10 Best Electric Log Splitters To Help You Split Wood Easily

Splitting the wood is not at all an easy task. It is very strenuous and takes hell lot of effort, especially if you’re using the conventional ways of wood splitting. If you want to cut down this grueling labor, put your axe aside and get an electric log splitter, which makes this whole process effortless, hassle-free, convenient, and quickly turns the bulky wooden slabs into manageable kindling. The tool is easy to operate and ensures efficient results. If you’re also finding it hard to split the wood for firewood, consider investing in this awesome tool. We have already brought together the top 10 electric log splitters for you.  Go ahead and hit the list.


List of the Top 10 Best Electric Log Splitters in 2024

10- Southland Outdoor electric log splitter

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Let’s start the list with Southland Outdoor Power Equipment electric wood splitter that has garnered huge love from users. Built in with 15 amp and 1.75 HP induction motor, the splitter works smoothly even with rugged and bumpy wooden slabs. It has a cycling time of 18 seconds and it does its job effortlessly, smoothly, and conveniently.

Furthermore, the tool is equipped with an integrated stroke limiter, which allows you the flexibility to adjust the stroke according to the size of the logs. The wedge of the splitter is 5 inches and it is made of sturdy steel. Given the fact, it ensures quick and hassle-free operation. In addition, it is designed with two 7 inches large front wheels that keep the machine stable in its place even during the intense operations. You just use the log tongs to carry the wood and place it on the splitter, then operate it with so little effort.

Key features

  • 15 amp motor induction
  • 18 seconds of cycling time
  • Equipped with stroke limiter
  • 7 inches large wheels
  • 5 inches large steel wedge

9- WEN 56207 6.5 electric log splitter

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The unique design of this wood splitter puts it apart from the crowd. Unlike others, it is designed with a 34 inches stand, which makes the wood splitting operation easy and convenient. However, if the stand doesn’t go well with you, you can remove it anytime. Speaking of its specifications, the splitter features a powerful motor of 15A that can easily withstand the log splitting pressure of 13000 pounds. Owing to its capacity of the motor, the log splitter can split the logs of 10 inches in diameter and 20.5 inches in length.

To ensure an effortless operation, it features a pull handle. Simple pull it out and operate the tool. Furthermore, it is also equipped with two 5.5 inches wheels that provide easy portability and mobility between the jobs.

Key features

  • 15 amp motor
  • 5.5 inches large wheels
  • Can split logs up 20.5 inches long
  • Features 34 inches large stand
  • 5 inches sharp wedge

8- Zerone Electric hydraulic log splitter

top 10 electric log splitters

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Zerone electric hydraulic log splitter will impress you with its mind-blowing features and remarkable user-friendliness. Built in with a powerful motor of 15 amp, the splitting tool is capable enough to cut the wood up to 20-1/2 inches. Adding further to the specifications, the speed of the motor is 2950 rpm and the splitting force is 7 tons. Owing to its efficiency, it can split almost 400 pieces of wood in just half an hour.

The best thing about this electric log splitter is that it is incredibly easy to operate and much better than using the manual splitter. In fact, you can operate it without the help of any experts or the manual. Furthermore, the splitter has a safe and user-friendly design too. It is designed with side rails that keep the wood stable in its place and prevent it from bouncing during the operation.

Key features

  • Motor speed: 2950 RPM
  • Splitting force: 7 tons
  • Motor capacity: 15 amp
  • Features 2 front wheels
  • Can cut the wood up to 20-1/2inches

7- Powerhouse log splitters electric hydraulic horizontal log splitter

top 10 electric log splitters using electric log splitter

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This awesome hydraulic electric log splitter is made for the people who are using an electric wood splitting tool for the first time. Built in with simple features and easy interface, the tool is incredibly easy to operate. Unlike many others, it has a ground-based design and it can be kept on the ground or the bench. The unique thing about this log splitter is that it is designed with a hydraulic system, which increases the torso of the tool by 45% and boosts efficiency.

Moving on to the capacity of the motor, the tool is equipped with a powerful motor of 4HP and requires the power of 2900 watts. Furthermore, its splitting force is 9 tons and it is capable enough to split big and heavy wooden slabs easily.

Key features

  • Easy interface
  • Splitting force 9 tons
  • A powerful motor of 4 HP
  • Ground-based design
  • User-friendly

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6- Sun Joe LJ602E electric log splitter

best electric kinetic log splitter

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With its unique design coupled with a number of remarkable features, Sun Joe LJ02E log splitter is a head-turner in the market. Featuring a powerful motor of 15 amp, the log splitter has a huge splitting force of 5 tons. Given the fact, it can split the wood up to 20.5 inches long and 10 inches wide efficiently in just seconds. To ensure easy operation, it is designed with a safety switch and an overload circuit reset button.

Speaking of the construction materials, the tool has a sturdy steel construction that makes it durable, rust-resistant, as well as corrosion-free. Furthermore, the splitter is equipped with 6 inches large rear wheels that make it easy and hassle-free for you to move the splitter from one place to another.

Key features

  • Can split 20.5 inches long and 10 inches wide wood
  • A powerful motor of 15 amp
  • Splitting force: 5 tons
  • 6 inches large front wheels
  • Steel construction

5- PowerSmart PS90 electric log splitter

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PowerSmart PS90 electric log splitter believes in a simple design and high functionality. Having a conventional design, the wood splitter is super sturdy and does its job without a fail. It features a powerful motor of 15 amp and 1.75 hp. Furthermore, it has a splitting force of 6 tons, which enables the tool to split large and bulky wooden slabs easily. Ideally, it has the capacity to cut the wood up to 21 inches long and 10 inches in diameter. The cycling time of the splitter is just 20 seconds that ensures quick and hassle-free results.

Made of sturdy steel, the splitting tool is incredibly durable, wear-resistant, and corrosion-free. You can use it outdoors without any worries. Not to forget, the splitter also features 2 front wheels that make the mobility easy and hassle-free.

Key features

  • 15 amp powerful motor
  • Splitting force: 6 tons
  • Steel construction
  • Can split 10×21 inches wood
  • Cycling time: 20 seconds

4- Swisher LS22E brute electric log splitter

best electric log splitter 2024

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If you’re a pro logger and need a super powerful electric wood splitter, hands down, Swisher LS22E timber brute electric log splitter is the best fit for you. Unlike others, it is designed with a dual voltage motor, which allows you the flexibility to change the electric voltage from 110V to 220V according to your needs. The splitting force of the splitter is 22 tons that make is capable enough to split all types of wood no matter how bulky and hard it is.

It features a 1-inch thick and sharp steel wedge that pierces through the wood quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, it also features a 2.5-gallon hydraulic tank. The best thing about this tool is that you can operate it in vertical as well as horizontal positions and the efficiency won’t be affected at all.

Key features

  • Dual voltage motor
  • Features a 2.5-gallon hydraulic tank
  • Equipped with 25ft large cord
  • Cycling time: 13 seconds
  • Splitting force: 22 tons

3- Powerhouse XM-380 electric hydraulic log splitter

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Powerhouse XM-380 might be the best fit for the people who’re in a hunt of a compact-sized and portable electric log splitter. It is small in size as compared to other electric wood splitters but does its job efficiently. It comes equipped with a powerful motor of 3.5HP that provides a quick and efficient splitting. Adding more to its specifications, the splitting force is 7 tons and the log cutting capacity is 20-1/2×12inches.

Furthermore, the log splitter has a safe design that makes sure to keep your body and hands away from the tool during the operation. Speaking of the construction materials, the splitter is made of robust steel that is sturdy enough to withstand the daily wear and tear. To ensure easy portability, the splitter also features 2 front wheels.

Key features

  • Steel construction
  • A powerful motor of 3.5HP
  • Splitting force: 7 tons
  • Features 2 wheels
  • Can split the wood up to 20-1/2 inches long

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2- Boss Industrial ED10T20 industrial log splitter

one handed electric log splitter

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If you’re looking for an advanced electric log splitter, turn your head to Boss Industrial Ed10T20 log splitter that is known for its revolutionary features. Having a patented dual-direction splitting system, the splitter is capable enough to provide consistent splitting without compromising on the efficiency. Adding more to its awesomeness, the large tool can be operated with a single hand itself. It is completely safe and doesn’t cause any mishaps.

Furthermore, its splitting force is 10 tons and it features a hydraulic tank of 1 gallon. To keep the tool stable in its place during the operation, it is designed with a sturdy stand. In addition, it also features 2 front wheels that provide easy and hassle-free portability between the works.

Key features

  • Patented dual-direction splitting system
  • Features hydraulic tank of 1 gallon
  • The splitting force of 10 tons
  • Equipped with 2 front wheels
  • Portable and easy to operate

1- Boss Industrial ES7T20 electric log splitter

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Boss Industrial ES7T20 log splitter has its own set of reasons to please you. From its design to user-friendliness, it is truly unique. As opposed to its competitors, this electric wood splitter offers you a one-handed operation. Having a splitting force of 7 tons and a powerful motor of 2 HP, the log splitter is super efficient and yields great results.

To keep the wood slabs stable in their place while splitting, it is designed with side rails. Not only this but the tool also features 2 sturdy front wheels that ensure easy and hassle-free maneuvering. The back legs are also sturdy enough to endure the weight of the wood. On top of all, this log splitter comes with 2 years full warranty.

Key features

  • 2HP motor
  • Splitting force: 7 tons
  • One-handed operation
  • All-around side rails
  • 2 robust wheels

Key factors to consider while buying an electric log splitter

Before you go ahead and pick an electric wood splitter for you, let us tell you the significant factors that must be brought into notice while buying it in order to make the purchase worthwhile. Those factors are as follows.

Capacity of motor

Start your consideration with the capacity of the motor. The more powerful the motor be, the more efficient the splitter will be. This is why pay special attention to it and make sure to buy the one that features a motor of at least 15 amp.


The next thing you need to check is the efficiency of the log splitter. To determine this, look into the splitting force and cycling time of the splitter. In general, top-quality electric log splitters have a splitting force of at least 10 tons and cycling time of 13-15 seconds.

Construction materials

Once you’re done checking the specifications of the splitter, move ahead and inquire into its construction materials. In any case, your electric wood splitter must be made of sturdy steel so that it can be used outdoors without any worries.

Ease of using

Finally, check the user-friendliness of the log splitter and make sure it has an easy interface. It should feature smooth-rolling wheels, pullout handle, sidewalls, sharp wedge, and removable stand. Plus, it should also not make noise during the operation.


When you can do something conveniently, effortlessly, and easily in a more efficient way, why to waste your energy and time in doing it in the most difficult way? It would be a foolish idea. No? This is why buy one of these electric log splitters and cut the woods effortlessly.

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