Top 10 Best Electric Hot Pot Cookers in 2024

Do you love to hot pot soup a lot, but hate to babysit a pot on the gas stove? If so, I think you’ll love the electric hot pot cookers! These handy cooking appliances let you cook your food and then relax until it’s ready. Plus, they’re a great way to feed a large crowd. Check out our list of the best electric hot pots to find the perfect one for you.


List of The 10 Best Electric Hot Pot Cookers in 2024

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10- Sonya Shabu Shabu Hot Pot Electric 

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If you prioritize the sturdy construction of an electric hot pot cooker, Sonya Shabu Shabu hot pot might delight you. Made of high-quality steel, it is not only robust but also easy to clean. The pot, which has a large holding capacity of 5L, can efficiently cook the food for up to 5-6 people. In addition to that, the pan also features an internal divider that lets you cook two different flavored dishes at the same time. All thanks to its powerful motor of 1500W that flawlessly does its job and ensures you hassle-free cooking.

9- Topwit Electric Hot Pot Mini Electric Cooker

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Topwit electric hot pot is a versatile cooker that can be used for different purposes on different occasions. Inbuilt with dual power supply respectively 200W & 600W, it can be used to cook a variety of food ranging from noodles to dumplings, egg to soup, and porridge to stew. It is not behind in construction either. The interior side is made of steel, while the outer side is made of robust and cool-touch materials. Furthermore, it also features a glass lid, which makes cooking much easier for you. 

8- Dezin Electric Hot Pot, Rapid Noodle Cooker, Pink

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Dezin electric hot pot rapid noodle cooker is a compact, stylish, and feature-packed hot pot cooker that will help you prepare various types of food such as eggs, noodles, oatmeal, dumplings, and soup among others. What makes it so powerful is its strong motor that has dual power options of 200W and 600W. Furthermore, it also has a large basket with a holding capacity of 1.6L. To achieve the best cooking results, you can adjust the temperature anywhere from 75ºC to 80ºC. 

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7- Dezin Electric Hot Pot Rapid Noodles Cooer, Beige

Dezin Electric Hot Pot Rapid Noodles Cooer, Beige

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If you’re looking for a stylish electric hotpot cooker, you definitely can’t resist this beige-colored Dezin electric hot pot cooker. Not only in design, but it is also irresistible in its features and construction. With a sturdy steel construction and scratch-resistant glass cover, it is incredibly durable and can work as a new one for years. Furthermore, it is inbuilt with an adjustable temperature that can be customized from 75ºC to 80ºC. Adding more to that, it is also designed with a keep-warm function and overheat protection.

6- Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded 

Dezin Electric Hot Pot Upgraded 

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Dezin electric hot pot upgraded cooker is a perfect fit for the people who are looking for a small-sized and stylish electric hot cooking pot. Its compact design puts it apart from the others. Though it is small in size, it can effectively hold 1.5L of food. Its tight glass lid makes sure that the food doesn’t come out off the container. To ensure easy accessibility, it features a cool-touch handle. In addition to that, it is also equipped with a temperature-controlling regulator, which allows you to customize the power from 150W to 600W.

5- DCIGNA Electric Hot Pot Cooker

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From a sturdy construction to amazing features, DCIGNA electric hot pot cooker is a product that won’t let you down. It is designed with two power options of 200W and 600W, which will let you cook the different food in different heat settings. Furthermore, it is equipped with a 1.5L large container that has a steel interior and a cool-touch handle. Unlike many others, it is inbuilt with anti-dry function, which will turn the cooker off automatically when there is no water in the pot. 

4- Topwit Electric Hot Pot Cooker, Mini Pot Cooker

Topwit Electric Hot Pot, Mini Pot

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Topwit electric hot pot mini pot is a perfect fit for the people who are living alone. Owing to its small size, it doesn’t take much space for storage and can be easily moved around as well. In its 1.5L large basket, you can easily put a good amount of food and cook in a minute. All you need to do is to turn it on and adjust the temperature from 200W to 600W. Its double-wall construction with a sturdy steel interior and high-quality plastic exterior also ensures long durability. 

3- Dash DMC100AQ Express Electric Cooker

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Dash DMC100AQ electric cooker comes handy if you need a small, compact, and portable electric hot pot cooker. Despite its small size, it is inbuilt a good-sized container that has 1.2L of holding capacity. Furthermore, it features a powerful motor of 1500W that provides hassle-free and convenient cooking. To allow you full freedom with your cooking operation, it is designed with a temperature controller, which helps you adjust the temperature in a minute. The remarkable thing about this cooker is that it features an overcooking indicating light.

2- JOYFULSKY Electric Hot Pot 

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JOYFULSKY electric hot pot cooker is specifically made for single person use only. Given the fact, it is small, compact, and incredibly portable. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compromise with the quality as it features 1L large container and a powerful motor of 600W. You can efficiently prepare noodles, soup, and eggs in this hot pot cooker. With the help of its temperature-controlling regulator, you can set the temperature in low or high mode depending on your needs. The interior of the cooker is made of sturdy steel, which ensures you easy clean up as well as long durability. 

1- LIVEN Electric Hot Pot Cooker

LIVEN Electric Hot Pot Cooker

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LIVEN electric hot pot cooker is a stylish, powerful, and feature-packed cooker that lets you prepare healthy food. All thanks to its steel interior that is completely health-friendly and provides long durability too. Unlike others, it is equipped with 3 power controls respectively 300W, 700W, and 1000W, which can be adjusted according to your needs. Furthermore, it features an anti-burning dry function that will automatically shut it off when it detects no water in the pot. The pot has a holding capacity of 1.8L and it can easily hold the food for 2-3 servings. 

Key factors to consider while buying your electric hot pot cooker

You should be careful and choosy while buying an electric hot pot. There are two reasons for that. First, it is a kitchen appliance, and second, it is electric equipment. Given the fact, take enough time to make a purchase and consider these below factors before spending out your money. 

  • Size of the pot

These cookers come in different sizes that are meant for different purposes. Like, the one made for travel use is extremely small in the size. On the other hand, the electric cookers meant for kitchen use generally have a standard size and they can’t be easily moved around. Given the fact, look for an ideal size that fits in well with your needs. Rest assured about the quality. You can get superior cookers in all sizes. 

  • Temperature setting

Don’t ignore this factor because an electric hot pot cooker is solely operated on different temperature settings. However, only a perfect temperature setting will provide you the perfectly cooked food. A high or low heat setting will even spoil your food. Let alone be cooking. Given the fact, buy the one that is inbuilt with a variable temperature setting and offers you full freedom with the temperature. The range between 75ºC to 80ºC is considered the ideal temperature range of these cooker.s 

  • Container holding capacity

Another important factor that must be considered while buying it is the holding capacity of the container and it is completely up to your needs. If you have to cook food for 3-4 people, an average-sized container with a capacity of 3-4L would be perfect for you. Generally, the size of the holding basket is proportional to the size of the electric hot pot cooker. Given that, getting a small-sized ones with a large holding basket might be a bit difficult. 

  • Additional features

Other than temperature and size, also pay close attention to each and every other feature of your prospective electric cooker. If it is not equipped with any additional features such as anti-burning dry function, auto-shutoff, variable power control system, temperature-controlling regulator, non-stick interior, keep-warm function, overheat protection, cool-touch handle, and sturdy glass lid, just don’t invest your money on that. Buy only a feature-packed cooker if you really want hassle-free cooking.


Put your traditional stove and iron oven aside and enjoy your hot pot soup with one of these all-in-one electric hot pot cookers. They allow you to relish your favorite dish anytime at anywhere. From yummy noodles to savory soup, and mouth-watering dumplings to luscious steak, you can prepare an array of food with these cooking pot. 

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