Top 10 Best Bike Pumps – Bicycle Pumps in 2020

Riding a bike or a bicycle is probably one of the most adventurous and healthy sports out there. However, in such sports taking care of your safety becomes extremely crucial. The safety measures include helmets, knee pads, and, most importantly, properly inflated tires. Proper tires make your ride not only safe but also smoother and more enjoyable. To be able to ensure that your bike has perfectly inflated tires at all times, you should carry a bike pump or a bicycle pump with yourself. This way, you can make the most of your bicycle ride while ensuring the safety of you and your loved ones.

In the list below, we have reviewed the top 10 best bike pumps available in the market to assist you in choosing the best pump for your bike.

List of the 10 Best Bike Pumps – Bicycle Pumps in 2020

SaleOur Top Choice # 1
BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head, 160 psi, Automatically...
Steel barrel; Floor pump with easy to read gauge, 160 psi; For Presta and Schrader Valves; Egromically designed comfortable handle
$39.00 −23%
Our Top Choice # 2
Schwinn Air Center Plus Floor Bike Pump, Gauge Fits Schrader and Presta Valve Types, Navy...
Wide metal base adds stability for easy pumping and adds long lasting durability; 38mm diameter high volume steel barrel is 21 inch high to offer premium performance
Our Top Choice # 3
Bell Air Attack 650 High Volume Bicycle Pump
Dual Schrader/Presto pump head - Extra-large handle and base; Easy-to-read bottom mount gauge

Bike Pump Reviews

10. Most Convenient: BV Ergonomic Bike Pump

bike tire pump

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  • Brand: BV
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black and Yellow

To have a bike pump is one thing; to be able to use it is another. BV’s bicycle pump comes with a special easy to read gauge that tells you how much air has to be pumped in your tire. With this professional-level assistance, you can inflate your tires yourself at home. It also has a lockable twin valve design that is capable of shifting between Presta and Schrader valves very easily and without any air leaks. Moreover, its 360-degree pivot with an extra-long hose makes pumping very convenient and easy.

With a maximum PSI of 160, a large handle, and a stable base, the design of this pump couldn’t get any more convenient. Using this, you can easily inflate not only tires but also basketball, football, volleyball, soccer ball, swim rings, and river tubes. Overall, a good and convenient pick for its price.

Key Features

  • Accurate and easy to read large gauge
  • Large handle and stable base
  • Can be used for inflating all sort of balls and pool floats
  • User-friendly, easy and convenient
  • High-quality product
  • Lockable twin valve design

9. Most Portable: Bell Air Attack High Volume Bicycle Floor Pumps

bike air pump

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  • Brand: Bell
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

Bicycle tires that go with you on your adventurous trips have to go through a lot of wear and tear to make your trip successful and fun. To make sure that there are no obstacles in your journey, Bell had made its bicycle pump compact, sturdy, and portable. You can take this anywhere and everywhere you go, and the problem of a flat tire will never bother you again.

It comes with a maximum PSI of 160, and its gauge ensures the tires are supplied with just the perfect amount of air. The sturdy, strong built of the pump makes it a perfect companion on your rough and tough bike trails. Bell’s AIR attack Bicycle pump is a good option if you are looking for a regular, portable bicycle pump.

Key Features

  • Portable pump
  • Study and strongly built
  • Compact structure and design
  • Maximum PSI of 160
  • Easily readable gauge

8. Best Among All: Vibrelli Bike Floor Pump

portable bike pump

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  • Brand: Vibrelli
  • Warranty: 5-year warranty
  • Colour: Black

Vibrelli’s Floor Pump is everything that you will ever need for a smooth bike ride anywhere, anytime. It comes with an emergency glueless puncture kit to make sure to solve not only your problem of flat tires but also that of punctured tires. Additionally, it also comes with a separate ball inflation needle and valve and, therefore, can be used for inflating pool toys and softballs. The limb has been tried and tested, and it is known to deliver precise results. This precision is also ensured by the large and accurate gauge, which makes reading the pressure very easy.

The rapid T-valve ensures that there are no leaks and that the pump can be shifted from the Presta to the Schrader just by pressing the switch. With a maximum pressure of 160 PSI and a 5-year warranty, this pump is most likely the perfect bike pump for your road trips.

Key Features

  • Large accurate gauge
  • Rapid T-valve fits Presta and Schrader
  • Includes emergency puncture kit and ball inflation needles
  • 5-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • Durable and Trustworthy

7. Best Design: Schwinn Air Centre Plus Floor Pump

mini bike pump

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  • Brand: Schwinn
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

With wide adaptability and usage range, Schwinn’s bike pump comes with special technology. The pump, accurately named AIR Centre Plus has a wide metal base that has been designed to ensure the stability of the pump, both when in use and when free. Moreover, to make sure that the pump is truly attached to the valve, it comes with an indicator-style pump head that completes all work with absolute precision.

The height and diameter of the product are designed to be such so as to release the largest gusts of air with each pump. This way, it requires fewer pumps to fully inflate a tire. Fits both Schrader and Presta valves perfectly for pumping up bike tires. Overall, a very thoughtfully and mechanically designed pump.

Key Features

  • Dual indicator
  • Perfect for both Schrader and Presta valves
  • Thoughtful and mechanical design for best results
  • Wide metal base for stability and durability
  • Includes needle for inflating sports balls and inflation cone
  • Quick and Accurate results.

6. Best Runner-Up: Vibrelli Mini Bike Pump

mini bike pump

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  • Brand: Vibrelli
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

Vibrelli’s special product is the epitome of innovation in the sports and outdoor adventures’ world. This mini pump, due to its extremely compact and convenient size, can be carried along anywhere and everywhere. Besides, it is not alone to make your adventures memorable. It comes with a clueless patch kit that can be used in emergency situations to repair punctures in your bike tires. With this, punctures can be repaired within seconds by simply peeling and applying the patch.

Vibrelli has always ensured that its riders have the best experience, and with this motto goes on improving its product quality from better to best by the day. A specialty of this pump is the telescopic design of its handle that allows changing from high pressure to high volume quickly and conveniently. Overall, a product that you won’t regret buying under all circumstances.

Key Features

  • Glueless patch kit
  • Superfit clever valve
  • Telescopic design
  • Durable, Compact and Portable
  • Innovation at its peak

5. Cheapest Among All: Bell Air Glide High-Pressure Floor Pump

best portable bike pump

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  • Brand: Bell
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

After already having invested in a bicycle, you are investing in an expensive pump that might not always be ideally the best solution. To ensure both your safety by supplying a machine that properly inflates your tires, and that this machine is within your budget, Bell Air has come with its special product. Its high-pressure floor pump comes with all the desirable features that you find in a traditional bicycle pump but at a low price.

Along with being an excellent low-budget product, it is designed to speed up the process of inflating tires, pool toys, and sports balls. The high-volume wide barrel design pushes more air with each stroke and quickly inflates the tire. This pump, therefore, a blessing in disguise.

Key Features

  • Pocket-friendly
  • Thin barrel design
  • 120 PSI maximum
  • Dual Schrader/Presta head
  • Side-mount gauge

4. Most Sturdy: Ayestar Mini Bike Floor Pump

best portable bike pump

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  • Brand: Ayestar
  • Warranty: 12-month warranty
  • Colour: Blue

Ayestar’s minibike floor pump I designed to tolerate and survive through rough and tough climate. Its stainless steel body made of aluminum alloy is capable of going through the wear and tear of mountain trails and is, therefore, your very trusted companion on your adventure trips. Even after surviving through harsh circumstances, the paint and material of the body remain perfect and rust-free.

It also comes with an anti-skid panel that makes the pump stable and the pumping easy and effortless. The special cast iron base adds to the stability. The bike uses high-quality air-pipe, which is temperature resistant and very durable. It has a maximum of 120 PSI, and its mini design makes carrying it very convenient. With all these qualities, the trust between the customer and the manufacturer increased because of the 12-month warranty that it comes with. You can even get it refunded if the quality of the product does not satisfy you.

Key Features

  • Aluminum alloy pump barrel
  • Lightweight, durable, compact and sturdy body
  • Non-slip foot panel base
  • Removable anti-freeze resistant gas belt
  • 12-month warranty

3. Best Under $50: BV Mini Bike Pump

best portable bike pump

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  • Brand: BV
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

Inflating a tire, a sports ball, or even a pool toy can be a difficult job. The trick, however, is to hold the pump firm after making the necessary arrangements perfectly. The mini bike pump from BV comes with a special feature that ensures that the process of inflating using the pump does not give you any trouble. Its special mounting bracket comes with a velcro strap that holds the pump through the mounting bracket firmly in place. When it is prevented from moving, the task of inflation becomes easy and quick.

Another one of the pump’s special feature is its special valve that is compatible both with Presta and Schrader and therefore, no valve changing is required. It comes with a structure of firm grips and sturdy body, making it the best product in its price range.

Key Features

  • No valve changing needed
  • Compatible with both Presta and Schrader
  • Superfit clever valve
  • Special mounting bracket with velcro
  • Sturdy and compact body

2. Most Intelligent Design: IDMAX Bike Pump

Black portable bike pump

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  • Brand: IDMAX
  • Warranty: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Black

When it comes to intelligent products, IDMAX has always been a brand that has never disappointed its customers. A similar tradition is carried forward with its bike pump designed especially for mountain bikes. Its intelligent design includes a 135° rotation T-handle that makes it easier to store and use. The foldable design goes one step ahead by attaching the pipe to the pump in such a way that it can be pushed into the mouth of the handle when not in use, thus saving space.

Moreover, the stable pedal prevents sliding and slipping during air pumping, and it can also be folded inwards to save space. The portable size adds to its appeal due to its unique list of features. Its wide application makes it a favorite pick among the customers.

Key Features

  • Widely applicable
  • Intelligent design and working
  • Rotation T-handle
  • Foldable design
  • Portable size
  • Stable pedal

1. Best Value for Money: Crankbrothers Bike Pump

Crankbrothers Bike Pump

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  • Brand: Cingfanlu
  • Warranty: Lifetime Replacement Guarantee
  • Colour: Black

Carrying lots of weight on your outdoor adventure bike trip can be tiresome. On the other hand, carrying a pump is both essential and thoughtful. To solve this dilemma, Cingfanlu has come up with a pump that is made up of brand new high-quality, ultra-weightless aluminum alloy material. This material has the unquestionable strength of aluminum, but the lightweight a feather. This unique combination gives rise to one of the best bike pumps in the market.

Its multi-functional twin valves are compatible with all Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves and provide the feature to change valves quickly and easily. The pump’s capability is limited, not only to bikes. It can also be used to pump the tires if electric vehicles, motorcycles, and even cars for emergencies. This all in one package is great for your bike.

Key Features

  • Portable, lightweight and exquisite construction
  • Multi-functional twin valves
  • Durable and stable
  • Easy to use
  • Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


Bicycles are the new trend. Along with being fun and adventurous, they are both healthy and environment-friendly. To take care of your bike, and make sure that your fun is not faced with any obstacles, it is a smart choice to carry a pump around. The above list mentions the features of the best available pumps in the market, each with its own specialty. According to your preferences and needs, you can choose the one that appeals to you the most.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1: What Are Schrader And Presta?

Ans: Schrader and Presta are two words that are used to describe the two kinds of valves of a bicycle tire. They are basically the circumference of the same thing from the inside and from the outside. Most pumps have multiple valves so that the air can be pumped properly, switching them between the two. For some, switching is not necessary, and they work for both with a single valve.

Ques 2: What Is The Ideal PSI For My Bike Tires?

Ans: Different bikes have different tires that are designed to cope with the circumstances that the bikes are designed for. For typical road tires, the ideal pressure ranges from 80 PSI to 130 PSI. For mountain tires, it is 25 PSI to 35 PSI, and for hybrid tires, it is 40 PSI to 70 PSI.

Ques 3: Why Are Inflating Tires So Important?

Ans: For smooth riding and preventing accidents, it is important to keep your bike tires sufficiently inflated. Moreover, they also protect against flat tires and rim damage.

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