Top Quality Full Size Bed Tents and Indoor Bed Tents for Your Privacy in 2024

Indoor bed tent is sleeping canopy designed to provide a snug fit around your bed frame and mattress so that you can have a private place for sleeping, particularly when you are living in a shared space accommodation. This private bed tent is also an ideal sleeping furniture when you have to live in a dorm and need to split the space among other students and peers.

More than that, the indoor bed tents are also easy to use and sneak inside than the normal pop up tent. Besides using at home, it is considered as one of the best portable full size bed tent for students, doctors, military and security guards, too. Therefore, we want to introduce this indoor privacy bed tent to you today. Our team has just updated the list based on the users’ feedbacks and recommendations, to make sure we bring you the highest quality products. We also dedicated a list of the bed tents for toddlers at the end in case you also want to pick one for you little child as well. Let’s dive in!


List of the 11 Best Indoor Bed Tents | Privacy Bed Tents in 2024

Full Size Bed Tent Reviews | Indoor Tent for Bed 

11. Besten: BESTEN Floorless Indoor Privacy Tent on Bed for Warm and Cozy Sleep Inside Drafty Room

BESTEN full size bed tent for Warm and Cozy Sleep Inside Drafty Room

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Queen size bed tent & Full size bed tent by Besten – Besten is known for providing the best indoor tent for bed such as double bed tents, queen size bed tent for kids, and full size bed tents. If you are looking for a lightweight but best quality indoor ten for your bed, you will find Besten bed tent the right fit for you. For instance, this Besten Charcoal full size bed tent might be the best pick for you if you are searching for double bed tents for twin size beds. This Charcoal twin indoor pop bed tent is made of polyester as a main made material. Having this full size bed tent will give you many more privacy if you are living in sharing dorms or share a night time guarding. Moreover, it circulates the wind, keeping you cozy throughout the night. With this tent over your bed, you will have a flexible sleeping space, either making it private or open space as you wish.

What make Besten the winning indoor tent for bed?

  • Made of Polyester: you may know the quality of Polyester which is use to made various household and wearable products. It is known for lightweight, durability, wrinkle-resistance and abrasion-resistance & quick dry. Therefore, Besten bed tent is very light in weight which allows you to set up or take it of your bed by yourself. If you are a kid of person who move a lot during your sleep, you might feel concerned that you will tear off the tent? Worry not. It’s durable enough to resist your movement, unless you have an intention to tear it off!
  • Design to give you a privacy in a sharing space: if you are living in a sharing space and want to have your own private space, get one of these full size bed tents for your cover is the best option. You can close the tent when you go to sleep.
  • Give you a comfortable place to focus or relax: sometimes open space doesn’t give us a comfort. So, having this cool bed tents might give you a cozy feeling while doing your reading or focusing on any task in your bed. You will feel like there is a wall to prevent other from invading your space while you are doing your own business. You can relax comfortably and peacefully in the tent as well.
  • Help keep you warm in the winter or in cool AC room: with Polyester made, you can use this over bed tent to fully cover your bed if you feel too cold. Once you close it, the tent will filter the cold weather from outside, and keep you warm staying inside. It will give you a comfortable sleep.
  • Easy access: Though they are full size bed tents, they have 3 doors. These three door are great for not only air circulation but also for you to jump in and off your bed easily. You also have a flexibility to either open one door, two doors or three doors as you wish.
  • Come with various sizes: Besten bed tents are available in twin size bed, full size bed and queen size bed. You can also choose the colors you like from the option.

Here are the five colors of the Besten indoor tents you can choose for your bed

Video: Besten bed tent instructions

10. Winterial Indoor Privacy Bed Tent, Pop Up Fort Bed Canopy | Full Size bed tents

bed tents for full size beds

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Best tent beds for kids – Winterial indoor privacy is among the top bed tents for full size beds which provide you not only full privacy but also keep you warm inside for your comfortable sleep. It is suitable for full size mattress of 74″ x 53″ x 50″. It can be an ideal queen size bed tent for kids. This bed tents for kids is built for indoor purpose. It has two small indows and one big door features quality zippers. If you want your boy and girl have a good sleep and avoid them to keep playing around too much at night, bring them into sleeping in this canopy tent. They will like it. The tent is also portable and easy to set up, perfect to move around in your house or bring along for your adventure trip.

Key feature:

  • Best privacy tent for boy and girl
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Set up with an ease
  • Foldable and portable

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9. PopFS Bed Den II: PopFS Bed Den II – Foldable Privacy Bed Tent Twin XL

PopFS Bed Den II - Foldable Privacy Bed Tent Twin XL

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If you are trying to find an easy set up bed tent full size, this over bed tent will take you less than 5 minutes to set up. You just need to slip the tent right over your mattress, then bend its poles to place from inside. Make them go right to their place. That’s it. It is also lightweight for you to do every task by yourself. This tent fits most of mattresses as well as bunk beds. Moreover, the rods are made out of fiberglass which ensures durability and quick set up. Not to mention, the fabric of this tent comes in 2 layers that stands for no leaks, waterproofing, light reducing and breathable too. On top of that, it comes with zipped doors on both sides and various pockets for you to store all of the necessities.

If you are living in a dorm room or open sleeping space, this is the best bed tent for for you. It is suitable for one person who seek an indoor privacy tent to separate their own space from others. What’s even more convenient is that you can fold this tent and bring along with you anywhere in your backpack. You can use this bed tent to sleep on your mattress on the floor, on the bed and even on bunkbeds as well.

Key features:

  • Set up less than five minutes
  • Make of durable materials
  • Give you privacy and comfortable sleeps in the sharing space
  • Based in USA with satisfaction guarantee of 30 days returns

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8. Dream tent full size bed by Alvantor | full size bed tent canopy | Dream Tents Privacy Space Twin Size Sleeping Tents Indoor

full size bed tent canopy | privacy bed canopy

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Dream tent full size bed, partial private life – Being different from the above mention bed tent, the Alvantor is a kind of privacy bed canopy rather than a popup tent over bed. This indoor canopy has just ben upgraded into 2-in-1 bed tent, yet the mattress is not included in the package. Having an innovative design like a canopy, this indoor privacy tent will give you a very comfortable and relaxing place to sleep.

Alvator has also made its tent a 360 degree protection, meaning no insect or mosquito can enter it unless you open the door for them. If you are living in a dorm or sharing apartment, then you might consider having this bed ten canopy for your comfortability. This one is a see-through bed tent canopy from Alvantor. Yet, if you want a real private sleeping life, then move on to the next one which is a completely-blind bed canopy you can choose.

Key features:

  • Upgradable to 2-in-1 bed canopy tent
  • Having special and unique design
  • Ease to set up
  • Durable and stable to use
  • US based company with 100% satisfaction guarantee and one year limited warranty

7. Alvantor Private Sleeping Bed Tent: Canopy Bed Dream Privacy Space Twin Size Sleeping Tents Indoor Pop Up

lvantor Canopy Bed Dream Privacy Space Twin Size Sleeping Tents | Indoor Pop Up twin bed canopy tent

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Dream tents for queen size beds, a complete private life – Coming form the same Alvator, this is a twin bed canopy tent here for you to solve all of your worries with the entrance. The ribs are visible, so it is easy for you to assemble this in a quick speed. Moreover, this ensures that there is no leak or water flooding in the tent. By all means this sleep tent with bed is constructed to be waterproof and this is considered to be one of the most stable tents too due to its fiberglass rods. Just like Leedor, this tent’s fabric is made out Pongee.

On top of that, there are also mosquito meshes, to avoid mosquitoes disturbing your sleep and it allows air to flow freely as well. Not to mention that, this is made to be light reduction as well as noise cancellation- great for any kinds of usage. The best part is that, it comes with a 1 year limited warranty for higher maintenance. You can watch the video by Robin Yuan who put well the benefits of this privacy canopy bed. See if you fit you?

Here are the available sizes of the Dream size bed tent from Alvantor

  • Full Size Bed Dream Tent
  • Twin Size Bed Dream Tent
  • Bunk Twin Size Bed Dream Tent
  • Queen Size Bed Dream Tent

6. Leedor: Bed Tent Dream Tents Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin Indoor Privacy Pop Up Warm

Bed Tent Dream Tents Bed Canopy Shelter Cabin Indoor Privacy Pop Up Warm

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Dream tent full size bed, Leedor’s Indoor Tents for Adults – Coming to the following product of indoor bed tent reviews, which is an ideal pick for those who are looking for a stable, sturdy and nice design. This tent with bed comes with a really good design and tough as it is made of high quality material –Pongee. Pongee is considered to be the toughest fabric of all that has a soft texture. Moreover, it ensures that there is no leak or water flooding in your tent, since this is carefully made to be waterproof. On top of that, the bed frame of this tent is well constructed, so they are popping up which makes your assembling way better.

Leedor is also known for providing the best indoor tent for adult. Not to mention, you can include a mattress inside this bed tent, if you want to have a soft padded cushion to sleep on. It comes with 4 zipped doors for lights reflecting and air flowing attach with their high-quality fabric which is breathable. By all means, this would be a perfect indoor privacy bed tents for adults’ usage even at a backyard. Also, this can be accessible not only for camping, but also emergency usage such as nurses, doctors, or security guards. It comes with a really quick set up in less than 10minutes and it is the best tent of all, if you need more privacy. The best part is that the privacy curtains are washable.

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5. Privacy Pop: Bed Tent (Twin) | Black twin bed tent

bed tent twin | twin bed tent

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If you are seeking for another design that looks different from the previous one, this might be a great product for you. Privacy Pop bed tent comes in an oval design that has a really huge entrance that allows the air to flow in and out as well. Moreover, it comes with 5 colors for you to select and 4 different bed size for you to select based on how many people you want to fit in. On top of that, the entrance comes with a full zipper for you to easily set up and take down the tent.

Not to mention that, this tent features full mesh on each side of the tent, for more ventilation and light. Additionally, the ribs are popped out for assemblers for a quick set up. With the size of this and the materials, I’m sure that you can sneak in comfortably and it fits perfectly for most of the bed size.

4. Goplus Folding Mosquito Net, Portable Pop up Tent Mesh Canopy Curtains with Bottom for Bed

full size bed tent for bedroom or camping

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Best bed tents for girls – Down the list is the portable tent for full size bed from Goplus. Designed as a folding mosquito net, you can make your full size tent bed a comfortable place for either yourself or for your kids. It is very easy to install with just a few steps. It has a pop-up and self supporting frame which allow you to cover your whole bed. However, it is made of a see-through canvas, meaning less privacy as people can see through easily. However, it can give you a comfortable feeling in your bed and protect you from any harmful bugs. Anyway, it is among the cool bed tents to have if you love the beauty of a sleeping bed. Asides from using indoor, you can actually use this bed tent as a pop-up tent or mosquito net for your camping as well.

Key features:

  • Very easy to assemble
  • Have two doors for easy access
  • Made of quality polyester material
  • For multi-purpose use
  • Give you a more comfortable sleep

3. GOTOTOP White Portable Mongolia Net | Pop Up Mosquito Net Tent with 2 Opening

bed tents for queen size beds, Bed Canopy for Home Bedroom Outdoor Camping Hiking, Mosquito Net,

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This full size bed tent is a kind of Mongolia net which works as a pop up mosquito net. This indoor bed tent or mosquito net tent has two opening doors which are attached by a zipper system. It is easy to assemble and unpack anytime you wish. Made of 100% high quality polyester and fiberglass poles, this full size tent over bed are very durable and stable for use. Even though you close the tent, you will still get the bet air circulation through the fine mesh. Yet, no insect or mosquito can enter it. Also, it gives you the privacy when you in sleep. People won’t bother you when you keep in close and that allows you to do your own business with full focus.

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Talking about the design, it looks elegant though. It’s among the best tents for bed you should attached to. However, if you want a very fully closed and unseen through bed tent, you better go for the Alvantor or Leedor Bed Canopy instead. That’s the best choice for supper close indoor tent bed. For this Mongolia one, it is best for a stylish and fancy private sleep, comfortable and relax environment.

2. Ddasumi: DDASUMI Warm Tent For Double Bed Without Floor (Mint) – Blocking Cold air

DDASUMI Warm Tent For Double Bed Without Floor (Mint) - Blocking Cold air

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Here is warm tent for single bed from Ddasumi. Made of Polyester material, this play indoor tent works great in blocking cold air, and in turn keeping you warm in the winter or cold AC environment. It is also in ideal for saving you from electricity or heating system cost having in install in your bed. It is easy to use and also easy to laundry. Just to simply say, the design of this tent is similar to the popup camping tent, yet it is mostly for indoor purpose. Moreover, this tent is also made out of polyester for durability and stability. The rods are carefully structured so that the tent stays in one place. It is easy to set up in no time as well as coming with 6 different colors for you to choose.

Key features:

  • Made of high quality polyester and fiber glass pole
  • Has storage bag for storing things
  • Easy to set up, use and wash
  • Keep you warm and saving cost

1. Tangkula Tent Cot Folding Waterproof Foldable Bed Tent for both Indoor and Outdoor

1 Person Hiking Camping Tent

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Rather than just an indoor bed tent, this Tangkula is suitable for both using indoor and outdoor. While many adventurous camper and hiker likes to bring it along, you can actually use this bed tent for indoor such as in dorm room, hospital, military camp, and so on. This foldable bed tent is very durable and space saving. You can set it up on the floor or on the ground above the land. It also comes with a bag in which you can fold and place this bed tent for carrying along with you. Of if you like car camping, then you may find this  Truck Bed Tents more useful to you and your peers.

Key features:

  • Easy to set up and fold to store for saving space
  • Durable and stable
  • Give you a private and comfortable sleep
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor

List of the 10 best Indoor Toddler Bed Tents in 2024

If also want to get one toddler bed tent for your child, our team has also dedicated time to select the most recommended ones for your consideration below. These toddler bed tents are the best private sleeping space for your little one to learn to sleep alone or when you want to separate him/her from joining your personal space. You can place this child bed tent in the same room of yours as it consumes very little room, and at the same time you can keep an eyes on their safety as well.

Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a specific product, we have to ensure that we are purchasing the right one based on your own preference and the quality of it. On the other hand, just like this bed tent, we have to pick the right one for our specific usage and it has to be great in any aspects. Thus, this buying guide is another additional element to lead you to the best decision based on a few bullet points:

Size of the bed tents

There are two types of bed tents; the one come as a 2-in-1 bed tent and the tent only. Anyway, the size of the bed varies and the market is smart. You can get there are various sizes of the bed tents available in the market as well. So just make sure you the one that is suitable for yourself or your kids.


It is a good idea to know how many people you want to stay in a tent, pick the right capacity and you’re ready on the go.
Ventilations and Windows: It is essential to look for the one that comes with various windows and zipped doors for easy entrance and high-air circulation along with the mesh.


It is a really great idea to find the tent that its rods are popping out for higher support, and it is recommended that the rods are made out of fiberglass.


The main fabric of this is recommended to be either polyester or Pongee for more breathable surface, light reducing and cozy place to stay in.


We’ve finally reached the end of this article. To sum up, it is a really idea for everyone to have at least one bed tent in the back of their backyard or garage. Not only, it is to set up, but also it is great in size, price as well as the quality. It is easy to sneak in and with its length and width you can’t go wrong with it. They are useful yet handy at the same time. This might be the best pick for everyone who are into exploring nature such as mountains and forests as well as nurses, security guards, dorms and military usage. I’m sure that getting one of these won’t be a disappointment for you guys.

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FAQS about the indoor bed tent and full size bed tent

How to make a dream tent fit a full size bed?

Actually, you don’t need to make it fit. Alvantor offers two type of its dream privacy tents; twin size and full size. Therefore, you need to buy the full size one to fit in your full size bed. However, you can measure the tent’s size again your bed first before doing your purchase. That’s will be a secure measure for yourself.

What are the dimensions for a full size bed tent

I have researched and I found out that the dimensions of the full size bed tent is measured quite differently from each product. For instance, the Alvantor said its full size bed tent dimensions are 75″ (w) x 54″(L) x 47″(H), where as the Besten aligns its full size bed ten to the queen size, which are 59″ (w) x 83″ (L) x 59″ (H). Therefore, I think you’re gonna need to assess by yourself of which size and shape are the most suitable to you.

How to put a light in a indoor tent for bed?

It depends on which indoor tent you have. For instance, the the Alvator bed tent has a hanger for you to hand your light bulb in there. For other tent beds for kids or queen size bed tent, you can have a portable battery light to place in side. It’s not an ideal to get a wire light bulb. You better get a portable light either battery operated or rechargeable one for your child and your own safety.

What is the best bed tent for girl?

If you are looking for a bed tent for your little girl, you can consider the Goplus bed tent or the Besten one. These bed tents are designed to fit both little girls and adult females. Especially, Besten offers both indoor tents for adults and children. They are also available in various size including twin size, queen size and double size bed tents a swell.

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