Did Amazon Ring Cameras Really Get Hacked? How to Protect them?

A video about the hack of Amazon’s Ring Cameras has gone viral on both social media and youtube. The videos has sparked many concern about the privacy in the recent weeks. Witnessing such the stormy shares, comments and debates on the matter of such high tech product from a famous giant company on the internet, I started to do my self-research more deeply on the issues. I have looked into several incredible sources of news from big media to get a better idea as I don’t want to believe the wave of information shared on internet easily.

The privacy concern on the Amazon’s Ring Camera product did pick the attention of world’s media, and ABC News has also run a series of reporting and debates about the matters. You can watch the video below about the latest report. So, did the Ring Security Cameras produced by Amazon’s Subsidiary Company really get hacked? Let me share my finding and opinion below:


As one of the persons who got trained about online privacy and security, I am always careful and more critical on any info sharing on social media and internet as you know people tend to spread negative news faster than the good news. After spending the whole day reading about the issues, I have learnt it is not the first time people claimed that the Ring’s Security Cameras got hacked.

I have even founds customers’ feedbacks on the hacking issues since 2018. Yet, the debate has never been clear until now as the company’s representative claimed that the system has not been hacked. It’s the users who have not taken cared of their username and password properly or haven’t kept it safely. Some experts back the company’s claims while some back the users’s claims.

As quoted by the BusinessInsider, the Cybersecurity experts from Tenable said he personally use the device and it is secured for him.

“I personally use Ring for my own home … These intrusions aren’t due to vulnerabilities in the firmware but how the devices have been set up,” said Gavin Millard, vice president of intelligence for cybersecurity firm┬áTenable.

So, the company and expert said the system is secured while the users said it was hacked. Which side do you pick? From my personal experience and knowledge, I put trust on the Ring’s security system for the moment as they have a strong high tech team and their systems have always been hack-tested before launching. So, I believe it is the issue of the users who have lower knowledge on how to secure their username and password.

This doesn’t mean I put the blame on the users, the company actually should also responsible for guiding and instructing their customers about it as well. So, this blog is just from my personal research and experiences working to help people whose their social media and email accounts were hacked in my country. Mostly what I found out is that they got tricked by online hackers/cheaters to steal their access. That’s the most common causes I have met. The giant companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google and so on are hard to get hacked as they own the latest technologies in the world. Or if their system get hacked, it won’t take long for them to find out and fix it immediately.

However, as an ordinary users like us who have no knowledge about it, it is right to feel the concern. To help you less worry about your online security, or if you feel concern about how to secure your username and password for email, social media account, security camera and more, I find the basic practice from the intuit Online Security Center useful for ordinary users or go to the advices from BusinessInsider for this specific Ring’s Camera security. Best of luck Amazon’s Ring!

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