart Instant Translation Mini Single Ear Headset

Smart Instant Translation Mini Single Ear Headset with Charging Box

  • V-Bestlife Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • Battery: 120h (standby) & 3h (ongoing)
  • 5.6 ounces in weight
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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V Bestlife is a smart and instant single earbud built for those who love to learn various languages by themselves. It is a small and light weight but can do the translation up to 33 world’s most popular languages. It has a standby battery time of 120 hours and 3 hours of continuous usage. You can also use it for listening to music or audio record as well. The mini earbud comes with a charging box which can charge the earphone up to 3.5 times. So you don’t need to worry about its battery. If you just need a translating earbud for learning language such as Chinese e.t.c, then get this one or get one of these electronic dictionaries. But if you want a more functional device which you can use for a serious business trip or traveling abroad, then look up for the WT2 above. That one is the most suitable option.

Key Features
  • Support 33 languages
  • 120-hour standby battery and 3-hours for continuous use
  • Can use for listening to music and phone call
  • Built to help people learning different languages

11. NIUJF Portable Bluetooth Voice Translation Headset 33 Languages

33 Languages Translator Earbuds

  • NIUJF Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • Battery: 120h (standby) & 4h (ongoing)
  • 4gram in weight
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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This portable voice translation headset is another considerable earbud translator but they can translate only 33 languages. However, they are also among the best language translation earbuds which provide real-time interpretation for you. They are built with long-life battery and compatible with both Android and iOS systems. For fully-charged, you can use these translation earbuds 4 hours continuously and 120 hours for standby. They also come with charging case so that you don’t need to feel worried about running out of power. The headset can be used for translating, listening to music and phone call. They are just so convenient with its compact design fit into your ears.

Key Features
  • Long battery life up to 120-hour standby and 4-our continuous using.
  • Working with iOS and Android.
  • Paring and transmitting audio quickly.
  • Utilizing Bluetooth and wireless speaker system.
  • Support 33 languages: English, China, Japanese, French, Russian, Italian and more.
  • Click or tap function to translate, phone call and music.

10. Frontier Real-Time Translation Earbuds 35 Languages

33 Languages Translator Earbuds

  • Frontier Brand
  • 35 Languages
  • Battery: 5h (translation) & 6h (music)
  • 4gram in weight
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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Frontier real-time earbud translator is a very cold design with the capacity to translate more than 30 languages into your ears. It comes with Bluetooth connection and app named JOVETRANS which is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. The translating earbuds also play a role as a two-way interpreter by tapping on its button during the speak and translation. The headsets are also recognized for their accuracy and fast translation. You will get a charging box when buying it so that you don’t need to feel worried about the battery lifespan. You can use this earbud translator in the meeting, talking to people in the restaurant and also people on the street to ask for road direction. Very convenient and useful in-ear translating companion.

Key Features
  • Work with iOS 8.o up and Android 6.0 up.
  • Support 35 languages.
  • Battery life: 6-hour for music, 5-hour for translating.
  • Bluetooth 5.o version.
  • Fast and accurate.
  • US-based tech and support.

9. Language Translation with Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro Latest Model

Apple's Earbuds with Google Translate

  • Apple Brand
  • Use with Google Translate
  • Battery: 24h
  • 0.19 ounce in weight
  • Apps: iOS
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If you are an iPhone fan, then you don’t need to look at another headset to be your interpreter at all. With the latest Apple Airpods and Airpods Pro for iPhone, you can get different languages translated instantly from your phone into your ears. There are two ways you can use them; the first option, you can ask Siri to be your interpreter. Apple just release its iOS15 Translate App which is very functional for this purpose. The second option which is better is to download Google Translate app, then use the app to translate voice or photo translation in more than 100 languages.

The only limit of Airpods Translation function is the accuracy of Apple’s Translate App and Google Translate itself as the app is still in ongoing improvement for some languages. Yet, something to notice about Airpods Pro is that they come with the latest noise cancelling technology. You can also explore here more options of the earbuds/earphone with noise cancelling function.

Key Features
  • Use with Siri or Google Translate
  • Come with noise cancellation
  • Can listen to music and phone call

8. JoveTrans Mix Real-Time Translator Earbuds

Portable Language Translator Earpieces

  • JoveTrans Brand
  • 50+ Languages
  • Battery life: 8h
  • 9.2 ounce in weight
  • Apps: iOS & Android
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Jovetrans language translation earbuds are the real-time translator device that is designed as an all-in-one pack. The earbuds offer you a quick and real-time translation in more than 50 languages. The earbuds can be used not only for language translation but also for a phone call and listening to music as well. Starting from their in-ear detection function, the earbuds will work automatically or play music automatically when you put them into your ears. And the music will be paused when you take the devices out from the ears. You can also use a double-tab function to play or stop the music and to answer or to hang up the phone call as well.

Equipped with the dual-mic noise reduction, the translation earbuds function smoothly and with a clear voice into your ears. More special of the device is that you can even use them to translate for you while you are charging them in the box. They have speakers for that! 

Key Features
  • Built with in-ear detection to work automatically.
  • Designed with tap function to operate.
  • Bluetooth and mobile app for operating with a smartphone.
  • Supported languages: Chinese, English, Arabic, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and more.

7. Smart Voice Translator Earbuds, 16 Languages Translation Device by Walfront

16 Languages Smart Voice Translation Earpieces

  • Walfront Brand
  • 16 Languages
  • Battery life: 4.5h (talking), 5-8h (music)
  • 84g in weight
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If you don’t need to converse in many languages, this Walfront language translation earbuds would be a perfect fit for you. It supports 16 languages including the most-spoken languages of the world such as Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, Thai, German, Italian, Arabic, Spanish…to name a few. It is Bluetooth connected and allows a quick and clear voice transmission. To ensure high-quality audio, it is designed with an 8mm moving coil speaker, which allows a top-notch audio effect and smooth voice. Its built-in battery lasts up to 8 hours for playing and almost 5 hours for talking.

Key Features
  • Translate up to 16 languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, e.t.c. 
  • Utilize Bluetooth 4.1 version which can connect up to 10 meters.
  • High accuracy audio transmission.
  • Built-in 90mAh lithium battery rechargeable, 5-8 hours playing time, 4.5-hours talking time.

6. JIAN YA NA Smart Voice Translator Earbuds

Real Time 19 Languages Translation Earpieces

  • JIAN YA NA Brand
  • 19 Languages
  • Battery: 50h (standby), 1.5h (talk-time)
  • 7.7 ounces in weight
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If you’re looking for a really compact language translation earbud, turn to this one. Even after its small size, it doesn’t compromise with the functionality. In fact, it is far ahead than other language translation earbuds. Offering real-time translation in 19 global languages, it is designed with the smart voice function, which ensures smooth, clear, and audible translation results in a moment. Furthermore, it allows you the freedom to use it as an earphone when not in use as a translator device.  

5. Fosa Translator Earbuds with Gift Charging Box, Black Color

fosa Translator Earbuds with Gift Charging Box

  • Fosa Brand
  • 19 Languages
  • 7.7 ounces in weight
  • Bluetooth Connection
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Fosa translator earbuds are a perfect combination of user-friendliness and high technology. They support up to 19 popular global languages. Similar to other language translation earbuds, they are Bluetooth headset and also has a mobile app. You can run the device with the help of any of them, which suits you the best. To offer you more flexibility, they are equipped with an in-ear detection function, which starts doing its job as soon as you put the devices into the ears. Sound cool right? Get them if they fit you most!

4. Fosa Translator Earbuds with Charging Box, White Color

Fosa 33 Languages Real-time Translation Earphones

  • Fosa Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • 72.82 ounces in weight
  • Bluetooth Connection
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If you like white-colored devices, these Fosa translation earbuds are made for you. Supporting up to 33 languages, they translate into the language you want in a moment. Since they are Bluetooth and mobile app operated, they are easy to wear and manage. There is no hassle of long messy wires either. Another remarkable thing about this language translation earbud is that it is designed with 90mAh rechargeable lithium battery, which lasts up to 4.5 hours with continuous talking.

3. Languages Voice Translator Earbuds

Real Time Translation in-Ear Monaural Earpiece

  • 143 Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • 1.2 Ounces in Weight
  • 7-Hour Battery Life
  Buy on Amazon

This smart Bluetooth translator earpiece is an affordable, yet high-quality language translation device. It supports up to 30+ languages and 2 modes with high-quality audio. You can also use this device as an earphone when you don’t need to translate the languages. To offer the best quality audio results, it is inbuilt with an 8mm moving coil speaker, which does its job the best. With the fact that it is Bluetooth functional, it ensures fast and smooth voice transmission. 

2. LayOPO Earbuds for Language Translation

33 Languages Real-time Translation Headset for Travelling

  • Pomya Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • 2.28 Ounces in Weight
  • Apps: iOS & Android
  Buy on Amazon

LayOPO translator earbuds are a 2-in-1 device, which offers you the functionality of wireless headphone and translation earbuds together. The device helps you in an effortless conversation of up to 33 languages. It works with the help of its mobile app and offers you everything at your fingertips. Being compact in design, it is easy and comfortable to wear. Other than language translator device, you can also use it as a headphone to listen to music or to answer your phone calls directly. 

1. Electronic Translator Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

33 Languages Wireless Translator Headset for Business Meeting & Traveling

  • HUIJIEUS Brand
  • 33 Languages
  • Talking time: 3-4 hours
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  Buy on Amazon

TWS Wireless Bluetooth earbuds by Eboxer is one of the most advanced and pricey language translations earbuds on this list. It offers real-time translation in up to 19 languages. To enhance the basic functionality, it is designed with tap function. With the help of that, you can directly operate some functions even without touching your mobile once the device is connected to its mobile app. The earbuds are inbuilt with Bluetooth 5.0 version. Given the fact, it provides a quick, stable, and smooth voice transmission. 

FAQ about Translation Earbuds

What are the best language translation earbuds?

There are not many best translation earbuds in the market so far. However, the top and most bought translator earbuds from our list so far are:

  1. Language Translator EarBuds by WT2, Support 36 Languages
  2. NIUJF Portable Bluetooth Voice Translation Headset 33 Languages
  3. Apple’s Airdpods and Airpods Pro for iPhone users
  4. Real-Time Translation Earbuds Device by ASHATA

Updated about WT2 Tralsnator Earbuds, it is now the most sold device for its brand recognition, quality, and continuous improvement. With its recent updated software, WT2 earbuds are now capable of translating up to 40 languages and in 88 accents. The functionalities of the three earbud modes – Simul Mode, Touch Mode, and Speaker Mode – are also working better. Most people find the Simul Mode function very helpful for them, especially when they hang out with a friend or have a dinner meeting with a business partner from different nationalities. With the Simul Mode, you can share one earphone with another person, then you both can communicate instantly. It’s confirmed to improve your conversation by 50% without the help from an interpreter.

How language translation earbuds work?

The language translation earbuds are designed with a software application to install on your smartphone. The application will transform your smartphone into a translation device and do the job instantly. The earbuds are also equipped with Bluetooth so that you can connect them with your smartphone to function. Some earbud translators, like WT2 and NIUJF, are designed with in-ear auto-detection for the auto function or users can use the tap feature on the earbud itself. Besides the translation role, you can also use them to listen to music and make a phone call as well. They are simple and easy to use.

Can AirPods translate languages?

Ideally, Apple doesn’t produce AirPods for translating the language. The earbuds are used with iPhone for a phone call, listen to music and watch a movie on iOS devices. However, as the Bestop3’s team has claimed, with the Siri system and Google Translate app, you can actually use the AirPods to play the role of the interpreter: both voice translation and picture translation. For voice translation, you can talk to Siri. So, whatever language Siri can pick up, it will interpret for you in your ears. Anyway, I find the Google Translate app plays a better role here. With the support of more than 100 languages worldwide, Google Translate app can turn your iPhone into a two-way voice translation device in minutes. That includes the photo translating functions in the app of course. But please note that Google Translate has not been able to translate some languages accurately yet.


Language translation earbuds are an AI tools innovated for an easy and quick conversation with a person who speaks another language than yours. So, get one of these excellent language translation earbuds and go beyond the language barriers that can affect your personal or professional relationship with someone. If you are not an English native and need to a lot of writing, you may find an AI Writing Software useful for you, too. 

Bonus: If you want to explore other technology and electronic products, visit our dedicated page.

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