Top 10 Best Inflatable Speed Boats in 2024

The fun of water sport activities is definitely incomplete without a speed boat. Not just for cruising, these awesome inflatable speed boats can be used for a number of other fun water activities. The thing that makes the inflatable speed boat a loved choice among cruising enthusiasts is their incredible flexibility and portability. They can be as big as a boat to carry 5-6 people seamlessly and as small as a bag to fit in your car trunk efficiently. Owing to their mind-blowing user-friendliness, today these types of boats are in huge demand that has ultimately caused a flood in the market with the various types of models especially during the summer time. So, choosing one out of millions can be a daunting task. However, you don’t need to bother about that. We have already picked and enlisted the top 10 inflatable speed boats for you here.


List of the 10 Best Inflatable Speed Boats in 2024

10- Newport Vessels 20M 1000017, 8ft inflatable sport boat

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If compromising on your fun and leisure is out of the question for you and you’re after a high-end inflatable boat, here you go. This super stylish V-shaped boat is not high in just its price, but also in features and services. Made from 3-layered 0.9mm/ 1100D PVC, the boat is incredibly sturdy and durable. In addition, it features heat-welded seams and aluminum frames. Furthermore, the floor of the boat is designed with sturdy marine wood.

Speaking of the size, it is 10ft 18 inches long and can easily accommodate up to 3 persons and 1067 lbs. The weight of the boat itself is 107lbs. Moving on to its specifications, it features 18 inches tubes and is capable enough to hold the engine of 10hp and achieve the speed of 20+ mph.

Key features

  • Can hold up to 3 people
  • 8ft 10 inches large
  • 3-layered coated PVC construction
  • Aluminum frames
  • Weight holding capacity: 1067 lbs

9- Intex Excursion 5- inflatable boat set

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After an expensive inflatable speed boat, here comes a budget-friendly one. The interesting thing is that it doesn’t compromise on the quality even after being low in price. Made from rugged vinyl, it is not only long-lasting but also puncture-resistant. The unique feature about this boat is that it is designed with 3 chambers including a safety auxiliary chamber to offer you extra buoyancy. The rest chambers feature a Boston valve that is meant for quick filling and fast deflating.

Furthermore, the floor of the boat is made of a sturdy beam and features 2 welded oarlock on both sides. In addition, the boat is also equipped with 2 rod holders and 1 grab handle on each side. Having a size 12ft, it can hold up to 5 people.

Key features

  • 12ft long
  • Accommodation capacity: up to 5 people
  • Heavy-duty vinyl construction
  • Features 3 separate air chambers
  • Beam floor construction

8- Intex Seahawk inflatable boat series

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This stylish and super lightweight Intex inflatable speed boat is the right choice for you if you’re planning to go on cruising with your 3 buddies. Having a size of 11ft 6inches and holding capacity of 4 people, this inflatable boat promises to offer you maximum comfort while cruising.

Speaking of its specifications, the boat is designed with 3 separate air chambers including a safety auxiliary chamber. Furthermore, it features 4 welded oars locks, 4 oar holders, 2 rod holders, gear pouches, and motor mount fittings. Adding more to that, it also features an all-around grab line that ensures easy and convenient boarding and deboarding. Moving on, the boat is made of premium vinyl that is comfortable as well as puncture-proof.

Key features

  • Meant for 4 people
  • 11ft 6 inches large
  • Features 3 separate air chambers
  • Puncture-proof  vinyl construction
  • Built-in with an all-around grab line

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7- Classic Accessories Colorado XT inflatable pontoon boat

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If you want an advanced inflatable speed boat, Classic Accessories Colorado pontoon boat is made for you. Unlike others, it is different in design, features plenty of pouches, and can be folded into a tiny size. The size of the boat is 9 ft and it has a load capacity of 400 lbs. Its PVC bottom, heavy-duty nylon top, vinyl bladder, padded plastic seat, powder-coated steel frame, and aluminum oars make it super sturdy as well as incredibly comfortable.

Furthermore, it features 20 pockets and 2 insulated pouches that are meant to keep your drinks. Adding more to its awesomeness, its rod holder can be installed in 6 different positions. The side pockets are removable and can be installed anywhere on the boat depending on your needs.

Key features

  • 9ft long
  • 400 lbs load capacity
  • Foldable and portable
  • Powder-coated steel frame
  • PVC bottom and nylon top

6- Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, inflatable kayak set

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This stylish inflatable boat is made to offer a soul-stirring cruising experience to just two of you. With a size of 10ft and the accommodation capacity of 400 pounds and 2 people, this inflatable boat is ideally meant for small water bodies like lakes and small rivers. The sporty boat comes with everything including paddles, output pumps, a carry bag, and everything else that you need for cruising.

Designed with cushioned seats and backrests, it ensures maximum comfort. In addition, it also features an all-around grab line and holding handles on each side that ensure easy and safe boarding and deboarding. Moving on to its construction materials, the boat is made of heavy-duty vinyl, which makes it durable and puncture-proof.

Key features 

  • 10ft long
  • Can hold up to 2 persons
  • Padded seats and backrests
  • Premium-quality vinyl construction
  • Designed with 3 separate gas chamber

5- ALEKO Inflatable boat with pre-installed slide

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If you want an advanced an inflatable speed boat and you can spend a chunk of money for that, turn your head to ALEKO inflatable boat that is creating uproars with its awesome features. To begin with, it is pre-installed with slide slats and features 2 aluminum oars.

Furthermore, it also features a bench seat, a foot pump, 2 carrying handles, 3 air chamber, oarlocks, oar holders, an all-around grab line, and a rubber strike. That’s not all. It also comes with a carrying bag, which allows you to take your inflatable boat anywhere conveniently. Just disassemble it, put in the bag, and take wherever you want.  Moving on to its construction materials, the boat is made of 0.9mm polyester and heavy-duty PVC.

Key features

  • Size: 8.5 ft
  • Accommodate capacity: 3 people
  • Load capacity: 770 pounds
  • PVC and polyester construction
  • Features 3 air chambers

4- BRIS inflatable boat rafting and tender pontoon boat

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Another high-end inflatable speed boat that has impressed the people with its awesomeness. Made of 0.9mm 1000 denier PVC and polyester, this boat is incredibly durable and completely puncture-proof. It can easily resist the tearing and breaking. The floor of the boat is constructed of heavy-duty aluminum and the transom is made of plywood. Furthermore, the boat is designed with an all-around rubber strike that prevents the boat from punctures.

In addition, it also comes with 2 aluminum bench seats, aluminum oars, foot pump, carry bag, and a repair kit. Speaking of the size, the boat is 10.8ft long and can hold up to 5 people (4 adults + 1 kid). Its weight holding capacity is up to 1213 lbs and the boats itself weighs only 121 lbs.

Key features

  • PVC and polyester construction materials
  • Aluminum floor
  • Can hold 4 adults and 1 kid
  • 10.8ft long
  • Max load: 1213 lbs

3- BRIS 14.1ft Speed boat inflatable

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If you’re planning to go crusing in a large water body like an ocean or bay, this BRIS inflatable might be the best choice for you. The reason being, it is 14.1ft long and features 17.5 inches tubes. Thus, it can easily sail through the heavy waves of the water. The interesting thing is that even after being so giant in the size, it is easily foldable and can be transformed into such a tiny size that can even fit in a middle-sized bag.

Moving on to its construction materials, it is made of heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC, which is not only puncture-proof but also tear-resistant. Coming to specifications, it features 4 chambers, unlike its competitors, which feature only 3. Having the weight holding capacity of 770 lbs, the boat can hold up to 2 adults.

Key features

  • 14.1ft long
  • Features 4 chambers
  • Accommodation capacity: 2 person
  • Max load:770 lbs
  • Heavy-duty PVC construction

2- DAMA inflatable rafts tube pontoon boats with canopy

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The unique design of this inflatable speed boat put it apart from the crowd. Unlike others, it is designed with a top canopy that protects you from the scorching heat while enjoying a soothing cruise, rafting, and other sports activities. The size of the boat is 76 inches long and it is meant for single-person use. Its weight holding capacity is 380 pounds.

Coming to the construction materials, the floor is made of heavy-duty PVC, while the top portion is constructed of premium nylon. Given the fact, it is durable, tear-resistant, as well as puncture-proof. To ensure full comfort, it is designed with cushioned padding and adjustable backrest. In addition, it also features 2 rod holders and 2-3 fillable mesh bag. The set includes a manual air pump, a carry bag, 2 aluminum oar paddles, and a repair kit.

Key features

  • 76 inches long
  • Can hold 1 person
  • PVC flooring
  • Nylon construction
  • Unique design with a top canopy

1. 12ft inflatable kayak tender inflatable pontoon boat by BRIS

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Another reliable and high-quality inflatable speed boat by BRIS that is known for its awesome features. Made from top-notch 1100 denier PVC, the boat is super sturdy and can easily resist the tearing and breaking. The floor of the boat is so sturdy made that you can even jump on it and it won’t be affected at all. Furthermore, the boat features 2 air chambers on each side that make the boat safe and more advanced.

Speaking of its size, the boat is 12ft long and it can hold up to 2 people. Furthermore, it has a weight holding capacity of 480lbs and the motor capacity is 5hp. On top of all, the boat is super portable. You can simply fold it and carry in a bag wherever you want.

Key features

  • 1100 Denier PVC construction
  • Can accommodate 2 people
  • 12ft long
  • Load capacity: 480 lbs
  • 4 air chambers

Key factors to consider while buying an inflatable speed boat

The wrong choice of an inflatable boat can spoil all cruising fun. This is why be careful and considerate while buying your inflatable speed boat. Here are the factors that will help you make the right pick.

Size and portability

Start your quick consideration with the size of the boat. In the market, you can get high-quality boats in different sizes. Go for the one that suits you the best. Just make sure the boat is foldable and portable regardless of its length and size so that you can easily carry wherever you want. Usually, all top-quality inflatable boats are portable and they come with a carry bag.

Accommodation and weight holding capacity

Here again, it is a subjective choice and you need to go according to your needs. First, determine how many people it is meant for and then look for the one accordingly. You can get inflatable boats with different accommodation and weight holding capacity. An average inflatable boat can hold up to 4 people and the holding capacity is nearly 1000-1200lbs.

Construction materials

You’ll be using an inflatable speed boat in the water. This is why it is very important for you to check its construction materials. Your prospective boat has to be made of such material that is tear-resistant, sturdy, durable, and puncture-proof. Generally, the PVC and polyester inflatable boats are considered the best.

Additional features

Before concluding your consideration, throw a quick glimpse at the additional features such as flooring material, padding of seat & backrest, construction materials of oars, all-around grab line, handles, and the number of chambers among others. Also, makes sure it comes with a carrying bag.


Whether you want to go fishing or cruising, these inflatable speed boats will spice up your experience and take it to a whole new level. So, get the one right away and enjoy boating like never before. Being portable, they can be put in your car trunk and taken wherever you want.

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