Top 10 Best Plastic Cups for Party in 2021

Looking for a set of plastic cups for a gathering or a party? Well, cleaning up and washing is alway a burden for any party. Therefore, it’s a good idea to use a one-time use cup to reduce the burden so that you can enjoy your party to the max. Therefore, let me introduce you to the top 10 best plastic cups that you can use for either a small gathering or a party at any time. Check them out!

List of the Top 10 Best Plastic Cups for Party in 2021

SaleBest Seller # 1
[240 Pack - 12 oz.] Clear Disposable Plastic Cups - Cold Party Drinking Cups
Waved wall rim adds grip in hand and prevents it from slipping and spilling.
$17.99 −17%
Best Seller # 2
Newport 20-ounce Unbreakable Plastic Tumblers | set of 12 in 4 Coastal Colors
Made in USA | 20-ounce maximum capacity | BPA-free; Perfect everyday drinking cup; great for patio, picnic, poolside and camping
Best Seller # 5
Choary Eco-friendly Unbreakable Reusable Drinking Cup for Adult(12 OZ), Wheat Straw...
New biodegradable material, which will self decompose in the soil.
Best Seller # 6
Splash 18-ounce Plastic Tumblers | Value set of 16 in 4 Coastal Colors
Made in the USA | 18-ounce maximum capacity | BPA-free; Perfect everyday drinking cup; great for patio, poolside, picnic, and other outdoor use
Best Seller # 7
Amazon Basics 16-Ounce Disposable Plastic Cups, Red - Pack of 240
240 plastic party cups in vibrant red; Each cup holds 16 ounces of your favorite cold beverage
Best Seller # 8
[100 Pack - 16 oz.] Crystal Clear PET Plastic Cups
High-quality - Made with only heavy-duty crystal clear durable PET material plastic.
SaleBest Seller # 9
[500 Pack - 9 oz.] Clear Disposable Plastic Cups - Cold Party Drinking Cups
Waved wall rim adds grip in hand and prevents it from slipping and spilling.
$24.99 −12%

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10. US Acrylic café 20-ounce Break-Resistance Plastic Cups

US Acrylic café 20-ounce break-resistance plastic cups

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If you’re the one who falls for ‘US-made’ items, go ahead. Yes, this US-made plastic cup surely going to be a great addition to your kitchen. They are made of BPA plastic and are completely health-friendly. The cup is 6-inches tall and have 3-1/4 diameter. These cups have an eye-catching color. This set has garnered the plenty of happy customers. From the ergonomic design to the affordable price, they meet all the needs of users. This cup is designed for reusable as well.

9. Comfy Package Crystal Clear PET Plastic Cups

Comfy package crystal clear PET plastic cups

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Nothing can beat the elegance of crystal clear items. Be it the household item or the kitchen appliances, crystal clear items are often preferred. Speaking of this crystal clear plastic cup, they are made of PET materials. Given the fact, this kind of cup is the ideal fit for the cold beverages. They can withstand the cold temperature efficiently avoiding the cold sensation in your hands. Other than the awesome features of cups, its affordable price also makes it one of the most-loved set of cups. This set is an ideal for a one-time use at any party and gathering.

8. Hefty Plastic Cups for Party On

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If you need a large collection of cups at a reasonably decent price, consider buying this one. It is a set of 100 small-sized plastic cups which are ideal for serving tea and coffee in daily use. You can also use them in your party to serve cold drinks or maybe coffee. Though they are small in size, they are comfortable to hold and easy to clean or just throw away. This set of cup is particularly designed to meet your party needs.

7. Hefty Party on Plastic Party Cups, 16 Ounces

Hefty Party on Plastic party cups, 16 ounces

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Another set of plastic cups by Hefty. This set is almost same to the earlier one. It also has same features, design, and functionality. This set is just another type of the Hefty cup. Much similar to the earlier one and is designed for the party use as well.

6. Tashi Box 9 oz Clean Plastic Cups

Tashi Box 9 oz clean plastic cups

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Are you planning to organize a get-together or maybe a proper party in your house anytime soon? If yes, consider buying this set of plastic cups. Seriously it will save your tons of time and will make your work incredibly easier. It is exceptionally low-priced and there are 200 cups in the set. They are made of clear PP plastic, so they are meant for the one-time use only. Finish your drink and just toss the cups. You can serve any drinks in these cups.

5. Amazon Brand- Solimo 18oz Disposable Plastic Cups

Amazon Brand- Solimo 18oz disposable plastic cups

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Here, Amazon brand makes its entry. If you are organizing a big party, skip all those sets of plastics cups and turn to this one. This is the collection of 300 cups that can be used for any types of drinking. Every cup has a good storing capacity of 18 ounces. They’re fancy-looking and made of a sturdy polypropylene plastic. The best thing about this cup is that they highly flexible. You can freely bend them. They won’t break down.

4. AmazonBasics 16oz Disposable Plastic Cups

AmazonBasics 16oz disposable plastic cups

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If you want the branded plastic cups, undoubtedly no brand can beat AmazonBasics. So, go for this set of amazing cup without any second thought. Though each of this cup is way too costlier than the others, it offers really amazing services. You won’t regret for your purchase once you have bought it. From the easy grip to the large storage capacity, it is completely user-friendly. It is a set of 240 disposal plastic cups. So, just use them and throw away.

3. Hefty Party on Plastic Party Cups, 50 Count

Hefty Party on plastic party cups, 50 count

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We have already talked about two Hefty Party plastic party cups earlier but this one is different from them. Unlike those two sets of Hefty plastic cups, it is a collection of 50 cups. Considering the fact, this set of cups would be an ideal fit if you’re going to throw a small party. With their 18 ounces holding capacity, this cup is designed to use and dispose. Though they are made of a thin plastic, they can hold any beverage.

2. Prestee Drinket 9-oz Clear Plastic Cups

Prestee Drinket 9-oz clear plastic cups

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When it comes to the plastic cup with small holding capacity, there are only limited options available and Prestee Drinket clear cup is also one of them. These cups have a small capacity of 9 ounce. They are also small in size but they’re designed in such a beautiful way that they look like an average-sized cup. These 100 plastic cups are well-constructed and can never create any mess while serving. With their rounded rims, they ensure spill-free sipping of the drinks.

1. 7 ounce Plastic Clear Transparent Cups

7 ounce Plastic clear/transparent cups

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If you need a plastic cup of very small holding-capacity, none of the above-mentioned cups can beat this one. With its 7 ounce holding capacity, amazingly low-price, and high reliability, this set of cup has impressed the people. It is an ideal cup for the daily use since it is not large in size and also holds the right amount of drinks. They have stackable design, so they take very little space. The crystal-clear plastic also makes it a desirable set.


The amazing service and the flexibility of these set of plastic cups are known to everybody. You might not use plastic cup in daily use but you’ll definitely need them once in a while. So, this list will help you to buy the best set of cups of your need.

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