Top 10 Best Electric Patio Heaters in 2020

Winter has already ringed its bells. So, you should look for a good electric patio heater if you’re the kind of person who never misses spending some calm and fun-filled moments in your patio. Yes, you can definitely buy a gas patio heater, but an electric patio heater is going to be a user-friendly option if you don’t want gas-generated device. To help you choose the right one, we have already researched the top 10 best electric patio heaters in 2020 for you here. Check out the list below.

List of The 10 Best Electric Patio Heaters in 2020

Our Top Choice # 1
Heat Storm HS-1500-TT Infrared, 13 ft Cord, Tripod + Heater
PLUG & PLAY - 110 V plug in cord for use anywhere there is a normal outlet; IPX4 WEATHERPROOF - Protected against rain and dust
SaleOur Top Choice # 3
AmazonBasics Commercial, Propane 46,000 BTU, Outdoor Patio Heater with Wheels, Slate Gray
Durable, powder-coated Slate Gray finish; Heat output of 46,000 BTU's; Piezo ignition; Safety auto shut-off tilt valve
$140.00 −8%

Electric Patio Heater Reviews

10- TRUSTECH Patio heater

TRUSTECH Patio heater

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If your patio is big and you need a powerful electric patio heater, TRUSTECH patio heater might be a good fit for you. It is designed with advanced inferred technology, which provides the high accuracy of heating that too within seconds. In addition to that, it is designed with a 3-level heat setting and they are 500W, 1000W, and 15000W. You can switch among them anytime as per your needs. For that, you just need to pick up the remote control. That’s it. 

9- Ener-G+ HEA-14756LED infrared electric heater

Ener-G+ HEA-14756LED infrared electric heater

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The buzzing sound of electric devices can be really irritating. Isn’t it? This is why Ener-G+ has brought a super quiet electric patio heater for you. With a power capacity of 1500w, it provides full heat coverage and keeps the surrounding warm. All thanks to its gold tube technology that ensures a smooth and efficient heat distribution. Moreover, it is designed with ‘cool touch’ technology, which prevents the heater from getting hot even after its continuous long hours of operation.

8- Star Patio electric patio heater 

Star Patio electric patio heater 

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Star Patio electric patio heater is here to fill your patio with cozy warmth and comfort. With a power capacity of 1500w, it keeps the area of up to 12 sq ft warm in your patio. The thing that puts this electric patio heater different from its competitors is its dome-shaped design coupled with sturdy construction. Owing to its small size of 16.5 inches, it can be easily moved around.  Moreover, it is also designed with an anti-skid base, which makes it stable firmly on the ground. 

7- Space heater by PELONIS 

Space heater by PELONIS 

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If you want your room to be warm before you make your entrance, PELONIS space heater is the best fit for you.  It is designed with the heat reservation technology, which lets you preheat a room. You just need to set the timer and plug it in the socket before 24 hours. Speaking of features, it is designed with 4 heating modes, the maximum being1500 W. You can set the most suitable mode as per your needs. Moreover, it is also energy-saving and eco-friendly. 

6- Star Patio electric patio heater with remote

Star Patio electric patio heater with remote

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Take your patio heating experience to the next level with this mind-blowing electric patio heater. Unlike its competitors, it is a wall-mounted electric patio heater, which doesn’t only save space in your patio but also renders a classic look. Speaking of functionality, it is designed with a powerful motor of 1500W that can produce 5100 BTUs of heat covering a vast area up to 15 sq ft. To ensure easy accessibility, it is operated with the help of a remote. Moreover, it is completely eco-friendly and provides noise-free operation.

5- Sundate outdoor heater 

Sundate outdoor heater 

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Another wall-mounted electric patio heater on this list! What makes Sundate outdoor heater stand apart from others is its unmatched fusion of stylish design and impressive features. Built-in with advanced heating technology, it allows you the freedom to change its heat setting in 3 different modes. In addition to that, it is designed with adapting carbon fire tubes, which help it produce quick, quiet, and smooth heat. The remarkable thing about this electric patio heater is that it is water-proof and can be used outdoors flawlessly. 

4- Electric outdoor heater by SUND 

Electric outdoor heater by SUND 

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If you want a universal heater that can be efficiently used indoors as well as outdoors, SUND electric heater is all you need to keep your surrounding warm and toasty. It is purposely designed to be used anywhere regardless of place and weather. Made of dust-proof and weather-resistant materials, it is designed with 3 power levels, maximum being the 1500W. Given the fact, it produces the heat instantly as soon as you turn the switch on. The heater is secured in a pole, which can be adjusted to your required height. 

3- Patio heater by TRUSTECH 

Patio heater by TRUSTECH 

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TUSTECH patio heater is a matchless blend of advanced technology and amazing user-friendliness. Inbuilt with advanced inferred technology, it makes your surroundings warm in just a blink. Its wall-mounted design with a powerful motor of 1500w and handy remote further makes it easy for users to operate this heater. Moreover, it also features an LED display, which lets you know all about the temperature and heat distribution at a single glance. Interestingly, it is extremely energy-efficient and eco-friendly even after being so advanced in technology. 

2- Star Patio outdoor freestanding electric patio

Star Patio outdoor freestanding electric patio

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Star Patio outdoor freestanding electric patio is an outstanding blend of stylish design and sturdy construction. Made of robust and cool-touch materials, it is extremely durable and completely safe to touch when in use. In addition to that, it is inbuilt with an aluminium frame and steel base plate, which further ensure stability and durability. Speaking of heat distribution, it discharges the heat up to 3412 BTUs. All thanks to its golden tube technology and the powerful motor of 1000w. To your surprise, it comes with one year’s full warranty too. 

1- Hiland HLI- 1P electric parasol patio heater

Hiland HLI- 1P electric parasol patio heater

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Hiland HLI-1P electric parasol patio heater is a one-of-a-kind patio heater. Owing to its unique design, you can mount it just like a fan on the ceiling of your patio. Given the fact, it is space-saving and renders a chic look. Made of sturdy steel, it is ultra-durable and rust-resistant, and waterproof too. Speaking of heat capacity, it can heat up to 15 sq ft area with its powerful motor of 1500w. Moreover, it is designed with a variable temperature control setting, which enables you some advanced features. 


These are the best and most sought-after electric patio heaters in the market at the moment. So, get one of them and enjoy the chilly nights under the canopy of stars with a sense of cozy warmth and soothing calmness.

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