20 Best Deep Tissue Massage Guns in 2024

So you are looking for a way to relieve yourself of the stress you have accumulated after a hectic day? The hustle and bustle of life make you want to relax. There are different things you can do to relax, but massaging is undoubtedly one of the most relieving methods. Therefore, let us introduce you to a massage tool called the “Deep Tissue Massage Gun“.

Deep tissue massage gun is the electrical vibration device created to release the pain in your back, shoulder, hand and leg muscles and even back neck. It is also be used for percussive therapy and deep tissue muscle treatment and massage. The massage gun is suitable for not only the athletes but those who play sport and do jogging on a daily basis.


List of the Best Deep Tissue Massage Guns in 2024


20. TheraGun Elite- all-new 4th generation percussive therapy deep tissue massage gun

Deep tissue massage therapy gun

  • Brand: TheraGun Elite
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: Black
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TheraGun Elite deep tissue massage gun is already the best massaging therapy for thousands of people and it will amaze you too with its awesome features. Equipped with a brushless motor having quiet force technology, this massaging gun delivers up to 40 lbs of super quiet massage experience. To let you hold it comfortably, the device features an ergonomic handle that makes sure not to cause any strain on your wrist and hand.

Coming to the features, the device is designed with 5 customizable speed settings ranging from 1750-2400 PPM. You can adjust the speed depending on your needs. Furthermore, the messaging tool also features an OLED screen that displays the operational speed to help you monitor the operation. Moreover, it also comes equipped with a powerful lithium-ion battery, which offers 120 minutes of continuous runtime.

Key features:

  • Has 5 adjustable speed settings
  • Features an OLED display
  • Has responsive force meter
  • Offers 120 minutes runtime
  • Equipped with multi-grip handle

19. PQDOQ Massage Gun Deep Tissue Muscle with Brushless Motor, 4 Adjustable Speeds and 6 Massage Heads

4 Adjustable Speeds and 6 Massage Heads Massage Gun

  • Brand: PQDOQ
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: Rose
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If you want an all-in-one massager that can be used to reduce fatigue of the back, neck, shoulder, and other body parts, PQDOQ massage gun is the best fit for you. Offering 4 adjustable speed settings and a high PPM of 3200, this deep tissue massage gun is completely customizable and ensures soothing massage. To get it in action, all you need to do is to press the button and it will start functioning.

Built-in with a mighty lithium battery, the massager offers around 180 minute’s non-stop runtime once you have charged the battery fully.  In addition, it is also designed with noise reduction technology, which reduces the noise level up to 25dB. On top of all, the device is comes with 6 replaceable massaging heads that can be replaced according to your needs.

Key features:

  • Offers one-button accessibility
  • Comes with 6 replaceable heads
  • Has 4 adjustable speed settings
  • Equipped with a quiet brushless motor
  • Maximum PPM: 3200

18. Massage gun deep tissue muscle massager for athletes

Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager, Percussion Massage Gun for Athletes

  • Brand: FITPULSE Store
  • Maximum RPM: 2800
  • Color: Matte Black with space gray
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FITPULSE gun deep massager has impressed masses of people and it has a set of reasons for that. Unlike others, this massage gun comes with 17 replaceable heads. So, insert the head according to your needs and enjoy the maximum benefits of this gun massager. Furthermore, the device is equipped with an ergonomic easy-grip handle, which makes sure you don’t feel any discomfort while holding the device for hours.

Apart from its user-friendly design, the massaging gun is advanced in features too. It is designed with 4 adjustable speed settings and offers a maximum RPM of up to 2800. All thanks to its powerful brushless motor, which handles the operation so smoothly and efficiently. Not to forget, the massage gun is equipped with a powerful battery of 2500mAh that makes it capable enough to offer a continuous operation for 6 hours.

Key features:

  • Comes with 17 replaceable heads
  • Features 4 speed settings
  • Equipped with 2500mAh battery
  • Designed with noise reduction technology
  • Versatile and easy to use

17. Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes, Percussion Muscle Massager Gun for Pain Relief, Handheld Electric Massager for Back Neck

Deep Tissue Massage Gun for Athletes, Percussion Muscle Massager Gun for Pain Relief, Handheld Electric Massager for Back Neck

  • Brand: Hatynud
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: Em03-carbon
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If you want to enjoy massaging at different speeds and intensities, this deep tissue massage gun is made for you. As compared to its competitors, the device is designed with 30 adjustable speed levels, the maximum being 3600 PPM, allowing you to massage your back neck, body and other muscles. To let you easily adjust the speed, the massaging machine is designed with an LCD touch screen. Just touch the screen and the setting is changed.

To add further, the device comes with 10 interchangeable heads, which allow you the flexibility to replace the machine head and get the maximum results in the least time. If you wonder how long you can use this device on a single charge, worry not. It is equipped with a powerful battery of 2600mAh that offers up to 6 hours of continuous operation.

Key features:

  • Offers 30 different speed settings
  • Has 10 different heads
  • Battery capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Built-in with quiet technology
  • Ensures 16mm amplitude

16. TOLOCO Massage Gun, Upgrade Percussion Muscle Massage Gun for Athletes

Handheld Deep Tissue Massager

  • Brand: TOLOCO
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: Black
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People, who are looking for a simple deep tissue massage gun, will definitely love TOLOCO massager that is known for its simple features and mind-blowing user-friendliness. Like top-notch massaging guns, it offers you 20 adjustable speed settings and 10 different types of replaceable heads. Given the fact, you can operate the device at your desired level of intensity and speed.

As for the motor capacity, the device is equipped with a 24V brushless motor, which is not only powerful but also incredibly noise-efficient. The operational noise is just 40-50 dB. The best thing about this massage gun is that it is designed with a silicone handle that makes sure the device stays in your palm securely without slipping off your hands or causing you any discomfort.

Key features:

  • Offers 12mm amplitude
  • Equipped with high-torso 24V motor
  • Features non-slip silicone handle
  • Has 20 different speed settings
  • Comes with 10 massaging heads

15. Muscle Massage Gun, Deep Tissue Massager, Percussion Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager Gun

  • Brand: CHIROGUN
  • Maximum RPM: 3200
  • Color: Chrome
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Look at this deep tissue massage gun if you want a complete massaging kit with different massaging balls and heads. Unlike many others, the set includes 15 heads, 2 massaging balls, a storage box, and a tool that helps you replace the heads conveniently. Coming to features, the device is designed with 30 adjustable speed settings offering the highest RPM of 3200. Switching between the speed levels is really a breeze.

Moving on, the device is equipped with a powerful battery of 2550 mAh that enables it to run for 6 continuous hours without any problem. The thing you would love about this massaging gun is that it is incredibly quiet. The noise level of the machine won’t go beyond 60dB even when you operate at the highest speed. Plus, the device is also easy to operate.

Key features: 

  • Offers 30 adjustable speed settings
  • Equipped with a powerful battery of 2550 mAh
  • Maximum noise level: 60 dB
  • Has easy-to-hold handle
  • Comes with 15 different heads

14. Deep Tissue Massage Gun, Quiet Percussion Muscle, Back Neck, Head, Body, Shoulder Massager Tools for Athletes Pain Relief

Hand Held Massager for Muscle, Back Neck, Head, Body, Shoulder's Pain Relief

  • Brand: HeaDot
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: Silicone
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If you’re looking for a budget-friendly deep tissue massage gun with some awesome features, HeaDot massage gun is the most suitable for you. The device costs low, but makes sure to offer you promising quality. Equipped with a powerful brushless motor of 24V and a mighty 2400 mAh lithium battery, the device offers smooth and non-stop operation for continuous 6 hours. Interestingly, the battery takes just 2 hours to get charged fully.

To add further to the awesomeness of this massaging device, it comes with 10 replaceable heads, which are meant for different body parts and offer different massaging experiences. With this massage gun, you don’t need to worry about the irritating noise. Its operation noise is just 35-55 dB. Plus, it is also designed with a soft and easy-to-hold handle that ensures a secured grip during operation.

Key features:

  • Comes with 10 heads
  • Equipped with 24V motor
  • Offers 30 different speed settings
  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Noise level: 35-55 dB

13. Massage Gun, Muscle Massager, Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Percussion Massage Gun with 10 Massage Heads and 30 Speeds

Percussion Massage Gun with 10 Massage Heads and 30 Speeds for Relief Muscle Soreness and Stiffness

  • Brand: Rexin Scisfuture
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Color: black
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Rexin Scisfuture massage gun has swept hundreds of people off their feet and the reason for it is its affordable price yet awesome features. Like many others, this massaging gun offers you 30 different speed settings that let you customize the device according to your needs. To add further, the massaging tool also comes with 10 heads, which can be switched from one to another easily.

Equipped with a powerful motor of 2500 mAh, the device offers 8 hours of continuous operation at a stable rate. Just make sure to charge it fully prior to the operation. Offering 3600 hits per minute, the massage gun ensures soothing and deep-penetrating massage. In fact, it offers 16mm deep massage and relieves body pain significantly. On top of all, it is super quiet and works at a noise level of 35-45dB.

Key features:

  • Comes with 10 different heads
  • Offers 30 adjustable speed levels
  • Noise level: 35-45 dB
  • Battery capacity: 2500 mAh
  • Features an LCD display

12. Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Percussion Massager Gun for Athletes

Muscle Massage Gun for Pain Relief with 10 Massage Heads & 20 Speeds

  • Brand: Elefor
  • Maximum RPM: not mentioned
  • Color: Matte black
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Known for its versatility, Elefor deep tissue massage gun would be an addition to your fitness kit. The set comes with 10 different heads, which target different body muscles and offer instant relief from fatigue. To let you operate the device at your desired level, the massage gun also offer 20 adjustable speed settings. Furthermore, the device features an LCD display, which helps you monitor the settings easily.

Talking about the motor capacity of the massage gun, it is equipped with a high-power motor, which offers 1200-1300 strikes per minute. In addition, the battery is also powerful and ensures 4 hours of continuous operating time. Having 12mm amplitude, this massaging gun is capable enough to penetrate deep into tissue and improve blood circulation other than just relieving fatigue. Above everything, the device is noise-efficient, as it is designed with noise-reduction technology.

Key features:

  • Has 10 replaceable heads
  • 20 different speed settings
  • Built-in noise reduction technology
  • Equipped with 2000 mAh battery
  • Features an ergonomic handle

11. ALDOM Massage Gun Deep Tissue, 30 Speeds Handheld Muscle Massager

Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue, Percussion Massager Sports Drill for Athletes Pain Reliefs

  • Brand: ALDOM
  • Maximum RPM: 4800
  • Color: black
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ALDOM massage gun deep tissue massager is a go-to choice for thousands of users and it will amaze you too with its mind-blowing features. The device is designed with 30 different speed settings, which offer you different massage levels with 1400-4800 strokes per minute. You can adjust the speed with the help of the LCD touch control. Not just that, the device also comes with 6 head types that can be replaced according to your needs.

If you wonder how long the device can run on a single charge, worry not. You can efficiently operate it for 8 continuous hours if the battery is full. The battery capacity is 2400 mAh. Moreover, the device is also designed with noise reduction technology, which makes the massage gun amazingly noise-efficient and saves you from irritating operational noise. Its noise level is just 30-50db.

Key features: 

  • Battery capacity: 2400 mAh
  • Designed with an LCD display
  • Features 24V brushless motor
  • Has 30 adjustable speeds
  • Has automatic heat dissipation

10. Best Value for Money: Opove Pro Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Fascial Massager for Muscle Soreness, Handheld Trigger Point Neck Back Massager

  • Brand: Opove
  • Maximum RPM: 3200
  • Colour: Silver
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If you are a fitness freak but haven’t been able to work out because of an injury that will take time to recover, now is the time to invest in a percussive massager. This deep tissue massage gun by Opove can speed up your recovery and deliver exceptional comfort. It comes with three different speed levels so that you can adjust it according to your preference, for instance, massaging your neck, shoulders, thighs and spine. Additionally, it has a maximum RPM of 3200 to ensure that your massage is effective and fruitful.

The massage gun comes with a carrying case, which makes it easier for you to carry it to either your gym or somewhere outdoors for a good workout session. Also, its unique anti-drop shell made of Nylon 66 and glass fiber makes it sturdy and unbreakable, increasing the lifetime. Overall, good purchase for both yourself and as a gift for your friends and family.

Key Features:

  • Brushless high-Torque motor
  • Long Battery Life
  • Adjustable intensity of 3 levels
  • Lightweight and portable with a carrying case
  • Accurate percussion technology

9. Best Runner Up: DamKee Professional Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Handheld Percussion Massage for Full Body Muscle Recovery and Pain Relief

  • Brand: DamKee
  • Maximum RPM: 3200
  • Colour: Silver
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DamKee’s well-built and highly efficient professional massage gun comes with an impressive one-year warranty. The product is very adaptable to the user because it comes in 20 different levels of adjustable intensity and six different massage heads. Therefore, the user can choose the intensity and the kind of massage that they wish for. This quality makes the massage gun multi-purpose. You can use it to speed up your injury recovery, to simply improve the blood circulation in your body, or to relieve your joint pain.

With a long working time and an exceptional speed glide technology, this massage gun has a maximum of 3200 rotations per minute (RPM). Most importantly, the gun is easy to modify and change the rotation heads according to your preference. This massaging gun is, therefore, a great pick and will give you deep and comfortable relaxation.

Key Features:

  • 24 V powerful brushless motor
  • 20 adjustable speeds and six massage heads
  • Easy to use and operate
  • One-year warranty
  • Long battery life and working time

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8. Most User-Friendly: LifePro Sonic Handheld Percussion Massage Gun

Deep Tissue Massager for Sore Muscle and Stiffness

  • Brand: LifePro
  • Maximum RPM: 2800
  • Colour: Blue
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If you are a person who loves facing new challenges and accomplishing new goals every day, LifePro’s Percussion Massage Gun is here to assist you in excelling in your struggles. You will not have to halt your journey towards your goal because of a joint ache or an injury.

A deep and powerful massage by this portable massage gun will rejuvenate your sore tissues and aching muscles. The gun is made of the best quality materials and mechanics and comes with a lifetime warranty.

It is easy to use as has a Ready, Set, Pro Easy -Start Guide that will help you understand the working and relevance of all its functions. The five different massage heads and five different intensities make your massage more effective and targeted. Also, the gun does not make a lot of noise, like the others, because it’s a super quiet brushless motor. Overall, this percussion massage gun will be your companion in keeping yourself fit and healthy every day.

Key Features

  • Single-button fingertip access
  • Designed perfectly for targeted therapy
  • Super quiet brushless motor
  • Powerful precision massage
  • Long-lasting charge

7. Most Advanced: DARKIRON Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Handheld Massage Gun for Athletes

  • Brand: Darkiron
  • Maximum RPM: 3300
  • Colour: Black
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DARKIRON’s unique deep tissue percussion muscle massager for deep tissue pain relief offers an impressive maximum of 3300 rotations per minute. Besides, the latest 2024 version is fitted with a high-quality motor, has a super-strong heat dissipation function and increase in the number of working hours. All these features make the latest version a desirable and satisfactory product for all its users. The gun is safer as it does not overheat during usage, noise-free due to the new and advanced motor and more efficient due to the long working hours.

As the best affordable massage gun, this massage tool is lightweight and ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in the hand of the user without straining it. Also, for specificity, it has six changeable massage heads and a whopping 30 adjustable speed levels. To make your body relieved and comfortable, fit, and happy, DARKIRON’s massage gun is here to help you.

Key Features

  • Portable, light, and travel-friendly
  • Easy to use with practical design
  • 30 adjustable speed levels and 6 massage heads
  • Heat-resistant and noise-free
  • Accompanied by a carrying case

6. Cheapest Among All: Soco Massage Gun for deep tissue

Cordless Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager, Chargeable Percussion Device Super Quiet

  • Brand: Cotsoco
  • Maximum RPM: Not mentioned
  • Colour: Silver
  Buy on Amazon

Once you have completed your daily workout schedule and accomplished your target for the day, you will only be able to do better the next day when you feel fresh. To do so, you have to rejuvenate your muscles and prepare them for functioning for the rest of the day. To avoid tiredness and lethargy, you can use this pocket-friendly massage gun by Costoco that recovers your muscles and tissues after exercise by using percussive therapy.

It comes with high performing batteries that last long and super the gun’s six adjustable speed levels and four different types of massage heads perfect. It is simply and elegantly designed and built using A-grade materials that make it efficient and usable. Also, safety and efficiency have been paid particular attention to. This simple and efficient by Costoco is a good, pocket-friendly pick for you.

Key Features

  • Accompanied by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries
  • Super silent and powerful brushless motor
  • Sturdy and portable
  • Trusted and with a guarantee
  • Multi-functional Applications

5. Best Among All: Hethtec Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

20 Speed High-Intensity Vibration Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

  • Brand: Hethtec
  • Maximum RPM: 3300
  • Colour: Blue and Black
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Hethtec’s muscle massager is advanced in both its design and mechanism. It has been technologically made to send waves of relaxation and relief throughout your body to deep massage the areas where you feel pain. Along with instant relief, it also eradicated the pain from the roots, therefore providing a permanent solution. The massage done by this done is clearly more efficient because its amplitude depth is 1.67 times deeper than the other massage guns.

The product is extremely user-friendly. It has 2 LED screens for accessibility and operation. Moreover, it has 20 different adjustable speeds that help you get proper and appropriate pressure to relieve muscle strain. It also has a large-capacity, rechargeable battery, and high-quality motor. The handle is ergonomic, with an anti-slip grip to make it easy to hold. Lastly, it comes with a carrying case to keep it safe.

Key Features

  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Long battery life
  • Double LED screen
  • Anti-slip handle
  • 20 adjustable speeds

4. Best Under $200: Massage Gun Deep Tissue Percussion Muscle Massager for Pain Relief

Super Quiet Portable Neck Back Body Relaxation Electric Sport Massager

  • Brand: SOAIY
  • Maximum RPM: 3200
  • Colour: Silver
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The massage gun by SOAIY is probably the best self-recovery tool that you will invest in. This multi-functional product is best suited for athletes, rock-climbers, fitness-instructors, hikers, and all those who look forward to an adventure in life. When you come back after a long and tiring adventure, this massage will ensure that your fatigue is not long-lasting. It will make sure that you are prepared for your next adventure with the same amount of passion and excitement.

The technical structure of the product is utterly well-designed. It has 20 vibration modes that allow you to adjust the frequency of the massage according to your requirements. Its package contains a massage gun along with 6 changeable massage heads, one safe and reliable power adapter, and one user-manual enclosed in a sturdy storage case. For a fulfilling rejuvenation and a refreshing massage, this is your go-to product.

Key Features

  • One-year warranty
  • Rechargeable and cordless
  • Powerful, high-quality motor
  • Excellently and efficiently designed
  • Ultra-low noise

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3. Most Powerful: Sylphim Massage Gun for Deep Tissue, Muscle Neck Back Shoulder Massager

Handheld Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

  • Brand: Sylphim
  • Maximum RPM: 3600
  • Colour: White
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This deep percussive massage device comes with an impressive and thoughtful range of massage heads designed especially for different body parts. Its unique massage technique works on the highly powerful motor that has a great maximum of 3600 rotations per minute. It relieves you of pain through its powerful high-penetration technique that desensitized the surrounding area of a sore muscle.

6 variable speeds and 7 changeable spearheads allow for a variety in the kinds of messages available and allow you to select the one that is best suited for you. Moreover, the 2800mAh rechargeable battery supports this efficient and satisfactory structure completely. The battery also ensures a convenient performance of about 8 long hours. This massage gun then becomes a good investment for you if you wish to remain fit and on the move.

Key Features

  • Brushless high-torque quiet motor
  • Long battery life
  • Maximum 3600 rotations per second
  • Best quality material
  • Unique massage technique

2. Most hi-Tech Things Massage Gun

30 Speeds Quiet Handheld Massager, Portable Muscle Gun Electric Massagers

  • Brand: Kooler Things
  • Maximum RPM: 3000
  • Colour: Black
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Mechanically designed, this product is highly recommended for those who strain and their body on a daily basis. This massage gun, through its high-quality percussion massage, serves multiple purposes. It reduces inflammation in different parts of your body, increases the blood flow so that your muscles receive more oxygen and remain healthy, speeds up the recovery of an old injury, and improves the health of your soft tissues.

The gun is lightweight, and its size is specially decided so that it fits perfectly in your hand. Its handle is covered with anti-slip material to strengthen your grip and ensure full control. With 20 different speed levels and 7 different massage heads, this massage gun will prove to be your best friend when you are working out and faces new challenges every day.

Key Features

  • Rechargeable battery
  • Designed basis human engineering
  • Noise-free, quiet and safe
  • User-friendly and easy to maintain

1. Most Portable: Muchoo Percussion Massager

Handheld Percussion Massagers for Back, Leg and Body

  • Brand: Muchoo
  • RPM: 3200
  • Colour: Black
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Muchoo’s exquisite handheld percussion massager is extremely convenient because it is lightweight and portable. Moreover, it has 5 adjustable speeds and 6 different massage heads for more targeted massage to relieve different body parts of pain. It’s most outstanding feature is that it has an all intelligent chip that automatically shuts down the gun to protect the life of the motor. The motor, too, is made with the best quality technology and is noise-free. Also, the gun can be charged through a USB cable, which can be attached to either your laptop, a power supply socket, or a power bank.

The portability of the gun is it’s a most useful feature. You can use it even when you are traveling to relieve yourself of stress and pain from traveling. The gun comes in a proper case. This useful and efficient product can just prove to be the best Christmas gift for your loved ones.

Key Features

  • Special LCD touch display
  • Portable and can be charged through USB cable
  • Fit with All Intelligent Chip
  • Exquisite and compact design
  • Adjustable intensity and massage heads

About Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Deep tissue massage guns are battery-powered body massagers having a gun-like design. They’re handheld and offer you full flexibility to adjust the speed intensity according to your needs. You can use these remarkable devices to relieve the fatigue and strain of any body part. Usually, the devices come with different head types that offer a smooth massaging experience.

Benefits of A Deep Tissue Massage Gun?

A deep tissue massage gun is a masterpiece of innovation offering you ample benefits. Let’s talk about them in detail.

  • Deep tissue massager guns are easy to use, as compared to their counterparts. Just hold the device, turn it on, and you’re all set to go.
  • With these electric massagers, there is no chance of injury or mishaps. Even a naïve can use them effortlessly.
  • In comparison to many other body massagers on the market, a massage gun offers deep massage penetrating into the muscles and relieves fatigue in just no time.
  • Apart from alleviating tiredness, the device also promotes blood circulation and makes your body fitter.
  • These remarkable devices are extremely noise-efficient. Their noise level is hardly 35-50 dB. Given the fact, you don’t have to go through irrational operation noise during their operation.
  • On top of all, a deep tissue massage gun improves your overall body flexibility by synchronizing the muscle spindle with its soothing vibration.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Ques 1: Why Are Massage Guns Mostly Used By Professionals?

Ans: A massage gun has many qualities. The most primary one is speeding up your recovery process. Professionals in the field of athletics, fitness, or hiking need to be in control of their recovery of injuries. Therefore, the percussive massage gun is most popular among them.

Ques 2: Does Usage Of Percussive Massage Guns Lead To Any Problem?

Ans: Most percussive massage guns come with user manuals to explain the ways to operate it. They are easy to read and follow. However, in rare cases, when one does not follow the instructions, applying too much pressure on the wrong areas can worsen your pain instead of healing it. Therefore, it is important to read the instructions carefully.

Ques 3: Do Massage Guns Help With Weight Loss?

Ans: Massage guns work on percussive theory. The basis of this is to increase blood circulation. Rapid blood circulation improves metabolism and hence leads to the burning of fat. Therefore, massage guns do have some effect on your weight.


When working and giving your best, you feel a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. However, overworking yourself can be dangerous to your body, its muscles, and tissues. To help you keep up with your work, science has given you just the just that you wished for. The above list of muscle massage guns that work on percussion therapy will help you select the right help hand for yourself. This gun is especially useful; if you are a person who loves adventure and works out, hikes do mountain climbing and other outdoor activities on a daily basis.

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