Top 10 Best Portable Document Scanners in 2024

Looking for the best portable document scanner for home use or office use? Well, if you have heaps of archives and receipts topping off file organizers or jumbling your work area, utilizing a portable scanner is a good idea to digitize your authorized documents. It also makes your data significantly less demanding to discover and reinforce. You can run many test pages, tax documents, records of business and an assortment of receipts using one of these best document scanners, and you will see how accurate these portable scanners’ OCR programming works.

There are many portable document scanners out in the market, but not every one of them is of the best quality or can provide you with excellent work. Therefore, we have listed the top 10 best portable scanners from our research and experience to help you make the right decision. Check them out!


List of the Best Portable Scanners for Use at Home and Office in 2024

SaleBest Seller # 1
Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac
Epson WorkForce ES-50 Portable Sheet-Fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac
USB powered connect to your computer; No batteries or external power supply required; Compatible with Windows and Mac works with your existing system; Twain driver included
$129.99 −23% Amazon Prime
SaleBest Seller # 3
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner
Canon CanoScan Lide 300 Scanner
Scanner type: Document; Connectivity technology: USB; With Auto Scan Mode, the scanner automatically detects what you're scanning
$69.99 −22%
SaleBest Seller # 5
Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner, 2-Sided Scanning with 20 Page Feeder,...
Canon imageFORMULA R10 Portable Document Scanner, 2-Sided Scanning with 20 Page Feeder,...
BROAD COMPATIBILITY – Works with both Windows and Mac devices, be it laptop or computer; This product is not intended for scanning photographs on photo paper / photographic media
$194.00 −6%
SaleBest Seller # 6
Epson Workforce ES-60W Wireless Portable Sheet-fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac 10.7' x...
Epson Workforce ES-60W Wireless Portable Sheet-fed Document Scanner for PC and Mac 10.7" x...
Groundbreaking speed ― scans a single page in as fast as 4 seconds (2).; Includes Nuance OCR ― create searchable PDFs and editable Word and Excel files
$179.99 −17% Amazon Prime
SaleBest Seller # 8
Epson WorkForce ES-300W Wireless Color Portable Document Scanner with ADF for PC and Mac,...
Epson WorkForce ES-300W Wireless Color Portable Document Scanner with ADF for PC and Mac,...
Quick batch scanning for stacks of paper, 20-page Auto Document Feeder; Versatile scanning, scan 2-sided documents, receipts, business cards, plastic IDs and more
$299.99 −23% Amazon Prime

Portable Document Scanner Reviews

10. Epson Workforce DS-30 Portable Document Scanners and Image Scanners

Epson DS-30 is the best portable scanner for transforming document and photos into electronic files conveniently.

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The Epson DS-30 Portable Scanner is an innovative design for both document scanning and image scanning. With its advance technology, this portable scanner can filter an assortment of the reports, including ID and business cards, and also enable you to examine specifically to Cloud. This document portable scanner makes exceptionally decent pictures or PDFs that are measured and scanned. You might have the capacity to pack it into your workstation sack; however, unquestionably it’s no issue discovering space in your standard bag for it. It’s nothing complicated to scan your document and image at your convenient.

Anyway, there are also newer models of this Epson DS-30 which is Epson ES-50 portable scanner, Epson ES-60W Wireless Portable Scanner in the range. They are all the best quality portable scanners among its kind. You just need to identify which one fit your need the best! To me, the Epson DS-30 is enough to fulfill my need. Yet, if you might go for a higher level if your need is bigger than mine!

9. Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi Portable Document Scanner | A Smarter Wi-Fi Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery & Fantastic Software

Doxie Go SE Wi-Fi is among the best portable scanners for scanning fragile and damaged receipts and photos.

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Doxie portable document scanner is a versatile image scanner, which can scan paper, receipts, and photographs at any place in the world without the need of a PC. The outcomes are incredible, with extraordinary determination and clearness so any picture can imprint on request with no loss of value. If you want to begin examining and sparing family photographs or records, get this portable scanner. You’ll be happy with this fantastic item. Regardless of whether you feed the photographs through unevenly, the scanner handles it well, even remedying minor issues as required. The scanner works unobtrusively, is quick to charge, and simple to clean after each 50 to 100 photographs.

If you are in need of scanning irregular sized items or damaged/fragile photos and receipts or very small items, then it’s recommended to buy along with this Doxie photo sleeves, an additional device which helps protect your fragile image and document when doing the scanning. The two items are always bought together by many users.

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8. Brother DS-620 Portable Document Scanners | Best Portable Document Scanner under $100

Brother DS-620 Portable Document Scanners | Best Portable Document Scanner under $100

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The Brother portable scanner is another reputable brand. Vast numbers of us that grew up before omnipresent computerized photography have hundreds to thousands of old prints put away in boxes, and challenging to compose sort, or any of other moves we make, conceded with advanced photograph files. To solve this problem, Brother Mobile Page Scanner has been introduced. This portable document scanner handles the receipt filtering like a star. It examines the receipts and drives them out into the waste can. The output settings are ideal for this activity. A multifunction scanner like this is intended to interest the home association OCD identity. The product was anything but difficult to work with and utilize; the scanner is the right size and simple to store away. The programming that accompanies it is incredible and simple to appreciate.

If you haven’t found the right document scanner to fulfill your need yet, maybe you can check out the bigger capacity of the scanner i.e. Duplex Scanner. This scanner has more functionalities to scan your photo, receipt, document and more and convert them into e-documents in an excessive way. Check it out if you need a higher capacity document scanner at work.

7. Epson ES-200 Portable Document Scanner with ADF Duplex Scanning

Epson, ES-200, Portable Document Scanner with ADF Duplex Scanning

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The Epson ES-200 Portable Document Scanner functions admirably. It is easy to install, and it’s even really straight-forward to get chipping away at a remote system. This portable scanner spares so much time while keeping up fantastic pictures, super quick examining speed for a portable scanner, an excellent paper plate for a versatile work process and OCR. It does single or twofold sided checking, examined ideal to a pdf, open the record, and rename it. The archive quality is exceptional. Also, it’s small, as it scarcely requires any work area land, and it’s light, so it could well be a compact for people who take their workplaces with them. You can examine a 150-page book in under 5 minutes with the auto feed; two-fold sided checking capacities. If you are in need for connection, this Cable Matters Micro USB 3.0 fits best with this Epson Es-200.

6. Vupoint ST470 Portable Document Scanners with Auto-Feed Docking Station, Bundle, and Magic Wand

Vupoint ST470 is a portable scanner coming along with a magic wand scanner to smoothen your scanning process.

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The Vupoint Portable Document Scanners complete a great job of grabbing excellent points of interest in the line work of illustrations. Wholly collected, with the docking station, rod, and USB control link, this is a great scanner. Having the capacity to unlock the scanner and take it with you on business trips is also a benefit. Finally, the auto-nourishing docking station gives this item the possibility to have the capacity to examine numerous records/photographs rapidly. It is easy to transfer photographs and records utilizing the provided little SD card, or by interfacing the docking station specifically to your PC with the USB line and examining pictures and archives straight to your PC. Ensure you hone a bit with the scanner before you chip away at crucial pieces, so you get the vibe for how quick to move the wand.

5. Epson ES-300W Portable Scanner with ADF for PC, Sheet-fed and Duplex Scanning

Epson ES-300W Portable Document Scanners, with ADF for PC, Sheet-fed and Duplex Scanning

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The Epson Workforce ES-300W Scanner can turn reports in light of the content. It is a newer version of the Epson ES-200. The archive feeder is relatively immaculate. It works by pulling each sheet in all together without twisting or distorting. It also backs twofold sided checking. You will love the Wi-Fi examining which after a watchful setup as it will work flawlessly. Well almost flawless as nothing is perfect, right? It’s quick and works as per your inclinations.

This portable scanner has a good impression and consumes less room on your desk. The programmed report feed works genuinely well with ordinary paper, as multipurpose printer paper. If you are going to carry this portable scanner along for most of the time, you can get this Hermitshell Hard Protective Travel Case so that you can secure your scanner from being broken or damaged. They fit best with each other.

4. VuPoint Solutions ST415 Handheld Magic Wand Portable Scanner Kit for Document and Image

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A few things you put aside for posterity are too massive for your printer/flatbed scanner, and this scanner fills the hole. From fine art, pictures, books, you can sweep and spare everything. Indeed, even on the most minimal DPI examine, it creates sharp images of a high contrast gifts, with each page taking around 2 seconds to slide over. The scanner likewise accompanies a little convey sack, which is pleasant. It holds additional AA batteries, USB rope, and extra miniaturized scale SD cards. It was additionally helpful for checking magazine or daily papers since you move it over them as opposed to bolstering the paper through it.

The scanner lets you know whether fouled up and didn’t get the scan. It’s very portable and handheld scanner which you can bring along like a magic wand stick! It is also known as the best photo scanner. If you only need it most for photo scanning, then go for this one as it’s easy to bring along in the same bag with your laptop and other electronic device. Don’t you think it’s gonna make you feel like carrying along the magic stick? Well, it’s a scanner wand stick anyway and you can find the series of this scanning magic wand for more 🙂

3. Brother Document Scanner DS-720D, Fast Scanning, Compact and Lightweight, Duplex Scanning

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The primary thing individuals like about the brother portable color page scanner are the control you have in the product for how pages checked. When examining a record, you have the alternative to catch pages as a picture document or PDF. If you complete a solitary page PDF, the product filtering the main page at that point allows you 30 seconds to embed the following, and soon after that you can integrate another page, and it will keep checking each paper into its record; this is hugely convenient for streamlined examining.

This minimized Brother scanner is extremely helpful since it is sufficiently little to put on your PC work area, so it is close nearby. That and the capacity to examine the two sides of a page influences filtering to go considerably faster than previously. If you have already recognized the product brand, I am needless to say more. It provides almost all what you need from the portable scanner in its kind.

2. Epson DS-40 Wireless Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Sheet-fed, Mobile/Portable

Epson, DS-40 Wireless Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Sheet-fed, Mobile/Portable

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Works fantastic for reports, particularly lawful measured, receipts, cards, checks, etc. anything that isn’t letter-sized. This is what the Epson DS-40 is invented for. This portable document scanner makes delightful pictures or PDFs that are estimated agreeing with the standard size. It is a marvelous conservative scanner, it auto trims exceptionally well and is simple to introduce. Epson offers the download on the web. It does extraordinary for filtering into pdf format and does not take long at all to filter a page.

1. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner for Mac and PC

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Fujitsu Scansnap s1300i is a Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner for Mac and PC which is among the most convenient and straightforward scanners on this list. Sorting out your printed material is simple with the ScanSnap S1300i portable scanner. Scan your reports, receipts, and business cards to accessible PDF and upload them to your work area or cloud drive. Its compact design makes this scanner most easily to store; you can put it in your closet, table, draw or even your bag. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner easily scans all your documents without any problems and can save your time. It is recommended to those people who value time and space.


Using the help of a handy document scanner, business people can undoubtedly scan receipts, business cards, and some other reports or pieces of paper they have to digitize. A large number of the present versatile scanners incorporate features which are customarily on work area archive scanners well. An ideal candidate for document scanning is that which works speedily, can support a variety of file formats and is most of all, removable from its dock, which makes the scanner portable. So we hope that our compiled top 10 best portable document scanners will help you make the right decision that suits your preferences.

What is the best scanner for home use?

There are many types of scanners ranging from a duplex document scanner to document camera scanner and portable scanner. Therefore, I would recommend the scanner based on your need. If you have excessive documents mixing with both black and white and colors, then I would recommend this Fujitsu ScanSnap Duplex Scanner as it has a high capacity to handle such a big job. There are more other brands if you would like to check them out.

However, if you don’t need to use the scanner excessively, then then the portable scanner is more than enough for your home use. I would recommend you to get the Epson DS-30 as it’s portable, consume not much space on your desk and can be use to scan both documents and photos effectively. For alternative, you can choose from the list of the best portable scanners above.

How does portable scanner work?

The portable scanner basically works by moving its light sensor over your document or photo. Then then the scanner picks up the image and transform it into electronic file which allows you to it in different formats such as PDF or JPEG and so on. With the advance of technology, now scanning task becomes easier and easier. When you want to scan your document, you just need to insert it into the scanner port, then press the button. It will do most of the job without much effort from you.

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