Top 10 Best Interconnect Door Locks In 2021

There was  a time when people, who lock their home and go outside, have to check their key in often to make sure it’s there with them. And losing the house’s key is very annoying and a big burden to every house owner as well. But, today, the case is not the same anymore. All thanks to the technology that has given us the keyless interconnect door locks, which do their job perfectly and ensure top-notch security. You will no longer worry about keeping your key properly. The interconnect door lock is just a very convenient security took for you. If they have already swept you off your feet, check out this list of top 10 best interconnect door locks in 2021 and get the best one for you below.

List of the 10 Best Interconnect Door Locks In 2021

Best Seller # 1
Kwikset 508KNL-26D Light Commercial Kingston Interconnected Passage Door Lock Satin Chrome...
Meets fire code rating for emergency panic exit; ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 Security; Lifetime mechanical and finish warranty
Best Seller # 2
Kwikset 508TNL-15S Interconnected Passage Door Lock Smart Key Satin Nickel Finish
Package Length: 11.0"; Package width: 4.0"; Package Height: 3.5"; Country of Origin: MEXICO

10- Ultraloq UL3 Intreconnect Door Lock Bluetooth Enable Finger Print & Touchscreen (Aged Bronze)

Ultraloq UL3 BT Interconnect Door Lock utilizes Bluetooth enabled fingerprint and smart touchscreen to secure your door

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Designed with Bluetooth connectivity, Ultraloq UL3 touchscreen smart-lock has everything that you can ask for in any interconnect door lock. From keyless entry to easy accessibility, it has it all. In fact, you can unlock your door from 5 different mediums including from your smartphone. Yes, just download Ultraloq app and now your Smartphone is your key. Other than that, it also allows you to unlock your door either from your fingerprints or a certain code. Furthermore, this battery-operated lock features 3 AA batteries.

9- Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint Smart Lever Door Lock, Fingerprint and 3-in-1 Keyless Entry (Satin Nickel)

Ultraloq UL3 interconnect door lock is designed with fingerprint and touchscreen to secure your door. It is a 3-in-1 keyless entry lock and utilizes secure finger ID technology.

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If you need a high-quality but not multi-functional interconnect door lock, turn to this one. It provides three types of keyless entry including fingerprint, code, and mechanical key. To ensure a quick and smooth fingerprint operation, it is designed with advanced fingerprint technology, which takes even less than 0.5 seconds to identify your fingerprints and unlock the door. In addition to that, its numeric touch screen also allows a quick unlocking. In fact, you can set the unlocking password of your choice beforehand. If your house is in a high risk, then you might also consider using home security alarm and security camera as well.

8- Prodigy Smart Lock Commercial Grade Interconnect Lock

Prodigy SmartLock Commercial Grade Interconnect Lock 4000 with Keyless Entry RFID

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If you’re really concerned about the security of your home, Prodigy Smart lock Commercial Grade interlock might give you some sigh of relief as it is designed with advanced functional technology. Given the fact, it is engineered technically and provides you an ability to lock and unlock dead-latch and deadbolt with a single lift of the lever. Furthermore, it also makes sure to withstand extreme conditions of weather and temperature. Its 4AA battery is also powerful enough to last a minimum of 1 year.

7- Copper Creek AL6941SS Avery Grade 2 Interconnect Entry

Copper Creek AL6941SS Avery Grade 2

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No other interconnect locks can beat the security level of deadbolt locks. Isn’t it? Well, if you also think so, Copper Creek AL6941SS Avery Grade interconnect entry is made for you. It features heavy-duty single deadbolts with a sturdy steel finish, which doesn’t only render a sleek look but also takes your home security to the next level. Furthermore, the universal design of the lock makes it fit in almost all types of doors. It is also designed with simultaneous retraction to ensure a smooth operation.

6- Kwikset 506KN-26D light interconnected entry door lock

Kwikset 506KNL-26D Light Commercial Kingston Interconnected Entry Door Lock Satin

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If you’re searching for a versatile interconnected door lock, you hunt will definitely end in Kwikset 506Kn 26-D interconnected entry door lock. Unlike many other interconnected door locks, it can be fit in any type of doors. The lock lever functions smoothly and does its job in a fraction of the moment. Given the fact, you can rely on this interconnect door lock. Apart from its top-notch security, it is its shiny chrome finish that attracts the users more.

5- Schlage Z-wave Connect Camelot Touch Touchscreen Deadbolt

Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt

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Schlage Z-wave is probably the most stylish and advanced interconnect door locks on the list. It is designed with a touch screen keypad and lock cylinder, which make the unlocking function much easier and faster. Not only this, its Z-wave technology even offers you the freedom to connect your home automation system and unlock your door from anywhere with the help of your smartphone. It is also inbuilt with alarm technology, which will let you know whenever any forced entry, tamper, or any kind of suspicious activity happens.

4- Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

Schlage Touch Camelot Deadbolt

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Simple, budget-friendly, and reliable are the words that perfectly describe the amazing interconnect door lock. Unlike other interconnect door locks, its keypad and lever are designed with LED light, which makes the unlocking operation easier for you even at the night. Even after that, it promises a long battery run of at least 2 years. Just in case the battery fails, it comes with a 9V battery backup. In this interconnected door lock, you can store up to 19 codes.

3- Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt

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This Schlage Encode smart interconnect door lock takes the user accessibility to the next level. Unlike other interconnected door locks, it is inbuilt with the WiFi feature, which allows you to lock or unlock your home from anywhere. You just need to install Schlage Home app. Apart from that, no other tool or accessories are required.  Just set a password code of your choice and you’re done. Moreover, it is also designed with alarm technology, which alerts you whenever any breach is detected.

2- Schlage FE 595 CAM keypad Entrylage FE

Schlage FE595 CAM 626 Acc Camelot Keypad

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Sch595 CAM keypad entry lock is packed with lots of features. Interestingly, it costs really low too. With this interconnect door lock, you don’t need to worry about the keys because it is keyless. Not only this, but it is also designed with Flex-Lock feature, which allows you to switch between unlocked or automatic re-locking just in a press of a button. To make the accessibility easier at the night, the keypad is equipped with little LED lights too. On top of all, it comes with 3 years long warranty.

1- Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touch Screen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock

Ultraloq UL3 Fingerprint and Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lever Door Lock - 3 in 1

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This Ulrtaloq UL3 door lock is a good choice for the people who are looking for an affordable yet quality-packed interconnect door lock. With this locking system, you can unlock your door in 3 different ways. That can be either your fingerprints, a specific code, or a mechanical key. Not only this, but this Ultraloq UL3 lever door lock can also take up to 95 fingerprints and 95 codes. Featuring 3AA batteries, it helps you unlock your door up to 8000 times.

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Get one of these reliable and remarkable interconnect door locks and say goodbye to the keys, which are lost and forgotten often. Embracing these keyless locks will surely give you assured security as well as incredibly easier accessibility.

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