Three Inventions That Kill Language Barrier in 2021

If you like traveling, you know how difficult the language barrier is. It’s so disturbing when you cannot communicate with local people. And hiring an interpreter is also costly. If you are lucky enough, you might meet be able to communicate in English language in some countries. How can people solve this language barrier? With the new invention and advanced …

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Three Devices Can Help Us See Our Smartphone Screen Bigger!

Smartphone is dominating the world now, and we cannot deny that. We know it because we are using it everyday and checking it every minute. Some of us even carry more than one phones. I don’t know really understand why we do that, actually. But, what I know is that the technological advancement makes this small device become as powerful …

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Three Simple Things To Setup My Own Office at Home

TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp, Eye-caring Table Lamps, Dimmable Office Lamp with USB Charging Port

Advanced technology has connected people from all corners through internet and technological equipment such as laptops and smartphones. More interestingly, it allows a person like me to work from anywhere without the need to travel to the office. Who am I, anyway? Well, I’m not a God! I’m just an employee working in a marketing department for a corporate company, …

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