Top 10 Best Trampoline Anchor Kits in 2024

Setting up a trampoline isn’t as easy as it seems. Usually, this piece of an outdoor tent is large in size and you need to be really careful while installing it. Just unfolding it and assembling it in your favorite place won’t do. To install the trampoline firmly that can efficiently withstand heavy winds and storms, you must secure it with an anchor kit that includes all tools required for secured and reliable installation. These trampoline anchor kits will not only ensure added safety and stability to the trampoline but also minimize the chances of unexpected injuries of the kids.


List of the 10 Best Trampoline Anchor Kits in 2024

10- Eurmax Heavy Duty Trampoline Anchor Kit

A Set of 4 Bonus 4 Strong Belt Kit for Trampoline

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This is a set of 4 robust stakes that are made of heavy-duty steel and have a corkscrew design. Given the fact, they quickly go deep into the ground and ensure reliable stability. These stakes feature bent hooks on the top where you need to secure the straps. As for the size of the stakes, they are 15.84 inches large. Considering the construction materials of the stakes, they are super durable, rust-resistant, and waterproof.

Besides the stakes, the set also includes 4 strong belt straps that let you easily connect the steel buckles to the trampoline. In addition, the set also includes a T hook measuring 4.45×4.53 inches. Thus, it protects the trampoline against windy storms. Ideally, the stakes are meant for various type of trampolines including the round and rectangular ones.

Why we recommend it:

  • A set of 4 stakes
  • Includes 4 belt strap and T-hook
  • Has steel construction
  • Ensures easy assembly
  • Stakes with corkscrew design

9- N1Fit trampoline stakes anchors, Heavy Duty Ground Anchors for Trampoline

Trampoline Anchors in 4 Set

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This trampoline anchor kit is a loved choice of thousands of users. All thanks to its sturdy construction and stylish design. The set includes 4 belt straps and 4 stakes. The one side of the belts is meant to be secured on the top hook of the stakes and the second side should be hanged on the trampoline. The belts are constructed of high-density fabric and feature robust metal buckles.

Speaking of the stakes, they have a corkscrew design and they can go down into the ground without any effort in just moments. Since the lower part of the stakes is deep rolled, the stakes can be used not just for trampolines but also for other outdoor tents. Above everything, the anchor kit is compatible with almost all types and sizes of trampolines.

Why we recommend it:

  • Stakes with a corkscrew design
  • Comes with 4 large belt straps
  • Steel construction
  • Can be used with all types of trampolines
  • Durable and rust-resistant

8- Sportner heavy-duty galvanized trampoline anchor kit

Trampoline Parts Steel Ground Wind Stake Anchors Set of 10

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This set of 10 anchor pieces will definitely make your hassle of setting up a trampoline much easier and faster. Unlike many other anchor kits, this one comes with 2 pull ‘T’ hooks that ensure added stability to the trampoline. These hooks are so robust that they can efficiently withstand the tension up to 250 kg.

Besides that, the set also features 4 corkscrew stakes having 5 lap spiral structures. Given the fact, they quickly dig into the ground and let you easily install the trampoline.  The length of the stakes is 40 cm and they are designed with a wide handle of 8.5cm. To add further, the kit also includes 4 belt straps made of high-quality nylon. These straps are equipped with robust buckles that make sure the belts are firmly secured on the trampoline. Their size is also large. They are 25 cm long and 2.5 cm wide.

Why we recommend it:

  • A set of 10 pieces
  • Comes with T hooks
  • Can withstand the tension up to 250 kg
  • Features 4 steel spiral stakes
  • Versatile

7- CRIZTA Trampoline Stakes Heavy Duty Kit for Trampoline

Corkscrew Shape Steel Stake High Wind Anchor Kit for Trampolines

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This set of 4 heavy-duty trampoline stakes will make sure your trampoline can efficiently withstand heavy winds. The set includes 4 stakes and 4 straps featuring robust belts. The stakes are constructed of galvanized steel that makes them super sturdy and highly durable. Since the stakes have a corkscrew design, they dive deep into the ground and ensure reliable stability.

Speaking of the belt straps, they are made of high-density fabric that is strong enough to bear the heavy strength of the wind. The best thing about these straps is that they are adjustable in size, so you can customize the length according to your needs and install your trampoline in the most secure way. Owing to the size and design of the stakes and straps, it can be used not just for trampolines but also for the tents, fences, trees, trailers, and anything like this.

Why we recommend it:

  • A set of 8 pieces of trampoline anchor kit
  • Includes 4 stakes
  • 4 straps with adjustable size
  • Steel construction
  • Ensures easy installation

6- SONGMICS trampoline anchor kit

Tie Down Ground Anchor Kit with Galvanized Iron Stakes

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Tie your trampoline down with this anchor kit and make it capable enough to withstand even the stormy winds of 5-6 grades. The anchor kit is a set of 4 spiral stakes and 4 straps. The stakes have 4-5 lap spirals that enable them to go deep down into the ground and provide the highest level of stability to the trampoline. On the top, the stakes feature a hook where you’re supposed to secure the straps.

As for the construction materials, the stakes are made of galvanized iron that makes them ultra-durable and rust-resistant. Furthermore, premium-quality polyester is used for the straps. The unique thing about these straps is that they are designed with cross-sewing reinforcement that doesn’t only enhance their durability but also tensile strength against the wind.  In addition, the buckles of the straps are incredibly robust, as they are made of steel. Not to forget, the straps are adjustable and measures 2 meters.

Why we recommend it:

  • Includes 4 stakes and 4 straps
  • Polyester made straps
  • Straps having 2 meters length
  • Iron construction of stakes
  • Rust-resistant and corrosion-free

5- XDP recreation ground anchor kit

Metal anchor kit for trampoline

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If you’re tight on budget and looking for a pocket-friendly trampoline anchor kit, hands down, this is the best fit for you. Despite its low price, the anchor kit does its job without a fail. The set comes with 10 pieces including 4 10-inches auger-style stakes and all other hardware. The design of the stakes is different from that of other stakes. Unlike others, the stakes have unique-styled hooks.

Another unique thing about this anchor kit is that it doesn’t include any polyester or fabric straps. Instead, the set comes with sturdy steel chains that act as a connector between the trampoline and the stakes. Owing to construction materials, all pieces of the kit are waterproof and rust-resistant. Above everything, the anchor kit is compatible with not just trampolines but also all XDP recreation swing sets and many other tent types.

Why we recommend it:

  • Includes 10 pieces
  • Comes with 4 10-inches steel stakes
  • Compatible with various tent types
  • Ensures easy installation
  • Features 4 sturdy chains

4- ABCCANOPY spiral ground anchor kit

Trampoline Anchor Stakes for Anchor Swings Set Down

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This ergonomically designed anchor kit for the trampoline is a darling of hundreds of people. The set features 4 ultra-rolled stakes measuring 10 inches. On the top, these stakes are equipped with D-shaped handles that don’t only allow you to hold the stakes conveniently but also let you secure the straps in the most reliable way. Not just that, the stakes also have a cropped end-tip bottom that enables the stakes to penetrate through even the toughest surface.

Besides the stakes, the set also includes 4 straps featuring sturdy steel belts that ensure the hassle-free setup of the trampoline. As for the construction materials, the stakes are made of heavy-duty metal and the straps are made of high-quality fabric. Given the fact, the kit can efficiently withstand up to 275 lbs of the heavy force of the wind.

Why we recommend it:

  • Features 4 10-inches long stylish stakes
  • Has heavy metal construction
  • Can ensure the wind up to 275 lbs
  • Multi-purpose
  • Durable and rust-resistant

3- Trampoline wind anchor kit by Skylety Store

Trampoline Accessories

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Another trampoline anchor kit that is popular among the people, but for wholly different reasons. The reasons for the popularity of this anchor kit are its unique design and incredibly low price. Unlike others, the stakes don’t have a spiral design, but they have a U-shaped design and they measure 12×2.5×0.24 inches.

The stakes are designed with pointed ends that allow hassle-free installation of the stakes. Just knock them a bit from the top and they will quickly go deep into the ground and ensure reliable stability to the trampoline Having sturdy steel construction, the stakes are also super durable and weight-resistant. Not to forget, the set includes 10 pieces of stakes and 1 spring pull tool.

Why we recommend it:

  • Includes 10 pieces of stakes
  • Size of stakes: 12×2.5×0.24 inches
  • Metal construction
  • Have a U-shaped design
  • Comes with a spring tool

2- ZIZILAND trampoline heavy duty anchor kit

A Set of 4 Heavy Duty Tie Downs System with Ground Wind Stakes

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Look at this trampoline anchor kit if you want stylish stakes with no complex design. The stakes have 4-lap spirals with a pointed bottom that enables them to go deep down into the ground instantly and keep the trampoline stable in its place. All stakes have hooks on the top, where you need to secure the belt strap. Furthermore, the size of the stakes is 16.7×3.5×0.3 inches.

To add further, the set also includes 4 98-inches long straps featuring sturdy belts. Given the fact, you can secure even the large sizes of trampolines with the help of this anchor kit effectively. The wind resistance capacity of the straps is 400 lbs. Speaking of the construction materials, the stakes are made of steel and premium-quality nylon is used for the straps. Above everything, the anchor kit is versatile and can be used for different purposes.

Why we recommend it:

  • A set of 8 pieces
  • Stakes size: 16.7×3.5×0.3 inches
  • Sturdy steel stakes
  • 98 inches long straps with nylon construction
  • Can withstand 400 lbs of force

1- Deep touch trampoline stakes anchors kits

Trampoline Anchor Heavy Duty Stakes Trampoline Tie Down Kits

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This trampoline anchor set is popular for its user-friendly design and sturdy construction. The set features 4 pieces of stakes and 4 straps. The stakes have a corkscrew-designed bottom, which lets the stakes twist deep into the ground and ensure firm stability to the trampoline. In addition, they are designed with hooks on the top. With the help of them, you can easily secure the straps on the trampoline.

Besides that, the set also includes 4 straps measuring 98.4 inches. The construction material of the straps is nylon. Given the fact, they are highly tensile resistant and can easily withstand heavy storms of the wind. These straps also feature robust steel belts that add further tensile strength to the straps.

Why we recommend it:

  • A set of 8 pieces
  • 4 stakes with steel construction
  • 4 straps of nylon construction
  • Stakes having a corkscrew design
  • Durable and rust-resistant


How much tensile strength do these trampoline anchor kits have?

Well, it depends on the design and construction materials of stakes as well as the straps. In general, these anchor kits can efficiently withstand up to 250-400 lbs of wind force. Means, your trampoline is safe and stable even in heavy storms.

How do install my anchor kit to make my trampoline stable?

You don’t need any specific tools to install these anchor kits. The stakes have usually a corkscrew design that enables them to twist into the ground easily. Plus, they also feature a top handle, which helps to connect the straps to the trampoline on the other side. That’s it. The installation is done.

Can I use my trampoline anchor kit for other purposes too?

Yes, you can. In fact, all trampoline anchor kits are designed with the purpose to stabilize not just the trampoline but also other types of tents and swings.


No matter how stormy the wind is, it shouldn’t affect your trampoline fun. Simply tie your trampoline down with an anchor kit and prevent it from tilting and tipping over during the storms. So, go ahead and get the one.

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