Top 10 Best Baby Water Play Mats in 2024

Don’t buy your toddler such toys that engage it only in pointless activities. Instead, go for the ones that stimulate its physical as well as cognitive growth while keeping it entertained at the same time. No idea what can be this type of toy? Well, what about a baby water play mat? It is an awesome toy that allows the baby to make body movements freely and have some water fun, that too without getting wet. Already convinced to get the one? Okay, before you go ahead and spend your money on it, let us introduce you to the top 10 baby water play mats so that you can make a wise purchase. Here, you go.


List of the 10 Best Baby Water Play Mats in 2024

10- MAGIFIRE tummy time baby water mat

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The premium quality and remarkable features of this baby water play mat make it a loved choice among the users. Made of heavy-duty PVC materials, the mat is leak-proof, non-toxic, BPA-free, and incredibly durable. To intensify the fun while playing, the mat is designed with a colorful graphic of marine animals that would give the baby a feel as if it is playing with the real sea creatures.

The size of the mat is 27×21×2.36 inches and the weight is just 0.71lbs. Owing to such a large size, it lets the kids make body movements without any restraint. Given the fact, the mat strengthens neck & head muscles, makes the back stronger, stretches hip muscles, develops the arm, stimulates the bowel movement, and promotes the mental wellness of the baby.

Why we recommend it:

  • PVC construction materials
  • Size: 27×21×2.36 inches
  • Weight: 0.71lbs
  • Colorful graphic
  • Promote overall health of the baby

9- SwimSchool splash play mat

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If you’re looking for a stylish water play mat with an eye-catching design, turn your gaze to SwimSchool splash play mat. As opposed to its competitors, it features a canopy that protects the tender skin of the baby from the harsh sun. If you wish, you can remove the canopy. Yes, it is removable.

Adding more to its uniqueness, this tummy time baby mat is also designed with a backrest seat that makes sure to provide a comfortable sitting experience to the baby. Just in front of the backrest seat, it features 3 stackable toys that keep the baby engaged when it is sitting in the backrest seat. Speaking of the design, the mat has a vibrant printing of various sea animals that renders it a more realistic look.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 28 inches
  • Meant for kids aged 6-18 months
  • Features a removable canopy
  • Built-in backrest seat
  • Foldable and portable

8-Hoovy Tummy time water mat baby

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The bright graphic of this baby play mat never fails to grab the attention of people. The top surface of the mat is designed with the pictures of several colorful sea creatures that exactly look like the real animals. Another reason for its popularity is its low price despite the fact that it is packed with some incredible features.

Made of heavy-duty and skin-friendly materials, the tummy time play mat is exceptionally durable, weight-resistant, leak-proof, and non-toxic. With a size of 18×23.5×3 inches, it offers the baby enough space to crawl, stand, and even move around freely. Thus, it strengthens the whole upper body including arm, back, neck, and head of the baby. Considering its size, the mat is ideally a good fit for the kids over 3 months.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 18×23.5×3 inches
  • Ideal for kids above 3 months
  • Promotes baby’s growth
  • Colorful graphic
  • Inflatable

7- Gebra inflatable tummy time water mat

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The eye-catching design of this water play mat is truly hard to resist. Unlike other conventional water play mats, this one has a turtle design with the exactly same printing as a turtle. The central part of the mat is printed with many floating animals that add further amazement to this awesome design. Speaking of the size, the baby water splash mat is 43×35×2.5 inches and can accommodate the weight up to 80lbs. Given the fact, even 2 toddlers can play on this mat at the same time.

Made of 0.35mm PVC, the mat is remarkably strong and can seamlessly withstand the intense and random movements of the babies. The best thing about this mat is that it is incredibly easy to fill the water on this mat. Just unplug the water plug and you’re ready to go.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 43×35×2.5 inches
  • 0.35mm PVC
  • Can withstand 80 lbs
  • Turtle design
  • Extra large

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6- TIKTOK Tummy Time water play mat

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If you’re looking for a really impressive baby water play mat at an affordable price, look at this tummy time water play mat. From size to construction materials and design to features, it is one of a kind. Still, it is budget-friendly as well as user-friendly. Made of premium PVC, the mat is soft like the cotton and provides a good time to the baby playing on the mat.

Having a sturdy construction, safe edges, and double leak-proof design, the mat makes sure it doesn’t leak no matter how intensely baby jumps or makes the movements on the mat. Furthermore, it features a colorful graphic of marine animals that doesn’t only keep the baby engaged but also helps it to know the color perception. Besides that, it also promotes the overall physical as well as mental health of the baby.

Why we recommend it:

  • PVC construction
  • Double leak-proof design
  • Vibrant marine animals graphic
  • Super soft surface
  • Foldable and portable

5- Airlab Tummy time baby water play mat

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Simple and classic are the words that do justice with this outstanding baby water play mat. Having a colorful graphic of numerous marine creatures, the mat makes the baby believe that it is playing with real sea animals. Other than offering the fun, the tummy time baby mat also promotes the intellectual and physical development of the baby. Not just that, it also promotes the motor skills and hand-eye coordination of the baby.

Made of the thickest PVC materials, it is incredibly durable and amazingly weight-resistant. It can easily hold the weight of a baby above 3 months. As for size, the mat is 26×20×2.36 inches and offers the baby plenty of space to play freely. On top of everything, this baby water splash mat is foldable and can be kept even in your handbag.

Why we recommend it:

  • PVC construction
  • 26×20×2.36 inches size
  • Lightweight and foldable
  • Meant for babies 3 months and up
  • Leakproof design

4- NASHRIO tummy time water play mat

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The tummy time of the babies gets a bit more creative, productive, and fun-filled with this super awesome baby water play mat. Having an assured leak-proof design, the tummy time water mat has a bouncy surface that is unbelievably soft and feels cozy on the tender skin of the baby. Speaking of the construction materials, the mat is made of heavy-duty PVC that is not only weight-resistant and durable but also tear-resistant and completely skin-friendly.

Moving on to its functionality, the mat promotes the cognitive ability of the baby. Plus, it also stimulates baby’s physical growth and makes its all body parts stronger and more flexible. Above all, the setup of the mat is a breeze. Just open the water tap, fill the water, and inflate it. That’s it.

Why we recommend it:

  • PVC construction materials
  • Promotes sensory development
  • Ideal for the babies over 3 months
  • BPA-free design
  • Quick inflation

3- HABOM upgrade tummy time baby water mat

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Another budget-friendly option on this list that is quite popular for its mind-blowing features. Featuring a colorful graphic of marine animals, the mat promotes the color recognition ability of the babies and stimulates their overall cognitive health. In addition, it also strengthens the arms, legs, neck, head, and all other muscles.

Speaking of the size, the mat is 30×23.5 inches and can seamlessly withstand the weight of the babies above 3 months. What makes it hold such a huge weight efficiently is its sturdy construction of PVC that is durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. If you’re concerned about its setup, stay relaxed. The mat is incredibly easy to put together. All you need to do is to fill the water and inflate it.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 30×23.5 inches
  • PVC construction
  • A good fit for babies above 3 months
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight and portable

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2- AirExpect Tummy time baby water play mat

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AirExpect tummy time baby water mat is a simple, high-quality, and budget-friendly option for you. Despite being low in price, it won’t let you down with its functionality. Featuring a colorful graphic of giant dinosaur figures and other sea animals, the mat keeps the baby engaged and boosts its cognitive ability. Besides that, it also boosts the physical development of the baby significantly.

The great thing about this mat is that its top surface is amazingly soft and doesn’t cause any irritation or rashes to the baby. Made of premium quality PVC, it is super cozy, durable, and non-toxic. Coming to the size, it is 27.3×19.7 inches and can hold the weight up to 80 kg. Plus, the mat also has a leak-proof design.

Why we commend it:

  • Size: 27.3×19.7 inches
  • 0.35 mm PVC construction
  • Can withstand up to 80 kg
  • Foldable and lightweight
  • Eye-catching graphic

1. ibestby inflatable tummy time water

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The unique design of this baby water play mat makes it a darling in the market. Having a somewhat duck-shaped design featuring a vivid graphic, the mat looks really ethereal. It’s really a delight to see the baby smiling and rushing to catch the sea animals printed on the mat. With a large size of 42.8×31.5×3.1 inches, the water play mat efficiently accommodates the baby and allows it to make body movements freely.

Moving on to the construction material, the mat is made of non-toxic and BPA-free PVC that is weight-resistant as well as super soft. Most importantly, the mat promotes the physical as well as the cognitive health of your baby. Given the fact, it keeps your baby engaged in a productive way. Above everything, it is lightweight and portable.

Why we recommend it:

  • Size: 42.8×31.5×3.1 inches
  • PVC construction materials
  • Eye-catching design
  • Leak-proof
  • Promotes physical and mental growth

Key factors to consider while buying a baby water play mat

You are buying a water play mat for your baby. This is why make sure you don’t compromise on it in any way. Make the purchase only after considering all significant factors that are as follows.


First of all, check the design of the water play mat. Don’t focus just on the stylishness of the mat. Here, the thing you have to actually ensure it whether it has a leak-proof and user-friendly design or not. In any case, your baby play mat must be leak-proof.

Size and weight capacity

The next thing you have to check is the size and weight holding capacity of the mat. Make sure it is large and strong enough to hold the baby with ease. At the minimum, the mat should be 30 inches long & 20 inches wide and the weight holding capacity should be more than 50lbs.

Construction materials

Once size, holding capacity, and design are done, move on to the construction materials of the mat. Make sure your prospective water play mat is made of such material that is soft, non-toxic, eco-friendly, as well as durable. Generally, the baby water play mats made of PVC are considered the best in these terms.


Last but the least, pay attention to the functionality of the mat. The purpose of these types of mats is not just to offer some fun time to the kids. Instead, its primary function is to promote the physical and mental growth of the baby. So, ensure that it doesn’t disappoint you with its functionality.


Get one of these awesome baby water play mats and make the tummy time of your baby a fun time too. These mats offer the baby not just the fun but also significant physical as well as mental growth. What can be a better gift for your little bundle of joy than this? So, just grab the one today and make your baby stronger and wiser for tomorrow.

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