Top 10 Best Office File Cabinets For Office and Home Office in 2020

Office file cabinets are a great way to keep heaps of your office files as well as folders, in an organized and easily accessible place. They have become quite the norm in offices as every office staff need a place to keep their files and documents for daily and future use. However, office file cabinets come with different shape, size and designs which requires you to do some research to find the right one for yoursel. So, to help you save your time, we have listed the top 10 best office file cabinets for both working office and home office from our research and experience for you.

The following office file cabinets are equipped with additional storage for extra office accessories, besides just office files and lock support to ensure that your much-needed files and folders don’t end up missing! The ideal cabinets are compact, consuming less space, and are made secure through their locking system. So check them out!

List of the 10 Best Office File Cabinets and Home Office in 2020

Our Top Choice # 1
Lorell 14341 18 Deep 2-Drawer File Cabinet, Black
Two drawer vertical file cabinet; Steel construction; Letter size- -High-side drawers; Glide suspension
Our Top Choice # 2
Lorell File Cabinet, Black -
Material : Steel Cabinet; Accommodates letter-size hanging files; Designed with stylish embossed drawer fronts and easy roll casters
SaleOur Top Choice # 4
LLR18573 - Lorell SOHO 18 3-Drawer Vertical File
Accommodates letter-size hanging files; Lock secures top two drawers; Three-quarter drawer extension
$190.00 −45%
Our Top Choice # 6
Scranton & Co 4 Drawer 22" Deep Letter File Cabinet in Black, Fully Assembled
Color: Black; Heavy-duty steel construction with aluminum handles and label holders; 22 Gauge Steel
SaleOur Top Choice # 7
Bush Furniture Key West 2 Drawer Lateral File Cabinet in Washed Gray
Full extension ball bearing slides on drawers provide easy access to materials; Sturdy and attractive post leg design
$204.99 −5%
Our Top Choice # 8
Aurora FC-103BL Fully Assembled Modern Soho Design 3-Drawer Metal Mobile File Cabinet with...
The full high-side drawers accommodate letter-size, hanging file folders.; Solid metal construction with anti-rust electrostatic spraying finish for durability.
Our Top Choice # 10
Lorell SOHO Mobile Cabinet, Black
Full high-side drawers for letter-size, hanging file folders; Designed with supply drawer and easy roll casters

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10. Lorell SOHO Office File Cabinets for Work and Home Office

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Lorell office file cabinet is our top-most pick. It is the perfect blend of design, style, space, and price. An impressive entry by Lorell, this office file cabinet allows the accommodation of letter-sized files and folders. The cabinet itself has three drawers, which are standard sized. Besides its classy black look, which makes it perfect for your office rooms, this file cabinet also has lock support for the upper two cabinet drawers, allowing you to place confidential files in them. However, the third cabinet drawer has no lock support. That one can be used to store common usage and non-secretive files. If you are in search of a decent office file cabinet, you’ve found the right match!

9. Space Solutions Deep 2 Drawer Office File Cabinet- Highly Recommended

Space Solutions Deep 2 Drawer File Cabinet- Highly Recommended

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Providing a legitimate solution to your office space, this office file cabinet by Space Solutions features two compact drawers, saving up a lot of your office space. This mini-cabinet is available in black or white color and is a considerably good quality for the price. You can have it place just beside your desk as well. Another specialty of this office file cabinet is its locking system, which secures both of its drawers simultaneously. If you are looking for the budget-friendly office file cabinet that does not take up too much of your office place, then this is the best option for you.

8. Hirsh Industries Deep 3 Office File Cabinet- Perfect for Office

Hirsh Industries Deep 3 File Cabinet- Perfect for office

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The office file cabinet by Hirsh Industries is 18 inches high cabinet and is made up of high-quality material, with availability in black or white color. This file cabinet features two large drawers to place all folders and files, plus an extra small drawer on top for pencil and other accessories needed for your office work. With a smooth sliding suspension, this file cabinet also has lock support for two of its upper drawers, i.e., for the accessories drawer and the top drawer, to keep the private and confidential material in it. We highly recommend this drawer for your office room or home office.

7. Calico Designs File Cabinet- Unique Look Office File Cabinet

Calico Designs File Cabinet- Unique Look

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The office file cabinet by Calico designs is a moveable cabinet with wheels. With a unique look and feel, this cabinet will leave you in awe with its user-friendliness and its optimum structure. Calico Designs file cabinet is known for its made up of quality material. It’s worthful if you are on the lookout for storing office accessories and office files! It has two mini drawers, mainly for extra accessories plus one large storage cabinet for all your office files and folders in bulk. It also has lock support for two out of three cabinets. With the availability of five distinct colors, this office file cabinet is sure to brighten up your office atmosphere! It’s a great idea for those who live to move their desk and stuff around.

6. Lorell 14341, 2-Drawer File Cabinet- Easy to Handle

Lorell 14341, 2-Drawer File Cabinet- Easy to handle

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This two-drawer office file cabinet is another entry by Lorell on this list. This file cabinet is made up of aluminum and is quite lightweight to carry. It consists of two file drawers, which are of standard size and are capable of storing common office files and folders. The useful feature about this file cabinet is that it can be placed under office desks as it is slightly smaller than most standard two-drawer cabinets available in the market. This file cabinet has lock support as well, and although it doesn’t completely protect against theft due to the lock being slightly a bit weak, it sure does keep animals and children out! It’s the best option file cabinet if you have a small space office or if you like to place your file cabinet under the desk.

5. HON 4-Drawer File Cabinet- The Space-Saver File Cabinet

HON 4-Drawer File Cabinet- The Space-saver

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We bet that this office file cabinet will blow you away with its fantastic design! Well…it might be not. But the product by HON does a great job of providing more capacity in less space! This file cabinet is relatively high but compact infrastructure has four cabinets, which offers plenty of space to store all that office stuff you have with you. Not only does it have a locking feature but also the capability to replace it, in case something goes wrong with the current lock. It’s an excellent choice if you are on the lookout for a decent priced, good-quality file cabinet to place in a narrow space!

4. Space Solutions Deep 2 Drawer File Cabinet- The User-Friendly One

Space Solutions Deep 2 Drawer File Cabinet- The user-friendly

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This office file cabinet is a second entry by Space Solutions. Its deep, two drawers come preassembled besides just screwing in the handles. Yes, this cabinet file is very user-friendly and occupies less space. Available in a greyish white tone, this cabinet also has a locking system capable of locking both of its drawers. Exceptionally good for the price, this file cabinet is sturdy and well-made, along with an affordable price-tag. A definite recommendation for all those intricate office workers out there! Also for home office actually.

3. Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer Office File Cabinet- The Wooden Cabinet

Z-Line Designs 2-Drawer File Cabinet- Sturdy it is

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A vintage-looking product by Z-line designs, this office file cabinet can support both letter and legal file sizes and has two huge drawers to keep all your office files. Made of durable, high quality, and supportive material, this file cabinet proves its strength by its heavy-weight. It might take a bit long for assembling, but the efforts are worth it when the product is fully ready for use! Available in espresso color, this wood file cabinet works best if you want to store all your office files in one secure place.

2. CommClad Hirsh SOHO 3 Office File Cabinet- A Decent Looking Cabinet

CommClad Hirsh SOHO 3 File Cabinet- A decent looking

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Are you looking for a proper looking file cabinet? Well, look no further! This office file cabinet by CommClad is all that one could ask for! With an office style plus three drawers to boot, what could be wrong for this purchase? One of its drawers supports extra office accessories while the other two are used to keep folders and files. The cabinet also has the locking feature with it so that you can prevent all those thefts at bay! I love it’s appearance, design and durability.

1. Lorell 17427, 3-Drawer File Cabinet- Value for Money

Lorell 17427, 3-Drawer File Cabinet- Value for Money

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Are you in the lookout for an impressive file cabinet? Well then, this file cabinet by Lorell is the perfect fit for you! By a sleek design in black, this cabinet has three drawers, providing plenty of space for storing files and other office equipment. What’s more, the file cabinet also has wheels to move it around and place it where needed easily. The perfect equilibrium of price and quality! For a decent price, you get a fabulous, top-notch cabinet to fit your office needs. We would recommend this investment!


If you are always complaining about lack of space in your office room for files and folders, or you still end up losing the most needed ones, then you should consider purchasing one of these file cabinets, to get rid of these problems forever! A file cabinet keeps all those files and folders in one place, so you don’t have to run about frantically all about the place to find your records! Plus, the lock support feature with these file cabinets ensures that you can keep some confidential files in the drawers as well, without fearing that someone may access those files in your absence!

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