You Better Get One of These Lumbar Support Office Chairs If You Have Problem Sitting Long for Work

Looking for a new office chair for your office or personal home office? If so, we recommend that you choose the office chairs with lumbar support because it will help you to sit more comfortably in a long working hour. In this competitive world, we all need to work very hard everyday to survive. And we all always encounter exhaustion and torment in the back, shoulders, and neck due to this long-hour sit of working.

If you are facing these issues as well, perhaps you have to change the seat you use at work. You need to get an office chair which can help take care of your spine, shoulder, and back, which could lead to serious physical problems if the chair does not provide you with a proper seat. Therefore, we would like to introduce you to the top 11 best office chairs with lumbar system to consider. Our team has spent quite amount of time to study various products and compiled the best quality for you below. These ergonomic office seat is not the same as a conventional seat. It is mainly intended to give finishing rest to the fundamental structures of your body that are inclined to get pushed and tormented while working. Let’s check them out!


Key Factor to Consider before Buying a Lumbar Support Chair

Materials use

Material is one of the key features you need to consider when buying. If you want a breathing air seat, choose the one with mesh back seat. Otherwise, choose a bonded leather for soft and comfortable one.

Mid-back or High Back Chair

It depends on your preference. If you want a chair which you can rocking with shoulder and headrest, then get a high chair one. If you want a more compact seat to stay active, get a mid-back chair.

Adjustability and tillting

It is always good to get a chair which you can adjust the height levels and tilting to fit in various situations. Anyway, most office chairs are built with those functions now. So, no need to worry.

List of the Selected Lumbar Support Chairs for Office & Co-working Space in 2024


11. Furmax Leather Office Chair | Executive High Back Chair with Headrest & Lumbar Support

The Furmax Office Chair is made of leather and for executive office. It is designed with lumbar support back for longer seating.

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The Furmax lumbar support office chair is so far among the number one selling office chairs we found on Amazon. It is an elegant and heavy weight chair made of leather for executive office use. It has a high back for headrest, a bucket seat and padded armrests to provide users with a comfort for relaxing and rocking back and forth. If you like to turn and move around with your chair, its 360 degree swivel wheels are smoothly designed for that.

What is this Furmax Leather Office Chair for?

It’s an ideal design chair for people who like elegant and stylish seat. If you are person who like rocking back-and-forth in your chair after often, this Furmax is made for you. With its lumbar system and long back, this office chair can be used to relax in the office zone as well. It also has an adjustable height and a locking system to provide stability while you are sitting and work on it. Furmax also provides a Mid-Back Lumbar Support Chair in case you prefer a mid-level one instead.

For the assembly part, it requires a few simple steps only. Nothing to be worried about. We highly recommend getting this product if you want to get the right value for your money. Well, if you wanna have a unique elegant look at the same time!

Key features
  • Ideal chair for executive office and home office
  • Made of high quality leather & mesh design for comfort and durability
  • Design for heavy duty, rocking and relaxing
  • Colors available: Black, Black Red, Black Blue, Black White, Black Grey

If you are a gamer and want to setup a personal office at home, you may consider getting it with one of these ideal L Shaped Desks which is an ideal desk to consume your small room space but provide plenty of desktop for you.

10. BestOffice Executive Swivel Rolling Chair with Lumbar Support for Women & Men

The executive swivel rolling chair is designed with a lumbar support to help reduce the back pain for both men and women

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The lumbar support chair from BestOffice is another chair among the best selling ones on Amazon for its capability to satisfy the users’ needs. Made with a highly ventilated mesh back support, the heavy duty executive chair can keep you released from breathing difficulty, allowing you to sit comfortably for long time. The chair is also designed with a comfortable armrest so that you can place your arms on them when doing your reading. You don’t need another reading chair for yourself.

You can also adjust the chair’s heigh levels to fit in with your desk height or when you want to relax. More importantly, its lumbar support back will be a lot of help to reduce your back pain as you will sit on it everyday. This executive office chair kind can supports up to 250 lbs, and it can be used for both woman and man.

What is this BestOffice Executive Swivel Rolling Chair for?

It is an ideal chair for using in office, co-working space and home office. To give you with options to choose your favorite colors, the company made it available in 8 colors for you: Grey, Black, White, Blue, Green, Orange, Pink, & Red. If you like colorful chair, you can choose the green, orange or pink chair. If you like a more mature and professional mode, then black, grey or white are the best choice. However, if you like to relax on the chair for a nap or so, this chair is not for you as it has a mid-back and no headrest.

Key features
  • Made from ventilated Nylon lumber support for chair
  • Breathable wide seat for comfortable sitting
  • Comfortable armrests
  • Adjustable height levels functions
  • Solid and strong legs with 360 degree caster for smooth rolling
  • Simple and easy to install
  • The chair passed the BIFMA test

9. Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair with Lumbar Support

Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair with Lumbar Support fits best with many kinds of office desks.

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Are you looking for a decent office chair with the best ergonomic support? Then this Modway Office Chair with Lumbar feature is no doubt the option out there. Available in 5 dual-sided wheel casters, this lumbar support desk chair has a good mesh back support and is pretty comfy when it comes to sitting. It also has a 360-degree swivel and locking system, plus the ability to tilt smoothly. This office chair also has the option to change the height of the armrest as per desire, using the armrest leverage. It also is available in a variety of colors. The perfect option even if you are tall/short, fat/thin. It goes friendly with anyone. If you think the inbuilt lumbar is not enough, you can get an additional lumbar support pillow along with it.

What is this Modway Articulate Mesh Office Chair for?

The Modway office chair lumbar support is for both office use and home office use. It can fit in any desk including U Shaped Desk, L Shaped Desk, Wall-Mounted Desk and even Study table. But if you want to setup a modern office with wide space desktop to place computer and doing other activities at the same time, you get it along with this SHW L-Shaped Home Office Corner Desk Wood Top. They both fit best using together to create a great working environment for you.

Key features
  • Reliable office chair with breathable mesh back, supporting lumbar feature & comfortable padded armrests
  • Can hold up to 331 lbs weight
  • Adjustable back tilt, seat tilt and height
  • Available in 7 colors

8. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Task Lumbar Office Chair Lumber Support

Flash Furniture Mid-Back Task Chair - Highly Recommended Office Chair with Lumber Support

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Flash Furniture mid-back office chair with spine support is well designed with a good tilting options and a comfy seat. This mid-back desk chair is perfect for routine tasks, i.e., playing computer games or getting your office work done. It is a comfortable chair which is very easy to set up, and move around. It takes somewhat 20 minutes to get the whole thing propped up. The chair’s armrests are movable, so if you feel annoyed by them or want more sitting space, you could push them up! The chair itself is made of sturdy and robust material, which can ensure the durability of this lumbar support chair for a long time use.

What is this Flash Furniture Mid-Back Task Lumbar Office Chair for?

The chair is for working in office and at home. However, it is not ideal for relaxing on as it has no headrest. Yet, if you want to stay active, it is the best chair that give you no excuse as you can’t sleep on it. It is mostly preferred for using in the office, co-working space and personal home office. The company also offers a good quality drafting chair model if you need a higher one for sitting along a high table.

Key features
  • It is a contemporary office chair
  • Mid back with ventilated mesh design lumbar support back
  • Unisex chair type
  • Available in many colors options

7. Furmax Leather Executive Desk Chair for Elegant and Executive Level

Furmax Leather Executive Desk Chair, An Office Chair with Lumber Support

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This is another elegant office chair by Furmax, but this one is more inclined towards formality. This office chair with back support is best for conference rooms, meeting rooms or just your office rooms. With an upholstered and cushy backrest, this office chair will surely not disappoint you. It is also height adjustable and can be tilted back and forth. The chair is a tremendous and valuable quality product made from explosion proof springs and a nylon base, which make it a durable and supportive chair.

What is this Furmax Leather Executive Desk Chair for?

This executive chair is not only pretty comfy but looks highly elegant and posh, which makes it a perfect choice for all your office rooms. This chair fits best with the executive U shaped office desk if you are multiple project person. It also has headrest for relaxing if you always have a long day at office.

Key features
  • Made of black bonded leather which is very comfortable to sit in
  • Holding weight is up to 330 lbs
  • 360 degree rotation and smooth rolling
  • Simple and elegant unisex chair

6. Furmax Mid Back Office Chair with Mesh Back Support

Furmax Mid Back Office Chair is design for those who likes leather seat and mess back support.

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Just when you thought that you had witnessed all the best products by Furmax, another one just joined the team! This chair is also more focused towards the office-like environment, rather than a casual home couch or chair. This chair is particularly unique due to its backrest, which designed in such a way that it feels like someone is supporting your back with hands on your waist. The backrest is perforated design, which also makes it breathable. It also has a big, comfy seat which is great for kids and adults alike! You can also get an extra seat cushion for additional comfort in this chair as well.

What is this Mid-Back Lumbar Support Chair for?

The chair is for executive office, home office, co-working space. It is designed for contemporary office work and to keep you stay active. Its lumbar mesh back design is also helpful to reduce your back pain after sitting for long in the chair.

Key features

5. Kadirya LCH High Back Mesh Lumbar Support Office Chair

Kadirya LCH High Back Mesh Office Chair is good for stylish working environment.

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This lumbar support office chair has all the functions one would require from such a chair. From 360 degree swiveling to tilting options, this chair is a pretty good one. It also has lumbar support on the back to give you a more comfortable experience, along with extreme breathability. This desk chair is made up of high quality and sturdy nylon material to make your sitting experience comfier. It also has a padded headrest and height adjustable features. This chair is optimum for business corporations and offices, where modern and sleek furniture is the norm.

What is this Kadirya High Back Chair for?

This high back chair is suitable for contemporary office, co-working space and home office. Its unique design give a comfortable rest on your back, neck and head with a breathable mesh design.

Key features
  • Ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support and headrest
  • Adjustable height, 360 degree swivel and smooth rolling
  • Dimensions: 25.9 x 24.7 x 11.7 inches
  • Model: Unisex
  • Material: leather seat and mesh back

4. Amazon Basics Mid-back Support Office Chair

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly product and want to use the seat on an occasional basis only, then this desk chair is a good option! The chair comes with a handle to adjust the tilting, and besides that, it also has an adjustable height. The chair also has removable arms, but we suggest that you don’t do that as the arms linked to the back of the chair, and you would leave with just a seat without them! This five-wheeler is an excellent choice among the office chairs with lumbar support if you can’t go for the more expensive ones in this list.

What is this Amazon Basics Mid-back Support Office Chair
The chair is for contemporary task office, home office, and co-working space. It is designed to provide you with a soft and comfortable seat and backrest.

Key features
  • Comfortable chair with bonded leather seat and back
  • Dual-wheel casters and height adjustability
  • Make of leather and for unisex
  • Color: black, brown and white
  • 24-month limited warranty

3. LCH Adjustable High Back Office Chair Lumbar Support

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This sleek looking office chair has a see-through perforated back as well. The chair bottom designed in such a way that it does not put pressure on your body and is also pretty breathable, making it ideal to keep you fresh in the scorching summers! It also has the tilting and height adjusting option, with a maximum backrest position of 110 degrees. This ergonomic and comfortable office chair is made up of lumbar support and also has an adjustable headrest; in case you are willing to rest your head to doze off a bit!

What is this chair for?

It can be used for contemporary office task, individual office and co-working space.

Key specifications
  • High back chair with headrest and armrest
  • Tilting and adjusting height with smooth rolling
  • Unisex chair type
  • Materials use: leather and mesh

2. NOUHAUS Ergonomic Rolling Desk Chair with 4D Adjustable Armrest

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NOUHAUS Ergonomic is a good chair for low back pain support. Unique looking, this ergonomic lumbar support chair is an excellent option for both home office usage, as well as for offices. The mesh chair supports all types of people using it, but due to its design, it is more inclined towards taller people. Not only is this chair relatively reasonably priced, but it is also of good value due to its lumbar support which enables one to sit straight up and avoid slouching around! It also has adjustable arms and is great for long hours of gameplay, without causing any back pain or sitting discomforts!

Key specifications
  • Dimensions: 29.5″ x 13.4″ x 21.7″
  • Weight shipping: 57.7lbs
  • Model: Unisex long-back chair
  • Material: Elasto-Mesh
  • Color: black, blue, gray and burgundy

1. AmazonBasics Executive Office Chair with Lumbar Support

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The AmazonBasics chair is a comfortable and user-friendly executive chair upholstered in the black leather material. It is made up of a good-quality padded seat and back for coziness and care that allows 360-degree swivel, has smooth rolling casters and is height adjustable. With the ability to bear weight, this executive office chair is one of its kind, with the ability to provide constant comfort even with continuous everyday usage for many hours. Moreover, this chair is pretty easy to assemble, taking about 10-15 minutes to get the whole thing ready.

Key specifications
  • Dimensions: 30.7″ x 27.6″ x 45.1″
  • Weight shipping: 35.3lbs
  • Model: Unisex medium-back chair
  • Material: leather
  • Color: black, brown, white

FAQ about Lumbar Support Chairs

What is lumbar support in chair?

A lumbar support in chair is an extra feature that is design to align with our natural curvature spine, aiming at providing an extra support to our spine when we sit in the chair. It is good to have a chair with lumbar support as it helps keep out muscles from too-much taxing. We are now living in a competitive world in which we need to live so much on our butt rather than on our feet. Therefore, most people now gets back pain and spine problem because they sit for long-hour working everyday. Thus, it is good to have a lumbar support for your chair or have a chair with lumbar support feature in it to help reduce the tension in your back.

What is the best lumbar support chair?

To define the best lumbar support chair is to look at its curvature shape if it fits with your spine curvature or not. A good office chair with the best lumbar system is the one which has the back support to help release pressure on your lumbar spine. As the chairs come with different sizes, designs and produced from different material, you may need to figure out which fits you best. Normally, the lumbar design is not really a concern as the industry has already measure it to fit the human body.

What to consider is the breathing of the chair. If you have an irritating skin, then get a chair which is built with a breathing mesh rather than a leather bonded one. However, if you have no issue with  that, then the bonded leather office chair gives you a more soft comfortable padded seat and back than the mesh one I would say. Your call!

What chair is best for lower back pain?

The low back pain is a stretch injury in your body’s ligaments, tendons or your lower back muscle which requires a proper care and cure. So, if you have the pain in your lower back, you need to get a chair with lower lumbar support in it. Make sure the lumbar furniture fits well with your back curvature. However, if you find the chair’s lumbar system doesn’t fit, we would recommend that you get another separate lumbar support which is designed specifically for your lower back. There are various chair lumbars that support your specific spine better than the general chair.


Customary seats in offices and homes might be one reason why individuals tend to experience discomfort and pain while sitting. An ergonomic chair contemplates these issues. It has almost all the essential individual seating needs to address including headrest and backrest that help your stance while sitting. Also, you can alter the stature as per your demands.

These revisions naturally assist you in improving your posture. Ergonomic office seats are any day more adjustable than ordinary seats since they are easy to modify. These office seats have a headrest that backs your head and neck when you need to rest. It is mainly a decent element for individuals who invest more energy noting telephone calls at work.

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