Top 10 Best Electric Countertop Burners in 2024

Anyone who has ever tried to cook on a gas stove knows that it can be a challenge and sometimes risky of explosion. That’s where the electric countertop burners come in handy! They’re small and compact like the portable gas stove, and can easily fit on any countertop, while at the same time they offer an impressive amount of cooking power utilizing the electricity.

Plus, since they don’t rely on gas or charcoal, they’re a great option for those who want to reduce their environmental impact. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best electric countertop burners on the market today. We’ll consider factors like price, portability, and durability to fulfill your need.


List of the 10 Best Electric Countertop Burners in 2024

Best Seller # 2
Cuisinart CB-30P1 Cast-Iron Single Burner, Stainless Steel
Cuisinart CB-30P1 Cast-Iron Single Burner, Stainless Steel
Heavy-duty cast iron plate; 1300-watt large plate; 6-setting adjustable temperature control from low to highest heat
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10- Imusa USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

IMUSA USA GAU-80305 Electric Single Burner

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The compact design and remarkable portability of Imusa USA electric single burner has impressed the people. Owing to its space-saving design, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors efficiently. With a powerful motor of 1100W, it lets you prepare the food for even big gatherings. Its heat coils distribute the heat evenly and cook the food thoroughly offering you perfect texture. In addition to that, it also features a temperature-regulating knob that helps you regulate the temperature according to your needs.

9- Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner

Proctor Silex 34103 Electric Single Burner, Compact and Portable, Adjustable Temperature Hot Plate

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Proctor Silex 34103 electric single burner is a space-saving and powerful electric solution to prepare your food anywhere. Owing to its small size, you can easily take it anywhere you want. Speaking of features, it is designed with an adjustable temperature setting, an indicating power light, stainless steel drip pan, and many other such features that ensure you easy and hassle-free cooking experience. Furthermore, it also features non-skid feet, which ensure firm stability making it stable in its place. The cleaning process is easy as well.

8- Maxi Matic ESB-301 BF Single Electric Burner

Maxi-Matic ESB-301BF Single Electric Flat Cast Iron Heating Plate Burner Power Indicator Light

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If you want a stylish yet compact-designed electric countertop burner, look at Maxi Matic ESB-301 BF single electric burner. Designed with a variable temperature control setting, it allows you the freedom to set the heat in low, medium, and high mode. Furthermore, it is also inbuilt with 1000W power that ensures you faster cooking. If you’re concerned about its cleaning process, worry not. It is designed with heavy-duty cast-iron heating plates, which don’t only heat up quickly but also ensure easy cleanup.

7- DUXTOP 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop

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If you’re looking for a powerful electric countertop burner with a strong motor, DUXTOP portable induction cooktop is made for you. Unlike many other electric countertop burners, it is inbuilt with 10 different power levels, minimum being the 200 and maximum being the 1800W. The temperature is also variable that you adjust from 140ºF to 460ºF. Furthermore, it is designed with no open-flame heating system, which provides you perfectly cooked food without getting excessively burnt. Moreover, its auto-pan detection technology automatically shuts the burner off when it detects no pan for 60 seconds.

6-Cusimax Cast Iron Burner For Cooking

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Cuimax burner for cooking is a dual electric countertop burner that will help you prepare two dishes simultaneously. To ensure a good cooking experience, it is inbuilt with adjustable temperature and variable heat setting. You can try any of 7 heat settings according to your needs. Given the fact, it can help you prepare a number of dishes efficiently. Speaking of construction, it is made of sturdy steel and features high-quality cast iron plates. Furthermore, its non-skid feet also ensure reliable stability.

5- Cuisinart CB-60 Double Burner

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Cuisinart CB-60 double burner is a perfect blend of durability and high quality. Made of stainless steel, it is super sturdy and can effectively withstand the daily wear and tear. Moving on to its features, it takes 1800W of power for a quick heat up. One burner is bigger in size and it takes 1300W of power, while the smaller one takes 500W of power. The temperature is also adjustable. You can simply customize it in 6 different settings with the help of its regulating knob.

4- DUXTOP Portable Induction Cooktop, Countertop Burner

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Get this feature-packed electric countertop burner and take your cooking experience to a whole new level. Unlike many other electric countertop burners, it is inbuilt with a count-down digital timer, child safety lock system, and diagnostic error message system. Furthermore, it is designed with 20 power levels ranging from 100-1800W and 20 temperature ranges starting from 100ºF to 460ºF. Adding more to that, its digital LCD sensor and touch control panel further make the accessibility easier for you. Simply press the button and it will start functioning accordingly.

3- SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking, Electric Double Burner

SUNAVO Hot Plates for Cooking 1800W Electric Double Burner

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SUNAVO electric double burner is a perfect fit for you if you’re always in a hurry and have to cook two dishes together. With its two powerful burners of 1000W and 800W respectively, it makes sure to provide you delicious food instantly. To further enhance the cooking experience, it is designed with 6 different levels of temperature on both sides. In addition to that, it is also inbuilt with heating tube technology, which boasts to provide 20% faster heat efficiency and shorter cooking time.

2- CUSIMAX portable Electric Stove

Cusimax Portable Electric Stove, 1200W Infrared Single Burner Heat-up In Seconds

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CUSIMAX electric stove is a bundle of innovative technologies and mind-blowing features. Unlike its competitors that have plate burners, it is designed with infrared burner, which heats up in seconds. With the fact that it is inbuilt with inferred heating, it is completely harmless to the human body and ensures easy cooking experience too.  Furthermore, it features 2 burners and both of them are of 900W adding a total to 1800W. The best thing about this electric countertop burner is that is inbuilt with overheating protection.

1- DUXTOP 1800W Countertop Burner

Duxtop 1800W Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner

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This DUXTOP electric countertop burner is unbeatable when it comes to a blend of remarkable user-friendliness and mind-blowing features. With this countertop burner, you can cook your favorite dish in perfect texture as it is inbuilt with 15 adjustable heat and temperature settings. The temperature range is from140ºF to 460ºF, while the heat level can go up to 1800W starting from 200W. To ensure you hassle-free cooking experience, it is designed with auto-pan detection, which automatically shuts off the burner when it detects no cookware for 60 seconds.

Key factors to consider while buying an electric countertop burner

Kitchen appliances often need special attention while buying. The reason being, they are meant to be used daily that too without much care. Given the fact, be careful when you buy an electric countertop burner. Make sure to keep the below-mentioned factors in mind before making the purchase.

Size and portability

The size of an electric countertop burner is the first and foremost thing that you should consider while buying it. The reason being, electric countertop burners are meant to be used in any random place. Therefore, they have to be portable. Generally, good-quality electric countertop burners are small in size and compact in design. Given the fact, they are extremely lightweight and handy allowing you easy portability. So, look out for a small-sized electric countertop burner.

Single burner or double burner?

In the market, you’ll get different types of electric countertop burners. Some are inbuilt with a single burner, while some are designed with double burners. So, be clear with your needs beforehand and then make the purchase accordingly. For personal use only, single-burner countertops are the best because they are easy to move around and allow easy accessibility too. Nevertheless, if you want an electric countertop burner for family use, go for the one that is equipped with double burners.

Temperature level

Another factor that you should consider while buying your electric countertop burner is its temperature setting. In general, high-quality electric countertop burners are designed with 10-15 different temperature levels that can be adjusted according to your needs. So, buy an electric countertop burner that allows you the freedom of temperature adjustment.

Heat setting and power levels

You can’t afford to ignore this factor because it is the heat only that will help you cook the food in perfect texture and flavor. Given its importance, pay close attention to the heat setting of your prospective electric countertop burner. Look out carefully whether it features adjustable heat levels or not. Generally, top-quality electric countertop burners are inbuilt with 15-20 adjustable heat settings and power levels.

Other features

Temperature and heat setting is not everything in an electric countertop burner. There are some other significant features such as auto-pan detection, digital control panel, auto shut-off function, overheating protection, count-down timer, and quick heat-up system that must be looked into while buying an electric countertop burner. Generally, you can find these advanced features in a high-quality electric countertop burner only. So, look out for a feature-packed electric countertop burner if you want easy cooking experience.


If you are in the market for a new electric countertop burner, we have some great recommendations for you as mentioned above. We’ve tried out all of the top-rated burners and found the best ones to save you time and money in the kitchen. We hope we have you covered here whether you are looking for a powerful burner that can handle big pots or a small one for single servings. Enjoy your cooking!

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