Top 10 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits in 2024

Tell me how many times you have visited an herb store to get some fresh herbs for cooking, health purpose, or some other reasons? Unnumbered of times, right? And, sometimes you don’t even get fresh herbs. So, what about the idea of growing your favorite herbs at your home itself? Sounds interesting? Then, what is holding you? Just buy an indoor herb garden kit and start growing the herbs right in your kitchen platform, windowsill, and even atop the table while spicing up your home décor.

Such type of kit features everything that you need for indoor herb planting. You have plenty of options available in the market to choose from, but we have brought together an exclusive list of top 10 indoor herb garden kits for you. Get ahead and pick the one for you.


List of 10 Best Indoor Herb Garden Kits in 2024

Herb Garden Kit for Indoor Reviews

10- Mindful Design LED indoor herb garden planter kit

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Mindful Design garden kit is an excellent indoor herb garden kit to bring some soothing freshness and scented aroma to your home. The size of the planter is 16.5L × 4.8W × 11.4H inches, which is large enough to hold any type of plant from vegetable to herbs and flower to succulents.

The interesting thing about this herb kit is that it is built in with sunlight simulating LEDs that imitate the natural sunlight and ensure healthy plant growth. To provide the plants the right amount of light and prevent them from overheating, it also features an auto smart timer that keeps the light on for 16 hrs and off for 8 hours. Thus, it maintains the lighting balance perfectly and keeps the plants blooming.

Key features

  • Size: 16.5L × 4.8W × 11.4Hinches
  • Inbuilt sunlight simulating light
  • Automatic smart timer
  • Easy-to-clean planter
  • Portable and easy assembly

9- TORCHSTAR plant grow LED light kit

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If the elegance of white color attracts you, TORCHSTAR plant LED light kit has a lot in store to spellbind you. Designed with 22 LEDs that emit 4000k warm white glow and 850 lumens brightness, this kit provides ideal sunlight simulation. Thus, it encourages the growth of the plants in a healthy way and keeps them flourishing.

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Having a size of 16.54× 11.42×5.43 inches, the planter offers you enough space to grow any type of plant. For that, you don’t need to do anything. Just seed or plant your desired herb and you’re done. No extra effort or additional tools are required to set off your tiny indoor herb garden. To make the planting even easier for you, it is also equipped with a smart timer that makes sure to provide the plants the right amount of light at the right time.

Key features

  • Built-in smart timer function
  • 22 LEDs
  • Discharges 4000k white glow
  • Full-spectrum solar simulator
  • Size: 16.4×11.42×5.43 inches

8-Extrawide LED indoor herb garden by Mindful Design

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Get this extra-wide LED indoor herb garden kit and add a unique touch to your kitchen decor. Not just the kitchen, you can use it to beautify your office, living room, windowsill, or any place of your choice. What makes it such a versatile kit is its extra-wide design that enables it to hold even little large plants.

Moving on to its light specifications, the kit features energy-efficient LEDs that simulate the real sunlight and produce the brightness of 850 lumens and the glow of 4000k. In addition to that, it is also designed with a smart timer that keeps the lights in active mode for 18 hours and off for 6 hours. Thus, the kit ensures optimized light to the plants and creates a perfect planting atmosphere.

Key features

  • Extra-wide design
  • Produces 850 lumens brightness
  • Built-in sunlight simulator
  • Smart timer
  • Size; 16.5×10×11.4 inches

7- Growstar LED indoor garden light kit

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Growstar LED indoor garden light kit is a stylish, feature-packed yet affordable herb garden kit. Despite its low price, it offers you some advanced features that you can hardly find in any other indoor garden herb kits. Unlike other, it is designed with 3-colored light of yellow, pink, and violet. Thus, it creates a vibrant ambiance while providing the necessary light to the plants.

What to say more, the lights are even designed with 5 dimmable levels of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100%. You can set the intensity of light at your desired level according to the needs of your plants. To add further, the wavelength of the light is 380-780nm that simulates the natural sunlight completely and ensures healthy and rapid plant growth.

Key features

  • 3 colors of lighting
  • 5 levels of dimmable functionality
  • Automatic timer function
  • 3 timing settings
  • Wavelength of light: 380-780-nm

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6- Mindful Designs LED indoor herb garden with timer

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Another Mindful Designs indoor herb garden kit that has already swept masses of people with its awesomeness. Featuring high-quality LEDs, the indoor herb gardening kit imitates the natural sunlight and provides your plants the necessary light to encourage their growth. The brightness of these LEDs is 850 lumens and the glow is 4000k. Given the fact, this kit can be used to grow any type of plant from leafy veggies to grassy herbs and bushy plants to tender flowers.

Speaking of its advanced features, the kit is built in with a smart timer that enables the light to work in the plant’s natural cycle and promote maximum growth. To be more specific, it keeps the lights on for 16 hours and then automatically turns them off for 8 hours.

Key features

  • Size: 14×5.9×16.5 inches
  • Brightness: 850 lumens
  • Glow: 4000k
  • Auto smart timer
  • Easy to clean

5- AeroGarden bounty indoor hydroponic herb garden

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If you want a big-sized indoor herb garden kit with a capacity of growing relatively large plants, look at Aerogarden indoor hydroponic herb garden. Having a bulky design, the herb garden kit lets you grow 9 plants of up to 24-inches tall together. Given the fact, you can efficiently produce large plants like tomatoes, peppers, and other such on this garden kit.

To help you provide the right amount of water to the plants, it is equipped with a 3-step water level indicator. In addition, the kit also features an energy-saving 40W LED that provides offers light to plants for their rapid growth. On top of everything, it is Alexa-compatible and Wi-Fi enabled. Just install the AeroGarden app and monitor your indoor garden from anywhere just at a tap of your finger.

Key features

  • WiFi- enabled and Alexa compatible
  • Large-sized garden
  • Can accommodate 9 plants
  • LED of 40W
  • Features water level indicator

4- Mindful Design Wood finish LED indoor Garden

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The classic design of this indoor herb garden kit will surely make your indoor décor more elegant and aesthetic. Unlike others, this one features a sleek PVC frame, which makes it easy for you to move around your little greenhouse anywhere inside your home. The planter measuring 14L×8.2W×16.5H inches sits comfortably in this frame. Owing to the size of the planter and design of the frame, this herb planting kit can be used to grow different types of plants including veggies, flowers, and, of course, the herbs.

Speaking of the advanced features, it comes equipped with a shiny 14W LED light that discharges the illumination of 850 lumens and the glow of 4000k. This light simulates the natural sunlight completely and promotes the plant growth dramatically.

Key features

  • Size: 14L×8.2W×16.5H inches
  • 14W LED light
  • 850 lumens illumination
  • PVC constructed frame
  • Sunlight simulation function

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3- GrowLED plant indoor garden light kit


indoor herb garden kit with grow light

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If you’re just setting off on the roads of planting and don’t have any idea about it, GrowLED plant indoor garden light kit is the best choice for you to start with. The reason being, it is incredibly easy to use and equipped with many automatic functions. So, you yourself don’t need to do much. Just seed the plants and your lush garden would be in front of you within a few days.

Unlike many other indoor herbs kits, this one is designed with full-spectrum LED light that doesn’t only supply the lighting needs of plants and promotes their growth but also keeps your eyes safe and harmless. Furthermore, the LED emits the white color glow of 4000k and makes this herb garden kit an ideal fit for any type of planting.

Key features

  • Full-spectrum LED light
  • 4000k glow
  • Features auto-timer function
  • DIY assembly
  • Easy to use and clean

2- Hydroponics herb garden kit indoor by VegaBox

Hydroponics Growing System

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The people, who are looking for a stylish, handy, and compact-sized indoor herb garden kit, leave all other kits and just have a look at this one. Its handy design coupled with remarkable features puts it apart from the crowd. It has a V-basket design that makes it easily portable, cleanable, and manageable.

Speaking of the features, the kit is built in with 360º water injection holes, which let you water your plants in a more way. The water holding capacity of this basket is 1.65L and you’re required to water your plants just once in a fortnight. Furthermore, it is designed with a 21W LED light that provides the plants essential light and promotes their growth. Besides that, it is also equipped with auto on/off function, which makes it easy for you to use the kit.

Key features

  • V-bucket design
  • Handy and portable
  • Auto on/off function
  • 21W LED light
  • 1.65L water holding capacity

1- Hydroponics growing system by Ecoogrower

Hydroponics Growing System

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If you want to buy a good-quality and multi-purpose garden light kit without breaking the bank, hydroponics growing system by Ecoogrower deserves your attention. Considering its price, this indoor herb garden kit offers really incredible features. It has a unique container-like design and it can seamlessly accommodate 4 plants of different types.

Designed with high-efficient 20W LED, the kit offers your plants the necessary light and boosts their growth. To your surprise, you can adjust the height of the kit to ensure the right amount of light to each plant. The unique feature of this kit is that it is designed with 3 growth modes and a touch-screen control panel. With the help of that, you can customize the growth and other settings of plants according to your needs.

Key features

  • 20W LED light
  • A container-like design
  • Adjustable height
  • 3 customizable growth setting
  • Can hold 4 plants

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Key factors to consider while buying an indoor herb garden kit

Before proceeding on, let me tell you the crucial factors that are supposed to be kept in the mind while buying an indoor herb garden kit. Else, you’ll end up spending money in vain.

Plants accommodation capacity

Begin with the size and plants holding capacity of the kit. Usually, indoor herb planting kits are not big in size and their average plant holding capacity is 4-5 plants. So, check the size of the kit warily and then buy the one that fits well with your space and needs.

Light functionality

Lighting is the most significant feature of an indoor herb kit because it’s the light only that promotes the growth of the plants. So, inquire into the light functionality of your herb garden kit carefully and go for the one that is equipped with a high-efficient LED light and emits the sunlight-simulating illumination of at least 800 lumens and the glow of 4000k. Generally, this much light is more than enough to offer your plants healthy growth.

Advanced features

Other than major functions, an indoor herb garden kit is designed with many advanced features too. So, check the kit thoroughly and make sure it features an auto timer function, sunlight-simulating technology, light dimmable functionality, and adjustable plant growth settings. In general, you can find these innovative features only in top-notch indoor herb gardening kits.

Ease of using

At last, make sure your indoor herb planting kit is user-friendly and convenient to use. It provides you hassle-free accessibility, easy cleaning, effortless portability, and smooth assembly.


Whether you have naturally green thumb or you’re just setting your hands in planting, these indoor herb garden kits are the best way to add some freshness in your home as well as life. So, get the one and infuse your food, home, and mind with the ethereal aroma of assorted herbs.

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