Top 10 Best Cold Water Dispensers in 2020

Who doesn’t want to drink cold water in summers? Everybody does. No? You can get it easily too but only if you need a few bottles. And, if you need a large amount of cold water in a day, it becomes really difficult. Obviously, you can’t store many bottles inside the fridge. In this case, you should consider buying a cold water dispenser that is a better and more suitable option. If you want to buy the high-quality one, go through our list of top 10 best cold water dispensers in 2020. 

List of the 10 Best Cold Water Dispensers in 2020

10- Avalon A5OTTLELESS A5 Self-Cleaning Bottleless Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A5OTTLELESS A5 self cleaning bottleless water cooler dispenser

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From a large water capacity to temperature adjustments, you’ll find everything in this water dispenser that you can expect in a cold water dispenser. It is designed with 3 temperature settings, which allow you to keep the temperature according to your needs. It has a water capacity of 1500 gallon. To ensure the best experience even in the night, it is inbuilt with nightlights, which make the sprout clearly visible and avoid the possibility of water spilling. Also, you don’t have the hassle of lifting bottles with this dispenser. 

9- Avalon A1 Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon A1watercooler dispenser

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If you’re looking for a space-saving cold water dispenser, Avalon A1waercooler dispenser deserves your attention. Its innovative, customized yet stylish design makes it capable of being stored in any corner of your house. The dispenser features two sprouts, one is meant for cold water while the other one offers you the piping hot water at the same time. Other than cooling the water, you can use this cold water dispenser to instantly prepare a cup of tea or a bowl of soup. On top of all, it is child-safe. 

8- Avalon Premium Hot/Cold Water Cooler Dispenser

Avalon premium hot/cold water cooler dispenser

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Another Avalon cold water dispenser with the dual functionality of hot and cold dispenser. However, it is different in design and small in size. With the fact that it is small in size, it can even be fit even on any tabletop. Just place the water bottle on the top of the dispenser and you’re done. To enhance the functionality, you can switch it between hot and cold temperature. At the bottom, it features a drip tray, which doesn’t only store the spilling water but also prevents the mess. 

7- Farberware FW29919 Freestanding Hot and Cold Water Dispenser

Farberware FW29919 freestanding hot and cold water cooler dispenser

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Want crisp cold water or boiling hot water in a moment with the same appliance? Well, Farberware FW29919 water dispenser is all you need. With a capacity of 3-5 gallon water, this cold water dispenser does both jobs efficiently. Its heating temperature goes up to 185 degrees while the cold temperature goes down to 59F. Unlike many other cold water dispensers, it features a removable shelf at the bottom. Here, you can store extra bottles of water. Furthermore, this top-loading dispenser is designed with thermoelectric cooling. 

6- NutriChef PKTWC10SL Cold Water Dispenser

NutriChef PKTWC10SL water cooler

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If you hate the buzzing sound of electric appliances, NutiChef PKTWC10SL cold water dispenser will please you because it makes almost no noise while in operation. It is operated with an automatic electric plug, which ensures quick operation. Moreover, it is also small in size and can be placed in any corner of your house. Even after its small size, it can hold almost 3-5 gallon water efficiently. Given the fact, it is a perfect fit for the office as well as home. 

5- VBENLEM 2 in 1 Cold Water Dispenser

VBENLEM 2 in 1 water cooler dispenser  

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As the name suggests, VBNLEM cooler dispenser offers you two-in-one functionality. You can get hot as well as cold water instantly with this cold water dispenser. Adding more to that, it also features an icemaker, which can produce thick ice cubes in just 7 minutes. It is also designed with LED lights, which make it easier for you to use the dispenser during the night. Since it is a top-loaded water dispenser, you can observe the level of water and take the action accordingly. 

4- Avalon Limited Edition self-cleaning Cold Water Dispenser

Avalon limited edition self cleaning water cooler dispenser

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Cleaning electric appliances is difficult most of the time. Isn’t it? If you also find it tedious, Avalon water cooler dispenser is made for you because it is designed with self-cleaning function. Given the fact, the dispenser sanitizes itself from time to time and prevents the unhygienic and harmful germs getting in the water. The best thing about this cold water dispenser is that it is bottom-loaded. With that said, it doesn’t only look good but also avoids the strain of lifting the bottle. 

3- Costway Water Cooler Dispenser 

Costway water cooler dispenser 

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If you want a stylish and good quality cold water dispenser, turn your head to this incredibly modish cold water dispenser. Its chic design will surely adapt to your elegant decoration. With this cold water dispenser, you can enjoy hot as well as cold beverages in minutes. Unlike many other cold water dispensers, its funnel is designed with a prong, which prevents the water spilling. Even after this, if a few drops dip down, there is a drip tray at the bottom, which does its job perfectly.

2- KUPPET Counter-top Water Cooler Dispenser

KUPPET counter-top water cooler dispenser

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If you can’t afford to spend much money on a cold water dispenser, KUPPET counter-top water cooler dispenser is made for you. It is extremely low in price. Still, stands no behind than other cold water dispensers when it comes to functionality. With a maximum temperature of 203ºF and minimum of 50ºF, the dispenser offers you both hot and cold water instantly. The unique thing about this dispenser is its ergonomic design, which makes it fit even on a tabletop. 

1-Primo Stainless Steel 3 Spout Cold Water Dispenser

Primo Stainless steel 3 Spout cool water dispenser

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Primo has something different to offer you. Yes, unlike many other cold water dispensers, it dispenses freezing cold, mild cold, and piping hot water in just a press of a button. The water tank is made of stainless steel. Given the fact, there is no chance of rust or any other harmful germs. Another good thing about this cold water dispenser is that it is designed with a spill-proof bottle holder. So, you can rest assured about the spilling or dripping of the water. 


Don’t compromise with your drinking water. After all, it is directly related to your health. Get one of these top-of-the-line cold water dispensers and drink fresh water according to the seasons like cold water in summers and mild warm in winters. 

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