Top 10 Best Wall Mounted Wine Racks in 2021

Are you a wine lover and looking for the best wall mounted wine rack to store your precious wine bottles and glasses? Well, wall mounted wine racks help maintain your desire, plus provide beauty as a piece of décor at your home. It could lighten up your living room or your kitchen with its fantastic design!

Wall wine racks attached to your kitchen or restaurant wall serve as a set of shelves for the systematized storing of wine. Though initially used only in bars and wine houses, the wine rack is also becoming a norm in households as well. An impactful wall mounted wine rack will enrich your overall image in the circle. It’s a symbol of your richness, lavishness, and a high standard of living. Moreover, it will help you to select exactly the type of wine for your companions easily! Numbers of wall mounted wine racks with different features are available in the online market. Let’s check out some of our reviews on the top quality racks below.

List of the 10 Best Wall Mounted Wine Racks in 2021

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10. Soduku Wall Mounted Wine Rack for Wine Bottles and Glasses

Soduku Best Wall Mounted Wine Racks

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This beautiful and ideally sized wine rack is neither too small nor too large. It is simply awesome to have on attached on the wall. The glass holder as part of this rack is sturdy but lightweight at the same time, making sure that it doesn’t fall off the hook when attached to a wall. The rack is engraved with the word “HOME” in bold letters, which does make you feel home in a decoration piece. This wine rack is the best to have in your ‘Home’. Yet, it also a great design in your coffee shop and restaurant as well. It will make your customers feel home, while enjoy their drink in your restaurant.

9. Trivetrunner Wine Rack, A Wall Mounted Wine Rack for Bottles and Glasses

Trivetrunner Wall Mounted Wine Racks

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Wall mounted wine rack from triverrunner is engraved with the word “WINE” in a cursive font. It is perfect for people who prefer an excellent black metal wall rack, which accommodates standard sized wine bottles. The stand is reliable and can carry its weight without falling off. This wine rack is made of a top-notch, high-quality material make it strong and durable. This compact wine rack is a great ideal for any wall.

8. Del Hutson Elm Wood Wall Mounted Wine Rack

Del Hutson Elm Rack

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The Del Hutson wood wine rack is very simply but classic regarding its design. Its wood-like appearance makes it stand out and looks more natural than the other crafted products. With is intricate and rusty design, this wall mounted wine rack will surely not disappoint you in the least. We recommend this wine rack if you have a strong bond with antique and vintage stuff.

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7. ioHOMES Venire Wall Wine Rack with Hanging Glasses

ioHOMES Venire Wine Rack

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If you love large storage capacity, then this wall mounted wine rack is definitely for you. This wine rack can hold six wine bottles and twelve glasses. The rack requires assemblage before hanging on the wall which take you some effort. But once it’s on the wall, it serve you best among other wine racks.

6. Del Hutson Floating Wine Shelf and Wall Mounted Wine Rack 2Ft/24 Inches

Del Hutson Floating Wine Shelf (2Ft/24 inches)

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Available in dark walnut color, the Del Hutson floating hanging wine glass rack is a collection set of two shelves; one is capable of holding wine glasses under one shelf, while another utensils and bottles on top of the other two shelves. Therefore, it makes a great look when placed inside a kitchen or behind the cocktail desk. With its capacity and its look, this floating wine rack and wine shelf are worth considering.

5. J&J Wire Wine Rack, The Stylish Wall Mounted Wire Wine Racks

J&J Wire Wine Rack

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The J&J wall wire wine rack is a creative and stylish walk wine rack of all. The rack is just simply design using the metal wire bending and attaching to make a beautiful rack to hold the bottle and glasses. Featuring a gorgeous pattern of squares and rectangles joined together, these wall mounted wire wine racks are not just wine bottle and glass rack but an intricate decoration piece as well. Get ready for some compliments and praise once you hang this one! It can accommodate two wine glasses and three wine bottles on your wall.

4. Rustic State Wall Wine Rack with Wine Glass Hanger

Rustic State Wine Rack

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Accommodating six wine bottles at max and a plentiful of wine glasses, this rustic wall mounted wine rack is a compact choice and requires less hardware to assemble and mount. It’s a preferable choice for its simplicity. Available in the walnut color, this rustic state wine rack gives a vintage and classy look, and also comes with anchors and supporting screws to get the rack on the wall. Besides that, it is also very sturdy and can handle weight well without showing signs of smashing to the ground. It also doesn’t have a strong chemical odor when unboxed. It is a highly recommended purchase if you love classy wine’s racks that are easy to fix and maintain.

3. Del Hutson Floating Wine Rack and Shelf

Del Hutson Floating Wine Shelf (3Ft/36 inches)

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Similar to our sixth entry but with much more capacity due to its 36 inches board, this wine rack solves all the problems about capacity and space when people used the previous alternative. The shelf is Looking stunningly cool! This wine rack fits glasses nicely along with accommodation of champagne bottle. If you are a fond of wood wine rack, this one is among the best option.

2. Giantex Wall Mounted Wine Rack White

Giantex Wine Rack

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The beauty of this Giantex Wall Mounted Wine Rack white will leave you in admiration for its contemporary and glossy design. It can hold wine bottles, glasses, and other household items and utensils if decorated in the kitchen. This wine rack is quite sturdy as well as easy to assemble. Available both in white and black walnut color, this wine rack is sure to light up your room decoration.

1. Unique’s Shops Metal Wall Wine Rack Stylish

Unique’s Shops Wine Rack

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With no doubt, it’s the best looking intricate piece on our list. This wire wall mounted wine rack is indeed a masterpiece when it comes to style and innovation. This wine rack contains swirly patterns which serve as holders for both wine bottles and glasses. This wire wine rack can accommodate four wine glasses and three wine bottles. Moreover, a photo frames to place in a picture of some precious memory or cherishing of nostalgia.


These wall wine racks are the selective of its kind. The racks are genuinely something if you need a good looking stand to place all your wine bottles and glasses. Anyway, as it is a wall mounted rack, make sure you install them properly to avoid any falling of your precious wines and glasses. Have a great day!

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