Top 10 Best Floating Shelves Wall Mounted in 2020

Keeping your stuff organized while maintaining the floor clean can be difficult, especially if you have a congested room. Don’t you agree? Well, it certainly is but floating wall mounted shelves can be a solution to your problem. Floating shelves do not only add extra storage to your room without taking any space but also enhance the overall decor of the room. By attaching it to the wall, you will get plenty of space for your room, house or restaurant to store various things. If you are keen to have one now, let me introduce you to the best floating shelves wall mounted I have reviewed below:

List of the 10 Best Floating Shelves Wall Mounted in 2020

10- BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted in Gray Color

BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted, gray-colored

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Made of solid Paulownia wood and metal frame, these floating shelves wall-mounted are super sturdy and ultimately reliable. The triangular design of holding brackets ensure the shelves’ strength and stability for holding the heavyweight stuff. The best thing is that you can insert brackets either facing the upside or downside. These wall shelves function the same way in both cases. They are also easy to install. With the help of some screws, you can hang them on the wall without any worries.

9- Love-KANKEI Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

Love-KANKEI floating shelves wall mounted

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You can call these floating selves a perfect blend of elegance and style. Made of sturdy wood and powder-coated metal brackets, these floating shelves wall-mounted really renders a rustic yet stylish look. In addition to that, its simple design ensures an easy and hassle-free mounting. You just need to secure 2 screws. They have the capacity to effectively store small plants, books, files, photos, trophies, artworks, toys, and many other such things.

8- BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

BAYKA floating shelves wall mounted

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option in BAYKA floating shelves wall mounted, turn your head to this one. Even after being low in price, it is packed with high quality and long durability. Unlike other BAYKA floating shelves wall-mounted, this one is designed with thinner brackets. Nevertheless, it doesn’t compromise with the quality. You can rely on its wooden construction with powder-coated metal brackets. To install this floating shelf wall-mounted on the wall, you just need to fix some screws. That’s it.

If you are not convinced with the floating shelves here, you may check our other storage options or the plastic storage shelves if you prefer. Otherwise, you can move on further throughout the article to find the best wall mounted shelves which you like best.

7- SUPERJARE Wall-Mounted Floating Shelves

SUPERJARE wall-mounted floating shelves

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SUPERJARE wall-mounted floating shelf is an ideal fit for the people, who are looking for a premium-quality and super sturdy floating shelf. Made of thick particle wood, it is capable enough to hold 40 lbs. What makes it such a sturdy wall-mounted shelf is its robust metal brackets that are powder-coated and supported by wall anchors. To keep the shelf perfectly balanced, distribute the weight up to 20 lbs on each side. However, the shelf can withstand the random placement of stuff too. 

6- Mkono 2 Set Floating Shelves Wall-mounted 

Mkono 2 set floating shelves wall-mounted 

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Mkono floating shelves wall-mounted is a budget-friendly option for you. The interesting thing is that the pack includes 2 floating shelves wall mounted. Made of MDF wood, these floating shelves wall-mounted is designed with a metal frame from three sides including the back. Given the fact, you can keep the things that need back support in this floating shelf without any worries. Owing to its simple design, its mounting process is extremely easy too.  You just need to hang the shelves on the wall.

5- Greenco Set of 2 Wall-Mounting Floating Shelves

Greenco set of 2 wall mounting floating shelves

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If you’re looking for a stylish floating shelf wall-mounted with a touch of an aesthetical elegance, none can beat Greenco wall mounting floating shelf. Its laminated MDF wood construction makes sure to offer you the premium quality, long durability, and remarkable reliability. Furthermore, its espresso finish adds an irresistible allure to the shelf. Unlike other floating shelves wall mounted, screws and other hardware remain invisible in this floating shelf once it is installed properly. 

4- Homfa Floating Wall-Mounted Shelves

Homfa floating shelves wall-mounted 

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Homfa floating shelves wall-mounted is a space-saving, weight-bearing, sturdy, and super stylish floating shelf. In fact, its stylish design allows you the freedom to hang it anywhere from the living room to the kitchen and bathroom to the working room. You can install it even outer side of your home if you want as it is water-proof. Made of sturdy and eco-friendly wood, the beautiful shelf is designed with triangle-shaped two robust metal legs. Given its solid construction, it can hold up to 33 lbs. 

3- Sorbus Floating Wall-Mounted Shelves Rustic Wood Storage Set

Sorbus floating shelves wall-mounted rustic wood storage set

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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly floating shelf with good quality, your hunt might end at Sorbus floating shelves wall-mounted storage set. The set includes 2 floating shelves wall-mounted that are made of sturdy wood and have a metal frame. Given the fact, each shelf can bear up to 10 pounds flawlessly. In addition to that, it is designed in such a way that you can use it for multiple purposes from keeping essential stuff handy to displaying the decorative items. 

2- Love-KANKEI Double Floating Shelves Wall-Mounted 

Love-KANKEI Floating shelves wall-mounted

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If you love rustic and classical items, Love-KANKEI floating shelves wall-mounted might please you. Its unique and classic design never fails to impress the users. Other than its alluring design, what attracts the users is its reliable sturdiness. Made of solid wood, the shelf is designed with robust metal from top to bottom. It features 2 boards and each of them is 6 inches deep with 40 lbs weight holding capacity.  Once you have installed it properly, you have ample space to store anything. 

1- Wallniture Utah Set of 2 Nursery Wood Floating Wall Shelves

Wallniture Utah set of 2 nursery wood floating wall shelves



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If you’re looking for a wall-mounted floating shelf for your kid’s room, Wallniture Utah wood floating wall shelf is made for you. Nevertheless, it can be used anywhere from the living room to the bathroom without any problem. Its colourful design with solid construction makes it a top choice in the market. It is made of solid wood. Given the fact, it can hold up a good amount of weight effectively. The set includes 2 sets, and you can install them in two different places too. 


No matter how small or big your room is, it will look messy and cluttered without a wall storage shelf. So, get one of these floating shelves wall-mounted and add plenty of additional storage to your room. Moreover, their modish and elegant design will also spice up your room decor.

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