The Best Microphones for Producing ASMR and Vocals in 2023

The autonomous sensory meridian response or ASMR is sound made from the movement of our scalp and body’s bones. It is also a relaxing sound which help sedate our brain making us calm down. For this reason, more and more people have been trying to mimic this sedative sensation in the form of audio and video and share on social media so that it can help users to massage their brain with it. They use the microphone to record the cracking sound of ASMR from various objects. However, to record such a good quality ASMR sound, you need the best quality mic to do it. That’s why we are here to introduce you the best quality ASMR microphones which can help you produce the best quality ASMR audio and video for your YouTube, Tiktok and other social media channels.

List of the Best ASMR Microphones and Vocal Microphones in 2023

Best Seller # 5
SoundTech CM-1000 3.5 mm Omni-Directional Conference Microphone
SoundTech CM-1000 3.5 mm Omni-Directional Conference Microphone
Excellent audio clarity.; Full 360 degree omni-directional; Built-in echo cancellation and noise reduction
Best Seller # 6
Sennheiser Professional MKE 400 Directional On-Camera Shotgun Microphone with 3.5mm TRS...
Sennheiser Professional MKE 400 Directional On-Camera Shotgun Microphone with 3.5mm TRS...
Integrated wind protection and internal suspension mount to minimize handling noise; Interchangeable 3.5 mm TRS and TRRS connectivity for DSLR/M cameras or mobile devices
Best Seller # 7
Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight Directional Shotgun Video Mic
Rode VideoMic GO Lightweight Directional Shotgun Video Mic
Supercardioid Shotgun Microphone with Windshield; Integrated Rycote Lyre Shockmount; Plug--play Operation
Best Seller # 9
Neumann KMS 104 Plus Handheld Condenser Microphone
Neumann KMS 104 Plus Handheld Condenser Microphone
With Fixed Cardioid Directional Polar Pattern and Extended Bass Response; Handheld Vocal Condenser Mic
Best Seller # 10
Mic Fits for Corsair Virtuoso RGB Premium/SE/XT Microphone,Noise Cancelling Replace...
Mic Fits for Corsair Virtuoso RGB Premium/SE/XT Microphone,Noise Cancelling Replace...
Package Includes 1* mic+2 *mic cover foam for noise cancellation.

1. Veksun ASMR Microphone for Smartphone Camera from Tikysky

Veksun ASMR Microphone for YouTube and Tiktok

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ASMR Microphone from Tikysky is the most popular microphone for producing ASMR video with Smartphone Camera. Here are the reassons: first of all, it is a video mic kit which is built to be compatible with almost all smartphones such as iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel and other recording electronic devices.

Second, the Tikysky microphone produces a condenser mic which can capture a clear and precise sound quality by reducing background noise with its windproof cover. This feature makes it popular not only ASMR producers but also film makers, reporters and other vloggers around the world.

Last but not least, it is a video mic kit which comes as a complete set for you. You will get a tripod and phone holder along. The tripod stand’s clip can be adjusted 360 degree. The tree legs of the tripod allows you to place the mic and the smartphone for recording on any surface you like. The mic utilizes the 3.5 mm Jack. It’s the best budget mic for ASMR you should have.

2. Cheap ASMR Microphone – Condenser Microphone for Smartphone, Tablet and Computer

Condenser microphone for ASMR

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This is another microphone for producing ASMR video and podcast from Soonhuoa. The mic utilizes 3.5 mm jack and allows you to connect it to your smartphone, tablet and computer for recording. It is also an omnidirectional microphone which can help you capture sound quality from all directions. You can use it to record ASMR sound, interview, tiktok video, youtube video, podcast and even a conference call.

As it is a portable mic, it is popular among vlogger, youtube video maker, instagram video producer and tiltoker. If you are a gaming streamer, you can also use this mic for small budget. But you better check our list of the best budget microphone for game streaming for more. For this mic, I would recommend for video producer instead.

Talking about sound quality, this microphone is equipped with a high quality condenser mic chip which is effective in filtering our background noise and capture clearer sound for your video. You will also get the adjustable tripod with 180 degree rotation in the package. In short, the mic is best for producing ASMR video and other videos for social media.

3. Movo VXR10 Universal Video Microphone with Shock Mount, Directional Mic for ASMR

ASMR directional mic

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Movo VXR 10 is the affordable asmr microphone for iPhone and Android phone. It is  professional mic which is made of aluminum. As it is a directional mic, it is best for your to use for creating asmr audio and video by just pointing at the sound you want to record.

Besides the asmr video, you can also use the Movo Mic for recording other youtube video, vlogging and interviewing purpose. That’s what the directional microphone is built for, and that’s why it fits the asmr video as well.

The Movo mic is also compatible with other recording devices such as camera, camcorder, tablet, laptop and other audio recorders. For more quality sound record with DSLR camera, we recommend you to learn how to use manual function. You will get the highest quality of audio every. One year warranty is offered to you for purchasing this mic. In overall, the Movo microphone is suitable for recording tiktok video, YouTuve video, interview and other outdoor recording.

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4. USB Microphone for Recording Vocals, Voice Overs and ASMR

ASMR mic for laptop

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This a USB microphone which you can just plug in with your laptop or computer to use it. It is more for vocal recording than just ASMR. The microphone is made best for recording music, podcast and other voice over. You still can use it for ASMR video though.

Built with solid and sturdy metal, it is a nondirectional microphone which is very convenient for making your YouTube video, recording live and video conferencing as well. You will also get a tripod along this mic to place it on table and other surface. The mic is portable, simple and easy to set up and use.

5. Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone for Laptop, MAC or Windows

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In overall, if you are looking for the best microphone for recording asmr and vocals, pick one among the recommended asmr microphones above. They are carefully selected by our team to save your time and effort in picking your recording tool.

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