Top 10 Best 4 Drawer File Cabinets in 2024

Four-drawer file cabinet is a high cupboard with 4 shelves or drawers which allow you to store your documents and keep them well organized. Whether you’re a student or a professional company staff, you have to deal with a pile of files. Isn’t it? Though files allow you the freedom to keep your important papers safe and organized, managing them can be difficult sometimes. Obviously, you can’t leave them muddled all over your room. Given the fact, a file cabinet becomes a necessity, especially if you have to manage a bundle of papers.

To help you to get rid of this headache, today, we’re going to introduce you to the top 10 best 4 drawer file cabinets for a proper filing in your company and home office. Check them out!


List of the 10 Best 4-Drawer File Cabinets for Your Pick in 2024

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10- Scranton & Co 4-Drawer File Cabinet 22 Deep Letter Filing Cabinet

Scranton & Co 4-drawer 22 deep letter file cabinet

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The 4 drawer file cabinet from Scranton & Co is atop the list as it is made from high quality material and simple design. It is a metal file cabinet constructed with aluminum handles for heavy duty in the office. With its label holders in each drawer, you can keep your files organized and easy to look for the file contents at anytime. Almost every 4-drawer file cabinet looks more or less the same, but this Scranton & Co’s quality that makes its 4 drawer filing cabinet most wanted. From steel ball bearings to high side drawers and from removable locks to stylish handles, this file cabinet has everything you expect from its kind. Its drawers are so beautifully designed that they create no hassle while sliding. Given its awesome features and stylish look, it will surely be a great addition to your office or your house.

Where can we use this Scranton & Co 4-Drawer File Cabinet? This four drawer filing cabinet can be used in company’s office, restaurant’s office, government department office, university and school and home. It consumes a very small space in your room for its vertical design. You can keep record different kinds of files with good organization in it.

Key features:

  • Made of strong steel & aluminum handles for heavy duty
  • Dimension: 22″ x 15″ x 52″
  • Weight: 64 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • 30% materials are recycled

9- HON 4-Drawer Legal File Cabinet | Full-Suspension Hon Filing Cabinet 4 Drawers

4 drawer legal filing cabinets

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This 4 drawer legal filing cabinet is a vertical file storage designed for long-term document record management. Made of stainless steel, this Hon filing cabinet is durable, reliable and of course, classical. It is equipped with all essential features for you to keep any legal documents you need. The good thing about this legal filing cabinet is that it has ball bearing full suspension drawers, which do their job without making any noises. Not only this, the four drawers have enough space to store even the hanging files. Given its top-notch lock system, this 4 drawer Hon file cabinet is highly reliable when it comes to security if we compared to its peers.

Anyway, some customers complaint about the damage when delivering. So, make sure to inform transporter to be more careful to avoid any disappointment. It is also recommended to ship separately from other products and no additional charge.

Where can we use this Hon 4 drawer filing cabinet? This cabinet is suitable for using at home office, company office, law firm and others where you need your files to be properly kept and organized. Either you are working for the government department or private company, this four drawer file cabinet from Hon will be useful for your filing records. It is most popularly used among the legal entity.

Key features:

  • Made of strong stainless steel
  • Dimension: 48 x 48 x 70.8
  • Weight: 0.96 ounces
  • Color: Black
  • Made in USA

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8- HON 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet for Office and Home Use | 4 Drawer Legal Filing Cabinets

HON 4-Drawer filing cabinet

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Another ‘26-1/2 inches’ HON 4-drawer file cabinet, which is designed with some impressive features. To start with, it is made with a double- walled front, which ensures an extra layer of security by providing a solid and robust front sheet. If this much security does not seem you enough, you can lock all drawers at one go. The drawers are built with replaceable locks, so you can replace them if needed. Above all, it is its sleek glide and fancy color that makes it a remarkable 4-drawer file cabinet. If you are looking for a small capacity file cabinet, you can check out the 2 drawer file cabinet or 3 drawer file cabinet enlisted for you. 

7- Space Solution 21618 18 inches 4-Drawer File Cabinet Metal

Space Solution 21618 18 inches 4-drawer metal file cabinet

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If you need a smaller file cabinet with 4 drawers, this 18-inch beautiful 4-drawer file cabinet by Space Solution can be the best solution for you. Given its small size and compact design, it is perfect for you if you have a small working room. If you’re worried about its storage capacity, it can easily accommodate letter-size files and hanging files. However, it features the lock system only in the above two drawers. Here, you have to compromise a bit.

6- Lorell 4-Drawer File Cabinet Lateral File

Lorell 4-Drawer Lateral File

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If you don’t have much space in your room, this might not be a good fit for you. Sorry! The reason being, it is large in size and takes up more space. However, once you have stored your files in this file cabinet, they will remain all safe and organized. Unlike other 4 drawer file cabinets, Lorell 4-Drawer Lateral File is designed with an interlock system, which allows you to open only one drawer at a time. Its removable lock adds further security for your files.

5- Sandusky Lee Lateral File, Steel 4-Drawer File Cabinet

Sandusky Lee Lateral File Steel 4-drawer cabinet

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Sandusky Lee Lateral file 4 drawer beats all when it comes to stylish design. Seriously, this will add classic charm to your room. Its black color matched with a sleek design makes it a desirable 4 drawer file cabinet in the market. To add more to its classical design, it features recessed handles and an interlocking system. If you want to lock all drawers at a time, secure it with center lock. Speaking of storage capacity, you can store legal-size, letter-size, and all other types of files in this file cabinet.

4- Z-Line Designs 4-Drawer Vertical File Cabinet | wood filing cabinet 4 drawer

Z-Line Designs ZL9990-24VFU 4-drawer vertical file cabinet

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Metal furniture is surely durable and robust but nothing can match the level of classiness of wood furniture. Isn’t it? Well, if you also think so, this wooden 4-drawer file cabinet by ‘Z-Line Designs’ is for you. Made of Veneer wood, it has a rich cherry finish all through, which makes it look even more alluring. Its extendable glides and brass handles give you easy accessibility.  If you’re concerned about the security, rest assured. It won’t give you a chance to complain. You can lock it anytime that too with a single key. For other options aside from the wood filing cabinet 4 drawer, you can check out here List of the 10 Best Wood Filing Cabinets reviews in 2024!

3- Target Marketing Systems 4 Drawer Filing Cabinet | wood filing cabinet 4 drawer

Target Marketing Systems 4 drawer filing cabinet

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Another wooden 4 drawer file cabinet on this list. However, it is quite different from the previous one.  Since it is purposely designed to be durable, it is made of solid and pure wood. The metal handles and a robust stand add further durability to this 4 drawer file cabinet. Though it looks a medium-sized file cabinet, it provides an ample of space to store almost all types of files. For us, it is worth the money without a doubt.

2-  22 Inches Deep 4-Drawer File Cabinet, Letter-size Commercial Vertical File

22 inches Deep 4-drawer Letter-size commercial vertical file

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If you have a bundle of files and you need a large 4-drawer file cabinet for them, consider buying this one. This 4 drawer file cabinet is big in size, so it can accommodate a huge number of files. However, it is meant for only legal-sized files. Since it is designed with deep drawers, it can hold up hanging files perfectly too. The drawers are inbuilt with steel ball bearings, so you can expect a smooth and flawless sliding experience. Needless to say, all drawers are secured with the locks.

1- HON 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet

HON 4-Drawer Filing Cabinet

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HON brand is undoubtedly a darling in the market when it comes to top-notch 4-drawer file cabinets. From a hassle-free sliding experience to ample storage and from solid construction to a modish design, this 4 drawer file cabinet has it all. In fact, it is designed keeping every single demand of users in mind. To ensure unbreakable security, it is built with double-walled kick plates, which do not ensure only reliable security but also hold the files properly.

How our team select the best best 4 drawer filing cabinets?

Choosing a good quality product requires a lot of effort and time consuming. We understand it, and that’s why we want to take this burden from you. Our selection is based on our research and experience. As our opinions varies, we just hope the info is helpful for your buying decision. So, here are the criteria we look at when selecting the products:

What material is a file cabinet with 4 drawers made of?

Material is very important as it can determine how strong and durable the cabinet is. Normally, a four drawer filing cabinet is constructed form wood, stainless steel, aluminum or a combined materials. From our research, we have learned that the wooden file cabinet and steel cabinets are the most popular. For the reason being, the wooded cabinet is good for those who love wood product, and it fits best at home or in government office. It is a bit heavy though. However, stainless steel filing cabinet is more preferred in the present time for its modern style design, efficiency and lighter weight. This is the reason that we have compiled above all the cabinets with 4 drawers are made of mostly steel.

How tall is a 4 drawer file cabinet?

The four-drawer file cabinets are made in different height depending on the design and dimensions. Normally, it can be 38 inches tall, 42 inches, 52 inches or more. So, if you have a specific need for the cabinet’s height, you need to check out its dimensions before making your purchase. However, the cabinet with four drawers are more or less in similar height. So, if you want a shorter one, you can choose the three-drawer filing cabinets as an option.


A messy and disorganized room doesn’t look good, especially if it is your working room. In fact, it creates a negative aura. So, get one of these 4-drawer file cabinets and manage all your files all together in one place.

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