Top 10 Best Ceramic Bowls in 2020

People are often obsessed with the stylish items be it dresses, accessories, kitchen appliance, or anything. We always want the trendy stuff. The same goes with a dinnerware set. The ceramic products hit the mind first when we think of a stylish dinnerware set. So, today, we’ll talk about the trendy and stylish bowls. Means, the ceramic bowls. Here, we have compiled the list of top 10 best ceramic bowls in 2020. Check it out.

List of the 10 Best Ceramic Bowls in 2020

Top 3 Best Ceramic Bowls Selling on Amazon

10. Dowan 20 ounce ceramic soup bowls

Dowan 20 ounce ceramic soup bowls

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When you’re buying a good ceramic bowl, the first thing you should look for is its holding capacity. A bowl with small holding capacity is of no use. With Dowan ceramic bowls, you can rest assured about this feature. With its 6-inch diameter, it can hold up to 20 ounce efficiently. Made of high-quality porcelain, the bowls are designed with a high-base bottom. Given the fact, you can place them anywhere. They won’t get slippery. With their flat corners, they ensure a firm hold.

9. Certified International Large Cereal bowls

Certified International Large Cereal bowls

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The name of the brand itself vouches for its credibility. The Certified International is surely a certified brand when it comes to ceramic bowls. If the floral design attracts you, these ceramic bowls are for you. There are 6 ceramic bowls in the set and they all have different floral design. Though the design is printed, it would never fade out. You can clean the bowls on the dishwasher without any worries. These ceramic bowls are the best fit for the daily use.

8. Sweese 1109 Porcelain fluted bowl set

Sweese 1109 Porcelain fluted bowl set

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If you’re looking for something different than the same normal ceramic bowls, take a look at this one. Their fluted design makes them different from the others. The fluted design also ensures a firm hold. The second thing that makes them popular among the users is their large holding capacity. They have a wide holding capacity of 26 ounce but they’re designed so efficiently that don’t look extra large. All 6 bowls come in 6 different colors. Be it hot or cold item, they can hold it with an ease.

7. Premium ceramic set of 6 colorful meal stoneware bowls

Premium ceramic set of 6 colorful meal stoneware bowls

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Premium ceramic bowls are different than other ceramic bowls in design. They don’t have the high-base. So, if you want the flat and sleek ceramic bowls, you can’t get a better set than this. It is a set of 6 eye-catching bowls. Interestingly, the set is really affordable. They have the curvy shaped design which makes it possible to hold a larger quantity. All the bowls are printed in different colors from outside but inside they all have white color. Unlike other ceramic bowls, they are made of stoneware ceramic.

6. Sweese 1101Porcelain bowls

Sweese 1101Porcelain bowls

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If you want to décor your kitchen with the matchless ceramic bowls at a reasonable rate, consider buying this set. The oval-shape design of these ceramic bowls has garnered a huge attention of users. These bowls are the unmatched combo of stylish design and elegant looks. They all are white in color and stackable in design. Since they are made of non-toxic and lead-free ceramic, they are extremely hygienic.  It would be an ideal fit for you if you’re looking for a salad or cereal bowl.

5. Sweese 1107 porcelain bowls

Sweese 1107 porcelain bowls

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If the previous oval-shaped ceramic bowls of Sweese didn’t attract you, just have a look at this one. Though these bowls are not as large as the earlier one and have the holding capacity of only 10 ounce, they’re worth buying. Speaking of the design, these ceramic bowls have curve-shaped design which makes it easy to pour out the food item off the bowls. Though they are complex in design, they are break-resistant. The pro-grade porcelain makes them sturdy, shiny, and durable.

4. Kook Japanese Ceramic Noodle bowl

Kook Japanese Ceramic Noodle bowl

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A new name with a new design. As the name suggests, Kook Japanese Noodle bowl are particularly designed for the noodles. However, you can serve anything on these bowls as long as they can hold that item with an ease. The unmatched combo of red and black color makes this set desirable in the market. The stunning bowls are designed in such a way that they look really small but can hold up to 38 ounce. Maybe, this is why they are a bit pricy even after being 4 in the set.

3. Corelle Winter frost 6-pack bowl

Corelle Winter frost 6-pack bowl

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Want a simple, durable, and a decently good ceramic bowl at an affordable price? Well, Corelle Winter Frost might please you. Given its price, it really offers incredibly good service. From the versatility to the reliability and from functionality to the easy accessibility, this set of ceramic bowls is no less than the other expensive ceramic bowls. As if its price and service were not enough to please the users, it also offers a 3-year full warranty. What else you can ask for?

2. Everyday Ceramic bowls by Bruntmor

Everyday Ceramic bowls by Bruntmor

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True to its name, Bruntmor ceramic bowls are particularly designed to meet your daily needs. They are non-toxic and absolutely lead-free. Given the fact, they are free from any chemical materials and ensure a good user experience. They are not only dishwasher-safe but also microwave-safe. You can heat up anything on these bowls without any worries. The high-base bottom provides stability to the bowls. These are the medium-sized bowls and hold up to 20 ounce. There are 4 ceramic bowls in the set.

1. DOWAN 2 Quart porcelain serving bowls

DOWAN 2 Quart porcelain serving bowls

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If you need an extra-large ceramic bowl, skip the all-above ceramic bowls and look into this one. It has a large holding capacity of 64 ounce which is probably much more than your daily needs. There are 2 ceramic bowls in the set and they cost reasonably fair. Since they are large in size, they’re design with the double-insulated rims which not only provide a firm grip but also avoid the slipping. It is designed with the embossed ring at the bottom which is another good feature about these ceramic bowls


The above-mentioned ceramic bowls have different features, sizes, and holding capacity. Their made-up material is also different. So, read out the list carefully and select the one which is designed for you.

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