Top 10 Best Outdoor LED String Lights In 2024

Looking at your dark backyard or patio in the night seems really dull, especially if there is an event in your home and your entire house is all lit up. In fact, this outdoor darkness eclipses the inside glitter. This is why invest in a high-quality outdoor LED string light and add life to your outer space too.

However, finding a quality-packed outdoor LED string light in the market is not an easy task as numerous options are available out there. But, you don’t need to worry. We have listed down the 10 best LED string lights for outdoor of the year for you. Go ahead and pick out the one for you.

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List of the 10 Best Outdoor LED String Lights in 2024

10- Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Twinkle Star 300 LED Window Curtain String Light for Christmas Wedding

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Twinkle Star curtain string light has a long length of 9.8ft and it features a large number of 300 LED bulbs. Given the fact, it can be efficiently used on walls, windows, patio, balcony, ceiling, and many other places in any occasion. The bulbs are super energy-saving and consume extremely low power. Additionally, they are also designed with 8 different animations that can be switched anytime. The animations include waves, sequential, slogs, flash, slow fade, and twinkle. You simply need to plug it in and it will start functioning.

9- Solar Christmas Lights By Joomer

Solar Christmas Lights,72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Solar String Lights

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If you need a large outdoor LED string light, Joomer solar Christmas lights can be a good fit for you as it is 72ft long and features 200 big bulbs. Unlike many other string lights, it is solar-powered. Given the fact, it avoids the utility electric cost and also prevents the hassle of replacing the battery.  Moreover, it is automatically operated by the light sensor, which automatically turns it on in the night and off during the daytime. In addition to that, the light has different animation modes.

8- Brightown 300 LED Window Curtain String Light

Brightown 300 LED Window Curtain String Light, Hanging Fairy String Lights for Bedroom Wedding

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Brightown window curtain string light will brighten up your entire backyard with its 300 twinkling white LEDs. The string light is 10 ft long and features 12-drop strings. Adding more to that, you can add additional strands if you want to make it longer. Interestingly, it doesn’t consume much electricity as it is designed with only 120V AC input. The lighting can be customized in 8 different modes with the help of a remote or the controller button built on the wire. Anyway, if you are talking to Alexa or Google Home often, better get the Alexa compatible and Google Home compatible LED lights for your command.

7-  Ehome Fairy String Lights

Ehome Fairy String Lights, 12 Pack Fairy Lights Battery Operated

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If you need several packs of outdoor LED string lights, turn to Ehome fairy string lights. The set includes 12 packs of 6.6ft long and super thin strings. Each string features 20 micro LED lights that create an incredibly illuminating aura. Unlike many other outdoor lights of this list, it is battery-powered and offers a long battery life of 48 hours when it is fully charged. Moreover, the wires are made of copper, which doesn’t only make them waterproof but also prevent overheating even after hours of continuous use.

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6- Twinkle Star 200 LED Christmas Tree String Lights

Twinkle Star 66ft 200 LED Christmas Tree String Lights UL Safe Certified Outdoor Fairy Lights Plug in

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 If your backyard is big and you need a big outdoor LED string light, Twinkle Star LED Christmas tree string light a good fit for you. It comes in a long length of 66ft and features 200 white illuminating bulbs. You can further extend the length by connecting up to 5 additional light strings. The distance between the bulbs is 10cm. Given the fact, the bulbs are compact enough to create an illuminating aura all around. Moreover, it features 8 lighting modes, which can be adjusted simply by a press of a button.

5- Solar Christmas Lights Green By Toodour

Solar Christmas Lights Green Lights 72ft 200 LED 8 Modes Solar String Lights

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As the name suggests, Solar Christmas Lights by Toodour is a solar-powered outdoor LED string light. Given the fact, it is operated with solar energy, which gets accumulated during the daytime and emits sparkling light at the night. You don’t need to shut it on or off either. It automatically detects the darkness and starts functioning.  Nevertheless, it features an on/off too. To diversify the lightings, the string is inbuilt with 8 different lighting modes, which are adjustable in just a single press of a button.

4- JMEXSUSS 100 LED Christmas String Lights

JMEXSUSS 100LED 49.2ft Indoor String Christmas Lights 30V 8 Modes Fairy String for Homes

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JMEXSUSS Christmas string light is an electric-saving, budget-friendly, and high-illuminating outdoor LED string light. With a power voltage of 30V, it consumes less electricity and provides bright light. Moreover, it is also heat-resistant, cool-to-touch, and free from any radiation. To ensure colorful lighting, it is inbuilt with 8 different lighting modes such as wave, sequential, slo glo, flash, fade, and twinkle.  Furthermore, the string is 49.2ft long. With the fact, it can cover a large range and can be used for any type of event.

3- YIHONG 4Set Fairy Lights Battery Operated Christmas String Lights

YIHONG 4 Set Fairy Lights Battery Operated Christmas String Lights

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If you need multiple sets of outdoor string lights, YIHONG Christmas string lights can be a good fit for you as the set includes 4 packs of string lights. Each pack is 16.4 ft long and features 50 LEDs, which produce white illuminating lights and create a romantic atmosphere. All these 4 string lights are remote controllable. Given the fact, you can easily adjust the brightness and switch the lighting modes, which can be changed in 8 different modes. Moreover, the strings are battery-powered and require a 3AA battery.

2- Brightown G40 Globe String Lights

25Ft G40 Globe String Lights with Clear Bulbs,UL listed Backyard Patio Lights

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If the general LED bulbs don’t fit in your needs, buy Brightown string light that features 25 G40 bulbs. The string is 25ft long and has end-to-end connectable sides. Given the fact, you can connect multiple strings if you want to decorate a wide space. The good thing about this outdoor light string is that it will work efficiently even if a couple of bulbs stop working. Moreover, it is waterproof and can be used even in bad weather conditions effectively. Above all, it comes with a one-year full warranty.

1- String Lights, Lampat 25ft

String Lights, Lampat 25Ft G40 Globe String Lights

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Another outdoor LED string light with the big-sized G40 bulbs. The bulbs emit yellow light and create a cozy and warm ambiance all around.  The strand is 25ft long and features 25 super illuminating bulbs. If you have to light up a large area and this length is not enough for you, you can further connect the additional strands as per your needs as it is designed with end-to-end connectable sides. Given the fact, it is a versatile LED string light that can be used flawlessly outdoors as well as indoors.

Key factors to consider while buying an outdoor LED string light

With the fact that outdoor LED string lights are meant to be used outdoors, you should be a bit careful while making a purchase. String lights are easily broken anyway. Given the fact, it becomes more considerable when it is about outdoor string lights. This is why keep certain factors in mind before buying an outdoor string light.

Construction material

When buying an LED string light for outdoor, first and foremost check the construction materials of your prospective outdoor string light. Generally, the wire and bulbs of a light string are so thin that they get easily damaged. Given the fact, look into this factor carefully and make sure that your desired light is sturdy enough to withstand the outdoor conditions. Moreover, an outdoor LED light should also be safe-to-touch when it is all lit up and it completely depends on the construction material of the wire. Ideally, a string light with copper wire and LED bulbs is considered the best.

Is it waterproof?

Needless to say that your would-be outdoor LED string light has to be waterproof. After all, you have to use it outdoors, so it must be weather-resistant. Else, you’ll end up removing and installing your outdoor lights every now and then. Given the fact, buy an outdoor light that is able to do its magic in wet areas too.

Length and extending capacity

In general, an outdoor string light is long in size as it is meant to be used in large backyard and patios. However, you’ll get different sizes from small to large in the market. So, be clear with the length of your requirement and then make the purchase accordingly. And yes, don’t forget to check out whether your string light is extendable or not. Even if you need a small string light at the moment, buy an extendable one, so that it can be extended if you need in the future.

Lighting modes

The string lights are meant to create a colorful and relaxing ambiance. Aren’t they? This is why look for the one that is inbuilt with multiple color modes and can create a vibrant and lively environment all around. Don’t go for a string light that has no color alterations and looks really dull and monotonous.  Ideally, a good-quality outdoor string light is inbuilt with 8 different color modes at a minimum. The combination of patterns might be different from string light to string light.


An outdoor LED string light doesn’t only create a sparkling outdoor environment but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere. So, get one of these high-quality LED string lights and fill your dull backyard with glowing light and relaxing coziness.

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