Top 10 Best Knee Pillows for Side Sleepers in 2024

Enjoying good and peaceful sleep without a knee pillow is not actually possible. Even if you’re a young, fit, and healthy person, you’re most likely to feel pain in your lower body during the sleep. The reason being, the body unleashes itself freely when you sleep and the whole body pressure comes down to the lower side. This is where a knee pillow becomes a necessity.

Having a cushioned padding, these knee pillows provide maximum comfort to your legs and alleviate the pain of not just your legs but also spine, back, knee, ankle, and hips. Today, various types of knee or leg pillows are available in the market that might leave you all bewildered while making the purchase. To help you make the right choice, we have rounded up the top 10 knee pillows for you.


List of the 10 Best Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers in 2024

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10- ComfiCasa memory foam knee pillow

best knee pillow for side sleepers

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Unable to sleep due to your back and hip pain? Well, then turn to this super comfy leg pillow by ComfiCasa that is particularly designed for this purpose. Having a dense and well-built construction, the pillow circulates the blood and lowers down the pressure in hips and back. Thus, it relieves the strain and ensures a pain-free sleep.

Made from premium memory foam, the pillow is incredibly snug, flexible, and durable. It automatically takes the contour of your body and provides you maximum comfort in every position. To offer you a more comfortable and cozy experience, it is also equipped with a smooth cover that is made of ultra-soft bamboo fabric. Being removable and machine washable, the cover can be detached and washed anytime.

Key features

  • Memory foam construction
  • Equipped with a removable cover
  • Flexible and comfortable
  • Multi-functional
  • Relives lower pain

9- Knee pillow for side sleeper by NiteCure

best knee pillow for back pain

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This NiteCure knee pillow is particularly designed to cure the problems of side sleepers who can’t enjoy a good sleep due to their lower body pain. The thing that makes it a perfect fit for side sleepers is its curved design, which offers perfect body alignment keeping some space between the legs. To keep itself secured and stable in its place, it is designed with an adjustable and detachable strap that does its job efficiently.

Speaking of the construction materials, the pillow is made of high-density memory foam and comes equipped with a super soft cotton cover. Given the fact, the pillow is not just cozy and snug but also skin-friendly, hypoallergenic, user-friendly, and durable. Overall, it is worth the money in every way.

Key features

  • Memory foam construction
  • Equipped with cotton cover
  • Features an adjustable strap
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Stylish contour design

8- ComfiLife orthopedic knee pillow

knee pillow for hip pain

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If you’re looking for such a knee cushion that can provide additional support to any part of your body, ComfiLife orthopedic pillow might be the best choice for you. The pillow has such an ergonomic design that it can be used as a neck pillow, side pillow, and calf pillow among others. The interesting thing is that it will offer you maximum support and comfort no matter what purpose you’re using it for.

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Other than providing support and comfortable sleeping experience, the pillow also reduces the back and hip pain. In particular, it is extremely helpful in relieving sciatica pain. Moving on to its construction materials, the pillow is made of high-quality memory foam that is durable and comfortable. To offer further comfort, the pillow features a breathable snug cover.

Key features

  • Multi-position application
  • Memory foam construction
  • Zippered breathable cozy cover
  • Stylish contoured design
  • Cozy and snug

7- Trademark Supplies leg positioned knee pillow

Best knee pillow for hip pain

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If you want something more than a knee-supporting pillow, hands down, Trademark Supplies pillow is the best choice for you. The thing that puts it apart from other conventional leg pillows is its unique feature of cooling gel layer that helps the body dissipate the heat and keep your legs cool and relaxed throughout the night. Given the fact, it is very effective in easing inflammation, injury, and the stiffness of the body.

Besides that, the pillow is also known for improving blood circulation, relieving lower backpressure, minimizing body pain, and offering you a better sleeping posture. Made of high-density memory foam, it is incredibly snug and remarkably durable. To enhance the durability and comfort further, it also features a comfy cover.

Key features

  • Built-in cooling gel layer
  • Has heat dissipation property
  • Memory foam construction
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Lowers down back pain

6- Knee pillow for side sleepers by 5 STARS UNITED

best knee pillow for lower back pain

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Are you a side sleeper who is having a problem falling asleep due to body pain? Yes? Well, your solution is here. Just grab this knee cushion by 5 STARS UNITED and roam in the world of your sweet dreams. Purposely designed for the side sleepers, it mitigates your lower body pain and offers you peaceful sleep throughout the night. Plus, it is also built in with the therapeutic effect that offers you the flexibility to align your lower body and spine properly and enjoy hour-long sleep in a single posture without feeling any discomfort.

Coming to its construction materials, it is made of premium-quality foam, which is not only durable and comfy but also hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Furthermore, it features a zippered cover that adds another layer of comfort, support, and durability to this pillow.

Key features

  • Meant for side sleepers
  • Size: 9.8×7.8×6.2 inches
  • Memory foam construction
  • Comes with zippered cover
  • Relieves body pain

5- Everlasting Comfort pure memory foam knee pillow

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True to its name, Everlasting Comfort knee pillow will give you an everlasting comfort to your body no matter what position you’re sleeping in. Made of high-density foam, it is incredibly soft and cozy and offers you a sleeping experience like never before. Plus, it reduces lower body pressure significantly.

The pillow has an ergonomic contour design, which enables it to take the contour of your body automatically and offer you a perfect sleeping posture. Given the fact, this leg pillow is the best fit for pregnant ladies and the people who have arthritis, bursitis, and sciatica. The unique thing about this pillow is that it features a removable strap that lets you secure the cushion pillow in its place preventing it from moving around.

Key features

  • Memory foam construction
  • Ergonomic contoured design
  • Features an adjustable strap
  • Comes with 2 foam earplug
  • Comfortable and durable

4- Abco Tech foam knee pillow

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Abco tech foam knee pillow is an innovative knee cushion that is built in with many advanced features. To begin with, it is equipped with an additional gel padding infused with ABCO gel, which cools down your exhausted legs and rejuvenates them reducing the excess heat. Plus, it also helps you recover from inflammation or injuries. Since it is designed with an extra gel layer, it is hypoallergenic, skin-friendly, and can be used efficiently even by people with sensitive skin.

Speaking of its properties, it improves blood circulation and alleviates body pressure. To enjoy the maximum benefits of the pillow, just tuck it under your knees and you’re done. Having a contoured design, the knee cushion will automatically take the shape of your body and perfectly align your spine.

Key features

  • Features an additional gel layer
  • Ergonomic contoured design
  • Memory foam construction
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Multi-position use

3- TULARIS memory foam knee pillow

soft-tex memory foam knee support pillow

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For the people who are looking for a comfy leg pillow with a stylish design, no other knee pillows of this list can be better than TULARIS memory foam. The pillow has a unique curved design that enables it to fit snugly between your legs and alleviate the back, hip, spine, and knee pain. Moreover, it also minimizes your lower body pressure.

The awesome thing about this knee cushion pillow is that it features a strap, which doesn’t only help you secure the pillow in its place but also enhances the comfort level of the pillow significantly. Moving on to the construction materials, it is made of breathable and heavy-density memory foam that circulates the air properly and offers you the maximum support and comfort.

Key features

  • Unique design
  • Features a securing strap
  • Alleviates the lower body pain
  • Memory foam construction
  • Extra cozy and snug

2- Contour legacy leg & knee foam support

deluxe comfort knee pillow

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As the name suggests, this knee cushion is known for its remarkable contouring property. No matter what position you sleep in and how many times you toss and turn during your sleep, this pillow will take the shape of your body instantly and remain in its place throughout the night. Thus, it offers you a perfect sleeping posture and maximizes overall sleeping experience reducing the lower body pressure and pain. From back pain to hip discomfort, the pillow will help you deal with a number of issues.

The unique thing about this leg pillow is that it is made of breathable foam, which promotes air circulation and keeps your legs ventilated, pain-free, and comfortable. On top of all, it is versatile and can be used as a pillow for different parts of the body.

Key features

  • Multi-position application
  • Ergonomic contour design
  • Alleviates lower body pain
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Memory foam construction

1. iDOO knee leg pillow

pillow for hip pain while sleeping

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After using this knee cushion, you’ll realize why it topped the list. From its unique design to incredible features, it is truly a one-of-kind leg pillow. Unlike others, this pillow is equipped with a cooling gel layer that doesn’t only soothe down your legs dissipating the heat but also keeps the pillow stable in its place preventing it from slipping off. Even after this, if you’re concerned about the stability of the pillow, let us tell this pillow also features an adjustable strap, which lets you secure the pillow so well that it can’t move from its place even an inch despite your quick body movements.

Moving on to its construction materials, the pillow is made of high-density foam that is durable, cut-resistant, and comfortable. Furthermore, it also features a ventilated cotton cover that makes it more comfortable.

Key features

  • Built in cooling gel layer
  • Ventilated cotton cover
  • Foam construction
  • Features a strap
  • Alleviates lower body pain

Key features to consider while buying your knee pillows

If you want your knee cushion to be worth the price, make sure to consider the following factors before buying it.

Construction materials

Start your investigation with the construction materials of the pillow because it is only the fabric of the pillow that will determine its comfort level. If the pillow is not made of soft and skin-friendly fabrics, it can never offer you a comfortable experience. So, make sure your leg pillow is made of high-density foam and equipped with a snug cover.


Next, check the design of your pillow. Here, the thing you need to check is whether it has a contoured design or not. If it has not, you haven’t got your ‘perfect’ knee pillow yet. Keep your hunt on and look for a contoured-designed one. These types of leg pillows are considered better because they automatically contour the shape of the body according to the movements. Given the fact, you won’t need to adjust your pillow after every toss and turn.


Why are you buying a knee or leg pillow? Obviously, to alleviate your lower body pain and enjoy a restful sleep. No? So, inquire into the functionality of your pillow thoroughly and make sure it is capable enough to promote the blood circulation and reduce the pain of the back, hip, spine, legs, as well as knees.

Comfort level

Don’t forget to pay attention to this factor while buying your leg pillow. Ideally, your knee cushion has to be so soft and comfortable that it can provide you an undisturbed sleep in any position. Also, make sure it features a securing strap so that you can stabilize the pillow in its place preventing from slipping off.


Don’t let the back pain or leg strain affect your sleep. Simply, get one of these knee pillows and say goodbye to your lower body pain as well as those sleepless nights that happened because of the pain. These comfy leg pillows will surely take you to your peaceful world of dreams.

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