The 12 Airtight Storage Containers to Help Keep Your Foods, Snacks and Cereals Properly Organized in Your Kitchen

Are you looking for airtight food storage containers to keep your food, snacks and cereals for everyday use? It’s very important to have food storage in the kitchen. To me, whenever I enter my kitchen, I feel like I really need to get a good food storage container as one of my kitchen appliances. From the dry fruits to my favorite cookies, there is a long list of items that really need to be kept properly. If you are a kind of person like me, then we must be in need of having similar winning tool for our kitchen. Today, let me share a list of the top sets of the best airtight food storage containers with our new update below. Those best airtight containers will allow you to maintain a ceaseless supply of foods and cooking ingredients at home without any problem. Let’s check out them out!


List of the Best Quality Airtight Food Storage Containers in 2024

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Rubbermaid Brilliance 12-Cup Airtight Food Storage Container, Perfect for Pantry Staples,...
Rubbermaid Brilliance 12-Cup Airtight Food Storage Container, Perfect for Pantry Staples,...
12-Cup Capacity: Ample storage for all your pantry staples; Airtight & Leak-Proof: To ensure food freshness and prevent spills
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12. dwëllza kitchen airtight food storage containers with lids set/all same size

dwellza kitchen airtight food storage containers with lids

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Dwellza is a set of kitchen airtight food storage containers with lids. Coming in a set of 6 same size storage capacity, these kitchen food storage containers are designed with airtight lids which prevent the air as well as water to enter the storage. You can use these airtight storage containers for storing crackers, snacks, pasta, sugar, rice coffee and various serving cereals. With its elegant appearance and black lid cover, you will be able to enjoy your fresh meal which stand on your kitchen table or cabinet storage everyday.

Talking about the material made, the Dwellza kitchen product is made of 100% BPA free. It is also easy to maintain ang clean. More importantly, you will get a 100% satisfaction guarantee from the company, meaning that you can just return these Dwellza Kitchen dehydrated food storage canisters back after purchasing if you don’t like them. You can read customer’s feedback on the products here as well.

11. Vtopmart airtight food storage containers (6 pieces and 12 pieces)

Vtopmart Airtight Food Storage Containers 6 Pieces - Plastic PBA Free Kitchen Pantry Storage Containers for Sugar,Flour and Baking Supplies - Dishwasher Safe - 24 Labels

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We have just brought in this best food containers from vtopmart brand in to our review list as it now becomes very popular among many users. These airtight food storage containers has brought conveniences to users for storing cereals, cookies and snacks for their breakfast. The Vtopmart storage container has 4 sided locking lids, made of silicone seal to make sure that no air and water can enter inside the box. They can help maintain your cereal and other grains freshness. You can pour your cereal and grains in and out easily with its large squared design box. Worry about the chemical material? It’s BPA free plastic storage. So, nothing to worry about the side affect.

They are also glad clear airtight food storage containers which allow you to spot anything inside easily. However, we all might not be able to notice the similar grains or cereals easily right? Thus, the set also comes with a 24 pieces of labels for you in case you are in need of them. If you love to have this Vtopmart product in your kitchen or office, they are available in various sets.

Here are the available sets of the vtopmart airtight food storage containers you can pick:

10. OXO Good Grips 10-piece airtight food storage pop container value set

OXO Food Storage Containers, A Good Grips 10-Piece Airtight Food Storage Container Set

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The OXO 10 piece storage containers are absolutely the first choice when it comes to a reliable airtight food storage containers for storing various dry foods, cereals, cookies and other snacks. This set of OXO oxo airtight containers comes with different sizes of 10 storage containers. There are 3 large-sized, 3 medium-sized, and 4 small sized containers. They all have a tight lid. The locking system functions according to a push-up button. Just push off the button and it will be tightly sealed. There is no chance of food items to become stale or off-flavor. Being glad clear airtight food storage containers, you can spot things you place inside with just a glance. No frustration or any burden to look for your favorite food when you are hungry.

What makes OXO the best airtight containers for kitchen?

Made of quality materials, you can use this OXO storage containers to keep not only your food but also kitchen pantry staples fresh. They are an ideal tool for space-efficiency to keep your kitchen organized. You can use these OXO kitchen storage containers to store specific things such as cereal, coffee, sugar, grains, pasta, spices and flour. You can also reserve a small box to keep candies for your kids as well!

If you have a lot of things to store in your kitchen, the OXO offers various larger sets of food storage containers up to 20 pieces you pick from:

Watch Video Reviews of the OXO POP Containers by QVCtv

9. OXO Airtight Food Storage Container, OXO good grips 3 piece airtight pop cereal dispenser set

OXO Good Grips 3 piece airtight POP cereal dispenser set

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If you don’t need a large collection of 10 containers like the earlier OXO airtight POP container set, consider buying this 3 pieces instead. These OXO good grips consists of 3 piece airtight plastic containers, designed specifically for storing cereals, cookies and other dry snack. The containers are made of BPA free plastic and are durable. The top cap is designed in a shape with the tight lid. Given the fact, this airtight POP container set can be locked in a single press. These containers are the ideal fit for the grain storage as they are tightly locked and have an efficient space. You can actually dispense your cereals or grains with its dispenser lid’s hole without the the need to open the entire cap.

8. OXO Good Grips 3-Piece Airtight POP Round Canister Set | OXO pop top canisters

OXO Good Grips 3- piece airtight POP round canister set

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Another set of 3-pieces airtight POP containers from OXO but these are made in different design. These OXO POP Round Canisters would be the best fit for you if you need the medium-sized containers at a reasonable price. Yes, it costs cheaper than earlier airtight food storage container set and the design of containers is also different. They are circle shaped and secured by the silicon seal which makes the top cover ultra tight. The best thing I like about these containers is that they are designed with a small handle at the top of the covers which is very convenient to use. Each OXO pop canister is made for those who love the round shape storage.

7. OXO good grips 5-piece airtight pop container set | pop up containers

OXO Good grips 5-pieces airtight POP container set

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No doubt, OXO is going to dominate this list. Speaking of this OXO food storage containers, it is a well-liked container set among the users and there are a number of reasons for its huge fan following. First, it is a set 1 large, 3 medium, and 1 small-sized containers at an incredibly decent price. They all have rounded corners which not only make them look stylish but also avoid the chance of breaking down in case a container drops from your hand. If you love a combination of container sizes, then this set of airtight food storage containers will fit you best.

6. Komax Biokips Tall Large Square Food Storage Containers | airtight containers large

Komax Biokips Tall large Square Food Storage

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Finally, a new brand on our list is the Biokips containers. The Biokips containers comes as a set of 2 large airtight containers for food storage. Since there are only 2 containers, the price is also affordable. Made of BPA plastic, the Biokips cereal container is designed with the side-locking lid seals. Given the fact, they are spill-proof and there is no chance of leakage in case you have put a liquid item on it. It is made of see-through plastic, making them glad clear airtight food storage containers for your kitchen. So you don’t need to open every container when you need a particular item. These Biokips containers are an ideal storage for cookies and other snacks. However, cereals and other grains are also welcome in these airtight large containers. They are also cheap airtight containers for your purchase.

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5. Mcirco Food Storage Containers, 6-Piece Set of cereal food storage containers

Mcirco food storage container, 6-piece set

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The Mcirco is the winning set of cereal food storage containers as they are built for that purpose. Coming in a set of 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large airtight food containers, you use them to store various types of cereals and grains conveniently. Made of BPA free materials, these durable plastic airtight storage containers allows you to store and lock your food for everyday use and long-term use. Since the containers are made of chemical-free and a solid plastic, they can even be used for the cooked food storage. With their airtight lids, these airtight food canisters can hold up any item with an ease. The top covers are designed in a bending style. Meaning, they remain attached when you open the containers. The containers are designed in a way that not only the large-sized containers but also the small ones are easy-to-clean.

For recommendation, you can use the airtight large storage containers to store various grains and cereals as well as cookies. For the smaller storage sets, you can use to store the small amount of food like candies, rarely use ingredient such as peppers and raw peanuts and so on. These are depending on your need. Besides from using in the kitchen, these storage containers for cereal are very convenient for those who live in the apartment or those who want to keep their own healthy cereal in office for breakfast.

4. Senbowe, 7-Piece, Airtight Food Storage Container Set | Stylist Airtight food storage containers

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If you’re looking for a stylish set of airtight food container set at a reasonable price, Senbowe 7-piece food storage container set is for you. The containers are designed in a stackable design, so they take minimal space and have a large storage capacity. The most awesome thing about these containers is their covers. The covers are designed with a pouring spout. So, you don’t need to open the cover to pour out a liquid item. Just push it up to open and push it down to lock.

3. OXO Steel 10-Piece Airtight POP Food Storage Container Set

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To begin with, it is the costliest airtight POP container set on this list. With the name itself, you must have assumed why it costs far much expansive than the other POP containers. Well, unlike other plastic containers, the lid of this container set is made of stainless steel which not only ensures the lifetime durability but also a tight closure. The body of the containers is made of a see-through plastic. With its round corners, the containers look elegant.

If you are about to throw a party anytime soon, you may check: 

2. Chef’s Path Airtight Food Storage Container Set, 6-Piece Set

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It is a set of 6 different-sized airtight food storage containers. Though the containers are made of transparent BPA plastic, it still offers a marker and a chalkboard label. With the help of that, you can write the name of item on the container and keep the things in an organized manner. The black-colored covers are designed with the lid-lock technology which ensures a tight closure and also keeps the food fresh. Interestingly, this amazing airtight POP container set is really budget-friendly. The set contains large airtight food storage containers, small and medium.

1. Guru products 5-piece Pop Up Clear Food Containers | Pop up Storage Containers

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Pop up storage containers from Guru products is a revolutionary airtight pop container set in the market right now. With its best airtight food features and user-friendliness, it has impressed many users. Made of BPA plastic, the containers are reliable, durable, and high-quality. Being wide in design, the airtight food containers do not only ensure a large storage but also allow an easy access and effortless-cleaning.  These pop up storage containers are constructed for dishwasher and freezer safe. This set of airtight container is undoubtedly the best bet for the money.

What are these pop up storage containers best for? 

These pop up food containers are best use for storing snacks such as cereals, cookies, candies, flours, cooking ingredients and many other dry foods. You will have ceaselessly supply of foods and cooking ingredients having the set of these containers as they can maintain the quality of your foods for long period of time.


No matter how many airtight food storage container sets are there in the kitchen, you’ll always feel the need to get a new one because there are so many food items in every kitchen. Well, if the case is so, the above list will help to make the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airtight Food Containers

What are the best airtight food containers for long term storage?

If you are looking for the best airtight containers for storing food long term, you can either consider airtight storage containers for bulk food, large food storage containers airtight or airtight stainless steel food storage containers. These types of containers are designed with tight grip on top, making it possible for the air and water to enter the storage box. However, you can also pick within out list above. Food storage containers such as Vtopmart and OXO Good Grips, for instance, are best for long-term food storage.

What is the best airtight food storage containers?

That depends on your needs. There are various types of airtight food containers including different shapes, sizes and designs. Thus, if you are looking for the best container for storing cereals or grains, you buy the OXO, Vtopmart, Komax or royal air-tight food storage container set. These food container products are recognized as the best options and recommended by various users.

Where to buy airtight containers for food storage?

You can go to local mart or supper market near your home and check out for the above mentioned food storage containers. However, if you don’t want to waste your time going around, you can easily get one of the airtight containers for food storage from Amazon through the links above. Just go through the list and click on the one you like. Then, you know what to do the rest, right?

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