Top 10 Best Sling Bags for Women in 2024

Girls have a variety of options when they are looking for a stylish and convenient handbag. Among all, the sling bags are the favorite. The reason being, these types of bags are easy to hold and they provide ample space to keep lots of things together without feeling the bulkiness. Plus, their one-strap design also looks super stylish and lets the people know your fashion taste. Owing to their huge popularity, today the market is flooded with different types of sling bags ranging in size, design, and functionality. However, you don’t need to step into this unfathomable sea of the slings bag. We have already researched and picked the top 10 sling bags for women. Get your head around the list and pick your favorite one.


List of the 10 best sling bags for women in 2024

10- KAVU rope sling bag

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The ergonomic design of KAVU rope sling bag for women makes it a popular choice among the women. Made of high-quality polyester fabric, this bag is super durable and doesn’t cause any discomfort while carrying. Speaking of the size, it is 20×11×3 inches and features several compartments where you can keep the things organized.

There are 2 vertical compartments with ample space that can be used to keep books and other such bulky items. Besides that, there is also 1 zipped internal pocket and 2 external pockets that are meant to keep your small but essential items such as the phone charger and makeup kit handy. Not to forget, the size of the strap is 20 inches and it stays stably on your shoulder. On top of everything, the

is water-resistant and can be used outdoors without any worries.

Why we recommend it:

  • Polyester fabric
  • 20 inches shoulder strap
  • Size: 20×11×3 inches
  • Several compartments
  • Water-resistant

9-Vera Bradley women’s signature sling backpack

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Vera Bradley sling bag for women is the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. Made of 100% cotton, the bag is incredibly lightweight and feels unbelievably soft on the skin. Though the cotton fabric itself is extremely durable, it is designed with the polyester lining too that makes it more durable and weight-resistant.

Moving on to the size, the sling backpack is 19 inches high and 9.5 inches wide. In such a small-sized bag, you can keep a hoard of things in an organized manner, as the bag features many compartments of different sizes. The interesting thing is that the bag doesn’t feel heavy on the shoulder even if it is brimming with the stuff. The reason being, it is designed with 18 inches long shoulder strap.

Why we recommend it:

  • Pure cotton fabric
  • 19 inches high and 9.5 inches wide
  • 18 inches shoulder strap
  • Zipped compartments
  • Polyester lining all around

8- KAVU Rope Bag cotton shoulder sling backpack

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If you want to slay with your stylish sling backpack while making no compromise on the comfort, turn your head to KAVU rope bag. With its chic design and cozy cotton fabric, the bag has perfectly combined the elegance and comfort. Not just that, but it also offers you a galore of space to store lots of things together. Featuring 2 big zippered compartments and 2-3 small pockets, it keeps your stuff secure.

The size of the sling bag for women is 20×11 inches and it is incredibly lightweight and convenient to carry. The strap of the bag is also super comfortable. It made of 4 ropes that provide the bag reliable stability in its place. Above all, it is versatile and can be used for any type of purpose.

Why we recommend it:

  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Zippered compartments & pockets
  • Size: 20×11 inches
  • Sturdy strap
  • Versatile

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7- KL928 Canvas Sling bag

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When high-quality materials meet elegant design, a chic sling bag for women like KL928 sling bag is produced. The bag is 10×7×16 inches large and weighs only 1.45 lbs. The interesting thing is that it has such a design that it is very spacious despite its small size. You can store many things in its small and big compartments. Besides the main compartments, this bag also features an anti-theft pocket and a water pocket holder. You can’t find these pockets in all sling bags. Given the fact, this bag allows you to organize your things in a better way.

Speaking of the construction materials, the bag is made of top-quality canvas and equipped with sturdy zippers. With that said, it is lightweight, water-resistant, durable, tear-proof, and a perfect fit for daily usage.

Why we recommend it:

  • Compact and stylish design
  • Heavy-duty zippers
  • Canvas fabric
  • Features an anti-theft pocket
  • Size: 10×7×16 inches

6-OutdoorMaster sling bag

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This stylish, versatile, and lightweight sling bag is a good fit for you if you want a good-quality sling bag at an affordable rate. Despite its low price, the sling doesn’t compromise on the quality and user-friendliness. Constructed of soft, lightweight, and high-quality materials with polyester lining, the sling bag is super sturdy and can hold a chunk of stuff efficiently.

It features several zippered compartments and pockets. What to say more, it is even equipped with a hidden anti-theft pocket and a water bottle holder. The size of the bag is 11.8×4×17.7 inches. Speaking of the design, this sling bag for women has a cross-body design that creates ample space despite its small size and lets you store not just small books and gadgets but also big items such as laptops.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size:11.8×4×17.7 inches
  • Equipped with multiple compartments & pockets
  • Cross-body design
  • Reversible padded shoulder strap
  • Lightweight and easy to wear

5- MOSISO sling backpack

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Another budget-friendly sling bag for women that has impressed masses of ladies with its outstanding features. The bag is super stylish and offers plenty of space too. Having a size of 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches, it is large enough to accommodate the items like laptops. Let alone be the little stuff like books and gadgets. To keep the things handy and organized, use its compartments and pockets wisely.

Furthermore, the construction material of the bag is polyester that makes the bag water-resistant and highly durable. On top of all, it has a cross-body design, which allows you to carry it not just as a sling bag but also as a chest bag, travel bag, business bag, school bag, or any type of casual bag. To ensure easy carrying, it features a large strap of 18-36 inches.

Why we recommend it:

  • Polyester construction
  • Multi-purpose
  • Size: 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches
  • Features several compartments and pockets
  • Breathable padded shoulder strap

4- MOSISO sling backpack multipurpose shoulder bag

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Simple and classic are the words that do justice with this lightweight, portable, and super stylish sling bag for women. The unique thing about this bag is that is multi-functional can be used for different purposes such as business, school, college, travel, and camping without any worries. The size of the shoulder bag is 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches and it features a long, padded, and breathable strap of 18-36 inches. You can customize the length of the strap according to your needs.

Moreover, the bag is super sturdy yet soft too. Made of heavy-duty polyester, it is incredibly durable, remarkably lightweight, and super comfortable. Moving on to its storing compartments, the bag features 1 large zippered compartment, 1 small top pocket, and 2 side mesh pouches.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches
  • Multi-functional
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Polyester construction
  • Zipper closure

3- Waterfly Cross body sling backpack

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Just look at this. The modish and alluring design of this black-colored sling backpack won’t let you take your eyes off it. Unlike others, this sling bag for women is designed with the front buckle along with the zipper. Given the fact, it ensures double-layered closure. Speaking of the size, the bag is 7×3.5×15 inches large and spacious enough to store a bundle of essential things.

Featuring a big compartment and several small pockets in and outside of the main compartment, the bag makes sure you don’t run out of the space in any case. Coming to the construction materials, the stylish bag is made of premium-quality nylon and can easily bear daily wear and tear. Not just that, but it is also water-resistant and incredibly comfortable to carry.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 7×3.5×15 inches
  • Nylon construction
  • Versatile
  • Zippered compartments and pockets
  • Features 2 mesh pockets

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2-Vera Bradley women’s lighten up sling backpack

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Get this eye-catching sling backpack and stand apart from the crowd. Its attractive design coupled with the sleek black color makes it unique from the rest. Made of 100% polyester, the bag is also long-lasting, wear-resistant, tear-proof, and waterproof. With the fact that the fabric is water-repellent, you can wash the bag whenever it needs to without any worries.

Moving on to its size, this sling bag for women is 19×9×3 inches and features several compartments of different sizes. You can keep things accordingly in a proper and organized way. Not just the pockets, but the sling bag also features a D-ring pouch where you can keep your keys safely, that too within your reach. Not to forget, it also features a 38-inches adjustable strap that can be customized depending on your needs.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 19×9× 3inches
  • Equipped with several pockets
  • Pure polyester construction
  • 38 large strap
  • Cross-body design

1-MOSISO sling backpack

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This is called the sheer class of elegance. Literally, the appealing design of this bag is just irresistible. This black-colored sling bag for women with a multi-colored floral design has so much to please you. To start with, the bag is 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches large and features several zippered compartments and pockets of different sizes, where you can keep the things organized. Besides these pockets, it also features 2 mesh side pouches that are meant to keep essential things such as water bottle and phone charger handy.

Speaking of the construction materials, the bag is made of premium quality and water-repellent polyester that makes the bag durable, lightweight, and comfortable. In addition, it also features a padded and breathable shoulder strap that is customizable and can be adjusted anywhere between 18-36 inches.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 15.3×7.5×3.5 inches
  • Several zippered compartments
  • 2 mesh pockets
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Polyester construction

Key factors to consider while buying a sling bag for women

Compromising on the quality of a sling bag would ultimately be a compromise on your style and fashion. This is why keep the following factors in mind and make a conscious and well-informed purchase.


Begin with the size. First, be clear in mind how large sling bag you want and then look for it accordingly. You can get different sizes of sling bags for women ranging in design and features. Go for the one that suits you the best.

Construction materials

The most significant thing you need to keep in mind while buying a sling bag for women is its construction materials. If the bag is made of shoddy materials, it will be torn out in no time and won’t offer you a comfortable carrying experience either. This is why check this factor carefully and make sure to buy the one that is made of either cotton or polyester materials. The bags constructed of these materials are sturdy, waterproof, and super comfortable to carry.

Number of compartments

Another vital factor that needs your attention. Just because a bag is large in size, it doesn’t mean it is really spacious and has the capability to store many things. To ensure this, you need to check the number of compartments and pockets of your prospective sling bag. In general, good-quality sling bags feature 1-2 main compartments and 3-4 small pockets.


Considering the user-friendless of the bag is also important. If the bag is not comfortable to carry and use, it is certainly not worth buying. So, make sure your sling bag has such a design that it doesn’t cause any discomfort. Also, don’t forget to inquire into the shoulder strap of the bag.


Whether you want to spice up your casual look or just want to refine your professional appearance with an elegant carrying bag, these sling bags are all you need. So, get the one and amuse the people with your stylish and sophisticated look.

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