Grab One of These Large Dog Towels and Give Your Lovely Ones a Warm Wrap!

Dogs are a part of the family, and they have to be taken care of in a similar manner. Among all other requirements of your pet, that have to be met with the same responsibility as that of other members, hygiene is an important one. A necessary part of the hygiene is a showering, washing and cleaning. And after the shower, you don’t want to leave your lovely dog wet right? That’s why dog need a tower wrap just like use. To help you get the best one, we have given below a list of the best large dog towels which are suitable for both large dogs and small dogs. This type of large dog towel has good texture, size, and color which could influence the way your pet reacts to bathing and your wrapping after that. A good towel will also make your pet feel cared for and keep it healthy and tidy always.


List of the 10 Best Large Dog Towels in 2024


1. Most Portable Large Dog Tower: KinHwa Dog Towel Super Absorbent Pet Bath Towel

Microfiber Dog Drying Towel for Small, Medium, Large Dogs and Cats

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  • Brand: KinHwa
  • Size: 30*50 inches
  • Colour: Light-blue

On most trips that you go, pets are not allowed. Rarely, when they are allowed, you have to adhere to certain rules that limit your enjoyment. Their hygiene can’t be taken care of completely on these trips. To solve this problem, we have a lightweight and compact large dog towel, specially designed for pets that you can carry along with you while you are traveling. It can be easily stored in your bag or in your car.

The size of the towel makes it fit for all pets, big or small. The material that it is made of is a super absorbent, super soft, and high-quality microfiber that dries up your pet quickly and saves your time. With this towel, you can not only wipe your pet clean but also protect your couches, carpets, beds, and floor from muddy paws. Also, it’s a cute color, and paw print makes it look appealing to your pet and vibes well with its consumer.

Key Features

  • Large enough to fit pets of all breeds and sizes
  • Made of super soft and super absorbent material
  • Can be carried around easily
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Available in cute colors and prints
  • Washable

2. Cheapest Among All: Bone Dry Microfiber Bath Towel

Bone Dry DII Microfiber Dog Bath Towel with Embroidered Paw Print

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  • Brand: Bone Dry
  • Size: 44*27.5 inches
  • Colour: Available in different colors

Bone Dry’s dog towel for your lovely pet comes at an extremely affordable and is available in a number of colors. You can choose from the options the color that complements that of the fur of your soft companion the most. The size of the towel is big enough, and this is the best that you can get in this price range. Furthermore, its soft and absorbent material protects and keeps the natural shine of your dog’s fur.

This pocket-friendly towel keeps your pet warm and tidy at all times. It has been clinically approved for pet usage. Due to its low price, you can discard an old towel without much thinking, and use a new one regularly. Pets are a part of the family, and Bone Dry, with its products, is here to help you in making them feel like it.

Key Features

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Durable and portable
  • Available in a range of colors
  • Lightweight and machine washable

3. Best Among All: Tuff Pupper Large Dog Towel

Tuff Pupper Large Dog Shammy Towel for both large and small dog

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  • Brand: Tuff Pupper
  • Size: 35*15 inches
  • Colour: Grey and Blue

This special whammy large dog towel by Tuff Pupper is the best thing that you could gift to your pet as soon as possible. The best thing about it is that it comes with dual hand pockets and elastic bands that provide a better grip to easily dry all parts of your dog’s body. Moreover, the fabric noodles give a gentle and comforting massage to your dog that he is sure to enjoy. This towel serves a dual purpose; it makes usage more convenient for you and makes the drying process fun for your dog.

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Its size is just perfect for dogs of all breeds. The material used is a tightly woven microfiber chenille fabric that is known to soak up water quickly and hence, save your time. Also, the towel is odor and bacteria resistant and, therefore, along with hygiene, also ensures health. Overall, this towel, with all its impressive features, is a great pick.

Key Features

  • Super-absorbent
  • Dual hand pockets for easy usage
  • Quick-drying
  • Perfect size
  • Bacteria and odor-resistant

4. Most Absorbent: My Doggy Place Bath Dry Towel

Ultra Absorbent Microfiber Chenille Dog Bath Dry Towel with Hand Pockets

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  • Brand: My Doggy Place
  • Size: 27.8*14 inches
  • Colour: Available in different colors

My Doggy Place is a brand that has been known for making the best large dog towel products to help you take care of your pet and show them the love that you have. Adding to that list of handy assistance in pet care, we have this ultra-absorbent dog towel made of chenille microfiber that has the capability of holding up to 7x its weight in water. Most importantly, this towel absorbs not only water but also dirt.

Due to its thickness, the towel can also be used as a rug to keep your house clean and tidy. The towel has two built-in hand pockets that help in under-belly drying. It also helps in grasping the dog and clean drying its full body in one go. For making your job of keeping everything around you, including your house and your pet hygienic, the towel has been made washer and dryer safe by using durable material and strong stitching. Thus, you can wash it after every use.

Key Features

  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Easy to use with practical design
  • Washer and dryer safe
  • Available in different colors
  • Provides quick-drying

5. Best Under $20: SCRUBIT 2-Pack Microfiber Bath and Beach Towel

Super Absorbent and Quick Drying tower Perfect for Large, Medium, Small Dogs and Cats

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  • Brand: SCRUBIT
  • Size: 40*24 inches
  • Colour: Brown

The pack of 2 large-sized towels by SCRUBIT is here to make your pet care and grooming easier and quicker. The dimensions of the size of the towel are 40in*24in and are an ideal pick for drying large breeds of dogs. With the help of this towel, you can bathe your dogs more often and quickly dry them up, preventing them from getting sick. Wrap up your cute furry boy in this large and soft towel, so that bathing becomes an enjoyment rather than a task for it.

These microfiber towels are also long-lasting because they are made of a durable 87/13 mix of polyester and polyamide. SCRUBIT also offers a 100% return guarantee within a period of 30 days. Overall, this is a trusted product that you can rely on for your dog’s care.

Key Features

  • Washer and dryer friendly
  • Large size increases convenience
  • Made of long-lasting material
  • Trusted and with a guarantee
  • Multifunctional Applications

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6. Best Quality: Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Shammy

dog shammy towel

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  • Brand: Dog Hone Smart Pet Productions
  • Size: 31*13 inches
  • Colour: Brown and Grey

Dog Gone Smart Pet Productions, using its innovative and advanced technologies, has been focusing on developing high-quality products and solutions for the pet industry. One such product is the dirty dog shammy towel. Without a doubt, this original microfiber towel has been made with the best quality material that soaks up to 20 times more water than other towels. Due to this capability of the towel, it has now become very easy for you to travel with your dog everywhere- be it the beach or the muddy park.

Although the towel is big and bulky, it is easy to wash and use. The towel has dual hand pockets with elastic for better grip while drying the pet. Basically, this towel is going to be your best assistant in taking care of your pet and maintaining its hygiene.

Key Features

  • Ultra-absorbent
  • Easy to use and wash
  • Best-quality material
  • A trusted and known brand

7. Best Value for Money: Wooflinen Microfiber Pet Bath Towel

bone dry microfiber pet bath towel

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  • Brand: Wooflinen
  • Size: 36*24 inches
  • Colour: Grey

Wpoflinen’s microfiber pet bath towel has multiple applications. It can be used for your pet as both a towel and a blanket. The double-density towel completely dries your fur baby, and its usage as a blanket makes its bed soft and comfortable. Apart from this, the towel is perfect for cleaning your cars and boats. Since it is machine washable, one wash makes it as good as new. Therefore, one towel can be used for many different purposes. The towel can also be used for cleaning around the house.

Made of 80% polyester and 20% nylon, it will very satisfactorily clean both your pet and your house. Along with being of the best quality, the towel is also finished with a very beautiful design. It has fancy outer stitching that makes it pretty impressive in the looks department as well.

Key Features

  • Dual-density material
  • Multiple usages and applications
  • Fancy outer stitching and design
  • Pack of 2 towels
  • Reusable, long-lasting and machine-washable

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8. Best Value for Money: Winthome Dry Microfiber Dog and Cat Bath Towel

dog bath towel wrap

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  • Brand: Winthome
  • Size: 50*33 inches
  • Colour: Grey, Pink, and Red

Is this the first time that your mother has finally given permission to keep a pet? Are you nervous about taking care of it and can’t afford anything going wrong? Well, the Winthome microfiber towel is here to solve one of your many problems- that of washing and drying your pet. The towel comes with a comprehensive user manual that guides you thorough instructions for its usage and maintenance.

The size of the towel is large enough to accommodate even a Teddy, Husky, or Labrador. Its design is practical, and its absorbance is ultra-fast. So the next time it rains, or your pet wants to play in muddy water, do not worry about its fur getting dirty. You have the towel to assist you in cleaning it.

Key Features

  • Easy to clean and use
  • Convenient to carry and store while traveling
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Best quality material
  • Unique Design

2. Most Comfortable: Zwipes Microfiber Pet Towels

dog towels with hand pockets

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  • Brand: Zwipes
  • Size: 30*36 inches
  • Colour: White

With a unique design of white with black paw and bone prints, this pack of two towels by Zwipes provides both comforts for your pet and protection from muddy paw-prints for your carpets and chairs. Undoubtedly, pets are like family members, and they should be given the same space and comfort in the house like the others. These towels are here to provide that homely comfort to your pet. You can put them in your pet’s house, be it a kennel, a cage, or on the floor or carpet of your house and provide them with a warm, cozy, homely, and comfortable feeling.

The towels are made of good-quality microfibers, and the size is suitable for pets of all shapes and sizes. They are also lightweight and can be carried around easily. So the next time you travel, your pet is going with you, without any issues.

Key Features

  • Best-quality microfiber used
  • Attractive and home pattern and comfort
  • Lightweight and portable
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain

10. Best Runner-Up: SINLAND Microfiber Oversized Bath Pet Towel

soggy doggy towel

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  • Brand: SINLAND
  • Size: 100cm*100cm
  • Colour: Dark Blue, Grey and Lightcyan

You will have to agree that when at home, we are the most comfortable in our oversized sweatshirts and pajamas. Your pet is going to feel the same way in SINALND’s oversized and hooded bath pet towel. Its soft and warm material engulfs you in a blanket-like home. For fidgety pets, it’s a little difficult to stay in this kind of attire. However, to help them, the towel comes with a loop and a knot so that your pet will easily be able to move around.

Apart from this, this huge towel can be easily washed and dried in the machine for care and cleanliness. Overall, this impressive innovation with towels is definitely worth a try.

Key Features

  • Large size
  • Portable and durable
  • Made of good quality material
  • Easy to clean
  • Oversized hoody

Bottom Line

Purchasing a towel for your pet might seem like the easiest task on the list. However, one must also remember that often, it is the little things that matter the most. Looking for the perfect and most comfortable towel for your pet could be the best gift for it. The above-mentioned list will help you in deciding on the most-suited towel for your dog. The features of all the towels have been comprehensively mentioned in the list, and you can choose what you like best according to your requirements and those of pretty little furry friends.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1: Can I Wash The Towels In The Washing Machine?

Ans: There are various towels that can be washed and dried in the washing machine; however, there are some others with which the same cannot be done. Therefore, before buying, read the instructions on the packing clearly. Whether the towel can be washed in a machine or not is mentioned in the packet itself.

Ques 2: How Often Should I Wash My Dog’s Towel?

Ans: For maintaining the hygiene of your pet, both for the sake of your pet and your household, it is advisable to wash the towel after every use. This has to be done, especially when you have cleaned your pet after playing in the rain or in the muddy park. This will keep you and your pet healthy and germs free.

Ques 3: How To Clean The Dog Properly Using The Towel?

Ans: Once your dog has showered, just rub the towel on the pet’s body gently and throughout its entire body to protect it from any kind of infection or illness. The other specific steps to do the same are mentioned in the manuals that came along the product.

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