Top 10 Best Automatic Window Cleaners in 2024 | Best Window Cleaning Robot

Automatic window cleaner is a new invented window cleaning robot which can be used to wash your the glass of your building wall, window glass and table glass without your much effort. Swanky and classy glass windows look really alluring but as long as the mirror is clean and clear. And, cleaning it manually is just too painstaking. So, if you want your glass window to look forever like a new one without investing many efforts in cleaning, consider buying a high-quality automatic window cleaner to do the job for you.

This robot automatic window cleaner will scrub the window glass by itself and save you tons of time and labor. If you are looking to buy one now, here our team has done a detailed review on the top 10 best window automatic cleaners for you to check out. To avoid spending too much time and effort, you can go through the list of these window cleaning robots and pick your best one from there. Let’s start with the best selling ones.


List of 10 Best Automatic Window Cleaners in 2024 | Best Window Cleaning Robot

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10- Ecovacs winbot 850 automatic window cleaning robot, glass cleaner tool and robotic washer

ECOVAS WINBOT 850 Automatic window cleaning robot | ecovacs winbot automatic window cleaner

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ECOVAS WINBOT automatic window cleaner is designed with patented technology and a whole bunch of cleaning mechanisms, which do their job perfectly and offer an impressive result. It can play a role as a window robot cleaner and a glass cleaning machine which can wipe and scrub your both the glass on your wall and on your table. This Ecovas window automatic cleaner also features powerful suction and a high-speed fan motor for fast and efficient cleaning.

Given the fact, you almost can’t find even a single mark of dust on the mirror after this robot window cleaning. The cleaner is designed in such a way that it is the most suitable for frameless windows and works smoothly on all types of glass. Within this Ecovas Winbot brand, you can choose one of these two models that fulfill your needs.

Video: Watch How ECOVACS WINBOT 880 is Operated with Its Smart Navigation Technology

9- HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning robot | Smart Robot Window Cleaner

HOBOT-298 Window Cleaning robot | Smart Robot Window Cleaner and glass cleaning machine

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HOBOT-298 window cleaning robot is just another name of user-friendliness. Seriously, it is designed to be a window washing robot to meet your single needs when it comes to wipe the glass window automatically. This window cleaning machine is also designed with ultrasonic water spray nozzle and brushless DC motor for the cleaning task. The water tank is replaceable and the glass cleaning function is efficient.

To allow easy accessibility, this glass cleaning robot is inbuilt with AI-technology to smartly perform the scrubbing task on your window. Given the fact, you can operate it remotely with your Smartphone or a remote as it is a wireless cleaning robot. This automatic window robot cleaner can help to clean the glasses of any thickness.

8- Gladwell Gecko Robot Window cleaner white | automatic window cleaner robot wireless

Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner | automatic window cleaner robot wireless

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Gladwell Gecko robot window cleaner comes with a whole pack of superior functionalities. Being a wireless automatic window cleaner, this glass cleaning robot is designed with such an advanced algorithm that the robot detects the edges of the window automatically and cleans even the corner part of the window efficiently.

To ensure the best cleaning results, the device uses suction technology, which removes all the dirt and deeply cleans the mirror. The best thing about this robot window cleaning is that you can manage everything at your fingertips on any of your smartphone. Just install the app or grab the remote and you’re all done. 

7- Gladwell Gecko Robot window cleaner in black | wireless automatic window cleaner robot

Gladwell Gecko Robot window cleaner in black | wireless automatic window cleaner robot

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Another Gladwell Gecko Robot window cleaner that can help you to clean your window with ease. This window cleaning robot is design for those who favor the black color of the cleaning bot. It is designed with some intuitive cleaning technology, which does not only provide the best possible results but also makes the cleaning process easier and faster.

Its AL-powered design further makes things easier. The cleaner is designed with auto-detect edges of the window.  Given the fact, it ensures a deep and all-around cleaning. You can control the robot and its setting by a mobile app or a remote. You can also get it along with one of these floor vacuum robots for complete set of cleaning kit.

6- Robot Window Cleaner by Cobcob| Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner | Vacuum Cleaning Automatic Robotic Washer

Robot Window Cleaner | Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner | Vacuum Cleaning Automatic Robotic Washer

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Unlike other automatic window cleaners, the Cobcob window cleaning robot is a bit different from others. This automatic window cleaner robot is designed with a powerful vacuum engine and utilizes special vacuum absorbing technology to attach itself to the glass while performing the cleaning task. It come with an inbuilt battery to make sure it will not fall off in case of any power cut. 

This automatic window cleaner robot also has a collision sensor to detect the window frame and 360-degree wheel for moving on the surface. With its special microfiber washing pads, it can scrub and wipe your window glass deeply and bring the shine back to it. It is among the most recommended one in the list of the best selling automatic window cleaners reviews.

5- BOBOT Win 660 series Robot window cleaning | Automatic Window Cleaner Robot

BOBOT Win 660 series Robot window cleaning | Automatic Window Cleaner Robot

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Among the window cleaning robot reviews, this special automatic window cleaner can make your windows shine flawlessly without putting much effort. What makes it unique is its advanced design which can wipe the dust and cleans the mirror in minutes. Unlike other automatic window cleaners, this one is designed with multiple control systems including a mobile app, a wireless remote, or a one-key press system.

Furthermore, this automated window cleaner is inbuilt with the UPS power system and anti-falling sensor, which prevents it from falling no matter in what angle it is installed. That’s why stays among the best glass cleaning robots in the market. If you also need an additional vacuum for cleaning task, you can check it along with these 10 best wet dry vacuum cleaners in 2024 as well. 

4- D1D9 Window glass cleaner | Glass Cleaning Robot for Window

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Finding a small yet advanced automatic window cleaner is what need to if you just need a small and portable robot window washer. So, if you’re looking for one such piece, turn to D1D9 window glass cleaner. The smaller it is in size, the more advanced it is in functionality. It is designed with AI technology, which doesn’t only detect the obstacles while cleaning but also ensures fast cleaning results. In this automatic window cleaner, you also have options to choose any of your needed cleaning modes out of 3.

In addition, this electric window cleaner is designed with strong suction and a powerful motor to do its task more effectively. If you are in need a robot window cleaner to reduce your labor job, you can grab this window robot to be your companion. You can use it either as a glass cleaning robot or window cleaner robot as you wish. 

3- Automatic Window cleaning robot by Motop | Window Cleaner automatic

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The automatic window cleaning robot by Motop is a perfect blend of advanced technology and classy design. It is small in size and operated with a remote or mobile app, which allows you to customize the robot as per your needs in minutes. It is also an automatic skyscraper window cleaner which can replace human to clean high building glass wall as well. If you are responsible for the cleaning task at skyscraper, then it is a good idea to get this automated skyscraper window cleaner to do the job for you.

In addition to that, its intuitive cleaning technology detects the edges or any other obstacles on the window and cleans it accordingly. In fact, this window washing robot can reach to the side areas where even your hands can’t. On top of all, it comes with a one-year full warranty so you don’t need to feel worried after buying it.

2- HOBOT-268 window cleaning automatic robot with remote control | Window Cleaner Machine

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When it comes to best-quality automatic window cleaners, HOBOT is a brand that can be trusted without much worry. This window cleaner machine is designed with 3 automatic modes and you can switch between them as per your needs. As soon as the robot window cleaning is done, it is stopped by itself.

If you are looking for a glass cleaning machine, this window robot is a remarkable tool that is designed with the anti-falling control system. It is further inbuilt with a laser sensor, which detects the dust even in the unreachable corners of the window. If you have a window glass area which is hard to use the scrubber to wash, then you can use this one as an automatic window washer for the replacement.

1- HOBOT-198 Glass and window cleaning automatic robot

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If you hate long tangled wires, HOBOT-198 glass and window cleaning automatic robot are made for you. With this automatic window cleaner, there is no hassle of long wire or hour-long set up. You can customize the setting in seconds with a remote control or a mobile app. To offer you the best results, it is designed with 3 cleaning modes, which can be switched from one to another at any time. Additionally, its AI technology, vacuum engine, high-sensitive sensors, and the anti-fall system further enhance its functionality. 

FAQ about Automatic Window Cleaners

What is the best robot window cleaner?

Well, there are various brands of robot window cleaners. And to define the best one, you need to first define your own purpose of using this cleaning window robot. From user experiences and recommendation, the Automatic Window Cleaning Robot from ECOVACS is very popular for wiping and cleaning glass on your building window. But if you want to use for a high building glass wall, the Robotic Frame Window Glass Cleaner from CobCob is among the preference.

How do robot window cleaners work?

Robot window cleaners or automatic window cleaners are built with advanced AI technology to operate. By pressing the button or control it from your smartphone or controller, this electric cleaning machine will work by itself by wiping and cleaning the dust on your window glass. It also has the ability to detect barrier such as the window frame when moving. Some automatic window cleaning devices also have a built-in battery to make sure the window robot won’t fall off if there is any electricity cut during the process.

How to put a window cleaning robot on high windows?

If you are living in a normal house with a high window, the best way to put a window cleaning robot on it is either through a stair or from another site of your window. Yet, if you are just living in the high building apartment, then the best way to place your cleaning robot to do its task is through your window itself. You can open your window, then place your robot cleaner to attach itself to the glass, then start to operate it.


Window glasses tend to get dirty and cloudy over time no matter how securely you keep them behind the curtains. So, get one of these automatic window cleaners and makes them look shiny for a long time that too without any efforts. Cool, no? 

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