Top 11 Best Hair Wavers for Your Hair Styles in 2020 [Update]

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The hair waver is an instrument which is used to create curls and waves in your hair. This hair waving tool utilizes electricity to heat up its iron barrel, allowing you to change the style of your hair in just a moment with shine. There are three types of hair wavers; first is hair curler which is used to make the hair wavy. Second is a fixing iron which is usually called hair straightener or level alloy. It is used to rectify hair. And the third one is creasing hair iron which is used to make pleats of the ideal size in the hair.

Many people usually go to the salon to get their hairdos and wavy. That consumes a lot of time and cost a great deal. So, why not get a tool to serve yourself at home today? You can make a clean and lovely hairdo easily by yourself using one of the hair wavering tools such as bed head wave artist, revlon 3 barrel waver and more. These tools allow you to make your hair wavy or lessen the frizz in a couple of minutes. Check them out!

List of the 11 Best Hair Wavers for Your Hairdo in 2020

11. Bed Head Wave Artist, Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver for Beachy Waves Generation II

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Bed Head hair waver brand has recently hit the heart of many ladies. Thus, I dedicate the first 5 products in this list to the 5 Bed Head hair wavering models. You will find other great product brands in the following as well. Now, let’s start off with a newly upgraded Bed Head Wave Artist. This Bed Head waver is one of the most favorite hair wavers among ladies who love the hairstyles. It is built with a unique deep waver barrel for creating deep beachy waves and sculpted hair waves.

The tool has just been released with new upgraded hair styling features along with WorldWide Dual Voltage. That means that you can use the tool both at home or bring it along on your trip or anywhere you are going. The Bed Head waver artist also comes with a double tourmaline ceramic, a crystal boron silicate mineral that aids in the hair smoothing process, making your hair smooth and shiny for long lasting. In case of any unfortunate incident, the bed head waver’s auto shut-off function will do its work to avoid any bad damage to your hair. Feel safe right?

This hair waving iron can also heat up to 400 Degree Fahrenheit with an instant heat recovery for making your hairdo effectively and efficiently. Its multiple heat level settings make this deep waver an ideal hairdo tool for all beautiful ladies. For travel convenient, Bed Head Wave Artist is designed with a plate-locking switch making it easy to store in small space of your bag or a suitcase.

Usually, people buy it along with the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle Iron Straight Heat Spray and Revlon Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush. These three tools combined will be a complete set for smoothing or waving your hair with the styles you wish for.

Key specifications

  • Come with a Double Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Has an auto shut-off function for safety
  • Has ON indicator light for user
  • Built with Barrel Locking Switch
  • Upgraded with Multiple heat Setting

Watch video How to Use Bed Head Wave Artist

Video by: Chezley Ilano

1st Edition
[Old text version of Bed Head Wave Artist]

Bed Head Wave Deep Waver for Beachy Waves

Bed Head Wave Deep Waver for Beachy Waves

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The Bed Head Hair Waver is good for waving your hair deeply. The plates have earthenware tourmaline innovation to help give you delicate, smooth waves, and it warms up to 400-degrees Fahrenheit in 30 seconds. You can see the results immediately when using it. With this tool, you can master the art of your hairstyle easily. It is easy to use and easy to bring along as well. Feeling like grabbing one now?

Bed Head Wave Artist is a unique hairstyling apparatus with additional highlights and selected shading. This hair waving iron is built with Worldwide Dual Voltage of which you can take it wherever you want to go. It is also incorporated a twofold measurement of Tourmaline Ceramic Technology for enormous sparkle and sans frizz, enduring the best results for your satisfaction. Most importantly, the bed head hair waver is also designed and equipped with an Auto Shut-off button for your safety in case of any accident. 

Let make your hairstyle transform into a masterpiece with the Bed Head Massive Shine Wave Artist. Presently with 2X Tourmaline Ceramic Technology to handle unwanted frizz and add sparkle lift to your hair. This profound barrel plan rapidly and effortlessly waves the hair with High Heat up to 400F. Various Heat Settings makes this falter perfect for all hair types, from thin to coarse. The Bed Head Wave Artist additionally includes a plate-locking switch for simple stockpiling in less space and a sans tangle swivel line that makes it simple to style with. Alongside this tool, you can also check the Hair Dryers by BaByliss as you do need one for daily use as well.

10. Bed Head Makin’ Waves, the S-Shaped Hair Waver

Bed Head Makin’ Waves"S" Waver Creates Loose Waves

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The ‘S’ Style Waver by Bed Head is another great hairdo tool. Yet, this one is created with S-shaped plates to set loose waves to your hair. If you don’t want to much frizz and enormous sparkling, then this Bed Head Makin Waves, as it’s called, is the right tool for you. It can be used either to curl or lesson the frizz and enormous sparkle to your hair with love.

With its instant warming up level up to 400°F , the tool’s S-formed barrel also create a provocative, beachy waves to your hair and change your appearance in just a moment. As mention in above, Bed Head Hair Waver is great for its capability and effectiveness in curling and transforming your hair. Thus, not to repeat the admiration on the brand, let’s jump straight to the product.

How to use Bed Head Makin’ Waves

Get the waver warmed up. Simply get start from the roots of your hair by placing it between the waver’s barrels, then hold it for a few seconds. Do it continuously and down till the end.

Key feature

  • Utilize Tourmaline Ceramic Technology
  • Come with auto turn-off for safety
  • Light ON indicator
  • Barrel Locking Switch
  • S shaped Curl
  • 6 feet swivel cord tangle

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9. Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Keep Waver for Multiple Styles

Bed Head A-Wave-We-Go Adjustable Waver for Multiple Styles

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This is another popular hair waver by Bed Head called “A Wave We Go Adjustable Deep Waver”. The name is given for the tool’s flexibility to limitless styles it can creates to your hair. It has a unique adjustable dial which allows you to change the barrel to level your hair waves in a style as you wish. The waver’s barrel is also designed to be adjustable throughout the curling or styling process, and you can create the texture on your hair easily while it is hot.

This waving iron can also be used to lessen frizz on your hair while adding greater shine to it at the same time. The maximum heat level is 400°F with Auto Off & Dual Voltage.

Key feature

  • Tourmaline Ceramic Technology Utilization
  • Auto off function for safety
  • Light indicator
  • Barrel Locking Switch
  • Flexible shaped Curl
  • Tangle 6 feet swivel cord
1st Edition

[Old text version]

It includes a unique customizable dial that swings to alter the barrel to the correct dimension of the wave you need. This falter can be balanced while hot to make exceptional surface all through the styling procedure. High warmth up to 400°F secures in style for quick outcomes, while Tourmaline Ceramic Technology decreases frizz and includes great sparkle.

Numerous Heat Settings style all hair types and Instant Heat Recovery guarantees your results are fabulous throughout. The Dual Voltage include enables you to pack it anyplace you go for overall use. It likewise incorporates auto close off for security and a sans tangle swivel string.

Beginning at the roots, softly brace a little segment of hair between the barrels and hold for a couple of moments. For continuous waves, coordinate the furthest wave and work it down your hair. So your hairs are ready to go!

8. Bed Head Swerve Curve Hair Waver & Wand In 1

Bed Head Swerve for less frizz hair wavering style.

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Among the Bed Head family, this Swerve Curve Hair Waver is designed for doing two specific tasks in one tool; the beachy wave and tousled loose curls. With this 2-in-1 tool in hand, you can not only curving your hairstyle but also customize it to fit in your different makeup faces easily. It also has a unique styling iron that you can use to create chill on your hair, beachy waves, tousled curls or get your hair waves loose for traditional style. Like its member, it has a Dual voltage for worldwide use.

How to use Bed Head Swerve Curve Hair Waver & Wand In 1

  • To create beachy waves, begin from the hair roots, and then lightly clamp 1″ section of your hair between the plates, then hold for a few seconds.
  • To create tousled loose curls, you need to lock the two plates together, and then wrap your hair around the barrel to curl it. That’s it.

7. Bed Head Waveaholic for Tight Waves, Volume & Crimp Like Texture, 2 Inch

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No much different from its family member, the Bed Head Waveaholic 2 is designed with 2-inch plate for creating hair texture in tight waves volume and crimp. This tool can also be use to either create or lessen the frizz while adding more shine to your hair as well. All tools from the Bed Head comes with Tourmaline Ceramic and Dual Voltage for using globally. Grab this one if you like the plate style types. And if you are the fan of Bed Head, you can explore here a collection of various styling hair wavers by the company.

6. Revlon 3 Barrel Jumbo Waver, A Deep Hair Waver

Revlon Jumbo 3 Barrel Hair Waver for Deep Waves

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Second in our list is the Revlon 3 Barrel Waver. Revlon is a brand built aiming at helping women to achieve their hairstyle they love with an ease. If you have ultra-fine hair, odds are you battle to clutch profound waves, even in the wake of investing hours styling it. In any case, this Revlon three-barrel hair falter may very well be your answer.

It is also made with tourmaline earthenware innovation that will leave your hair smooth and gleaming. It can warm up to 420 Degrees Fahrenheit in only 30 seconds, allowing you to start curling your hairs almost immediately after plugging in without waiting for long. Its simple and practical functionality making it one of an ideal waving hair tool for all loving ladies. 

Key features

  • Heat up to 420 degree Fahrenheit
  • Three tourmaline Ceramic for fast result
  • Locking ring and storage loop for easy storage
  • Compatible with thin hair, medium hair and thick hair.

5. Hot Tools Professional Ceramic Titanium Professional Curling Iron

HOT TOOLS Professional Ceramic + Tourmaline Deep Waver for Luxurious Waves

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This professional hair curling iron is a ceramic titanium waver designed to reduce the loss of moisture on your hair and surface damage. The tool can gives a beautiful curl to your hair and give a good care of your hair’s health at the same time. The waver iron can be heated up to 430°F and very fast. You can get your curly and stylist in just a moment. It also has multiple setting, allowing you to set the level of wavy as you want. It has been used by many professional hair-doers for its curling expertise. The brand is also an awards winning for over 25 years for creating a hairdo tool which is superior, stylist and consistent innovation.

1st Edition
[Old text version]

This clay tourmaline profound falter makes it simple to wave loads of hair without a moment’s delay, which trims down on styling time, and the cutting edge innovation turns out sparkling, shiny looks. Whenever artistic and tourmaline collaborate, a gentler sort of warmth limits harm for staggering smoothness and gleam.

It emanates far-infrared warmth and harmful particles for fine, glossy, sensible hair. Titanium Provides even heat conveyance and strength and is erosion impervious to styling items. The Rheostat control dial can set heat up to 430°F. The plates are deeper to create more luxurious waves. It offers a secure thumb grip and locking switch for easy travel. It also has 8 feet long professional cord.

4. Revlon Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

Revlon Hair Waver for Long Lasting Waves

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Keep your late spring shine throughout the entire year! The 3-barrel plates rapidly make natural-looking waves with three coatings of earthenware for quicker styling with less harm and without frizz, substantial sparkle. The temperature can be set up to 400°F with up to 30 heat settings. The mixture of tourmaline and ceramic makes your hair shinier than ever before. It’s incredibly light and comes with a tangle-free cord.

3. Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand with LCD Temperature Display

Alure Three Barrel Curling Iron Wand with LCD Temperature Display

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With 1-inch triple barrels, the Alure artistic hair curler is the ideal apparatus for making beachy, proficient looking twists that last throughout the day. You can likewise utilize it as a pleating iron for hair to switch up your look with no problem. In case, you have short or long; thick or thin, this three-barrel hair curling accessory brings about the ideal result. The warmed artistic delivers adversely charged particles that make delicate, glossy waves with no frizz.

Also, not at all like single barrel styling irons that take ages to twist hair, this 3 barrel hair curler does it in only minutes. It goes from 0 to 430 F within a minute and easily adjusts the temperature according to the hair type. The additional feature that it has is the LCD to show the heat with a rotatable cord. It works on 110V ~ 220V for traveling abroad.

2. Conair 3-in-1 Straight Waves Specialty Styler

Conair 3-in-1 Straight Waves Specialty Styler

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Now create three distinctive looks with a straightforward style that includes plates for three cool, entirely unexpected styles. Switch up your look rapidly and effortlessly with compatible plates: Straight plates for smooth outcomes, Micro pleat plates for the surface, and Deep wave plates for the body. Merely switch the plates for three very unusual, unquestionably popular styles, from attractive bends to hot creases. Investigate every one of the three methods to locate the one that suits you best.

1. DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper Hair Waver

DSHOW 4 in 1 Hair Crimper Hair Waver

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It is a 4 of every 1 Hair Crimper Hair Waver Hair Straightener Curling iron with 4 Interchangeable Ceramic Flat Crimping Iron Plate. Pick a different plate for an alternate haircut. It offers five settings of temperature to various types of hair, i.e.:

  • 220 degree for extra hard hair
  • 200 degree for coarse hair
  • 180 degree for medium hair
  • 160 degree for damaged hair

It heats itself as immediately as 30 seconds and has a ceramics coating for your hair protection. It is designed with the dual voltage (110 ~ 220v) for international usage and has a 2-meter long rotating cord. The insulated front-end makes your hand safe from burning.

Benefits of using hair waver irons

You may wonder why you require a hair falter when you have a hair curling accessory. That is a decent inquiry. When you have a gadget that is intended to make waves in your hair, why use something different? Why utilize hair curling accessory when you can use a hair straighteners to make flawless twists? Let us have a look at a few benefits of using hair waver irons:

  • Get natural waves Ladies will dependably need to do their hair following the most recent patterns. Twists are a relic of days gone by. Be that as it may, shoreline waves, they just began. What’s more, what better approach to get those clean waves if not by utilizing a hair falters press?
  • You won’t burn A hair falter is uncommonly intended for you to get the ideal look without burning your hands or fingers
  • Easy to use It will make waving your hair extremely basic & simple.

Things to review while buying Hair waver irons:

It would help if you considered a couple of things before you plan to buy a hair waver iron:

  • Size You have to feel great while utilizing the hair waver iron. If it’s excessively huge or poorly designed to use, you’ll accomplish more harm than great. If you have any issues with size, the waves won’t wind up as you anticipate that they should, and the haircut you long for such a significant amount after will not occur.
  • Temperature A few ladies have thick and sound hair, while others are battling with thin hair. That is the reason the two distinct sorts of hair will require diverse warmth settings. If you are the fortunate proprietor of a thick hair, you can go quite high with regards to temperature. However, if your hair is thin, you might need to bring down the heat.
  • Price & brand You realize which brands make the best hair items. You most likely attempted a couple of their items throughout the years. Endeavor to pursue a similar brand, and never go for the least expensive rendition. You would prefer not to be modest now and put resources into hair augmentations later.

FAQ About Hair Waver

1. How to use a hair waver?

The way to use a hair waver varies depending on the tool you use and the hair look you want. There are different types of hair waver tools out there in the market, which are used to create beachy hair waves, deep waves, traditional waves and more. Therefore, how to use each tool is also different at some points. To answer to your question, we will pick up one specific hair waver to present it.

Bed Head Wave Artist & How to Use

The Bed Head Wave Artist is a triple barrel waving iron, aka. a triple barrel hot irons. This iron tool is designed with the purpose to create a deep romantic waves on your hair. It is the latest invention besides a single and double barrel irons and provide much more natural appearance than the two previous devices.

So, to get your deep waves hair, you can follow the simple steps below:

  • Plug your Hair Waver Iron device to get heat
  • Starting from the roots of your hairs or from the part you want to wave it. Grab a small section of your hair and place it between the iron barrels, and then hold it for a few seconds. Keep the pattern consistently throughout your hair and you will see your change appearance immediately.
  • If you want a natural beach wave look, clamp only around one inch section a time. But if you want a uniform or sculpted wave pattern, clamp a larger sections a time.

This is just one example of how to use the hair waver from our experience. For other type of hair waving iron tool, we recommend you to read the manual carefully. Usually, the tool is not difficult to use, but some new users might get nervous at the first time. No worry. Just try it step by step, and you will make it.

2. What is the best hair waver for short hair?

How short is short hair? That’s the question. Actually, if your hair is at your neck level, I would say any of the above listed hair waver irons can be used. Some people always use a single barrel waver like AmoVee Mini Curling Iron or a two-barrel curling platform for short hair as they are a mini tools easy to use, store and bring along on the trip.

If you hair is above the neck, then we would recommend a small platform iron such as KIPOZI Pencil Small Flat Iron for Short Hair or this Small Flat Iron for Short Hair from Terviiix. There are many more brands, but these two tools are what we used to try. They are quite simple and effective for use to use.


Before acquiring a Hair Waver Iron, you have to go through a few audits. This will assist you in choosing the best item and maintain a strategic distance from the low-quality piece. In this way, make sure to experience the above Top 10 Best Hair Waver Iron surveys and pick the correct one for your hair styling background.

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