Top 10 Best Snow Shovels in 2020

Are you in need of a snow shovel to clear the snow from your way? Well, winter starts knocking your door now. It is the right time to get all the tool you need to manage and clear the snow from your way, so that the heavy snowfall can’t create any problem for you and your daily routine. One among the tool, I believe snow shovel is needed for the task. If you haven’t had one yet, let’s grab one from our best shovels collection below. The compiled list of the 10 best snow shovels below are made of plastic and metal which are durable and easy to use. Scroll down and grab the one you need!

List of The 10 Best Snow Shovels in 2020

SaleOur Top Choice # 1
Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01 Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel | 18-Inch | Spring Assisted...
Shovel: made of a durable, impact-resistant blade; Easy to use: gives lifting leverage to the lower hand to lift greater loads with ease
$29.99 −54%
SaleOur Top Choice # 2
AMES 2672100 Aluminum Scoop with Hardwood Handle and D-Grip, 45-Inch
Aluminum blade is rust proof; Thick aluminum alloy for maximum strength; Large poly D-grip for leverage and control
$38.99 −10%
Our Top Choice # 4
Suncast SC2700KDD Snow Shovel, Grey, Black
Blade design combines the elements of a shovel and pusher for optimal snow removal; Galvanized steel wear strip protects the integrity of the blade
SaleOur Top Choice # 5
Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel, 16" Width, 430lbs/Minute
16" Snow Clearing Width; 8" Snow Clearing Depth; 30' Snow Throwing Distance
$89.99 −16%
Our Top Choice # 7
Rugg 26PDX-S PathMaster 3000 18-Inch Poly Combo Snow Shovel
Acts As A Standard Show Shovel; Lightweight Making It Easy To Use; Curve To It At Its Top So It Acts As A Show Pusher
SaleOur Top Choice # 10
ErgieShovel ERG-SNSH18 18-Inch Impact Resistant Blade Push/Scoop Combination Snow Shovel,...
ADDED HANDLE: Allows you to scoop more with less effort while reducing strain on your back
$29.39 −15%

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10- True Temper 1603400 Poly Snow Shovel

True Temper 1603400 Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher

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To remove the snow effectively, you mainly need a sturdy and wide blade. Isn’t it?  Well, with True Temper poly snow shovel, you can rest assured about this as it is designed with a big blade of 18 inches. Adding more to that, the blade is secured with a nylon wear strip that makes the blade durable and sturdy enough to push the snow. In addition to that, it features a D-grip steel handle, which ensures easy shoveling and comfortable holding.

9- Ohuhu Multipurpose Snow Shovel

Ohuhu Multipurpose Snow Shovel Ice Scraper

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As the name suggests, Ohuhu snow shovel is a multipurpose tool that can be used to remove snow, dust, sand, leaves, and any other such things from your driveway. Made of high-quality materials, it is capable enough to lift 33 lbs at a single go. Even after such a huge weight, holding the show shovel won’t be difficult for you at all. The reason being, it is designed with an extra-long D-shaped plastic grip handle, which is extremely comfortable to hold. Thus, it ensures a pain-free and easy shoveling.

8- Snow Joe 24V-SS10 24-Volt Cordless Snow Shovel

Snow Joe 24V-SS10 24-Volt 10-Inch 4-Ah Cordless Snow Shovel

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If you need an advanced and super stylish snow shovel, Snow Joe cordless snow shovel is there to meet all your needs. Unlike many other snow shovels, it is battery operated and features a 4.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which gives you a long 25-minute runtime that too without making any noise. Moreover, it is designed with a dual handle that ensures the utmost user comfort and allows you the freedom to clear off the snow without giving any strain to your back.

7- Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01-RED Strain Reducing Snow Shovel

Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01-RED Shovelution Strain-Reducing Snow Shovel

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Snow Joe SJ-SHLV01-RED snow shovel is an apple of the eye among the users and it has certain reasons for that. To start with, it is a feature-packed snow shovel at an incredibly low price. From sturdy construction material to ergonomic design, easy-grip handle to a big blade, and long durability to easy accessibility, it offers you everything that you can expect in a good snow shovel. Not only this, but it is also designed in such a way that it eliminates the need to bend. Thus, it reduces back strain too.

6- True Temper 1640700 Steel Snow Shovel

True Temper 1640700 Steel Snow Shovel

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If you choose quality over fancy design, True Temper 1640700 steel snow shovel will surely impress you. Designed with sturdy steel blades, it removes the big chunks of snow effectively. Even after that, there no chance of blade getting chirp or rusted. Given the fact, it is an ideal fit for the places where snow has turned into hard ice pieces. To ensure a firm grip while holding the snow shovel, it is built with a D-grip handle, which can easily accommodate your gloved hands.

5- Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

Bond LH015 Mini D Handle Shovel

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You can’t find a cheaper yet feature-packed snow shovel than Bond LH015 mini D handle shovel. Though it is small in size and features a small-sized handle too, it stands no behind than other snow shovels when it comes to quality. Featuring a heat-treated and powder-coated head, it is amazingly durable and works like a new snow shovel for years that too without any problem. Furthermore, the handle is designed with a non-slip comfortable grip. On top of all, it comes with a long warranty of 5 years.

4- Lifeline 4004 Red One Size Aluminum Sport Utility, Snow Shovel

Lifeline 4004 Red One Size Aluminum Sport Utility

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Lifeline 4004 snow shovel is truly a lifeline for the people living in freezing areas. This aluminum-made snow shovel is versatile and can be used for different purposes such as snow shovel, camping shovel, or sports ground shovel. Given its aluminum construction, it is remarkably lightweight. Still, it can hold up a huge amount of snow efficiently. To your surprise, this snow shovel is collapsible, so you can disassemble it into 3 pieces and keep in a corner when not in use. With that said, it is extremely portable too.

3- True Temper 1625300 Poly Snow Shovel

True Temper 1625300 SnoBoss 26 in. Poly Snow Shovel/Pusher/Scraper

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If you need a big snow shovel even bigger blade, True Temper 1625300 poly snow shovel is made for you. Guess what, it is designed with a 26-inch deep blade that too with wear strips, which enhances the durability blade. The handle is also wide and big in size. Given the fact, it provides enough room for both hands and ensures a firm grip. Not only this, it increases the leverage and minimizes the back strain. In addition to that, the handles are ergonomically designed and made of aluminum.

2- Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel

Suncast SC3250 18-Inch Snow Shovel/Pusher Combo

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Get this Suncast SC3250 snow shovel and create a beautiful aura around you. Unlike many other snow shovels, it is designed with a stylish bent handle, which doesn’t only look cool but also makes it easier for you to lift the snow. Don’t worry about the sturdiness of handle as it is made of ribbed steel. In addition to that, this snow shovel is also inbuilt with galvanized steel wear strips that enhance the lifespan of the shovel. The handle is also designed in such a way that it is extremely comfortable to hold.

1-Multifun Snow Brush Kit

multi0fun Snow Brush Kit, 3-in-1 Snow Shovel

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True to its name, Multifun snow brush kit is a complete snow shoveling kit with 3 tools including a snow brush, ice scraper, and snow shovel. You can use the snow brush to clear off every single chunk of snow after removing big slices from the snow shovel. And, the ice scraper can be used to remove the thick and big pieces of snow. To your surprise, these three are collapsible, lightweight, and extremely easy to assemble. Speaking of construction, they all are made of premium aluminum.


Don’t let the snowfall ruin your winter enjoyment. In fact, double it up with one of these snow shovels. They will help you to clear off the snow easily from anywhere you want that too in a moment.

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