Top 12 Best Handheld Megaphone | Compact Megaphone in 2024

A handheld megaphone is an amplifier, talking trumpet, bullhorn, blow the horn, or a loudhailers which is typically a convenient or hand-held, cone-molded acoustic horn used to intensify a man’s voice or different sounds and direct it in a provided guidance. The sound is brought into the tight end of the bullhorn, by holding it up to the face and talking into it, and the sound waves emanate out the wide end.

The best megaphone help expand the volume of sound by extending the acoustic impedance seen by the vocal lines, coordinating the impedance of the vocal tracks to the air, with the goal that progressively stable power is emanated. It likewise serves to coordinate the sound waves toward the path the horn is pointing. It to some degree mutilates the sound of the voice because the recurrence reaction of the amplifier is more noteworthy at higher sound frequencies. If you are looking for one to talk to the crowd or to cheer your team mate in any special event, grab one of the best mega phones below.


List of the 12 Best Handheld Megaphone | Compact Megaphone in 2024

Megaphone Reviews

12. Best Cheerleader Megaphone: Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn

Cheerleader megaphone

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This Pyle is the best cheer megaphone which is most popular for football, soccer, baseball, hockey and even in the safety drills. It has a built-in Siren and adjustable volume control. You can use it to reach the range of up to 1000 yard. This Pyle’s megaphone is built for multi-purpose and for both indoor and outdoor uses. Having a great voice amplifier, this portable megaphone allows you to organize and communicate with a crowded people more effectively.

The megaphone’s microphone is very convenient to hold and use. You can use one hand to hold the megaphone, and another to hold the microphone to talk. You can also use it’s Siren to signal and alert the crowd.

11. Best Megaphone with Siren: Croove Megaphone Bullhorn with Siren

Croove Mega phone Bullhorn with Siren

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Croove is a handheld and compact megaphone which produces 30 watts of sound and can cover the area of 800 yards. This small megaphone is a weightless bullhorn with a comfortable strap to grip it which makes it easy for you to take it around with you. It comes with 4D batteries and has a friendly control panel which makes it extremely easy to use. It has built-in sounds like a siren and soccer song which makes people use it with ease.

The Croove Siren Megaphone can also be used by the people belonging to different fields like event management organizations, rescue teams, police department, etc. You can also use it for making announcements to the neighbors, gathering, school assemblies, etc. What’s more do you expect? Highly recommended from the list. It is the best mega phone for schools or talking to the crowds.

10. Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn

Megaphone Speaker from Pyle

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Pyle Megaphone is a complete package of speakers with two audio projection modes including voice talking and siren alert. Voice mode amplifies your sound as you speak in the microphone and siren alert amplifies the emergency alert through an amplified megaphone. It has improved battery life and ergonomic grip with less-weighted chassis.

The Pyle megaphone speaker also has an adjustable volume which is made to provide you an easy control along with easy portability option of folding handles. You can switch it on or off according to the need. The power output of all Pyle megaphones are 20 watt and covers an area up to 400 yards. The dimensions are 6.1 x 10.2 x 6.1 inches and weigh 2 pounds only. All these qualities makes this device one of the best alternatives available. It is best use for football coaching, baseball, cheer leading, coaching & safety or military drill

9. Pyle Megaphone Speaker PMP45R

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PMP45R

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This is another mega phone from Pyle, called Pyle Bullhorn Megaphone. It has clear sound and long range. Your voice can make impact up to 1000 feet away with this professional megaphone. With its bullhorn speaker, you can amplify your voice with clarity. It is a lightweight megaphone with a built-in siren, easy to grip the mic. Its multi-function build makes it easier for you to use along with useful functionalities like 3.5 mm aux, siren and volume control options. In cases where you need the attention of the people hurriedly, the Pyle PMP45R megaphone is the best option.

The Pyle bullhorn speaker also allows you to adjust the emergency tone and amplifies it as needed through adjustable volume. It has a maximum power output of 400 watts and audio projection range up to 1,000 yards. The dimensions are 8.2 x 9.5 x 13.5 inches and weigh 4.04 pounds. Its battery is rechargeable, and the mega phone is best for cheerleading, coaching and drilling.

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8. Pyle Bluetooth Bullhorn PA Megaphone PMP42BT

Pyle Bluetooth Bullhorn PA Megaphone PMP42BT_0

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The third type of mega phone from Pyle is the PMP42BT which is the most recent bullhorn offering from brand. With every cycle of lead bullhorns, we’ve enhanced the battery life, power, ergonomics and usefulness. This model highlights worked in Bluetooth innovation enabling you to stream sound from your gadget. Enjoy remote sound transmission of 40 Watts with coverage of 1200 yards.

It comes outfitted with internal SD and USB streak memory card, and the 3.5mm Aux-In jack enables you to associate and play your MP3, cell phone or other outer gadgets. Enjoy flexible sound-gushing and amplifier ability with the Pyle PMP42BT Bluetooth Wireless Megaphone Bullhorn. The 2.1+EDR version is used which has a range up to 30+ft. You can surely think over this looking at it’s specifications.

7. Best Choice Products Toy Megaphones with Siren and Volume Control

Fire rescue mega phone

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This small megaphone comes in a set of two which are fire rescue megaphone and police megaphone. This one is built for children to play with or rehearsal. It is equipped with shoulder straps for them to carry. It has a multi-function microphone and speaker as well as siren. You can control its volume as you wish to. This set of megaphone is the best toy for children to play both indoor and outdoor. It is an ideal for children’s toy. If you are looking for a serious one, grab from the list above or go further down the list.

6. Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn PMP52BT

Pyle Megaphone Speaker PA Bullhorn PMP52BT

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The Pyle PMP52BT Megaphone Speaker gives a smaller, compact and incredible sound projection. The integrated Bluetooth functionality takes into account remote music spilling and enables you to extend sounds from the majority of the modern gadgets.

Setup is basic, and the connection is convenient along with the delicate touch advanced control board. Powerful PA speaker projection enables you to control the group of people covering an area up to 1,200 yards with a power output of 50 watts. Interface and stream MP3 excellent sound records through USB Flash and SD Memory Card Readers – or straightforwardly associate your gadget through Aux (3.5mm) Input. Utilize the cohesive wired receiver to extend your voice uproarious and clear, or flip the change to actuate a ceaseless alarm for crisis use. The Pyle Bluetooth Megaphone Speaker includes the flexible sound gushing capacity for any group control or open social occasions. The dimensions are 9.44’’ x 13.77’ with 3.57lb weight.

5. Kestrel Blue Ocean Megaphone

blue ocean megaphone

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The Blue Ocean megaphone from Kestrel is specially designed for military, police and fire departments who often need to address to the large number or groups of people. This megaphone blue is waterproof. The Blue Ocean mega phone is the strongest, climate safe bullhorn you will discover. It was remarkably structured and deliberately worked to challenge extreme climate that usually destroys different bullhorns; erosion, breaking, and water harm.

This best megaphone is not only waterproof but drop-resistant with skims if coincidentally dropped in any liquid. The two handles on the Blue Ocean builds the toughness and makes it simpler to deal with than the common bullhorn. The built-in amplifier covers the area up to 800 yards. The enduring rechargeable battery gives 8 hours of activity time and 30 hours of backup to get you through an entire day of activity. It is the best megaphone for use in the chaos situation.

4. Waterproof Megaphone Bullhorn and Flashlight PMP67WLTB

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The Pyle PMP67WLTB megaphone is another waterproof bullhorn with an additional feature of built-in LED lights for you to be used in darkness. It offers voice and alarm intensification for indoor and open-air locations. 40 Watt of output gives an extreme sound projection scope of up to 1000 square yards. Pass your voice through the incorporated speaker or turn on the alarm caution for critical alerts.

You can change Pyle speaker’s volume through an advantageous back mounted revolving control. The IPX5 marine-review waterproof rating guarantees substantial use in tempests, at pools, or on pontoons. It used rechargeable 11.1V Lithium 2000mAh batteries for easy portability. The size of the megaphone is 12.9” (L) x 8.2” (D) with the weight of 2.87 pounds.

3. Maxam Megaphone

Maxam Megaphone

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Maxam is another small megaphone, yet it’s a necessary & straightforward bullhorn that can be used for different purposes like talking to a group of people, in a sports event, for extra-curricular activities. It has a few features which include a siren, handle strip which can be folded easily and a strong wrist wrap. It needs 4C batteries for operating it. The dimensions are 9 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches and weigh 1.3 pounds. This white bullhorn speaker is good for singing and for schools activities.

2. Pyle Portable Compact PA Megaphone PMP51LT

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The blue and white Pyle Pro PMP51LT is a handhold amplifier intended to offer alarm and voice intensification for indoor and open-air locations. 50Watt of yield control and a full ringer measurement give a most excellent sound projection scope of more than 1200 yards. Venture your voice or an alarm caution through the ground-breaking dynamic piezo driver. You can switch on the built-in LED lights for eye-catching brightening.

The separable amplifier includes a press-to-talk switch and controllable volume settings. The ergonomic single-handed grip and lightweight structure enable you to hold the microphone in one hand and the receiver in the other. Eight C batteries can fuel the PMP51LT or using a discretionary 12 VDC control connector. 11.8 x 9.4 x 13.6 inches are the dimensions of this megaphone, and it weighs 3.2 pounds.

1. Pyle Portable Compact PA Megaphone Speaker with Alarm Siren & Adjustable Volume

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Talk through the looped rope handheld mouthpiece and be heard a sound and clear with the Pyle 50W Bullhorn Megaphone Speaker. With a sound projection scope of more than 1,200 yards and a rational dimension of 105 decibels, you can viably stand out enough to be noticed. It uses portable rechargeable batteries so don’t need to worry about the charging. It also has a siren function which not only allows you to amplify your sound but also use as an emergency alarm. You can attach your mp3 devices with a built-in AUX. Furthermore, switch on the natural LED lights for eye-finding lighting up.

Things to be reviewed before purchasing Mega Phone

Megaphones can give an incredible sound fortification and intensification amid your open-air occasions, regardless of what season it is! Irrespective of whether you’re paging cousins for supper at a family get-together, leading children at summer camp or driving your assemblage at a congregation gathering; the right megaphone will help you do your job correctly. Let’s have a look at important things to be considered while buying:

Usage of megaphone

Megaphones are easily recognizable by their particular funnel or ringer shape. As a result of the acoustic properties of this shape, amplifiers and bullhorns center sound waves and empower them to travel long distances. Controlled bull horns include a mouthpiece, intensifier, and microphone to additionally extend sound in a stable region that can stretch for hundreds — even thousands — of feet. Notwithstanding their range, amplifiers venture sound in a tight bend that is perfect for gatherings of people or groups of individuals progressing.


Check the amplifier’s weight to ensure you’ll be easy to move it here and there, and furthermore, consider easy to hold shoulder and wrist lashes.


When you have to stand out enough to be noticed, an alert isn’t just more recognizable than your voice alone, but at the same time, it is more intense.

Separable Microphone

Separable amplifiers enable you to move the horn far from your face so you can turn in various ways without running around. They likewise allow you to lift the horn high over your head for the extra range.

Clear Bells

An unmistakable ringer implies you’ll have the capacity to see where you’re going on if you can’t hold the amplifier over your head — a fundamental component for occasions.

Benefits of Megaphones

Bullhorns give a gigantic preferred standpoint when other open location frameworks like amplifiers are not accessible. They are regularly utilized at political arouses, open-air motion picture sets, wearing occasions, road exhibitions, and whatever other circumstance where individuals gather.
The handheld electronic form of the amplifier holds the state of the firsts; however, they have a receiver situated toward one side and at the other is a horn speaker. They have a single-handed grip and trigger switch which turns it on and off as wanted. There are the individuals who trust that more significant is in every case better and that incorporates creators of bullhorns and amplifiers.


The unmistakable contorted sound of a human voice intensified by a bullhorn is generally perceived. Versatile megaphones are typically utilized for addressing to large groups and mass correspondence. When you need to transfer some information or headings to a substantial swarm of individuals at a single place, an electric amplifier is significant when other frameworks are not available.

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