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Magic wand scanner is a handheld electric scanning device which let you to convert the texts and pictures in your documents into electronic form or digital data. Designing like a small long stick, this powerful wand scanner allows you to grab it in your hand and scan your document like using a magic wand, then transfer the data into your laptop, iPad or smartphone through Bluetooth and wifi connection. The device is easy for storing in your drawer, cabinet and in your backpack when you need it for your traveling. That’s very convenient right?


List of the Best Magic Wand Document Scanners in 2024

Best Seller # 1
Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD Display and Auto-Feed Dock...
Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD Display and Auto-Feed Dock...
Easily Scan, archive and organize file; Save files onto a microSD/microSDHC memory card up to 32GB
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SaleBest Seller # 7
VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand II Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi (PDSWF-ST44PE-VP)
VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand II Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi (PDSWF-ST44PE-VP)
Built-in time and date setting feature; Scan and easily transfer via wi-fi; Built-in high-speed sensor for easy, fast scanning
$99.99 −10%
Best Seller # 8
VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST441-VP Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/ Color Display, 900 DPI...
VuPoint Solutions PDS-ST441-VP Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/ Color Display, 900 DPI...
Portable scanner for color & monochromatic images, documents, magazines; JPEG and PDF file formats
Amazon Prime
Best Seller # 10
MUNBYN 10.5“ x 1.6” x 1.2“ Hard Travel Case for Iscan/Vupoint Magic Wand Portable...
MUNBYN 10.5“ x 1.6” x 1.2“ Hard Travel Case for Iscan/Vupoint Magic Wand Portable...
✅Case Only: For travel and storage (device and accessories are sold separately)
Amazon Prime

Magic Wand Scanner Reviews

9. Canon Personal Document Magic Wand Scanner

Personal Document Scanner from Canon

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Cannon is a leading brand in electronic scanning device, and this image magic wand scanner is a very powerful device to transfer hardcopy images and texts into your computer with clear resolution. This Wand scanner is compact and travel-friendly as it is just 15 inches long and 1.32lbs.

This magic wand can scan your physical documents and turn them into digital versions instantly. It can work with receipts, business cards, documents, photos and more. Furthermore, its software is supported by both Windows and Mac. You can also scan and save your physical documents into both your device of choice or into the cloud. Canon also provides a 1-year warranty for this scanner magic wand type.

8. VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Color LCD

Vupoint Solutions Magic Wand Color LCD Scanner

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Here come a 2-in-1 magic scanner from Vupoint. What makes this one different from the rest of the product is that it can be broken down into 2 parts. By removing them from each other, you’d get a wand scanner and another portable scanner sized product for a heavier duty. When removed, simply slide the wand on your photo or document and you’d be able scan it like usual.

Furthermore, this magic scanning wand uses a Lithium battery, which is rechargeable. The device also utilized a microSD/microSDHC memory card to store files for you as needed. The maximum card size that each scanner can use is 32GB. Plus, on the wand part, there’s an LCD panel for you to check your file as well.

This scanning magic wand has the resolution of 1,200DPI and a scanning length of maximum 125in. Its dimension is 13.2in × 3.2in × 2.1in, and weighs a total of 1.4lb. Having this 2-in-1 device, you can manage to keep the portable scanning part in the office, while bring the scanning wand with you anywhere and anytime.

7. Aibecy iScan02 Document Scanner | Handheld Magic Wand Scanner

Portable Handheld Magic Wand Scanner

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Next up on our list, we have another product from Aibecy which is Aibecy iScan02  magic scanner wand. It an upgraded version in its series. The magic scanner wand has a higher resolution in comparison, which is 1050DPI compared to the previous’ 900DPI.

Moreover, with its Double Roller and Zero Margin design, this device allows your scanning to go through lesser amount of image distortion or loss of contents. It has a colorful LCD control panel and is supported by both Mac and Windows. This magic wand is powered by a powerful rechargeable lithium battery to perform its tasks. You can scan and store your digital documents into its memory card ,which can be upgraded until 32GB with ease.

6. MUNBYN Handheld Magic Wand Scanners for Documents, Photos and Receipts

Handheld Magic Wand Scanners for Documents, Photos and Receipts

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Between all the handheld wand scanners on our list, this one has one of the most unique exterior design. There is the LCD panel on the left side of the scanner and a prominent “scan button” closer to the center. Plus, this handheld magic wand scanner does not use a rechargeable battery; it needs 2 AA batteries to function and will automatically shut down after 3 minutes of no operation to avoid wasting power.

Moreover, this scanning magic wand has 3 resolutions mode, which are 300DPI for receipts and reports, 600DPI for business cards and documents and 900DPI for photos and pictures. It utilizes a micro SD memory card to store files after scanning. MUNBYN also provides a 2-years warranty after the purchase date. So, you don’t need to worry about its functionality.

5. VuPoint Magic Wand Handheld Scanner with Wi-Fi wireless

Vupoint Magic Wand Portable Scanner with Wi-Fi wireless

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This model of handheld scanner wand from VuPoint, the PDSWF-ST47-VP, does not come with a body that scans your documents in. By scanning your documents, photos, pictures and so on, you would have to move the scanner above the file like you use the magic stick, and then it will process on its own.

This scanning magic wand uses Wi-Fi or USB cable to connect to your laptop and other devices to store the data or you can simply store your file into a microSD memory card within the scanner as well. It can be recharged with a USB cord and can scan a file that is within the width of 8.5in (approx. 22cm) and maximum 125in (approx. 317.5cm) in length. VuPoint provides a 90-Days warranty for this product.

4. Honsdom Magic Scanner Wand | Document Scanner Handheld for Business

Honsdom Portable Scanner iSCAN 900 DPI A4 Document Scanner Handheld for Business

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Here we have another scanner that looks like an antique radio player. Except this one is from Honsdom. This magic scanner wand has a scanning resolution of 900DPI and is a handheld; meaning you just need to move this device along the entirety file in order to scan it. It needs 2 AA batteries to operate and will store your files into a microSD memory card (maximum 32GB, not provided).

In addition, it has 3 resolution modes for scanning, which are 300DPI, 600DPI and 900DPI; each resolution varies in file size as well, so it’s best to use a resolution mode that is most suitable with the kind of file you’re scanning. Each file can be scanned into a JPG or a PDF file, you are also able to change the file type with the buttons on the face of the scanner.

3. Aibecy Magic Wand Scanner A4 | Wireless Document & Images Scanner

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This magic wand scanner is a wireless device, which is small enough for you to bring along business trips with ease. This Aibecy Wand Scanner can be used with a memory card for accessing later, in case you don’t bring your laptop along. It supports memory cards up to 32G in size and functionality.

This magic document scanner is compatible for scanning receipts, books, documents and more. The dimension of this product is 12.8in × 4.5in × 2in (approx. 32.5cm × 11.5cm × 5cm) and weight is 10.9oz (approx. 0.3kg). Additionally, with its small size, even students can carry this around in their bag and not cause any extra discomfort. This scanning device will also automatically turn itself off after no operation within 3 minutes.

2. Amazon Renewed VuPoint Magic Wand Scanner Kit

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If you are looking for a high quality handheld magic wand scanner, but is on a tighter budget, we recommend checking out the products from Amazon Renewed. They offer used products from different companies and guarantee the functionality for each product.

For this spot, we have a renewed product from VuPoint; model PDS-ST415-VP-CR. It works like the other smooth and top quality handheld scanners from VuPoint, which we have mentioned before. It can scan files that are 8.27in wide and max. 98in long, has 3 scanning modes; 300DPI, 600DPI and 900DPI. It can be connected to your laptop or computer via a USB cable or you can simply store your files within the microSD memory card.

This magic scanner wand handheld also comes in a bundle of scanner, cleaning cloth, string pouch, cable, microSD card, OCR software, 2 AA batteries, manual, calibration paper and the warranty. All Renewed product comes with a 90-Days Amazon Renewed Guarantee and come looking and working like a new product

1. VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Handheld Scanner with Color LCD Display

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Last but definitely not least, we have another handheld scanner from the Magic Wand series from VuPoint. This one is the PDS-ST470-VP and is pretty much a slightly upgraded version from the aforementioned products above.

It has 3 scanning modes; 300 × 300 DPI, 600 × 600 DPI and 1,050 × 1,050 DPI. For each scanning mode, the scanning time also differs, but it takes a short amount of total scanning time (max. 12 seconds). This magic handheld scanner supports a microSD/microSDHC memory card (not included) and can be connected to your computer via a USB cable. Furthermore, it has a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery and will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of no operation.

Buying Guides

Battery: Some scanners come with the need to use 2 AA batteries, while others use a rechargeable battery. We personally recommend using the ones with the rechargeable battery, for environmental purposes. Moreover, you also do not have to carry extra AA batteries around with you, along with the scanner.

Warranty: Each product and company provides different conditions and warranty type. We recommend checking the warranties and its conditions carefully before making any haste decision. In addition, we also encourage contacting the customer service of the respective company for further details and more trustworthy information.


In conclusion, when looking for a personal magic wand scanner, we recommend finding one that is most suitable for your needs. This includes looking for the right size, which one is the most handheld for or which one has the right size to scan most of your documents. Plus, the right price and features. What does that scanner offer; check the resolutions and battery style, and if the automatic feature better for you or the totally handheld. All in all, we hope our article is of help to you and we wish you the best of luck with your shopping.

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