How to Properly Use Electric Toothbrush or Automatic Toothbrush to Clean Your Teeth

We all know that our teeth are important, and what even more important is to maintain them to last longer. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, to keep our teeth healthy, strong and last long, we need to practice the god oral hygiene which includes brushing our teeth regularly, flossing them and see the dentist twice or at least once a year.

However, today we are here to introduce you to the new invented teeth cleaning tool, the electric toothbrush, for brushing your teeth and to keep them healthy. The electric toothbrush, sometimes called automatic toothbrush or smart toothbrush, is the latest invention of the brushing tool powered by the battery to help ease your cleaning task. It’s convenient to use but you first need to know how to properly use it. Before we help guide you how to use it properly, let us brief you a bit of what it it.

5 Simple Steps to Use the Electric Toothbrush Correctly

After you received your electric toothbrush, here are the 5 steps you need to follow for the correct use of the toothbrush:

Advices from Dr. Chhaya Chauhan

Step 1: Check the battery power indicator on the toothbrush. Charge it if it’s not fully charged yet.

Step 2: After fully charged, place the toothpaste on the brush’s head. Turn it on and start brushing from the outside surface of your teeth. Holding the brush head for a few second on each spot, and then start moving the brush’s head slowly from one tooth to another. Make sure to stop on each tooth to give time for brushing before making your move around the gum’s curve of your teeth.

Step 3: After complete the outside teeth’s surface, move the the inside cleaning. Repeat the same process of the outside cleaning. Then repeat the same activities on the teeth’s chewing surface both upper and lower teeth.

Step 4: Press softly on the gum line to clean the spots you haven’t touched yet. Remember not to scrub your teeth like the manual brush. Just hold and let the toothbrush’s head work automatically.

Step 5: After complete the brushing all your teeth and gum line, time to brush your tongue a bit to finish up and freshen your mouth.

It might be a bit difficult to use the electric toothbrush at the beginning. But you will get used to it after several days later.

The Electric Toothbrush: Shapes & Sizes

Currently, you can see two types of electric toothbrushes on the market; the normal tall design toothbrush and the U-shaped toothbrush. Many companies have tried the new U-shape toothbrush design. However, it’s proven to be preferred by kids rather than the adults. The adults still feel comfortable with the traditional stick designed toothbrush for their convenience. They are just added the power of the battery to help.

Oral-B Electric Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity

For example, the toothbrush by Oral-B is considered as the the current most popular and advanced electric toothbrush on the market. It is equipped with the rechargeable battery to operate the cleaning process. So, once you know how to use it, it will be very easy for you to brush your teeth everyday.


Although the advanced technology equipped in the electric toothbrush, it is very crucial that you know how to use it properly. We hope these techniques will help guide you through the process to brush and maintain your teeth healthily and strongly. Cheers!

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