With iOS 15, Do You Still Need a Translator Device?

Awhile a go, I have introduced you to the Language Translator Devices, Translator Earbuds and Smartwatch Translator for your smartphone, so that you can communicate with people in various languages.

Now, Apple just surprisingly announced the launch of its iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 which include Translate App inbuilt with the device. So, the question is, do you still need a translation device or translation earbuds if you already got an iPhone with iOS 15?

iPhone’s Translate App

According to Apple, the inbuilt app lets you to translate the text you type or dictate into any language you wish to; including Chinese, Spain, English and more. Beside you typing and dictating, you can also use Camera to scan the text on the image, banner and menu, to translate it instantly as well. What’s more is that you can capture those text and paste on apple’s note, messenger, social media status without bother typing it.

That sounds very convenient right? Well, of course. But don’t you know that these features are available on Google Translate and Google Lens for long? If you use Android smartphone, these features are there. Just you might never try it.

For me, though Apple’s translate comes late, but it always amazes its users. It’s always good to have more options than just one as well. For this sense, it means that all iPhone users can use both Apple Translate App and Google Translate as their alternative. That’s a win win for user I would say.

Do You Still Need a Translator Device or Earbuds if You Have an iPhone?

Before answering this question, we need to check if you’re a young or old generation? There are three scenarios I could think of.

First, if you are not a tech-savvy and youngster, it’s probably a bit complicated for you to use the iPhone’s translate app. You need to figure it out among many apps appears on your iPhone’s screen. Thus, having a specific device which serve just one function will be more convenient for you. That’s what translator devices come to play.

Second, if you need a translator for business meeting or business travel, using smartphone as a tool doesn’t make you look professional at all. Smartphone is considered a distractive device during meeting. However, if you are holding a translating device in hand, people will have a different opinion on that. So, having a translator device or earbud is still the best advice for you.

Last scenario, you don’t need to spend on buying those translator gadget at all if you are a youngster and just need it for holiday traveling. Who care if you carry an iPhone or Translator Gadget? It’s all the same! So, don’t waste your money to buy extra tool. Just spend time to learn how to use these translator apps. That’s more than enough to survive!

What’s the Differences Between iOS Translator App and Google Translate?

You tell me! Can you figure out the differences between these two? Well, it is actually built to serve the same purpose. Yet, you can’t install iOS 15 on Android Phone, while you can get Google Translate on your iPhone anytime. That might be the difference.

For me, I believe Google Translate will work better than Apple’s Translate App as Google deployed this feature long time already. For the perspective of machine learning or AI, Google should have collected more data for its app than Apple’s app. That’s why I say it works better. But who know? You can buy an iPhone and find out 🙂


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