Top 10 Best Child Shoulder Carriers for Parents in 2024

Child shoulder carrier is a baby carrying backpack designed with soft padded seat and allow you to carry your child on your shoulder while walking or traveling on the road. There are a lot of people who love traveling and they are constantly moving from one place to another, to explore as well as to learn new things. And some also have to travel because of their work and they can’t avoid it. So, when they need to bring their baby or child along, they need a child carrier which can help ease their effort, while giving comfort to the child at the same time. For this reason, a child shoulder carrier is the best solution for them. There are multiple options of child carriers available in the market. Yet, you can check out best selection below.


List of the 10 Child Shoulder Carriers for Parents in 2024

Baby and Child Shoulder Carry Backpack

10. Osprey Packs Poco AG Plus Child Carrier

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Coming from the house of Osprey this product has suspension features contoured along with seamless blades from the shoulder blades to the lumbar region for balance as well as stability. In addition to this, there is also a hydration compatible sleeve behind the back panel which gives very compatible storage.

Key Features

  • This product has a light aluminum frame that supports the load along with providing a stable platform to set the child carrier down.
  • This carrier has a 15 cm torso adjustment which can be easily and quickly fitted to a wide variety of users while they are on a trail.
  • The adjustable double halo harness of this carrier and the child seat support is surrounded by a fully framed and padded cockpit for safety.
  • There is a built-in sunshade in this carrier that deploys very quickly and it is contained in a zippered pocket from which it pops up.

9. Baby Toddler Hiking Backpack Carrier

Child Shoulder Carrier

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This high-quality backpack child carrier is made up of a very strong as well as a lightweight metal frame along with a 600d Oxford cloth. This bag has been approved by the American Society of Testing Materials. It can easily survive the elements and daily use of work. In addition to this, it is also best suited for hiking, walking and even camping.

Key Features

  • You can easily put your child in this cocoon which is padded and comes with a double-protection safety jacket along with safety straps and stirrups.
  • There is an adjustable joint which, along with the metal joints helps this bag in sitting upright on a flat surface easily and can be folded with equal ease while on the go.
  • This bag features multiple pockets along with thick padded shoulder pads, padded waist straps, and two side water bottle holders.
  • This child carrier has a four-point safety belt along with shoulder straps, thickened double protection safety jacket and two pillows on the front and the back of the seat.

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8. ClevrPlus Urban Explorer Child Carrier

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This urban explorer child carrier from the house of ClevrPlus is a perfect combination of style as well as functionality. This backpack comes fitted with a super sturdy as well as a feather-light aluminum frame along with a sun hood, a removable sun and rain cover, durable fabric, a padded change mat, and a hydration pack compartment.

Key Features

  • The frame of this carrier is sturdy as well as lightweight at the same time which can easily carry a baby and can be comfortable for the adult too for many hours.
  • There is a removable diaper bag in this carrier which is a perfect extra addition to the carrier and can be taken off whenever someone wants to shed some extra weight.
  • There are an included sun canopy and a rain cover which will protect the baby from the various types of weather conditions and will always keep him or her safe and protected.
  • The adjustable seat in the carrier customizes the carrier and can be fitted easily to suit the child height as the carrier has been made to support the height of children aging nine to forty-eight months.

7. Kelty Journey PerfectFIT Signature Series Child Carrier

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If you want a child carrier which is both safe as well as comfortable both for the baby as well the person carrying it, then this is one of the products which you should consider buying. In doesn’t matter, whether you are taking your baby for a walk or are going for a trail along with your baby this child carrier will make your day out comfortable as well as safe.

Key Features

  • This product from the house of Kelly is built in such a way that it easily supports both the father as well as the mother of the baby so that both can share the load easily.
  • There is an included sunshade in the baby carrier for those occasions when you forget the sunscreen and when the sun is too bright to bear.
  • This carrier has a five-point safety harness along with a padded aluminum roll cage for no worries trekking on any kind of terrain.
  • There is a large zippered pocket in this carrier along with internal stretch pockets which can easily store extra layers and toys along with anything else that you might need.

6. phil&teds Parade Child Carrier Frame Backpack

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If you are looking for a backpack that looks cute as well as compact and can easily carry the load of your children then this should be one of the products for you to consider. This product has been packed with ergonomic features and freestanding. This backpack can carry the load of children up to 40 lbs. It also folds very easily to become aircraft carry on and compatible.

Key Features:

  • This internal aluminum frame of this backpack along with its Stand allows it to be freestanding while you load up and it also folds flat for storage.
  • The active ergo fit along with the harness system of this bag in addition to the padded shoulder and hip belts make it easy to wear and are comfortable.
  • The backpack carrier has got harnesses for both the child as well as the parent, which can be easily accessible and can be securely fitted to different bodies.
  • In this backpack, you will also get detachable mini backpacks along with drink bottle storage and a pocket made especially for keeping keys in addition to a two-year warranty with product registrations.

5. ClevrPlus Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack

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This ClevrPlus Canyonero Camping Baby Backpack contains an easy adjustment system to provide a comfortable fit for you as well as your child. This backpack has got a metal Stand which allows it to sit upright on any kind of flat surface and can be easily folded too whenever someone needs to carry it.

Key Features

  • The company stands by with all their products so they have backed this baby carrier of theirs with a warranty of one year, but this warranty is applicable only when you purchase it from their authorised dealers.
  • This backpack has got an insulated pocket for baby bottles as well as cold drinks and has a bonus changing pad and a cleaning surface to lay your child.
  • This amazing child shoulder carrier is very durable and has been made up of durable materials that help in lasting this bag for a very long time.
  • Keeping the safety of your child in mind this backpack has been made from strong waterproof polyester along with safety straps for the safety of the child.

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4. Saddlebaby Shoulder Carrier pack model | baby carrier seat Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier

Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier for child

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This is a fully functional modular backpack as well as a child carrier. It can easily carry children from the age of two to five years and remains hands-free on your shoulder. This backpack also has removable ankle cuffs that secure the child safer than the common traditional methods.

Key Features

  • This bag has been made to carry necessities along with children and it can easily carry children who are between the age group of two to five years.
  • This backpack is an ideal carrier for your necessities as well as a child whenever you are going to a theme park, zoos, street fairs, hikes and a lot of places.
  • It has removable ankle cuffs that secure the child safer than the more traditional ways and backpacks or carriers designed for carrying a child.

3. Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier

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If you are a frequent traveller and love to explore new places and you have a baby whom you don’t want to leave behind, then this child shoulder carrier is one of the products you should consider buying. However, be the terrain that you are walking on or trekking you can carry your child easily and comfortably with the help of this carrier.


  • There are multiple pockets to keep and store your stuff as the company knows that while trekking or travelling you need to carry all the items of necessity.
  • People have to carry their toddlers as well as babies for multiple hours in a day so this backpack has been made keeping this fact in mind.
  • Babies and toddlers can’t wait for going to toilets, they do their stuff when they feel like doing, so this backpack has a foldable diaper pad.
  • The Luvdbaby Premium Baby Backpack Carrier has been made from premium quality hiking materials which are strong and also looks good.

2. Child shoulder carrier by Our Expedition LLC

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If you are looking for a product that can be used to carry your toddlers while you are out travelling then this product is perfect for you. It has been made to be comfortable for your child while on the go. Also, it is comfortable for the person carrying it.


  • The product has been made by keeping in mind the life of a traveller and it has been made with a foldable design which makes it highly practical in daily life.
  • This backpack has been made by keeping in mind the comfort of the toddler and it is suitable for carrying children between the age of 1 to 5 years old.
  • The bag can be used as a travellers backpack for a wide range of activities such as normal walls, hikes, travel, going to amusement parks.

1. Shoulder Carrier Seat Saddle Kids Child Baby Ankle | Straps Hands-Free Backpack

Straps Hands-Free Backpack for Carrying Baby

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This is one of the ideal backpacks which have been made keeping in mind the requirements of a traveller. It has been made with polyester fabric plus PU and weighs 1050 grams.


  • This backpack has been made by keeping in mind the comfort of the toddler and it is suitable for carrying children between the age of 2 to 5 years old.
  • This backpack has a pair of ankle handcuffs along with a dual safety system to fully secure your child while you are travelling.
  • It is a hands-free backpack that is carried on the shoulder and in addition to this, it reduces the pressure that is inserted in the hands of the person carrying it.

Buying guide

If you are planning to buy a child shoulder carrier, there are certain things that you need to consider before buying. Your purchase should be dependent on the below-given factors

Comfortable for you

The very first thing that you should note while picking up a child shoulder carrier is your comfort. You must be thinking that this particular thing is meant for babies, so why should we concerned about our comfort. Well, if you won’t be able to set your baby well in that carrier, then it’s of no use. Make sure that it has a good strap and fabric so that you could spread your baby’s weight properly. It will save you from your body strain. If you want to give it to some other person too, make sure you have bought an adjustable one. Some carriers come, according to the height and weight of the parent.

Comfortable for the baby

This is a very obvious thing to check. Even you have bought a carrier that is very expensive and comes from a very high-end brand and it is not comfortable for the baby, it is of no use. The most important thing to check in this type of carrier is the leg holes. Make sure that they are loose and padded enough. This won’t make your baby’s leg uncomfortable. Apart from that, you should check whether it has proper headrest or not.


New parents won’t have any idea related to the versatility of the carrier as this is a common notion that its only use is to carry the baby so there is no room for this feature. When the baby is young, you will prefer a sling or wrap carrier, but when it grows up you should have a structured carrier. Well, there are a lot of carriers that come with the feature that it will change according to the age of the baby. Therefore, instead of buying two different types of carriers, you should buy a versatile one.


Checking the sturdiness is very important, as it ensures the safety of your baby. By the word sturdiness, we mean that the carrier is well structured and has enough space in it for the baby. This also means that the belt and strap of the carrier are highly durable and can last long. Also, when you are using the carrier, its other features should support it properly, like the seat and the buckle.

Weather friendly

Carriers are mostly made up of fabrics. It is not like the normal one, but its quality matters. It should be weather friendly. There are a lot of fabrics that become extremely hot in summers. You may take the child outside in the summers. So, the carrier should not make the child uncomfortable.

Easy to clean

Kids are messy and are it their clothes, bed or anything else, they will make it dirty. Now, in the case of a carrier, you should choose one that could be cleaned easily. In the term of structure and fabric, it should be washable.

You can choose any one of the above-mentioned products as they are some of the best options available in the market. You can’t avoid travelling and you certainly can’t avoid the responsibilities that come with handling a child. Hence, these child shoulder carriers are the best options for you to have. They will help you in continuing your life along with taking care of your kid.

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