Top 10 Best Plastic Storage Cabinets for Home in 2021

Plastic Storage Cabinets have become the norm in most households. The reason being that they are compact and easy to store daily household items while it’s light weight and durable. Another thing about plastic storage cabinets is they save the space of your home as they are somewhat adjustable. You can choose the one hanging on the wall or a stand on the floor one. With it, you can hold your clothes, stationery, and other essential materials you have!

The waterproof, dust-resistance, sturdy, and good looking storage cabinet is mostly the preferred choice for all users! The cabinets are easy to assemble by following the instruction. If you are looking for one for your home, check out our list. Based on our research and experiences, we have compiled the best plastic storage cabinets from top-notch companies for you to consider! Happy surfing!

List of the 10 Best Plastic Storage Cabinets for Home in 2021

Best Seller # 1
Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves for Tool and Home Organization, White & Grey
LOCKABLE: Doors are lockable to keep contents safe; padlock not included; RESIN CONSTRUCTION: Durable resin construction so no worry of rust, rot or moisture damage
Best Seller # 3
Keter Storage Cabinet with Doors and Shelves - Perfect for Garage and Basement...
DURABLE freestanding mountable design perfect for storing heavy items; EASY ASSEMBLY: Easy one person assembly - have it together with just a screwdriver

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Plastic Storage Cabinet Reviews

10. Ameriwood Kendall 36″ Plastic Storage Cabinets

Ameriwood Kendall 36" Plastic Storage Cabinets

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Made up of amazing resistant material against all sorts of stains, dust, mud, and muck, the Ameriwood plastic storage cabinet is 36 inches long, making it ideal for fitting in any room. It has two adjustable and three fixed shelves, making it suitable for storing household items. Moreover, its pantry is pretty stable, making it an excellent choice for rough and uneven floors. We recommend this storage cabinet as our top-most pick in our list, as it not only has a high capacity but is very compact as well.

9. ClosetMaid 8925 2-Door Plastic Storage Cabinets ClosetMaid 8925 2-Door Plastic Storage Cabinets

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Available in an elegant espresso color, the ClosetMaid plastic storage cabinet is a small but useful wardrobe, which is perfect to place in bedrooms or laundry rooms to store items such as stationery items and clothes. It has three shelves and plenty of space but requires assemblage before using it. It has two doors, making it convenient to open and close. Though not very ideal for too much weight, this storage cabinet is an excellent option if compactness is your priority.

8. South Shore Axess 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Cabinet

South Shore Axess 4-Shelf Plastic Storage Cabinet

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With a sleek, office-like look, the south shore 4-shelf storage cabinet is quite easy to put together and provides the room with a decent look when set up. The cabinet is not very big, which makes it easier to place anywhere in the room, and is made up of super quality American-based non-toxic laminated board. With handles made of a greyish metallic material, the South Shore cabinet has four doors which makes it very user-friendly and comes bundled with a 5-year warranty from the company!

7. Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid Outdoor Storage Cabinet

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The Rubbermaid storage cabinet is a rather tall cabinet but has less width, which means that it still occupies the least amount of space while keeping a lot of capacity for items. Able to accommodate up to 5 shelves, the Rubbermaid storage cabinet satisfies all your whims about water ruining the structure and look of the cabinet, as this cabinet is water resistant and dent-proof. It has a right flooring and can be used to keep a garden and painting accessories when used as outside storage.

6. Keter Space Winner Utility Plastic Storage Cabinet

Keter Space Winner Utility Plastic Storage Cabinet

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A winner indeed, this utility storage cabinet is a remarkable entry by Keter that is available in grey color. Its dimensions make it a highly compact item and so, it can be placed in space challenging areas with ease. This utility storage cupboard is highly durable and can resist all sorts of dents, scratches, dust, and stains. This permanent freestanding structure is best for placing heavy and weighted material and is made up of good quality polypropylene resin to assure reliability.

5. Rubbermaid 72-Inch Resin Storage Cabinet

Rubbermaid 72-Inch Resin Storage Cabinet

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Another remarkable entry by Rubbermaid, this storage cabinet is extremely sturdy, which makes it excellent for placing bulky items. Made of high-quality material, this storage cabinet will not disappoint. With the ability to support a lock-pad, this cabinet is also useful for precious storage. This considerable cabinet is sure to satisfy your storing needs. What’s more, this cabinet has a lifetime warranty from the company itself!

4) Suncast Tall Plastic Storage Cabinets

Suncast Tall Plastic Storage Cabinets

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If you own a workshop or have a shed which has items needing to be rearranged, then this tall cabinet is definitely something for you! The tall storage cabinet can withstand heavyweight without falling to pieces. Featuring multiwall panels, this tall storage cabinet is metal based, which means excellent quality and resistance. That also means that the shelves don’t bend under high pressure from the weight placed on it. This cabinet could also be used as a safe to keep precious items as it supports locking.

3. Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet Plastic

Suncast Wall Storage Cabinet Plastic

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This cute wall cabinet is another item sold by Suncast, unlike its predecessor, it isn’t usually placed on the floor but is attached to a wall. Supporting two shelves, this cabinet is not exactly ideal for space and capacity but is an excellent choice if you are looking for easily accessible wall storage for small, everyday items. Made in the U.S., this product is a metallic grey color and has a double resin wall built to ensure durability and resistance against stains and dust.

2. Keter XL Pro Freestanding Storage Cabinet Plastic

Keter XL Pro Freestanding Storage Cabinet Plastic

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Another entry by Keter, this freestanding cabinet is impressive due to its beautiful black and silver look, its durability and its sound quality Polypropylene resin plastic material. This freestanding storage cabinet has two adjustable legs, which ensures that the structure does not fall. It can hold a lot of capacity and can bear weight. It also can lock, so it protects against theft and children messing around. This sturdy storage cabinet is an excellent choice if you have a shed and want to keep material such as tools, paint and other household items in it.

1. Keter Optima Plastic Storage Cabinets

Keter Optima Plastic Storage Cabinets

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The storage cabinet offered by Keter features a modern and practical design, perfect for storing all your household items with ease. Made of very high-quality plastic, the Keter Optima is a sturdy cabinet with two hinged doors and a rubber seal, so that your stored items don’t get too dusty or too dirty! It also supports the padlock features, so could also be used to store previous and valuable items. All In all, this optima storage cabinet is nice choice!


When it comes to storing daily household items, what better way to do so than through cupboards and cabinets? Storage cabinets tend to maintain shape despite the weight and are compact to use. Just make sure that you do not end up buying low quality, non-resistant cabinet to save a few bucks!

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