Top 10 White Christmas Trees You Should Pick in 2024

White Christmas tree is another option for your decoration at home, office or restaurant to celebrate this annual occasion. The white color tree gives you more flexibility to decor it with many other materials. You can wear the tree with LED rope lights and other decoration materials to bring the shine to your place.

The white pine tree for Christmas itself also gives a wintry mood for the homestay and those who have parties at home. If you already feel the love for it, then here are the 10 best white Christmas trees for your pick along with a buying guide.


List of the 10 Best White Christmas Trees to Pick in 2109

Product Reviews

10. Pre-Lit Snow Choice 7.5ft Pre-Lit White Christmas Tree

This white tree is good for decoration at home, restaurant and office.

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Pre-Lit Snow Christmas tree comes with 4 different heights including the 4.5ft, the 6ft, the 7.5ft and the 9ft. The special design gives Pre-Lit Snow an eye-catching view doe to the leaves with snow flocks. Additionally, the product comes with a warm-White color which is perfect to brighten up the Christmas season. It should be noted the different heights of the trees offer users different designs owing to the number of lights.

There are 200, 250, 550 and 900 lights respectively for the mentioned height differences. Pre-Lit Snow comes with a stand made of steel. While the stand is foldable, the stand itself offers a stability and support for the trees for the future seasons too. For safety, the branches are made for flame-resistant.

9. National Tree 7.5 Foot White Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree

National Tree is built with 7.5 foot height and in white color to fit in most environment.

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National Tree 7.5 comes with a three-dimensional size of 59 x 59 x 90 inches with a 41.7 weight. This white Christmas tree is pre-strung while the tree itself is designed with 750 UL lights. It shall be known to the promising users. This white artificial pine tree comes with 3 sections including the hinged construction, center pole and stand.

Assembling the three component parts is designed not to be a challenge to every first-time user. Furthermore, the hinged construction is made of metal; the branches and center pole are attached, and the stand is made of sturdy foldable metal too. The product is non-allergenic and fire-resistant. You can get it decorated with these LED rope lights, ornament balls, and star treetop to bring more attractiveness to your environment.

8. Premium Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Pine Christmas Tree

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Premium Snow offers 4 different height categories including the 4.5ft, the 6ft, the 7.5ft and the 9ft White Christmas trees. Premium Snow offers your season a wintry feeling regardless whether you are living in the cold or hot climate areas, thanks to the leaves of snow-flocked decorations. It should be known users are able to decorate the Christmas tree with ease because of careful designs from the manufacturer.

PremiumSnow comes with lights which offer fluff durations of 10-15mn, 30-45mn, 45-60mn and 1-1.5hrs for the respectively mentioned heights. Premium Snow comes with a stand made of steel and sturdy quality. Moreover, the product is easy to set up and disassemble for usages in later seasons. The overall-dimensional size of the trees is 52 inches in the diameter as well as 90 inches in the height (stand included).

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7. Perfect Holiday Christmas Tree with 4-Feet and PVC Crystal White

The PVC Crystal White tree is great for decoration in supermarket.

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Perfect Holiday White Christmas tree offers a basic 4-feet Christmas tree while interested users could talk to the manufacturer for the height at your preferences. Crafted beautifully with 291 tips of PVC, the tree’s branches are hinged so that users are able to easily disassemble the product for storages and later usages.

Furthermore, Perfect Holiday comes with a stand of heavy-duty material, which has both durability and gorgeous look. This Christmas tree comes with a three-dimensional and overall size of 28 x 28 x 48 inches and a total weight of 4.37 pounds.

6. KI Store White Christmas Tree with Ornaments and Lights Blue

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KI Store offers users 3 different styles of heights including the 6-feet, the 7-feet and the 7.5-feet trees. The colors come in 4 including Blue & White, Christmas Cheer, Traditional and Flocked. As a result, potential users have more options for their preferences. Two differently colored Christmas trees would be ideal for this Christmas season Furthermore, the manufacturer includes in the tree’s package plenty of premium ornaments which users are able to decorate at their desired wills.

It should be known the branches of the tree are made of PVC non-toxic material. The breakage could be prevented while stability is offered, thanks to the sturdy quality of the stand. Lastly, the product comes with 180 LED lights.

5. BenefitUSA Classic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with Metal Stand

The BenefitUSA Classic Pine Artificial Christmas Tree is equipped with Metal Stand.

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Benefit USA offers its users 4 different heights including the 5’, 6’, 7’and 7.5’trees. There comes 5 different colors along with limited height options including the Green, White, 7’ Green, 7’ White and 7.5’ White trees too. Moreover, Benefit USA brings about options of the tip number such as 450 pieces, 750 pieces, 1000 pieces and 1200 pieces.

The branches are made of PVC flame-resistant material; the steel base comes along the package. The product comes with a three-dimensional size of 42 x 8 x 9 inches; the total weight is 15 pounds.

4. Kingswood National Tree 7 Foot Kingswood White Fir Pencil Tree

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Kingswood is measured by 7-feet tall and 29-inch diameter. The White Christmas tree is pre-strung; there come 300 UL lights (Bulb-Lock featuring) so that the bulbs are not going to fall out. Kingswood’s hinged construction is made of metal; the branches and center pole are attached to each other. Like other aforementioned Christmas trees, Kingswood is non-allergenic and fire-resistant. Three-dimensional size of Kingswood is 29 x 29 x 84 inches. The Christmas tree weighs 14.5 pounds.

3. Iridescent Tinsel National Tree 6 Foot White Iridescent Tinsel Tree

National Tree 6 Foot White Iridescent Tinsel Tree with Metal Stand

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Iridescent Tinsel offers its users 3 different heights including the 3-feet, 6-feet and 7-feet tree. There come 9 different colors including Black, Blue, Champagne, Pink, Red, Silver, Turquoise, White and White Iridescent. With 520 tips of branches, the Christmas tree comes with a 20-inch diameter. The stand is made of metal and a matching color to the branches. Such design is of excellent usages for both indoor and outdoor display.

Iridescent Tinsel’s overall-dimensional size is 21 x 21 x 72 inches, and the total weight is 6.72 pounds. The overall size and weight are great to complement each other as well as contribute to the already-great look of Iridescent Tinsel’s.

2. North Valley National Tree 7 Foot North Valley White Spruce Tree

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North Valley comes with 4 different heights including the 4.5’, 7’, 7.5’ and 9’ tree. North Valley offers incoming users 1096 tips of branches while the branches themselves are glittered with snow-flocked decorations. Furthermore, North Valley brings about 550 UL lights. The hinged construction is made of metal; there is an attachment between the branches and center pole, and the tree stand is made of sturdy steel.

The White Christmas tree is non-allergenic and fire-resistant. The set comes with assembly instructions; the manufacturer also offers along a storage carton for later usages. The Christmas tree’s overall dimensional size is 47 x 47 x 84 inches. Total weight of the tree is 31.4 pounds.

1. G Artificial Christmas Tree with Solid Metal Legs

It is one of the best white Christmas tree you can pick.

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Artificial Christmas’s branches are made of PVC material which is of durable and flame-resistant qualities. Made of sturdy iron, the stand ensures longer usages and stability. The product offers 650 tips of branches; Artificial Christmas’s height is 6 feet whereas the weight is 6.4 lbs.

What to consider before buying the white tree

  • PVC Material

It is important to note the artificial pine tree shall be made of high-quality material such as PVC. At the same time, the PVC material is flame-resistant. Safety and durability comes simultaneously with PVC-made White Christmas trees.

Sturdy Stand: Some stands we mention in this review are made of plastic; some others are made of steel. Regardless of the materials, it is important to note the stand shall be sturdy so that it could support the tree for many years to come.

  • Assembly & Disassembly

Assembly and Disassembly shall come with ease for users for the fact that a White Christmas tree is supposed to last for future seasons. It is hard to keep the tree safe and clean without an ability to assemble and disassemble for a later usage.

  • Size

Size is an important quality too. Interested users shall know for themselves what size they prefer their Christmas tree to be, considering the space they have at their homes or offices. The size of the tree and the space the tree is going to occupy shall be proportionate so that it contributes to the gorgeous look of your places during the entire Christmas season.


Whether you already have a Christmas tree from the previous years or not yet for this season, the White Christmas tree could be a desirable choice to add up or stand alone for the season. The tree offers users and homestay people a Christmas feeling, thanks to the snow-flocked decorations offered by the manufacturer.

We understand choosing the right Christmas tree could be time-consuming. We recommend you trust your instinct and go for the choices of your preferences. If it makes you feel good, it is a right deal. We wish you all the best.

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