Top 10 Best Car Windshield Sun Shade in 2020

Just have a brand new car? Well, new or not new doesn’t mater. What matter is how take care of our loved vehicle. We use our car to transport us and protect us from the sun’s heat everyday on the road. Yet, the scorching heat of summers isn’t only harmful to our skin but also to our car. The excessive heat from the sun can bring damage to the sensitive interior electronic parts and affect its functionality in the long run.

Therefore, we should protect our car well. Today, let me introduce you to the superior-quality car windshield sun shade to save your pricey car from the blazing heat. If you are ready to consider one, check out our list of the top best car windshield sun shade below.

List of The 10 Best Car Windshield Sun Shades in 2020

Our Top Choice # 3
Magnelex Car Windshield Sunshade with Bonus Steering Wheel Cover Sun Shade. 210T...
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10- Car Windshield Sun Shade by EcoNour

Car windshield sunshade by EcoNour

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EcoNour car windshield sun shade has garnered huge attention among the users. The reason being, it is budget-friendly and does its job well. Made from premium nylon materials, it doesn’t only prevent your car from the heat and harmful UV rays but also keeps the car cool. The windshield sunshade also prevents your car’s dashboard from fading away or getting scratched.  If you’re concerned about its installation, worry not. It just takes less than a minute to pop out and to be in its place.

Key featuers of EcoNour Sun Shade:

  • Prevent car from over-heating by the hot sun and keep the car cool.
  • Protect dashboard and electronic devices in your car such LCD screen, Music Players and more.
  • Made of nylon polyester with high quality.
  • Customizable in 4 sizes.
  • Durable, strong and light in weight.

9- Car windshield sunshade by EcoNour, 59×31 inches]

Car windshield sunshade by EcoNour, 59×31 inches]

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If your steering wheel gets burning hot in summers, take the shelter of this EcoNour car windshield sunshade that will not only protect your car but also you from the excessive heat and hot air inside the car. Its high-quality nylon polyester construction materials prevent the car from sun heat and keep the interior temperature of your car cool. Given the fact, it doesn’t only protect the steering wheel and seats from getting hot but also increases the durability of your car’s dashboard. 

8- Windshield sunshade by A1 Shades

Windshield sunshade by A1 Shades

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A1 Shades windshield sunshade is packed with a bunch of awesome features to protect your car from the sun heat. Made from high-density 210T silver-coated polyester, it makes sure to protect your car from sun damage, UV radiations, and color fading. Given its made-up material, it is extremely durable and easily washable too. To your surprise, it doesn’t only protect your car’s windshield but also mirrors, seats, and sensitive electronics such as DVD player and GPS devices placed inside the car. 

7- DR.PEN windshield sunshade

DR.PEN windshield sunshade

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DR.PEN windshield sunshade is a budget-friendly option for you if you can’t invest much in a car windshield sunshade. Even after being low in price, it never compromises with quality. Unlike many other car windshield sunshades, it is a two-piece windshield sunshade made from high-quality nylon fabrics. Moreover, it is also designed with heat reduction technology.  Given the fact, it protects your car from extreme heat & harmful UV rays and keeps it cool no matter how long it has been parked under the open sky. 

6- Autoamerics windshield sunshade

Autoamerics windshield sunshade

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With this amazing car windshield sunshade, you don’t need to worry about burning hot steering wheel and blazing seats because it is there to protect them from sun damage. It is made from high-quality reflective materials and features heat reduction technology, which provides up to 99% UV protection and keeps the interior of your car cool. Moreover, this 2-piece car windshield sunshade also allows you the freedom to install it horizontally or vertically in order to make it perfectly fit in the car. 

5- EzyShade windshield sunshade 

EzyShade windshield sunshade 

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EzyShade windshield sunshade has amassed a long list of happy customers under its name. The reason being, it ensures solid protection up to 99% against UV rays and also reduces the heat inside the car up to 82%. Not only this, it is made in a 2-shaded design, which provides maximum adaptability and perfect fitment. Interestingly, this car windshield sunshade comes with a little non-slip sticky dashboard mat, which can be used to keeps little things handy. 

4- Shade-It car windshield sunshade

Shade-It car windshield sunshade

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As the name suggests, Shade-It car windshield sunshade is made to shade your car from the havoc of sun heat. Packed with some mind-blowing features, it offers reliable protection against the sun heat. What makes it withstand such powerful UV radiations so flawlessly is its pure nylon construction with double-stitching and sturdy metal rings.  Given the fact, it is not only heat-resistant but also tear-proof and highly durable. It boasts to provide up to 95% protection against the sun heat and, believe us, it keeps its words.

3- Covercraft Blue metallic UVS100 custom sunscreen

Covercraft Blue metallic UVS100 custom sunscreen

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Want to save yourself from a blast of blazing hot air on your face just as you open the door of your car? Yes? Well, then turn your head to Covercraft metallic UV 100 custom sunscreen. Unlike many other car windshield sunshades, it is custom-fitted in the windshield area so that it can provide maximum protection to not only your car’s windshield but also to the interior electronics of the car. Moreover, it also reduces the interior temperature of the car to keep it cool and comfortable. 

2- Pro Shade Sunshield UV reflecting fabric car sun windshield protector

Pro Shade Sunshield UV reflecting fabric car sun windshield protector

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Pro Shade Sunshield UV reflecting car sun windshield protector boasts to save time, energy, and money. And, it truly does. Inbuilt with UV-resistant technology, it protects your car against the harsh heat as well as keeps it cool. Moreover, it also eliminates the risk of your car windshield getting scratched and faded away. Being adjustable in design, it is extremely easy and hassle-free to install. For reliable security, you can flip down the sun visor to keep it perfectly in its place. 

1- Car windshield sunshade by MINLUK


Car windshield sunshade by MINLUK

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If you want a high-quality yet stylish car windshield sunshade, MINLUK has something special in store for you. Made from high-density double silver-coated reflective materials, it prevents the harmful sun heat and UV rays damaging your car’s windshield, steering, seats as well as interior electronics. Thus, it keeps the car cool and provides you a comfortable driving experience. The good thing about this car windshield sunshade is that it is adjustable. Given the fact, you can adjust the size and protect any of your vehicles. 


Compromise with anything but not with the safety and security of your luxurious car. After all, it is one of the most valuable possessions of yours. This is why get a car windshield sunshade. You already have the names of the top 10 best car windshield sunshades of 2020. Just make your choice. 

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