Top 10 Best DJ Mixers for Your Pick in 2024

With the name itself, you must have figured out the function of a DJ mixer. However, if you want to dive deeper, let me put it in words. Ideally, a DJ music mixer is the soul of music mixing. It lets you pull the strings of songs and create them in your own way. It can take your music mixing to a whole new level or bump down into the floor. It’s all about choosing the right mixer for you and using it correctly. We can’t help you with the tool operation, but we can certainly do something to help you choose the ideal DJ’s mixer for you. Yes, we can. This is why we have put together the top 10 best mixers for DJ in 2024. Check out the list.


List of the 10 Best DJ Mixers Reviews in 2024

Best Seller # 2
VTech Kidi Star DJ Mixer
VTech Kidi Star DJ Mixer
Mix and jam with a DJ turntable, 15 built-in songs and 2000+ sound combinations; Fine tune your DJ talent by playing along with a built-in music game
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Best Seller # 3
Pioneer Electronics DDJ-200 2-Channel Smart DJ Controller
Pioneer Electronics DDJ-200 2-Channel Smart DJ Controller
Lightweight and compact with a pro-style layout it’ll help you learn to mix
Amazon Prime

10- GoXLR- mixer, sampler, & voice FX for streamers by TC-Helicon

GoXLR mixer is a multi-channel DJ mixer that lets you control the volume of your songs the way you want. You can even change the voice to make it more realistic. Starting from reverb to echo, pitch shift, gender-bend, robot, megaphone, and hard-tune, you can add a number of vocal effects to your song.

The sound can further be intensified with its +48V phantom power, equalizer, compressor, and limiter. Moreover, it is also inbuilt with colorful and customizable RGB lighting to create a perfect party-like environment.

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9- Pyle Professional Audio DJ Mixer, Soundboard Console

If the long and tangled wires annoy you, Pyle professional audio mixer will surely please you with its Bluetooth wireless streaming function. On this DJ’s mixer, you can seamlessly stream the songs from your phone or iPad and produce them with new tuning, sound pitch, and vocal effects.

If this is not enough for you, you can connect it to your PC using an external USB and explore your full song gallery. Speaking of features, it is equipped with XLR, +48V phantom button, and 3-band EQ, which altogether simplify the operation and yield great results.

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8- Yamaha Mg06X 6-input compact stereo DJ mixer

Yahama Mg06X compact stereo mixer is a good fit for the people who want more control over the sound while mixing the music. All thanks to its 3-band equalizers that never fail to do their job. Unlike others, it is inbuilt with high-quality Op-amp that helps it produce remarkable sound. The thing that will make you fall in love with this amazing DJ’s tool is that it is inbuilt with high-pass filters, which eliminate the unwanted noise and offer you a flawless mixing experience.

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7- V8 sound card voice changer and audio DJ mixer by Ouying

If you want something more than just the conventional DJ mixer, Ouying V8 audio mixer deserves your attention. What puts it apart from the others is its 12 funny sound effects that can literally amuse your audience. From shot to beating, kiss, laughter, dog barking, and applause, you can add 12 such types of voice effects.

Additionally, you can add 6 kinds of electronic sound to intensify your music. Speaking of its compatibility with other devices, it works well with android phones, mac computers, and many gaming devices.

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6- Depusheng professional 12 channel Bluetooth DJ mixer

Depusheng Bluetooth DJ mixer is a multi-functional and feature-loaded audio mixer. Given the fact, it is a good fit for the pro DJs. Nevertheless, it is designed with an easy-to-use interface and ensures not-so-complex operation for beginners too.

Speaking of its functions, it is inbuilt with 12 mixing channel and each channel features GAIN, 3-band EQ, AUX, EFFECT, volume control faders, and PAN control knobs. Furthermore, it is equipped with an LED digital display featuring a number of buttons including fader, repeat, send, delay, and, return knobs, which ensure easy accessibility.

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5- Audio 2000’S AMX7303 professional audio mixer

If you just set the feet in the world of DJing and can’t operate a complex mixing tool, just leave all other DJ mixers of this list and grab this one. Equipped with 4 mixing channels, it lets you produce the music just at your fingertips.

To make the operation hassle-free and convenient, each channel is designed with 3-band EQ. Furthermore, it is inbuilt with DSP processor, high-accuracy level indicator, +48 phantom power switch, and steel chassis. To your delight, it is compatible with various music players too.

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4- Mini Audio DJ mixer soundboard Bluetooth music console by YaeCCC

This awesome mixer for DJ by YaeCCC will blow the mind of people who want an easy-to-use, portable, affordable, yet good-quality mixer. Being a 4-channel mixer, it can help you not only to produce music but also the webcast.

If the sound quality of your DJ’s mixer matters you the most, it will surely please you as it features a sound card. Furthermore, it is inbuilt with adjustable high bass and 48V phantom power to enhance the functionality. To pick the songs from your PC, you can connect it using a USB cable.

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3- Behringer Xenyx X1222USB premium DJ mixer

Behringer Xenyx X1222USB premium mixer is a bit high on budget, but it is worth the price. The premium features you can enjoy in this DJ mixer are hardly available in other mixers. Inbuilt with ultra-low sound technology, it blocks the unwanted noise and helps the mixer produce incredibly crisp sound. 3-band EQs further enhance the quality of sound.

Though the Xenyx mixer is equipped with lots of knobs and looks a bit complex, it has a really easy-to-use interface and it features 16 preset sound effects.

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2- Sound card V8 voice changer by Fealliance

If you want a simple and high-quality mixer at an incredibly low price, this Fealliance DJ mixing tool is made for you. Though it is low in price, it doesn’t compromise on the quality. From 6 mode selections to 12 electronic sound effects and 12 funny sound effects to 7 different gameplays, it offers you a bundle of features to create rocking music.

In addition to that, it is also compatible with almost all common devices including android, laptop, and mac. To ensure top-notch sound quality, it is inbuilt with a noise reduction chip-equipped sound card.

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1- Yamaha MG06 6-input compact stereo mixer (Double with num.8)

The credibility of the Yamaha brand makes the users go for this mind-blowing sound mixer blindly. All thanks to its versatile functionality, easy portability, and incredible features that never let the users down.

It is designed with 6 channels and each channel features a 3-band equalizer. Given the fact, it offers you full control over the sound system of the mixer. To avoid unwanted noise, it is equipped with high-pass filters. What to say more, it is even designed with the premium sound Op-amp that further sharpens the quality of sound.

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Key factors to consider while buying your DJ mixer

DJing is fun and hassle-free only if you have got the right DJ’s mixer. To buy the ideal mixer for you, you need to keep a whole set of factors in mind while making the purchase. If you wonder what those factors are, here we have discussed them in detail.

The number of channels

First of all, look into the number of channels of your DJ mixer. This is the thing that will let you the quality of that particular one. The higher the number is, the better. In the market, you’ll get mixers with 2, 4, and 6 channels. It goes without saying that 2-channel mixers are meant for beginners, while the 6-channel mixers are suitable for pro DJs. So, be clear with your DJing skills and buy the one accordingly.

Effects versatility

Effect- that’s what a music mixing is actually all about. You simply can’t afford to miss the consideration of this vital factor. So, see carefully how many effects and filters your DJ’s mixer offers. In general, a top-quality mixer offers numerous electronic sound effects, funny sound effects, as well as gameplays to make your music intriguing. If a DJ audio mixer is not versatile with its effect functionality, it certainly doesn’t deserve your attention.

Additional features

Effects and the number of channels are not everything about a DJ music mixer. Apart from them, there are still a bunch of features that must be considered while buying your mixer. For instance, look for USB inputs, sound cart, MIDI connectivity, faders, gain, EQ knob, and controlling knobs. It’s these features only that simplify the whole music mixing. So, pay close attention to them and buy a mixer only if it is equipped with them.


Last but not least, pay attention to the portability the product. As a DJ, you’ll be performing in different places. So, will you be able to carry a heavyweight ad bulgy DJ mixing tool? I guess, no. This is why always buy a lightweight and compact one. You have endless options when it comes to the compact design of the device. You just have to make the right choice.


Music mixing has never been so easy and quick. All thanks to these top-of-the-line DJ mixers that can get the job done seamlessly in seconds, that too without putting much efforts. So, buy the one, spice up your music, and amuse the people.

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